1. A

    Thread Repack Stock Firmware with Android 10 for Odin

    I am trying to de-bload/modify the original stock firmware and flash it to my phone using odin without installing TWRP. I have already successfully flashed Magisks this way. However, all the guides I found on modifying the system.img seem to be outdated and do not work anymore. Here is my...
  2. A

    Thread Signature Verification Failed!

    Hi everyone... I have a zenfone 2 laser... it restarts after logo screen i tried to install a few stock rom from adb and sd card... but "E: signature verification failed" error occurs while installing... The phone's OEM is probably locked... so i can't install twrp or another... How can i solve...
  3. !J2B!

    Thread Youtube Music suddenly runs without any interaction

    Hello everybody, First of all : Happy new year ! :D I own a Pixel 4 XL running a stock ROM with the bootloader still locked (I actually don't flash my phones anymore since I'm a team Pixel member haha). I use Android Auto very often because of my job. Here is my problem : Since the december...
  4. S

    Thread Galaxy S8 is not updating

    my Galaxy S8 (SM-G9500) Chinese Version is running at Android 7.0 Nougat and I'm unable to update. it says latest update is already installed. I'm from Pakistan. what should I do? I had also tried via odin but it fails. (threads succeed 0 / fails 1). I had downloaded firmware from sammobile...
  5. Aeon.Horos

    Thread (Module) 2-Button Navigation mode

    This is a magisk module that enables 2-Button navigation mode in the gesture Settings menu. Will possibly add reversed back button layout later. For now its just stock 2-button navigation. Must have root with MagiskManager installed. To install open MagiskManager, press the puzzle piece and...
  6. C

    Thread [Help] Bootloop after updating, usb debugging not enabled.

    Using the miflash tool I flashed stock firmware (some version of android 8) after previously having a custom ROM installed. Everything worked fine until I rebooted after updating to the latest version using OTA. My phone never got past the android one screen where it would freeze part way...
  7. T

    Thread Error in flashing stock rom

    I tried flashing the stock rom using the stock recovery v1.2. But, I get the error "The installed version is lower than current". I don't what to do. Does it mean that I have to use an older version of the stock rom or a newer one? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. adazem009

    Thread [RECOVERY][N][Z00ED] Stock Android (Google) recovery

    /* * Your warranty is now (probably expired) void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU...
  9. sjjtnj

    Thread Any good ARB3 phone stock?

    I find it very hard to find any Arb3 stock to upgrade my phone. Any phone's have Arb3 stock that people know of so I and other's that have the same problem can find the best compatible for an upgrade or downgrade if that's better?
  10. A

    Thread AXE-LX2 on EMUI9, possible to unlock bootloader ?

    Hello, I'm talking to the XDA community that I've been following for quite some time in research to find a way to unlock my bootloader. So I've already browsed pages and pages, and I've already seen the different techniques proposed here, but I have a difference that most users seem to lack. I...
  11. T

    Thread Audio is now gone on my 2XL

    It was working just fine. I was listening to YouTube while I was doing other things over a Bluetooth device. Stopped YouTube, put it in my pocket, and ate dinner. Went to walk my dog, and it wouldn't play any audio. When I went to call someone to check, I only had "Speaker" as an option along...
  12. A

    Thread how to Revert from Custom Rom (RR) to Stock rom and keep bootloader unlocked?

    Hi, I am currently using RR rom but want to return to latest stock Rom and also keep the bootloader unlocked? Can any one please help me how to do it? Can I use normal process of flashing custom rom to flash stock rom or it is different?
  13. A

    Thread Stock kernel (pra-lx1 2020-07 b406) oreo

    Hi, here it is the stock kernel for HUAWEI P8 LITE 2017 (PRA-LX1 [B406]) just fastboot your device (VOL- and usb cable plugged to pc) and go with fastboot flash kernel <drop the FILE there> Bye! And happy flashing!!!
  14. N

    Thread What do I lose with flashing TP ROMS VS stock RealmeUI?

