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  1. C

    Thread Flashing stock recovery only

    Hi there, I'm having no luck finding a solution to my problem anywhere. I'm using a Galaxy S7 running Oreo (I know, old school), and like many phones, it came with a bunch of apps that can't be uninstalled unless you have root access. So, I installed TWRP, and then Magisk v23, and then I...
  2. minikahona

    Thread Question Can you tell me which file is the recovery.img in the stock fastboot rom?

    I've downloaded the stock fastboot rom, and i wnt to restore the stock recovery, becasue I'm using now the TWRP from here. I want to update to the latest global rom, to the enchanted one, but i dont want to reinstall everything. I only rooted the global rom that I'm using now, and i hope I can...
  3. Tusohian

    Thread [URGENT] Can Anyone Give Me The STOCK RECOVERY of Realme C3 (RMX2020)

    I'm really in need of the stock recovery img file of REALME C3 (RMX202). If anyone can give me the file, It will be a great help. And if anyone can also guide me how I can revert back from Custom Rom to Stock rom in Realme c3, it will be a great help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Arpan9762


    I need Stock Recovery for ASUS MAX M2(X01AD) ZB632KL Please help!
  5. mnhc10

    Thread Stock Recovery for Realme 7

    Hello guys now you can easily shifted custom rom to stock rom Finally I found the rmx2151 stock recovery img file Realme 7 (rmx2151) stock - Ydisk How to shift custom rom to stock rom: 1. Download zip and extract it. (Also you need ozip stock rom then go...
  6. D

    Thread .backup file

    Hello, So my phone was stuck in bootloop and thus, I created a backup in my SD card. The files are shown as 13 files of 2GB size each with an extension ".backup" Anyone has any idea on how to combine these files and access the data inside on PC. The data is very important. Thank you!
  7. sercari

    Thread Stock recovery: recovery.fstab is ok?

    Hello, Exploring several recovery.img of the stock roms I see in the recovery.fstab file this: # <src> <mnt_point> <type> <mnt_flags and options> <fs_mgr_flags> /dev/block/platform/13500000.dwmmc0/by-name/sec_efs /efs ext4 defaults recoveryonly...
  8. T

    Thread Find the Stock Recovery of SM-J530FZDDDBT Android 9 October 2019 Update

    I changed the recovery. Unfortunately I now have a boot loop and have already tried everything to get rid of it. E.g. dm verifi zip 6.0 and 6.1. I've also spoken to Samsung, but they don't want to send me the Stock Recovery. And much more. The stock recovery is now my last hope to get the J530F...
  9. The_0N3

    Thread Latest stock rom and recovery

    Can someone share stock rom and recovery for A50 Indian variant. I installed twrp and tried to flash root but it's not working. Also fingerprint and other things are not working so want to flash stock rom and recovery and then lock the bootloader. ( I saw the other post of recovery images but...
  10. daksh143

    Thread [Guide][Stock][Recovery] Stock Recovery for OnePlus Nord

    #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is... still valid? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you're getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM *...
  11. maczekiel27

    Thread [CLOSED] Realme X50 Pro Player Edition (RMX2072) Stock Recovery Available!

    This Recovery.img is for RMX2072 Only! do not flash it on any other model! Download Link: {Mod edit: Link removed} < - - - Wait for 5 secs, click Skip Ads on the upper right wait for adfly to pop up then click allow to go to download page then wait for a second
  12. M

    Thread Install CWM over stock recovery

    My friend has a J4+ for which he forgot Pattern lock. its on latest pie update - J415FXXU2BDSP His USB debugging is off, OEM unlock is off. Now, he wants to unlock the phone, but doesnt want to lose data because he has some sensitive data which would help in his divorce case. I thought of using...
  13. R

    Thread [Guide] How to flash stock ROM on Redmi Go

    If you're reading this, you must've messed up with your device or you don't want to use custom ROMs anymore and want to revert back to stock ROM. Going back to stock ROM is not easy on Redmi Go as Xiaomi is not providing the right ROM files. The one (Version: V10.2.6.0.OCLMIXM) that is...
  14. R

