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  1. tberma

    Thread I Need Help in Investigating the Effect of Custom Kernel on VoLTE and Overcoming Internal Storage and Bootlooping Issues on an Honor 6X device

    After several months of attempting to resolve an issue with Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) on my device, I have determined that the problem is caused by the use of a custom, non-device-specific kernel. I have found that only the stock kernel is able to successfully make and receive...
  2. TheMoonYou99

    Thread Question Stock Kernel for Redmi Note 10 Pro

    Hi, can someone give me a flashable backup of their stock kernel for Redmi Note 10 Pro? Highly appreciate your help. Thank you!
  3. Dolphinwigs

    Thread I need the DOK2 Stock Kernel for N910T

    I have looked everywhere on this site and online that I can think of and no one has to download the for stock kernel for the N910T 5.1.1 Lollipop [DOK2] ROM/firmware that came out a long time ago. Does anyone on here have it and can post a link so that I can download it? I need to for a setup...
  4. Dolphinwigs

    Thread I Need the DOK2 Stock Kernel. Anyone able to help me out?

    I have looked everywhere on this site and online that I can think of and no one has to download the for stock kernel for the N910T 5.1.1 Lollipop [DOK2] ROM/firmware that came out a long time ago. Does anyone on here have it and can post a link so that I can download it? I need to for a setup...
  5. K

    Thread [GUIDE][Oreo 8.0] Stock Kernel + ROOT + TWRP + DRM Fix | 41.3.A.2.149

    Stock Kernel + ROOT + TWRP + DRM Fix ** Your warranty is now void. ** ** I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, ** thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please ** do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this MOD **...
  6. DaweisCZ

    Thread Flashable working stock kernel for s7 edge ??

    Hello I am searching as much as I can but without success . I like couple of ROMs , but I need to be able setenforce ... meaning i need temporary set SElinux to enforce . I kn ow I am able to do that only with stock kernel . Or at least I didnt find any custom one , what could allow this. But if...
  7. P

    Thread Needing stock kernel...

    As stated, I need the stock kernel for 7.1.1 I am stock / non-root Build-N6F27C. I have latest TWRP and Franco-r67 installed... but my stock backup I had, got deleted somehow... :eek: I am needing the stock kernel, so I can make a new backup, and try the Elemental-X kernel. -- it was stated to...
  8. Y

    Thread Backup Kernel Only

    Hello, i want to overclock my device and for this i downloaded a custom kernel, but if it fails i would like to have a backup of my stock kernel, i have TWRP recovery.Thanks.
  9. H

    Thread Request: Would like some files from someone on stock 3.5.3 with stock kernel.

    I'm going to try building a that can be flashed via TWRP for anyone that wants to go back to the stock kernel. I've gone along to a custom kernel that I really like and I was under the mistaken impression that I could restore by restoring boot.img from 3.5.3. I knew there...
  10. cesarandres_8911

    Thread [ROM] N&N 10.0 | 30N | UX 5.0 | MM 6.0 Stock Base | D850/1/2/5 | VS985 |

    Introduction Screenshots Features - Ported from N&N Custom Stock ROM for D855 v30N. - Fluidity - Fast - Stable - Bumped - Full UX5 Installation instructions - The phone must be charged to 100% in order to calibrate the battery (optional). - Enter the...
  11. J

    Thread D801 20g/30b Stock Kernels

    As with many d801 users i have switched to the custom lp by DJLamontagneIII and we all know that sometimes flashing updates to the kernel can lead to issues...or maybe you just want to use good ol stock...I just made it flashable through recovery and can take 0 credit for the kernel all that...
  12. abhi0502

    Thread Arde PRUMA kernel v1.2 S2W and D2W for lollipop stock rom 5.0.2 xt1032/xt1033

    Here is the 1st custom kernel for lollipop stock rom 5.0.2 thanks to dev franq36 It is working in all stock rom except gpe Here is the link NOTE-MIRROR IS NOT ALLOWED AS PER MODERATOR...
  13. D

    Thread [Q] Install custom rom with stock kernel?

