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  1. A

    Thread Lenovo tab 4 10 stock rom challenge to everyone

    Hey XDA developers, I am challenging you that you can't find the stock rom for my device. Specs are as follow. Challenge: build number must match!!! Let's see who can find it!!
  2. J

    Thread Install firmware

    Hello, Yesterday I installed lineage 17.1 rom on my galaxy a5 2017. But due to some bugs in the rom, I want to install its firmware. So I try to flash the firmware using Odin. Then it was unsuccessful. Really I don't know how to install stock rom on my device. So please help me
  3. logicbloke

    Thread [STG S1][MT6737T][Android 8.1] Stock ROM is for different CPU, what can I do?

    Hey guys, I have an STG S1 with the MT6737T processor and for some reason it started rebooting itself a few minutes after the GUI shows up and everything working fine. This started happening after I disabled the built-in Youtube app in an attempt to delete it completely but in vain. Then I...
  4. R

    Thread Mi a2 Lite Stock Rom

    Hi! I need your help. I currently have Miui 11 port from sakura. I want to go to the stock rom. latest version on android 9. Where can I download it? How do I install it? Using twrp as a custom rom or through MiFlash or another program? Thanks for reading, I use google translator
  5. S

    Thread ZTE Blade V7 - what options do I have

    I'm trying to recover a friends phone. I successfully replaced the broken screen but now it's stuck while booting. I do not have root access or USB debugging activated. I was able to backup user data in 'Android Recovery' mode but it appears to be encrypted. I think I need this phone to be...
  6. H

    Thread Google Play Uncertified

    After coming back to stock MIUI ROM my google play is displaying uncertified. I know it is because of the unlocked bootloader or at least that's what I think it is. Now is there any way for me to make my phone google play certified again?
  7. M

    Thread Help in Deciding Correct Stock ROM Upgrade

    Hello, I am still holding on to my LG G4 Beat (or LG G4s) with model number LG-H735. My current Android version is 5.1.1 and would like to upgrade it to Android 6. I am unable to perform the update from "Settings -> About Phone -> Update Center -> Software Update -> Check now for update" as...
  8. 4

    Thread Samsung Tab E cannot download stock rom

    After I attempt to flash a stock ROM through download mode on Samsung Tab E, Heimdall outputs this error when its 4% done: Uploading SYSTEM 4% ERROR: Failed to confirm end of file transfer sequence! ERROR: SYSTEM upload failed! Ending session... ERROR: Failed to receive session end...
  9. N

    Thread problem in receiving otp messages in all custom rom

    Hi do every custom rom have the issue of not receiving otp message I have realme 3 pro and I have tried miui, and nasuntara-os both seems to work fine but they don't receive otp messasges, facebook, telegram, codes are not receiving when sim is in my phone but when i insert sim in other phone...
  10. N

    Thread installing custom/stock rom not working

    Hi there its me again, I have tried installing custom and stock rom and it do gets installed but when i boot into system it only boot into recovery at first i did wipe Dalvik, cache, system, vendor, data, internal storage i tried installing vendor too and it got installed then when i flashed...
  11. S

    Thread Limitations/OTA updates after installing TWRP?

    Hi, I recently came up with the idea of installing the Stock Firmware on my S8, along with TWRP, but without root or anything like that. Basically I just want Stock ROM + TWRP. Will this limit the system in any way? Will banking apps still work, can I still get OTA updates, etc.?
  12. MySelf_v1

    Thread Stock vs Lineage OS 18

    Hi everyone, I was thinking about rooting and flashing LineageOS on my Pixel but first I would like to know what you think is better. I need the phone for work, I have my banking app, have to shot few pics ( I absolutely love GCam on this device ) and play games like clash royale and call of...
  13. LalatinaDustiness

    Thread [SOLVED] (ZE601KL) Semi(?) bricked after installing wrong stock rom

    So, I've installed a custom rom for this phone so I could use it as my test phone but it ended with my sister. Some days ago my sister asked me to reinstall the stock rom so I was going to do it. I downloaded official stock of its model but I could not because the recovery wasn't recognizing it...
  14. IODroids