    Thread Bricked 5T not showing up on PC

    I am currently upgrading my 6 to a 7 Pro but I would like to get my hardbricked 5T working again so I have a spare phone after I trade my 6 in. Unfortunately, I managed to brick my 5T when fidgeting around with the OS. It has somehow relocked the bootloader and the internal storage has been...
  15. A

    Thread [recovery] zenfone 3 (ze552kl) stock recovery files and how to flash

    I have uploaded stock recovery files of zenfone 3 (ze552kl) for you. HOW TO FLASH 1-Connect your phone to the computer in fastboot mode (hold pressed power button + volume down button until it goes to fastboot mode) 2-Extract the rar. 3-Open the folder that you want to flash 4-Hold shift +...
  16. C

    Thread How to get the right recovery to perform OTA

    Hi, I have global Honor 9, updated to, unlocked and rooted. Previously in order to get the OTA I flashed stock recovery B364 since it was the recovery of the version I had. Now I found recovery B368, I couldn't find recovery C432 anywhere. Does it matter? will I be able to get...
  17. aIecxs

    Thread [RECOVERY] [TWRP] Android system recovery <3e> universal checksum disabler

    This is a Flashable Zip for restoring backups created from different recoveries. No more problems with checksums, checksums will be ignored. - Android system recovery <3e> - CWM - TWRP - ADB Backup - MIUI Backup This is a alpha release, in this state you can test it for Android system recovery...
  18. H

    Thread Stock Moto G4 Plus getting rebooted continuously.

    Hi All, Moto G4 Plus gets automatically rebooted as soon as it reaches to lock screen after power on. This is continuously happening and i cant even use it. (It suddenly started facing this issue, till yesterday it was working perfectly fine. yesterday night it had 7% charge and when I checked...
  19. aIecxs

    Thread [RECOVERY] [TWRP] Backup Converter Android system recovery <3e>

    - for Linux only - Stock Recovery to TWRP Backup Converter for Android system recovery <3e> This progam is basically written for unpacking stock recovery android backup userdata_20160823_100259.backup + convert it into custom recovery nandroid backup data.ext4.win000 (but you can create your...
  20. S

    Thread [Stock Recovery] Getting back to Stock Recovery after you've flashed TWRP.

    As you know, TWRP still doesn't support FBE, so in-case if you wanna flash another system.img the Wipe data/factory reset in TWRP wouldn't work (at least didn't work for me). That would force you to get back to stock recovery, which allows a successful factory reset. Steps are pretty straight...
  21. Bruce666

    Thread Restore original recovery?

    Hi guys.. it may sound funny but.. I decided to install Google camera via this tool and.. i didn't read everything and now my phone is unlocked with TWRP. I want to relock it again, but I need stock...
  22. prabhjots

    Thread No Stock Recovery - never rooted, never BL unlocked

    Hi all, I'm facing a curious issue with my Oneplus 5. I bought it back in July on launch day and though I have rooted and used custom ROMs on all my previous phones, I never got around to doing it on my OP5 (never felt the need, no availability of root early on etc) I started facing a problem...
  23. D

    Thread Fixed le2 x526 bootloop after flashing stock rom

    Le2 x526 return to stock fixed bootloolp 1. First get this full firmware from here for indian variant Thanx to LeSuperFan for providing this Indian firmware. 2. Stock English Recovery from here...
  24. tsongming

    Thread Le Eco Pro 3 X727 Twrp Backup : Clean Full Stock X727 recovery EUI 5.8.21s

    Return to Un-modded Stock: Bootloader unlocked and TWRP and Root included The file is 4gb compressed to 2gb. Depending on your connection it will probably take 20 to 45 minutes to download. Be Advised Do your research before flashing anything, I am not responsible for any damage caused...
  25. O

    Thread help.. N7G75S wear 2.0 stock recovery?