    Hi all, The device I am using is an Xperia Z C6603 with a locked bootloader that cannot be unlocked. I have installed a Paranoid android rom and flashed a stock kernel afterwards as I heard that I need to use a stock kernel as I have a locked bootloader? Unfortunately this does not work and...
  14. pepoluan

    Thread [Q] File system support in Xperia SP stock kernel?

    I think I want to format my SD card as one of the ext[2-4] file systems. Can someone tell me, what file systems the Xperia SP supports on stock kernel? (The phone is currently off while I backup the SD card contents onto my PC, so I can't check it myself...)
  15. A

    Thread [Q] Wrong Kernel flashed

    Hey there, recently, I pulled a really noob move - I flashed an i-9505 kernel (stock, plus recovery) on an i-9195 phone. I had just flashed both phones a few days apart from each other and obviously, something with the folders on my PC (or in my head^^) went wrong... So, in short I have a...
  16. E

    Thread [Q] 4.4.3 kernel with color and gamma control?

    Hi, is there any stock 4.4.3 kernel with color and gamma control?. I know we have kernels to do this like Franco and others, but i want to stay with the stock kernel. Thanks.
  17. chhapil

    Thread Galaxy Grand Stock Kernel

    Hi All, I just extracted the stock kernel (boot.img) from I9082XXUBMJ3_I9082ODDBMJ1_I9082DDUBMJ1 and packed it for cwm flashable zip. I did this for my own backup purpose. I was facing MTP issue with Evolution kernel so felt like reverting to stock kernel. Publishing it for the just reference sake.
  18. tanmoy02

    Thread [ST21i]Stock Kernel[ICS]

    Hi guys, today I'm posting Xperia Tipo(st21i) stock ICS kernel, totally untouched. DOWNLOAD:: Please use flashtool to flash the ftf. N.B: I'm not a developer, this not my creation, I'm just sharing. If you find this thread helpful, please click on...
  19. R

    Thread [Q] Please help: Unroot and TriangleAway- how to get stock recovery and kernel ?

    A little info to preface my question: my phone is rooted, still on MDL, and i'm running Slimbean, with TWRP as my recovery. I looked at all the tutorials for running TriangleAway and how to unroot, but there is one thing i need clarification on before I pull the trigger. TriangleAway...
  20. hanspampel

    Thread [Kernel][ICS] Stock Kernel with Deepsleep Fix [GT-P750X]

    So folks, its a little bit too late, i know:o, but i made a flashable zip of stock kernel from the China FW. It contains all the necessary modules, etc.. It contains all the necessary files that the tab falls to sleep after l2_hsic going crazy. This solve the unnecessarily high battery drain...
  21. vcdwelt

    Thread [Q] Looking for stock kernel

    Hi, i've flashed the tbaldens kernel to my one. All went fine. But i forgot to backup my stock kernel, Shame on me :( Maybe someone could upload a backup of the Stock Kernel. Or is there any way to get the stock kernel on other ways i've missed until? Device Info: HTC One 32GB Provider...
  22. Vatazhka

    Thread [KERNEL MODULES] Extra kernel modules for XT910 & XT912 stock JB kernel (03 OCT 2013)

    [KERNEL MODULES] Extra kernel modules for XT910 & XT912 stock JB kernel (03 OCT 2013) Motorola has released the complete source code of JB (9.8.2O-124_SPUEM-14 aka 982.124.14.XT910) kernel only recently, so I modified and recompiled sources of some useful modules. EDIT: Added a separate build...
  23. N

    Thread [Q] Can somebody share a rooted stock kernel of JDQ39 4.2.2?

    I flash franco kernel without backup the original one. I found a stock kernel in alternative post however it is no rooted. Can somebody share the rooted stock kernel of 4.2.2? Thanks.
  24. p0isonra1n

    Thread [Q] Cyanogenmod 10.1 with stock boot.img?

    Is safe to flash back the stock boot.img after flashing the latest Cyanogenmod? P.S I want to install Bricked kernel on the stock kernel, to make sure all of it works fine.
  25. flar2

    Thread [KERNEL] Stock Kernel (no write protection)

    This is the stock kernel without system write protection. Completely stock configuration, completely stock ramdisk. The only difference is it allows write to system Uses Telstra 3.17.841.2 source from
  26. Y

    Thread [Q] Stock JB Kernel - Where?

