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  1. abhinavkrz

    Thread Does anybody know Foxfire FF002 factory password? Urgent dears...very Urgent...Please help

    Kindly please find me FOXFIRE FF002 factory password...I can give a reward for the right person 😉...urgent dears
  2. O

    Thread camera with stereo recording

    Hello, I'm using my mi mix 2 with havoc os 2.9 (android 9), that allows to record AUDIO in stereo, from apps like "hi-q mp3 recorder" if you select "raw source". As long as I know that this way, this software is using both microphones (one up, and one down) and the recordings are awesome, I...
  3. YasirArafatShihab

    Thread [Sound-Mod] [STEREO SPEAKER] Flagship Sound Stereo System For A10

    Flagship Sound Mixers For A10 This mod works for A10 A20 A30 ●Just flash in TWRP ●Reboot ■Sound will come from both speakers.. ➤Update v5 :- ***volume boosted upto 80% than stock speakers ***PCM 16 bit sound enabled ***Dual speaker balanced and maintained for better quality Bugs:-Lemme...
  4. Slayery777

    Thread Stereo mod for Poco F2 Pro

    is it possible the appearance of a stereo mod for poco f2 pro?
  5. M

    Thread Mono music and mono bluetooth speaker?

    Hi, when I connect to the Anker Soundcore Motion+ bluetooth speaker, only the voice is heard in the two right diaphragms. However, when connecting to Honor Play, they all play, so the speaker is good. When im playing sounds on the phone, the upper speaker is inaudible, only the lower one plays...
  6. Seyaru

    Thread [MODULE] Dual Speaker Audio Mod for Xiaomi

    DUAL SPEAKER AUDIO MOD FOR XIAOMI I am not responsible for any damage to your device! Use this mod at your own risk! Based on vendor files from Xiaomi. The mod is based on the firmware: 9.11.7 for Mi 8 9.11.7 for Mi 8 Pro 9.10.24 for Mi Mix 3 Previous versions...
  7. D

    Thread [MOD] Dual Speaker for Realme X

    Hello guys back with me Denver aka denverdoremi and today i'll introduce you Realme X dual speaker mod *It's technically triple since Realme X has 2 earpiece [Dual Speaker Mod for Realme X] Make sure you've extracted the zip. It's NOT A FLASHABLE ZIP Install Guide: ColorOS: Mount vendor...
  8. S

    Thread Does the Pixel 3a record video with stereo sound?

    Does the Pixel 3a record video with stereo sound?
  9. Jt380p

    Thread [MOD][v4] Dual Speaker Mod For Redmi Note 7

    Disclaimer : I am not responsible for any damage to your device! Use this mod at your own risk! What's this? This mod enables the earpiece to played simultaneously with the speaker for a stereo effect. Requirements : - A rooted phone with magisk installed - An opened mind (important!)...
  10. Jt380p

    Thread [ABANDONED][MOD] Stereo Speaker Mod For Redmi Note 6 Pro

    Disclaimer : I am not responsible for any damage to your device! Use this mod at your own risk! Introduction to The New Dual Speaker Mod For Redmi Note 6 Pro! This mod enables the earpiece to played simultaneously with the speaker for a stereo effect. I don't own a Redmi Note 6 Pro in any...
  11. nukeclears

    Thread [MAGISK][MOD] Stereo Speaker Mod For Mix 3

    The original module was created by acervenky over in this thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-8/themes/mod-speaker-headphones-volume-boost-t3828314 And whilst it works for the Mix 3 it breaks the proximity sensor. This modified version restores the functionality of the proximity...
  12. H

    Thread Muffed notification sounds when an app uses stereo speakers

    I don't know if this is the right section to post in, but for some reason, only Facebook is using dual speakers to sound the notifications. It would also make the notification sound buffed and echoed. That does not happen to other apps and I've also tried turning off Atmos. Any suggestions...
  13. G

    Thread Stereo speakers

    Hi all, i wonder if the P20 has different top speaker from P20 Pro or it's just a software locked feature that we don't have stereo speakers. I remember that in Nexus 5X the community unlocked top speaker so you could mod Nexus 5X to be in stereo. Maybe our P20 also could gain this feature...
  14. K