    Thread Issues with Mi Note 4, Wifi Address 02:00:00:00:00:00 appears disabled. and now Cannot install Stock ROM (via both TWRP recovery and fastboot)

    Last year got OTA update for and since then mobile was lagging, replacing my broken display last month, mobile started lagging and huuge battery drain. So decided to try PixelExperience Custom Rom.. Custom ROm is way too smooth and very less laggy, Installation went smooth but was...
  15. 2IceCube8

    Thread Wie kann ich eine Stock Rom/Firmware mit TWRP Installieren - Samsung Galaxy Note 10 [SM-N970F]? | How can I install a stock rom / firmware with TWRP

    Guten Abend, Ggibt es eine möglichkeit wie beschrieben mein Telefon mit TWRP die Stock Rom zu Flashen? Ich möchte nicht auf den ganzen Samsung Service verzichten. Mein ziel ist eine Gerät zu haben was Root hat. Ich habe das ganze mit Magisk gemacht und die Firmware (AP) gepatcht. Funktionierte...
  16. A

    Thread Google Pay not working after unroot and stock rom install

    I unrooted and installed the stock rom on my galaxy s8 but google pay still doesn't work. The bootloader also is locked because in developer settings OEM UNLOCK is off. Any ideas why?
  17. R

    Thread MI A1 can't boot in either stock or custom rom

    Hi all, I hope someone can guide me through. My MI A1 device has suddenly stopped booting for no reason. To fix up I tried many thing but with no luck. here is link to one of the thread I have followed Reddit thread This guy exactly had the same issue as mine but on different model and I...
  18. brunogroa


    JOIN MOTO G6 GLOBAL GROUP ON TELEGRAM Be sure backup yout own files phone will be erased. Downgrade can be cause lose ril and IMEI be 0 To recover Empty IMEI and signal read this thread: (1) [GUIDE] IMEI RECOVERY STOCK & CUSTOM ROM | XDA Developers Forums...
  19. D

    Thread Oppo A15 (CPH2185) stock ROM.

    Hi I am trying to root my Oppo A15 but none of the one click root options are working, and since TWRP isn't available for my phone I am unable to locate boot.img file as well. I tried downloading stock ROM and use the boot.img but it is saying that I have an unsupported img file. Can someone...
  20. XRed_CubeX

    Thread Tim Technicolor Android TV root methods?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a TIM TV Box, the precise model is uzw4010tim, the manufacturer is technicolor, it has android 8.0 and a Marvell BG4-CT as a processor. I would like to try to root it but unfortunately I can't because there are various problems: There is no TWRP for this device...
  21. G

    Thread Convert stock ROM to TWRP flashable ZIP

    my english not good sorry. i want downgrade to android 9 from android 10 and this can not be done with odin because of binary number. some android 9 zip rom for example "Ultimate_Pie_2.4" can be flashed with twrp and device up and run without problem, but i want stock one not modified rom. how...
  22. jagltoro

    Thread flashtool not flashing stock rom

    Hi, Did you find a solution, I have exactly the same problem on my XZ Premium... It fails on Sending Read-TA:2:10021 and I have the same errors just after. Thanks in advance. EDIT : It worked with newflasher, i am back on the stock rom. The problems with my sim card are fixed
  23. debdeep98

    Thread (Guide) Relock Bootloader/Back To Stock.

    This guide is for those who are on unlocked bootloader/custom roms and want to go back to realme UI 1.0 and relock Needless to say, me, and the makers of realme flash-tool and TWRP/other recoveries wouldn't be responsible for any damage caused to your device. Having said that, this method has...
  24. remmons

    Thread Cannot Flash any ROM from TWRP

    I can boot my Moto E5 Play into recovery mode and get the TWRP menu. I click "Install" and choose a ROM which I adb pushed to my sdcard. The ROM appears to be flashed, but the phone does not re-boot. It stops on a blank black screen.I can only reboot into recovery and see the TWRP menu again. If...
  25. acervenky

    Thread [STOCK][FASTBOOT][IN] Fastboot Flashable Images For RealMe X3 SuperZoom

    Disclaimer : * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...). * Your warranty will be void if you tamper with any part of your device / software. Download : RMX2081PU_A33_fastboot [IN]...
  26. K

    Thread Viper4Android On Stock 8.0 Rom

    Hi guys! This is my first thread so sorry if i make any mistakes, so let me know if i did any! :p So as the title says, We can get viper4android on stock rom but we need to -Have unlocked bootloader -Magisk -Big brain, and focus to not f. it up! -Back up your rom and data, just in case :silly...
  27. V

    Thread Backing up STOCK ROM in TWRP?