    Hoping someone can point me in the direction of a stock jb kernel that I can flash on to my device? Had one for ICS, but for obvious reasons, that won't work.
  27. aleranol

    Thread [Q] How can i found stock kernel for n7100?

    For my 4.1.2 update i must have stock kernel correct? Now im using redphill v0.6. Anyone have/know where is the stock kernel for N7100XXALJ3? Pls help!
  28. Ryuinferno

    Thread [MOD][APK+SCRIPT+ZIP] Enable Init.d for Any Phones w/o Need of Custom Kernels!!!

    ** NOT Android 4.3 compatible!!! Term-init is recommended for now!!! **Note...this is only for those who do not have init.d support...if you are using custom kernels (cyanogen mod original kernel etc.) that already supports init.d, you shouldn't run this...:)...but if you accidentally ran this...
  29. B

    Thread custom rom for stock?

    i'm newbie on xperia xplay because i own x10i and its really different from it and my friend ask me to customize his xplay.. i read threads on xplay dev but i don't find custom rom for stock kernel so i wonder is there is any rom for stock? because i'm getting nervous if i'll try to unlock his...
  30. .:QueNNch:.

    Thread [REQUEST] to all those nice developers!!! Please Read!

    Hello Everyone! There is a big community of people here who cannot enjoy custom kernel because of a locked bootloader (like me) and hence having a good and bug-free ICS or JB is not possible for them. I respect the developers and their awesome work but only the KERNEL is what the problem is...
  31. Phil3759

    Thread [PhilZ-cwm6][i9100/P] Stock Kernel+CWM6+Root+exFAT+NTFS-MS3

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PhilZ-cwm6 - Safe Stock Based Kernel Featuring PhilZ Touch 6 (Enhanced CWM v6.x, now with exFat+ext4+NTFS support) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * < init.d, customboot, dual USB mount...
  32. KillaHurtz

    Thread [KERNEL] Stock T999UVALEM Insecure/Secure W/Libs Fix ! [CWM]

    Saw the need for a flashable stock kernel, so here it is in both varieties. Here you can find rooted/stock kernels for T-MOBILE 's USA version of Galaxy S III (SGH-T999). This WILL NOT raise your custom binary counter. -Insecure Means that adb daemon on phone is working as root. -Secured is...
  33. gagan_sj

    Thread [Q] GingerDX My battery stats

    GingerDX v28b STOCK KERNEL (BOOTLOADER CAN'T BE UNLOCKED) - 1% battery drain in 2-4 minutes (TERRIBLE) Normal use mainly IM (Whatsapp), background data OFF, mobile data OFF, WIFI ON, Bluetooth OFF, brightness AUTOMATIC (mainly dim), mock locations OFF, GPS OFF, DSP manager FROZEN (Titanium...
  34. broodplank1337

    Thread [Guide]How to mod a stock kernel (add adb root, init.d & bootanim support)

    How to mod a stock kernel Tutorial (with Windows) by: broodplank1337 In this tutorial I will explain how to unsecure a kernel and how to add init.d / custom bootanimation support to a stock kernel, in this tutorial we will be using Cygwin as shell, with Dsixda's Android Kitchen...
  35. D

    Thread Fast USB Charging Speed with Stock Kernel

    Hi there, In speedmod kernel there is fast USB charging speed to same speed as AC charge feature. I want to ask is it possible to enable fast USB charging speed in stock kernel/CF-Root? Maybe CWM flashable script? Thank you.
  36. S

    Thread [Q] Another reverting question...

    I'm tired of looking for an answer to this seemingly simple question on google and searching on here. I've had at least 5 tabs open for the last hour combing through posts and replies. Question is this: A500 running thor's v14.2 rom along w/ his custom kernel. To revert back to stock. Do I...
  37. TeamMex

    Thread [ROM]FroyExp™ 3 [Stock]

    Hi everyone ツ This is My ROM FROYExp of the line xperience Rom android 2.2.1 FROYO Requirements: 1.- Latest Baseband 2.- CWM of xperiamini or Xrecovery 3.- Stock KERNEL -- ONLY WORKS WITH THIS KERNEL! How to install: 1. Download FroyExp™ - 129.19 MB 2. Boot into CWM or...
  38. S

    Thread [Q] Custom roms with stock kernel?

