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  1. Tkkg1994

    Thread [EOL][ROM][STABLE][TW][MM][6.0.1][CPL1][03.01.17][SM-T70X] IronRom V3.2

    I'm proudly presenting you the IronRom, for both Variants of the Tab S 8.4 (T700 and T705) Hello my friends, I'm presenting you the latest Samsung Firmware with some changes that I made by myself. First of all, I'm not a the best developer here on the XDA forum, but I can just use my...
  2. PanzerVolr

    Thread [Q] AOSP roms can't charge Return To Stock Touchwiz i9500

    I was able to install CWM and tried PACMAN RC3 and Paranoid Rom and they were great but the problem was with battery charging I plugged in the phone for 30 mins and battery level was 45 and charging LED was ON after 30 mins I checked and found battery 40? I tried both these roms, I have done...