    Has anyone tried it? I'd like to try a custom ROM, but in case I don't like it, I'd like to have an option of going back to stock. The other option would include purchasing stock ROM from sammobile.
  28. R

    Thread Need Stock ROM Infinix S4 S4 X626B 6GB-64GB Bricked

    Hello Everyone, I seriously need the stock ROM for Infinix S4 6GB RAM 64GB Internal Hard. it is based on MT6762 Not MT6765. Infinix made S4 in different variants with the difference in ram and XOS version difference My mobile RUN XOS 5.0 CHEETA. I don't know if its X626 or X626B But When I used...
  29. MadMax0067

    Thread Honor 8 Lite Stock Rom

    hi there i have Honor 8 Lite Model: PRA-LA1 Build: PRA-LA1 EMUI 8 all i want to head back to stock ROM that comes with this mobile because latest update is too much storage consuming. I have tried to flash B165,B210 with dialer and hard update, But it starts and failed at 5%...
  30. S

    Thread Android 8 Security Update bricked the phone?

    Hi, I had this problem before and I thought I did something wrong, but I can reproduce the problem. I had a rooted phone with TWRP Recovery but I want to go back to the stock rom and lock the bootloader. I reflashed stock rom A2017G_B10_NOUGAT_FULL_EDL with MiFlash. This is Android 7.1.1...
  31. S

    Thread Back to stock, relock bootloader problem waiting for device

    Hi, i used Miflash in edl mode to get back to stock rom. after flash and reboot I used the recovery mode to do a factory reset. It seems to work. It shows Android Recovery, but the bootloader is still unlocked. What mode do I need to enter to use the "fastboot oem lock" command? I always see...
  32. M

    Thread Stock ROM Bootloop unless bootloader is unlocked

    I restored the newest stock Android One ROM using MiFlash, but the phone only boots if the bootloader is unlocked. I need the bootloader to be locked for various apps. Can someone help me :confused: I haven't found any threads that talk about this issue so I have no idea of what to do :(
  33. M

    Thread Camera2API for Xiaomi MI A2

    Is there any way to keep camera2API even after locking bootloader?
  34. S

    Thread Back to Stock (help)

    Hey I want back to Stock rom... I have this Rom For oneplus 6T... What is the Best way to install Stock rom + magisk?
  35. M

    Thread P600 octa-core showing only four cores

    Over the years I have switched rom's many times. Now I am back on stock 5.1.1 I use app2sd pro to help improve performance and it was in the app I noticed that it shows the device only has four cores. So I downloaded cpu id and antutu and they all show four cores. I am wondering why. Did I...
  36. W

    Thread [locked bootloader] Bootloop on stock firmware, cannot access EDL mode... Any tips?

    Hi guys, I have a Mi 9T (DaVinci, model M1903F10G) which is in a bootloop state. Sometimes, the boot "succeeds" and shows an empty android screen with navigation buttons (below) and navigation bar (top), but touching the screen/buttons does not do anything, and after a few seconds the phone...
  37. L

    Thread Questions about moving over to the Offical Pixel Experience(Simple/Plus) ROM?

    Im planning to move to pixel experience plus for my daily driver lavender phone, but i need to be 100% sure that there wont be any bugs or features missing? To the people who are using Pixel Experience ROM there anything that you lose when you move over to Pixel Experience from...
  38. J

    Thread Wife's phone internal storage was wiped, however bootloader is unlocked and have TWRP

    Guys I really need your help here as I'm beyond frustrated and a few hours from busting this ****ty brick of a phone. My wife's been having that "no network issue" since the beginning of the year and some updates or roms seem to work, but only for a few days before the same damn error pops up...
  39. B

    Thread Is fingerprint's change an issue to go back to stock rom?