    Like with MiUI generally apps like Game Turbo are lost and there's no alternative replacement available so later cannot set screen touch sensitivity or disable notifications in gaming, set performance mode etc. So suppose I install LOS then are there any Game Space alternatives? Is the Los...
  15. L

    Thread Does anyone know how to keep date and time synced, but use a custom timezone?[SOLVED]

    I want to keep the tablet's clock synchronized over internet, while configuring a different timezone from network-provided one. However, at present it doesn't appear to be possible, as General Management -> Date and Time -> Automatic Date and Time option would automatically set to use my...
  16. N

    Thread Samsung stock to no-Google MicroG based privacy reconfigure step by step

    This is Niall's guide to reconfiguring stock Samsung S10 Android 10 into a privacy focused MicroG based sytem purged of the stock spyware and annoying and useless stuff, but with the actually useful Samsung Apps such as Camera, and VoLTE remaining fully functional. Don't get me wrong here...
  17. S

    Thread Is it possible to flash HK, NA, or International variant on CN phone?

    I have a Chinese Fold 2, in which comes stock with all Chinese apps and lock access to Chinese Samsung app stores and content (I want to get live wallpapers from the Samsung Theme store). Is there currently a way to flash an HK, NA, or International Fold 2 variant over a stock Chinese F9160...
  18. vdbhb59

    Thread [ROM][A10][M305F][Stock, Bliss, LOS, Root+TWRP][Decrypted][M305FDDS6CTI1]

    Android 10 (Q) - Galaxy M305F (INS) - Stock & Rooted (not patched) - M305FDDS6CTI1 You will now be rooted and surely enjoy the stock ROM. Cleaning up the inbuilt bloatware is individual's responsibility. Playing by the guide and few of my own stuff to manage this to work. I will try and get a...
  19. BakaNeko59

    Thread Rooted then returned to stock still rooted

    I rooted my SM-T820 using Ashyx guide, but decided to return to stock. I downloaded the stock Rom from Sammobile and loaded it with Odin (AP, BL, CSC). It says its back to stock (no boot messages and it shows stock in download menu). But it won't let me use Samsung Pass as it says it's rooted...
  20. BourbonCowboy

    Thread [REQUEST] [T531] Optimized version of the stock ROMs and others.

    Hello everyone, I've just recently flashed the south african version of the stock lollipop ROM on my old SM-T531 (matisse) that I bought here in Brazil a long time ago, and I also rooted it succesfully with Magisk. The reason why I did it was that the devices distributed in my country wouldn't...
  21. michierusama

    Thread Android 11 bugs (stable September 8th release)

    I ''upgraded'' on September 8th. On Android 10 I didn't have the following issues, they started right after the update on September 8th. 1- If you are playing a game on landscape mode, sometimes, when you pull down notifications drawer, the icons (battery, signal, etc) get stuck, and the only...
  22. y0himba

    Thread Automatically Answer On Bluetooth

    Hello. Yes, I know I should upgrade. However, I'm an old fart and I absolutely love this phone. It's perfect for me and it feels wonderful to use. I am on Android 10, latest security patches, completely stock. Pixel 2 XL. I cannot figure out how to get my phone to automatically answer a call...
  23. T

    Thread Anyone else suddenly having GPS issues?

    Hello, about a month ago my GPS suddenly decided to be garbage and it can't find enough GPS signal unless I'm in COMPLETELY open sky and even then it's slow. So I thought I was just unlucky and I still have warranty, so I'm going to use it, but today this reddit post appeared about the Galaxy S8...
  24. P

    Thread Nokia 8 Multiple Stock Boot Images

    Since people have trouble getting the boot images, here is my GoogleDrive folder containing stock boot images for Nokia 8 TA-1004 (NB1). Versions uploaded as follows: 2018 patches: October, November, December 2019 patches: January, February, March, April, May, Juni, July, August, September...
  25. tutibreaker

    Thread ( Updated) Qrom for 105M A10 and A series devices

    Thi series of roms is focused tu gain more performance for this series and add some other features to the rom, all of them are based in latest firrmware for each How To install: 1) install TWRP for your device 2) enter in advance wipe and wipe dalvik, system,data,internal storage and cache 3)...
  26. Uqbar

    Thread Partition details and tables: any hint?