    Thread [MAGISK MODULE] Pixel Stereo speakers magisk module

    Hi XDA, I reversed engineered chdloc's dual stereo speaker mod into a magisk module for simple and easy installation, it is simply just flash the module in magisk and profit! I will be uploading to the official repo soon, but here is the zip for now. Have fun! The mod is NOT for loudness...
  15. Sentinel196

    Thread VIDEO TUTORIAL - How to Root an Android 6.0 Head Unit

    So you’ve got yourself an Android Head Unit (or other device) and now you want to fully customize it to make it your own… You’ll need ROOT for that! g1dxftKVs-Y “Rooting” may sound vulgar, but all it really means is allowing root level file system access. Android devices typically only allow...
  16. A

    Thread Stereo Surround Mod for Oneplus 5T

    I can see there is a mod ported from 3T to 5 that allows the phones earpiece to work as a second sound speaker when playing music. https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-5/themes/stereo-speaker-mod-oos-t3632980 Anyone knows if this would work on 5T?
  17. D

    Thread Annd how about the ringtone?

    Hello guys, Those of you who already have the phone, can you tell us how loud does the ringtone sounds? I'm more interested if both speakers are playing the ringtone when the phone rings and if the quality of the ringtone (given it comes from the same front speakers as the music playing) is on...
  18. w8asa

    Thread Stereo Photography possible with dual camera lenses?

    I'm told that the Note 8 is supposed to be able to take stereo pictures with the two lenses, and that those pictures can be viewed with a VR viewer, or with an old-fashioned stereoscopic viewer if printed. However, I can't find any information myself.... Is it possible? Link to information...
  19. D

    Thread External *stereo* microphone for both video and audio only recording?

    Does anyone have any experience in regard to connecting external microphones to the OP5? The idea behind this is that I want to record classical music with a high dynamic range without any compression or clippings. I'd like to record myself playing the piano both with an HD video and good...
  20. R

    Thread Stereo Speaker Mod for OOS

    This module allows the earpiece to be used as speaker, and mods the microphone pickup when recording video. Audio from earpiece might not be as clear as main speaker. This module was tested on Oxygen OS 4.5.5 version, but should work on other versions as well. This module was originally created...
  21. D

    Thread Mazda Infotainment System Look a like

    Looking for someone to make an Android Launcher for me. Looking to put this on my Joying JY-UM135N2, Any up for this? Not looking to do crazy function. Circle One App's Circle Two Music select (radio, music, aux and USB) Circle Three Phone Circle Four Navi ( what ever one you pick ) Circle...
  22. c-non

    Thread Mi5 Dual Speaker(Stereo/Mono)/Increase Speaker Mod

    This mod activate earpiece speaker for dual speaker sound. I tested on Lineage os 14.1 with mi5 prime edition and no problem. Please backup first mixer_path_tasha in /system/etc, I am not responsible for any malfunctions that may occur. Flash twrp version or unzip and copy attached file...
  23. Z

    Thread Left speaker does not work

    I received my le pro 3 yesterday and when listening to music by the loudspeakers I realize that the sound comes out only on the right side and on the top. The left side does not come out sound .. I do not know if it came burned or if it is some configuration .. If anyone can help thanks ... Rom...
  24. V

    Thread Perfect Stereo (Loudspeaker)

    What i have: Sony Z1 (C6903) Bootloader: Unlocked Root: Yes OS: Android 5.1.1 Rom: MxRom 8.5.0 Music Player : JetAudio Plus 9.1.4 Project Meli Y 3.0, Yandere Ultime 1: Download my mixer_paths.xml https://www.mediafire.com/file/nvvrn50s89pv3dd/Perfect_Stereo.zip/file 2: Copy and Overwrite the...
  25. neo299

    Thread Le Pro 3 Stereo Sound question

    Hello friends, Because Le Pro 3 uses 2 speaker configuration I would like to try to enable Le Max 2 earpiece as a second speaker. By comparing two files I would find out how the phone manages stereo output. I come from the LeMax 2 subforum and wanted to ask if someone would be so kind to attach...
  26. A