    Hi ! I have an Xperia Mini Pro (sk17i) and i can't unlock the bootloader is vodafone. I searched custom roms with stock kernel and there are none. Why there are no roms with stock kernel? It's possible? Thanks !
  39. Jimmy Thrashmetal

    Thread [ROM] Xperience V1.5 | STOCK KERNEL | [Sunday 11-03-2012]

    Hi everyone :D This is Xperience V1.5 for stock kernel By Klozz (TeamMex in XDA) Requirements: 1. Latest baseband 2. xRecovery or CWM Recovery 3. SE Stock kernel "NOT TESTED YET IN ALFS KERNEL, TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK" How to install: 1. Download Xperience V1.5 2. Place it in your SD...
  40. KushHacKinGz

    Thread [How-To][LG Phoenix P505] - Flash Any New BaseBand Roms with Old BaseBand - [.35]

    Flash Any Rom On The LG Phoenix P505 This is a tutorial on how to flash any new baseband rom with the old baseband still on your device. First off let me start of by saying that I did NOT make this kernel or baseband fix, first the kernel is a stock kernel and I'm just sharing a method I found...
  41. expeacer

    Thread [MINI|MINI PRO]-= XPERIA MODv1™ =-[WORKING IN STOCK KERNEL!][4.0.2.A.0.62]

    Hy everybody! I saw no one ROM which working with Stock Kernel. So I made one :) IT DOESN'T NEED UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER!!! Mods/tweaks: Based on LT15i Firmware 4.0.2.A.0.62 stock Notification toggles added Google Talk with Video support tweaked to work with data as well Replaced the Default...
  42. iridaki

    Thread [MOD] Enable init.d scripts support on stock kernel

    Hello! This is a small mod, inspired by non other than our great DoomLord (so if it helped you, thank him/donate to him/worship him :D) and his thread in the X10 section. I am trying a lot of things on my phone, so I often switch back and forth from stock kernel to DoomKernel. However, I...
  43. jahlovePL

    Thread [Q] Stock kernel with CWM Recovery

    Siewka! Is there any chance to get stock kernel with build-in CWM recovery? It would be nice, because always when I back to stock, have to installing recovery to back up my ROM.
  44. B

    Thread [Q] backing up rom/kernel

    Hi! I'm a total noob. This is my first android phone. I've read everything about rooting, and I'd like to install a custom rom, but I'd like to save the stock rom/kernel first. I've found this topic: I don't really know if these are what...
  45. D

    Thread [Q] Back to Stock from CFW for RMA, what about custom Kernel, Recovery,...

    Hello xda-devs, my a500s mic is broken and i want to go for a RMA. I think i have to flash a stock-rom because i'm using HoneyVillain 1.2 A500_A501 18-09 (a great customRom btw!!!) with the Villain_iconia_kernel_2.5 and Acer woun't like that (or not?). I just want to be sure the device is 100%...
  46. DeeBG

    Thread [Q] Delay in receiving calls, any advice? + Stock GB Kernel?

    Hi guys, I updated my Incredible from 2.2 stock (aside from being rooted and running a 3rd party kernel) to the new GB release by stang as seen here. Everything is working great (although I did get a "low on internal space message" when I wasn't, but was able to fix that by moving the Netflix...
  47. I

    Thread [Q] Flashing Custom Kernel on Stock Rogers 2.2

    Hello, I was just wondering if its possible to flash a custom Kernel such as TalonDev on a rooted stock rogers 2.2. Thanks so much.
  48. captainreynolds

    Thread [Q] G2 Stock Kernel

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know where I can find a working link to the stock, post-OTA kernel for T-Mobile US G2's? The link here ( no longer works. I'm running the stock rom with root, s-off, pershoot's kernel,but pershoot's kernel no...
  49. C

    Thread [Q] Odin and Stock Kernel

    If i use Odin will it flash the stock kernel as well? :confused: