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  1. RealEngineer

    Thread [JIO STB] Guide to Enable ADB and Sideload apps on the updated version of JIO STB

    Disclaimer :- We are not responsible for any type of damage,we are not responsible for literally anything, follow this guide at your own risk. This is only for educational purposes. We need help from a developer for porting twrp and making the mi box firmware stable for the Jio STB, Anyone...
  2. zeb.m007

    Thread Custom firmware on zte zxv10 b760hs2

    I am trying to install custom firmware on b760h stb. I have already installed mtk preloader drivers. But when I connect STB with laptop through USB A male to USB A male, it doesn't work. is there any way to connect it to the laptop.
  3. N

    Thread [Q] Android STB video player navigation

    Hi, Im developing an android application that plays video using the native android player on a Set top box. The application works fine but I have 1 strange issue with the control over the video player. If I would like for example to navigate within the video to another time I would like to load...
  4. 3

    Thread Android Port for Set top Box

    I'm looking for some help in developing Android port for our high definition IP set top box. We are working to port Android 2.3.4 on an IP STB.
  5. J

    Thread [Q] Media Remote Control from Android Phone to Android STB

    Hi! I'll soon buy one of those great Android based set top box (still deciding if a Geniatech EnjoyTV, Amex Digital MP-G7, or Xtreamer Prodigy) and I wonder if there is any piece of software that could allow me to play music without needing to turn on the TV (I'm an ecologist guy :) I've been...