    In order to move a device between CN, EU and IN we'd need to modify the partition sizes. At the moment I have no clue on how they look like and how the bootloader chooses the system and recovery ones. Provided that all the stars align properly, it could be in theory possible to dump the three...
  27. lfuentes

    Thread Relock Bootloader on Moto G8 Plus

    I have finally locked my bootloader. After many failed attempts, I've realized doing the next: Flash a Stock Firmware (most probably an old version) Boot it and apply all system updates. Reboot into Bootloader Run fastboot oem lock Boot noramlly :D
  28. acervenky

    Thread [STOCK][FASTBOOT][EU | IN] Fastboot Flashable Images For RealMe X50 Pro

    Disclaimer : * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. * Your warranty will be void if you tamper with any part of your device / software. Download : RMX2076PU_A29_fastboot [IN] RMX2076EU_A28_fastboot [EU]...
  29. VD171

    Thread [BOOT.IMG][STOCK][PATCHED] Boot Image Partition for Motorola One Macro

    Stock and Magisk Patched BOOT.IMG for Motorola Moto One Macro Works with: - XT2016-2 - XT2016-2 DS Build Properties Informations: Build ID: PMDS29.70-81-5 Blur Version: Blur_Version.29.201.5.lima.retail.en.US Modem Version: MT6771_V16.03.01.90R Download ROM (RETLA)...
  30. OPTeam

    Thread [OnePlus Nord][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Repo of Oxygen OS Builds

    As OnePlus doesn't always provide download links for all of their OxygenOS ROMs & OTA update zips, we've created an index to put the links in one post so that they're easy to find. Note: This is not a support thread for issues you may have with OxygenOS ROMs. If you need help installing or...
  31. T

    Thread LG v20 H918 Stock Firmware, rooted have some questions and need some help

    Hello All, I want to update my phone because it is slow as ****, as soon as I got it out of the box when it released, I rooted it and just have been using it like that since. As you all know, backing up your files and doing all this can really take a lot of time and so I haven't really freed...
  32. I

    Thread Guide: restore River to good as new stock, clean bootloader

    Edit: i just realized I put this in the wrong area, can a mod help me out :) This took me hours to figure out honestly, and I have experience with this stuff. So, I want this to be as easy to find as possible for other folks. To go back to stock: 1. Hold down Power and Volume till the boot...
  33. L

    Thread [GUÍA] [ESPAÑOL] [STOCK] Cómo actualizar tu Moto Z2 Play a Pie 9.0 con adb (fastboot)

    This guide is for those spanish native speakers that do no understand the english language, please note that translators sometimes makes inaccurate translations and might cause misleads, causing confusion or a required CRITICAL step to not be followed properly. These inaccuracies with the fact...
  34. T

    Thread Everytime I flash a custom kernel (Your device is corrupt. It can't be trusted...)

    My setup: Android 10 Stock ROM Using the latest platform-tools from Android SDK website Everytime I flash Sultan Kernel after booting TWRP temporarily a screen says, "Your device is corrupt. It can't be trusted and may not work properly." He wants you to flash in the order of: kernel, twrp...
  35. M4rt1n94

    Thread Stock ROM collection (DLOAD/CUST/BASE)

    Hi guys I just wanted to share my collection of all Stock ROMs from the Mate 30 Pro I have and hope people are adding their files/ROMs to it so we can maybe keep this as complete as possible. DLoad LIO-L29 LIO-L29 LIO-L29 [RootFile] LIO-L29...
  36. N

    Thread Mi A3 Stock Camera for Custom Roms 10 [Magisk Module]

    Instructions: 1. Upload File to Magisk 2. Restart 3. In case it doesn't work, manage the permissions manually. No fix for 48Mpx needed. Bugs: There are no or unknown. Running: Wide angle 2x Slow motion Video and wide-angle video Panoramic selfie 48Mpx and 32Mpx Portrait mode And more. Note...
  37. sunny3503