    Thread Decrease upper speaker sound

    Hi, I want to decrease upper speaker ringing sound, or redirecting entire sound to upper speaker (something like stereo to mono) because my bottom speaker disconnected and ringing and in-call loudspeaker isn't working. Can anyone help me to do that? Note that i already tested Don'tBelieve and...
  27. Mohitash

    Thread [MOD][Sound][v-1/2] Simple Real Stereo Mod with Normal Loud

    Hi friends, I was very interested in Stereo Mod and Normal Loud (Not too loud) without any extra thing. So i made it for me for my device and now sharing with you :) Based on Z3 D6653 .291 Features: Stereo Mod in Call/Speakers/Incoming Call etc Somewhat Increased volumes of Headphones and...
  28. J

    Thread S7e notifications in car stereo, possible?

    Hello! As the title says, I would like to know if any of you have an idea if this is possible, I've found an app here on XDA called Botifier but I was wondering if any of you have some alternatives and/or your own recommendations/experience. Thanks in advance for taking some time to answer.
  29. O

    Thread mod for stereo speakers on Moto X?

    Is it possible to enable stereo speakers on the Moto X? (Back speaker + front speaker) LG G2, Nexus 5 and others devices have a mod for stereo, but Moto X? 2: ROM for good performance in GPU and battery? (without overclock/underclock) Thanks! :D
  30. M

    Thread Stereo recording

    Hello good people, simple question, how can I record voice in stereo on S5? Thanks in advance.
  31. D

    Thread Bluetooth Guru for car connection

    Hi, I've been having some fairly big issues with my in-car Bluetooth and phones. I have a 2013 Subaru WRX with the stock stereo which is made by Clarion. I first started experiencing problems with it about 2 years ago: I would be driving along when all of a sudden my phone would randomly...
  32. ibCurlyFry

    Thread Head units with android USB Audio!

    TL;DR Auxillary and bluetooth have much lesser quality than USB. Video links below show stereo head units that support Android USB audio with app control for the best quality connection (Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music via USB in your car!) These are single DIN head units without AA. For...
  33. Dr. Ramm

    Thread [TRANSLATE] Stereo mode for CM13 ROM (maybe for cm13 based)

    Description So when listening to music through the player and when an incoming call is connected speaker that creates a stereo effect. In theory this is compatible with Viper FX and other to sound i think that this patch must be suitable for CM13 and roms based on it ))) Installing...
  34. bloodofJesus

    Thread [IRS] Stereo Enhancer

    This was created to add "depth, detail, width" to music, games etc, enjoy. A little something to enhance the stereo image without distortion or too much modification of the sound, if you pump up your Viper4Android with "steroids" to drastically modify the original sound, this might not be for...
  35. R

    Thread [Q] Android phones for recording stereo audio

    I'm looking for a phone that can do a respectable job of recording audio, preferably in stereo, in all sorts of settings, including loud environments, using its built-in microphones. I once had a Sony Xperia Pro that produced acceptable results (I'd rate it 3 out of 5) but everything else I've...
  36. I

    Thread [discontinued] delete please

    Hello I want to share with you my brand new Pseudo-Stereo tweak/mod for our i9505 (yeah, another "Stereo Surround Sound" mod) It's a flashable zip for TWRP/CWM Briefly, it uses both speakers (front and rear) for media playback in the most equilibrated way, providing highest levels without...
  37. a-raccoon

    Thread [Feature Request] Left Right Stereo Swap on Rotate

    When I rotate my tablet 180° (upside down), usually so I can plug in my charger cable while my table is in my lap, the left and right channel audio still comes out of the native left and right speakers that are now the right and left speakers respectively. I would love if there was a feature to...
  38. M

    Thread [Q] Oscillator Project

    Hi there, I got this old tab 2 7, on my shelf for over a year now and I've decided to make it useful again. So, as a musician, I thought it would be nice to have a Signal monitor/Oscillator that is always on and connected to one of the out's of my Audio interface (2 x 6.3mm).. I did some...
  39. P

    Thread [Q] Android Car Stereo Head Unit massive problems

    Hey there guys! I bought a Unbranded Android Car Steoreo Head Unit and it went pretty good in the first place. After i installed spotify and downloaded music, once the Wifi wasn't availiable anymore, spotify told me that the USB-Storage is no more there (but it is). I thought a upgrade would...
  40. Lordificated