    Hi. Anyone got a backup of this stock recovery? or where I can download one? I flashed mine with twrp and now I can't install ota. Thanks.
  26. M

    Thread [Help][NOOB] Want to do fresh install of latest official OOS and stock recovery

    Hello, I have Oneplus 3 A3000 running on OOS 4.0.1 (Android 7.0). I also have official OP3 twrp recovery version 3.0.3-0 installed and root was done using supersu free v2.82.. It also has dm verity prompt which comes up during boot time because it is oem unlocked. I want to know exact...
  27. L

    Thread Tried to go back to stock and got adb error cannot read file

    So I was tring to go back to stock completely, after I locked my bootloader and installed stock recovery, I proceed to sideload oss, like I've done before I put the phone in sideload mode, the device is recognized by adb although I got a cannot read file error, I downloaded the stock rom again...
  28. K

    Thread TWRP B370 uninstalling dir B380 OTA

    Hi, Got Bad Version of b370 by ota. So I just flashed TWRP nougat. after that I flashed the from here: as explained in point 3 of second step: [GUIDE][NOUGAT]INSTALL V4A/MAGISK/ROOT/TWRP/D2W/... for p9 lite Now b370 is...
  29. kodaizo

    Thread Stock recovery HTC 10 (CID HTC__J15, MID 2PS620000, version-main: 2.41.401.3)

    Dear friends: I need Stock recovery for my HTC 10 (CID HTC__J15, MID 2PS620000, version-main: 2.41.401.3) Android Nougat. Could you tell me where can I find it? some link or similar to download. Please. Now, I'm trying to flash a custom ROM, but I want to get files to back to stock anytime...
  30. M

    Thread update moto z play, retin, rooted.... showing error in recovery

    Hey guys, i have a retin ver of moto z play... Unlocked, rooted via magisk & running nougat on january security patch.... Everyrhing is working great... I recieved an OTA a long time ago but cudnt find the time to install & update my phone... I have recieved an update which fixes notification...
  31. Kapil Tapsi

    Thread [Guide] Flash Stock Rom Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML

    Hey Guys. This guide will help you if 1. If Using Custom Rom and want to revert to latest stock rom. 2. If Stock Rom got corrupted or became laggy. 3. You want to reinstall stock rom. Warning: 1. Method 1 require unlocked bootloader. If you want to unlock then go Here . Method 2 doesn't...
  32. B

    Thread Stock recovery zip download

    Hi all, I want to restore my tab s2 back to stock via Kies. To do that, I need to go back to stock recovery from TWRP. Does anyone know if I can download and flash a zip through TWRP that would take me to stock recovery? I'd prefer to get the stock ROM through Kies, so don't really want to...
  33. A

    Thread no bootloader(/fastboot) menu, rooted stock rom lolipop. cannot install custom rom

    Hello, I am having some problems since today i flashed the su binaries over my completely new lineageos install. (a14.4, fully wiped before). it was stuck during boot at the android logo(let it boot for half an hour, multiple times, no progress). so naturally i wanted to boot to recovery...
  34. D

    Thread Latest Modem & Stock Recovery

    FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY ALPHA G850F For anyone who doesn't want to download the whole stock firmware or is using a custom ROM and hasn't update baseband/modem in a while or want to go back to stock recovery here are the latest Modem & (Stock) Recovery files taken from...
  35. R

    Thread OTA won't install, gives me a red exclamation at recovery

    So, I was on TWRP earlier and discovered I need to go back to stock recovery. I did that and tried applying the OTA. It downloads and starts installing in the stock recovery but after a while gives me the red exclamation symbol. This is the Australian HTC 10 I'm using. 039 version. Neither the...
  36. SykkNyzz

    Thread Samsung Stock Recovery for 700P!!! (Read Carefully) DISCLAIMER: FOLLOW INFO OR YOU WILL 86(RUIN) YOUR PHONE. Download the file Extract the file and flash via ODIN in BL Section This should fix any bootloop issue. Until they figure out a fix, this will take care of that force boot...
  37. aIecxs

    Thread Android system recovery <3e> alternative restoring program

    Android system recovery <3e> -- Restore userdata_20160823_100259.backup Error: Checksum compare fail Ever got this message? Due the fact that nandroid recoveries twrp / cwm cannot handle stock backups, i herewith introduce my own custom recovery. This program is suitable for some uncommon...
  38. D

    Thread Does anyone have the stock recovery for Q Link Wireless ?