    Well, i have this problem. I'm on xperience pie (64 bits) and i have a problem with magisk (couldn't pass safety net) . I found a solution, but i had to change fingerprint, so i did it. Now, when i checked, i'm with a huawei fingerprint. So, my question is if i will have problems when i'll go...
  40. msoza1

    Thread Private Mode Stopped Working - Is Flashing Stock Rom A Fix?

    Hey all! So, I decided to re-root my Galaxy S6 again after leaving it stock (updated to Nougat via Smart Switch.) Today I rooted it and ran into a problem: Private Mode fails to turn on. I've went ahead and uninstalled SuperSU to see if that was the issue, but it still gave me the error "Failed...
  41. emiljano539

    Thread Does a custom rom changes brightness level?

    It might seems to be a stupid question. But with the stock pie rom the brightness level is lower than it was in Oreo which makes it almost unusable in direct sunlight. Does the custom roms use a different brightness level or not?
  42. P

    Thread Can I flash Stock Rom via ODIN?

    Hello everyone, I know this looks like a pretty noob question, but I better be sure. Recently I took my S8+ to get its screen repaired at a Samsung Repair Center. Today I got an email stating that since my S8+ had an unofficial OS installed the main board would have to be swapped for a new one...
  43. F

    Thread Install rom stock by TWRP.

    Hello everyone! Is it possible to install rom stock with TWRP? I can not access download mode. I wiped everything. Fastboot does not work .. It stays "waiting for the device" forever ..:( Thank you!
  44. RamHa

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition SM-N935F/DS Stock rom - Android version 9.0 One UI

    Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition SM-N935F/DS Stock rom - Android version 9.0 One UI version 1.0 Stock Rom for Note Fan (Note 7 FE, N935F Exynos chipset) N935FXXU4CSC4_N935FOLB4CSC1_XTC Vietnamese, All nativly CSC included. It isn't rooted, it hasn't been changed in any way shape or form, just...
  45. R

    Thread [Guide] How to flash stock ROM on Redmi Go

    If you're reading this, you must've messed up with your device or you don't want to use custom ROMs anymore and want to revert back to stock ROM. Going back to stock ROM is not easy on Redmi Go as Xiaomi is not providing the right ROM files. The one (Version: V10.2.6.0.OCLMIXM) that is...
  46. fantasma64

    Thread Can I downgrade to 7.0 stock firmware from lineage?

    What happens if I have lineage 15.1 and I want to return to 7.0 stock can I do it? should I do a back up? I read that I could lose the imei :crying: how can I avoid it? I would use this tutorial thank you all for the help and advice...
  47. mauronofrio

    Thread [ROM][STOCK][FASTBOOT][OP7P] Stock Fastboot ROMs for OnePlus 7 Pro/ 7 Pro 5G

    Things are changing with the advent of project treble and seamless updates. OnePlus will no longer release ROMs flashable via stock recovery because is no more needed. The updates will be done on the slot not used for example if you are using slot a the update will be installed on slot b and the...
  48. Muthzer the One

    Thread stock rom with 30% battery limit

    Hey, I actually don't have any hope of reply here since this thread seems to be dead but i might try as well. I've got the note 7 from my mother when it had the 30% battery update (or maybe even dead). I was able to bring it back to life and used it since then. Last week i flashed Oreo on it...
  49. um009

    Thread A6 Plus Android Pie XXU3BSC6 Stock ROM - Direct/Fast Download

    I downloaded the ROM and uploaded it to a fast mirror for everyone. A6 Plus Android Pie XXU3BSC6 Phone: Galaxy A6+ 2018 Model: A605FN Firmware: Android 9 Pie Changelog: 15574486 Build Date: 2019-03-01 Region: Poland - XEO PDA: A605FNXXU3BSC6 CSC: A605FNOXM3BSC6 Download...
  50. L

    Thread HTC 10, Search for Networks disabled

    Hello, I have an HTC 10 and I flashed a custom ROM and it was buggy, so I went back to Stock but now I cannot search for networks select the mobile network of my preference, it always autoselects one itself. I flashed a file called...