    Thread How to - Enable Stereo Sound on Nexus 5

    *** How to Enable Stereo Sound on Your Nexus 5 *** ** Not my work! ** Just posting what i found via Drippler but didn't find in this forum! Route audio through the front-facing earpiece on your Nexus 5 in addition to the existing bottom speaker to enjoy true stereo sound with all of your music...
  41. abhi08638

    Thread [MOD][Jan/26/2015] OnePlus One Audio Mods Collection

    What is this? This post is a collection of all the audio related mods I have created from the OnePlus One. The mods are: Triple Mono sound, True Stereo sound, Main Microphone bypass, Speakerphone low volume fix, and Speakerphone low volume fix with True Stereo sound. If you have a request, then...
  42. ghampton10

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth, Car stereo, track names not appearing

    Hi, I have recently switched from an S4 with 4.4.2 installed to the new note 4. When connecting to my car stereo with the S4 via bluetooth the track names of songs playing in the music app and pandora would show up on the deck. On the Note 4 i have no issues connecting to the deck but now...
  43. C

    Thread [MOD] [ROOT] Camcorder Audio Quality Fix with Stereo Recording and Playback Support

    Updates Lollipop: The attached archive named camcorder_audio_fix_plus_stereo_playback_LMY47D_v1_1.tar.gz or this Aroma installer is fully supported on any AOSP-based Lollipop build greater than or equal to 5.1 M-Preview: The "simple" fix (without noise suppression) offered by this Aroma...
  44. monivan

    Thread [MOD]StereoMOD™ Achieve Real Stereo Speakers on Z/ZR/ZL[Aroma][JB,KK,LL](11/03/15)

    I am happy to present my StereoMOD based on „Dontbelieve MOD” from Xperia Z1. I did tweak Xperia Z’s „snd_soc_msm” file among others in order to achieve real stereo speakers on a mono speaker phone like XZ, ZR and ZL. Compatibility range 4.3 – 4.4.4; Android L – stock roms, custom stock-based...
  45. Hermantje

    Thread [mod idea] Stereo sound on the Xperia Z1, like the Z2!

    I just had an epiphany. The Sony Xperia Z1 does not just have one speaker. It's got one on the bottom, but one on the top as well used for calling! Now my question is, could someone with more knowledge of software modding make the earphone speaker produce the left channel of stereo audio and the...
  46. C

    Thread Bluetooth no longer plays music through headphones, but calls still go through

    Hey guys, So okay, I am having an issue and have not been abe to solve it for a week now. Allow me to start... I have the sony MDR-1RBT headphones. I've had them since last February and have used them without any problems. Connection, set up, and usage has always been a breeze. Until...
  47. K

    Thread "AN-21 U" - Unbranded 6.2" 2 DIN Pure Android 4.1 Car Stereo Radio Head Unit [ROOTED]

    "AN-21 U" - Unbranded 6.2" 2 DIN Pure Android 4.1 Car Stereo Radio Head Unit [ROOTED] "AN-21 U" - Unbranded 6.2" 2 DIN Pure Android 4.1 Car Stereo Radio Head Unit To avoid confusion, below is a picture of the unit this thread relates to. I am aware of a previous unit using the same design, but...
  48. M

    Thread [Q] USB audio out only from dropbox not music

    I can stream audio to my car stereo easily enough through USB. The trouble I'm having is my stereo only sees music in my sdcard\Android\data\com.dropbox.android\files\scratch folder and not my sdcard\music folder. What is the problem? There is no .nomedia file on the sdcard root nor in the music...
  49. HoOnZ

    Thread [Q] Can we enable the speakers to go stereo?

    I checked the other speaker questions but didn't really satisfy me. As you can see with our Z Ultras the earphone and speakerphones look to be the same (symetrical). It reminded me of the HTC One which has the best front forward speakers when watching a movie, and also have symmetrical...
  50. T

    Thread Car head unit integration via mhl to rca

    Hello, I have recently started a project on trying to get my "officially unsupported" device to work with my head unit(hu) that supports rca video in. I need some opinions on what items to purchase to get maximum compatibility. I do have a very limited price range so i can't keep trying new...