    I'm new to rooting android devices and i have a government free phone from Q Link Wireless, like an idiot i didn't back anything up. I would like to install all OTA updates for it, i was going to do that before but i thought updating might not let me root it.
  39. M

    Thread How to install OTA-Updates with TWRP recovery installed?

    I've a M2 10.0 Wifi and a TWRP recovery installed. Not my Device announced an update which cannot be installed because TWRP is installed instead of the stock recovery. So how can I temporary re-install the stock recovery? TIA
  40. A

    Thread Need the stock recovery from 6.0.1

    Hi All It seems like the Android on my A1 got corrupted somehow. First the Recovery got corrupted and then the OS. it simply does not end the boot animation. The solution I wish to try. I have flashed the stock recovery but that is from the version 4.4.4 and it does not let me install updates...
  41. C

    Thread How to fix boot loop without pc

    Hi I have question. If my phone USB can't working with PC anymore because the terminal cut out and my Gionee e3 phone stuck on boot logo or bootloop, how can I get it back to normal? Is there a flashable zip files can solve it? If there was please help me. Thanks.
  42. X

    Thread HTC Desire 626G+ Stock Recovery

    WARNING! I have not tested this. FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK! Stock recovery of HTC Desire 626G+ :- Hit thanks if I helped.
  43. T

    Thread Looking for Stock Recovery

    Hi All I needed to root my phone and used the instructions provided on this site : It went through really easily, but now I'm looking for the stock recovery .img to allow the OTA updates. CID: VODAP021 Tried Google searching but nothing came up.
  44. W

    Thread How To Do Full NANDROID Backup

    Hey everyone I've just unlocked my bootloader on the Moto G 2104 (XT1072) and I'm fully aware you can use TWRP or CWM. However, this means flashing the recovery partition using fastboot which then means I can't capture a backup of the stock recovery. I would like to FULLY backup my phone...
  45. joeseph.haji

    Thread Getting back to stock

    Hi every one :) I want your help with getting my One M8 (S-ON ** CID: VODAP021) back to stock. I went to the stock backup collection thread and i found out that my phone has a 4.4.4 stock backup, and i'm currently using a MM ROM -SkyDragon MM v2.0.0- my question: is it safe to revert back to...
  46. X

    Thread Help with BLU Studio G Plus SoC MT6580M

    Hi guys. I recently bought a BLU Studio G Plus SoC MT6580M Lollipop 5.1.* I succesfully rooted this device using King Root and then I used Supersu-me to replace King Root with Supersu. This is when my device got bricked. The Supersu-me app showed a message telling me it was succesfull...
  47. rkmadotra

    Thread [ROOT] [UPDATED] [SuperSU 2.65] [STOCK RECOVERY]

    hello mates. Updated root tool with SuperSU 2.65 is here. flash the zip files in stock/custom recovery and your phone is rooted. Procedure: 1. Go to settings>about phone>system updates. 2. Tap three dots in top right corner and choose update package. 3. Navigate to the Root Redmi
  48. K

    Thread [Tool] Recovery Flasher!

    Mi4c Recovery Flash Tools! I wrote a few batch scripts to simplify flashing recoveries on the Mi4c and just wanted to share it! Its also requires 1) Unlocked bootloader 2) adb and xiaomi drivers (files are included). To run it, make sure you have usb debugging enabled (if you don't know how to...
  49. X

    Thread i think i got a stock recovery for SM-S920L straight talk galaxy grand prime

    I got kernel and Stock recoverys for SM-S920l, links posted below, hopefully they are something everyone can use.. and also someone tell me, can i use either of these to revert my rom? or whatever
  50. S

    Thread Need MRA58M or MRA58N stock recovery for Micromax canvas a1

    I have been searching for stock recovery of MRA58M or MRA58N for weeks and found nothing on the internet. I posted this question 2 times before in different sections of xda-forum but got 0 replies. Now I am really stuck. Please help me guys. Thanks in advance.