    Thread Stock Android 10 V11.0.14.0.QFQMIXM

    Hi All This is OTA Update of Mi A3 April 2020 Android 10 V11.0.14.0.QFQMIXM Steps: Copy the file to External SD Card Reboot to recovery and Apply update from SD card XDA:DevDB Information [Recovery ROM] Android 10 Update , ROM for the Xiaomi Mi A3 Rom Link (Download)...
  38. D

    Thread Weird bootloop after OTA (21 April 2020)

    My asus zenfone max pro m1 has not been booting since the april 21st update. It boots completely, asks for pattern to decrypt storage and irrespective of whether or not i enter the pattern, it reboots. Looks like some system services are failing after boot and hence i need to wipe or clean flash...
  39. D

    Thread RN8P not booting to system

    I have RN8P India version not rooted no custom recovery added not unlocked basically it is factory setup Today i felt device has slowed down so restarted it but after restart device is stuck at default recovery where it asked for reboot then i select reboot to system and then it brings up...
  40. OPTeam

    Thread [OnePlus 8 Pro][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Repo of Oxygen OS Builds

    As OnePlus doesn't always provide download links for all of their OxygenOS ROMs & OTA update zips, we've created an index to put the links in one post so that they're easy to find. Note: This is not a support thread for issues you may have with OxygenOS ROMs. If you need help installing or...
  41. OPTeam

    Thread [OnePlus 8][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Repo of Oxygen OS Builds

    As OnePlus doesn't always provide download links for all of their OxygenOS ROMs & OTA update zips, we've created an index to put the links in one post so that they're easy to find. Note: This is not a support thread for issues you may have with OxygenOS ROMs. If you need help installing or...
  42. R

    Thread Back to stocn

    Hello everyone, I recently stopped using my Nokia 8 in favor of my new iPhone 11. However, I wanted to keep it just so I have an emergency Android phone. I found an article that says that there is a possible way to update Nokia 8 via TWRP. Of course, I didn’t trust it, so I backed up my phone...
  43. mario0788

    Thread [SOLVED] In need of help with RMX1921EX_11_C.02 version bugs

    Hey guys, i've come across some bugs while installing the RMX1921EX_11_C.02 version from the Indian site to my phone and i would like some clarifications or help if someone faced those and overcame them. - To begin with let me start by saying that I bought a global Realme XT with the firmware...
  44. Catlish

    Thread Bug rundown on stock ROM

    So. I've had this phone for less than a week, and the amount of bugs I've found in the stock ROM is just staggering. Just want to know if these are really bugs from the OS and not a faulty unit. And if so, have you have found any workaround for any of them? Also, I'm placing here some fixes...
  45. M

    Thread Unable to downgrade from 10 to stock Oreo 8 with Odin

    Hi, please, tried to flash (without wiping) to the latest stock 8 Oreo even with patched Odin but still stuck on "recovery" or "image" and have to cancel. Of course debugging on, everything acc to the manuals but it changes nothing with the phone, still "happily" working under A10. Is it...
  46. riquemonteiro

    Thread XT-1922-5 Brickerd, showing N/A, going to TWRP even after flashing Stock and then off

    Here's the story: Got an used G6 Play from my cousin today, decided to do a Hard Reset, after the hard reset here it was the FRP, so i asked him the last Pattern lock and then i proceeded. So i decided to: install twrp, root and then try Custom Roms I unlocked the bootloader, everything ok...
  47. S

    Thread Android 9 to android 10 with smurfkernel and xxx no limits magisk rom

    I am currently on 9.5.9 GM21BA, twrp and magisk installed, bootloader unlocked. What would be the best way to upgrade to stock 10.0.3, install smurfkernel and xxxnolimits magisk rom? I would like to do a clean install, wipe all my data first. Thanks
  48. X

    Thread Optimal version

    Hi, this question may sound weird. I believe I made a general post about but got lost. I have the XT1650-03 and also XT1543 (may sound off topic but is not). Both of them are running custom roms, the Z running Android 9, and the G3 2015 running Android 7. My question is, how do you know which...
  49. n0M3n

    Thread V11.0.5 boot image, please.

    Hi, can someone post latest stock boot image? Thank you!