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  1. brian_says_yas

    Thread Flashing stock rom RQ3A.211001.001 on Redfin device using Android Flash Tool partial progress, fails to fastbootd when entering flashboot userspace

    I previously successfully installed and ran lingeageOS for a long time. In attempting to flash stock android, I'm getting a part-way successfully then failing to a screen titled 'fastbootd' when the flash script attempts to enter userspace fastboot. I'm running Arch Linux and have android...
  2. S

    Thread How to revert OnePlus 7 Pro to official stock ROM ?

    I installed LineageOS 18.1 using the official LineageOS installation guide .. How can I revert OnePlus 7 Pro to official stock ROM ?
  3. annson08

    Thread How To Guide [BUL8][OneUI 4.0] OFFICIAL STOCK FW (Jan 22) | Z Fold3 International (SM-F926B)

    In this thread, You can share and discuss other links of new official stock firmware for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 International (NO CUSTOM ROMs and/or ROOT talk). How to flash firmware to your phone: 1. Extract the firmware file (i.e. to folder C:\Odin) *** 2. Download Odin v3.14.4 3. Extract the...
  4. Sys_sineor


    (important)Before doing it you need: ->Install android tools for your linux distribution: Arch linux: https://archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/android-tools/ ->Create Motorola account(don't use sign in with google) instead use Sign up a Motorola ID...
  5. Laird_Attwood

    Thread Question Network Debrand

    Hi all, New to Realme, I've only really dealt with more mainstream devices here in the UK (Samsung/Sony/Motorola etc) I have a TIM Italy branded C21 - RMX3201 that I was hoping to remove the branding for a 'Global/EU' SIM free variant of firmware. First question does anyone know if its...
  6. SwizzRM7

    Thread Realme 7 RMX2155 Stock ROM - Or Backup?

    Hi all, Does anyone have the stock firmware for this device? Or a backup? I wiped out all my partitions and so far nothing has worked out for me. i can't seem to find stock rom for this device.
  7. hsynmtl35

    Thread How can I make my A50 stock?

    Hello friends, I unlocked the bootloader and installed TWRP a few days ago on my A50, rooted it with Magisk, but I don't want to use it like that anymore because I can't use Samsung Pass and for some reason I felt a bit uncomfortable. Maybe there are more reasons to use it this way, but I'm a...
  8. B

    Thread HELP! HTC 10 Three UK (H3G__001) Restore to stock

    Hi, I've been handed a HTC 10 locked to the Three network in the UK which has been tampered with and I'm looking to restore the firmware. I'm not sure what the previous owner has done but the device boot loops when attempting to boot into Android or Recovery with a red warning message...
  9. J

    Thread Development [Stock]-[Recovery] - Boot Image stock recovery - Unlocked Nord N200 5G

    Attached is the stock boot image pulled via payload dumper for the OnePlus Nord N200 5G. It is from the full OTA zip - Official Build dated September 2nd 2021. It seems quite a few folks are trying to get ahold of this. *Download link at the bottom* I AM NOT A DEVELOPER!! I...
  10. C

    Thread How to flash stock firmware with OTG or fastboot when eRecovery fails?

    Hi, i have a Huawei P30 here from a friend. He says, he has got an official update, and then the device has not boot anymore. Huawei eRecovery is starting now automatically, but after downloading the firmware, it says that the device can not verify the package :( How can i flash stock firmware...
  11. Z

    Thread How to unroot / flash stock rom - Jelly 2 smartphone

    Hello together, I've rooted my Jelly 2 smartphone and unlocked its bootloader (using MAGISK). It worked well and I gained root access. After that, I am not very happy with it and I want to undo it again (pls dont question that). As I am quiet a newbie in rooting, I don't really know how to...
  12. X

    Thread [CLOSED][OnePlus 8T][ROM][STOCK][Oxygen OS] Full guide on how to flash latest OxygenOS with Fastboot Mode (macOS, Linux distros and Windows)

    Many of you asked how to flash latest official Oxygen OS rom with macOS or other Linux distros. Hence, I wrote this step-by-step guide which would allow you to restore easily to the latest stock ROM. This guide works for macOS, linux and also windows (for them who don't want to use the MSM...
  13. GMM2003

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Microsoft Surface Duo 2 - Stock Ringtones & Boot Animation

    Here are the stock sounds from the Surface Duo 2, including its boot animation files. Other than the original Surface Duo, this device adds in two new ringtones, five notifications, and one alarm sound. Enjoy.
  14. miravision

    Thread General [PHOTOGRAPHY] Post your best photos taken with stock camera or GCam

    Please post your best photos taken with stock camera or GCam along with custom xml configs
  15. P


    Hello Everyone, Can anyone please upload or give me link to the stock Always-ON DISPLAY APP from XIAOMI 11 LITE NE 5G (GLOBAL VERSION MODEL NO:- 2109119DG) if you have not updated to MIUI 12.5.5(which just ruined always on function for always on display) Please help me.!
  16. C

    Thread Question [help] Global Stock doesn't boot up. Hopefully soft-bricked it?

    I've got my POCO F3 global for 4 months or so and unlocked the bootloader to install a custom ROM. Since then I've installed Pixel Extended (stayed with it for 2 months or so) and then installed crDroid. I experienced a lot of random reboots since then which I thought could be a rom install...
  17. A

    Thread Question Is MIUI 12.5 enhanced worth it?

    I am currently using Mi 11X (aliothin) running on Pixel Experience. The rom is pretty smooth, but is still a bit buggy at places and lacks stock features like the camera, dolby, memc etc. Recently, Xiaomi has been rolling out the 12.5 enhanced edition globally for alioth devices, which...
  18. E

    Thread Stuck at firmware update screen

    Lg D802 was using lineage os 18.x. wiped cache then system with twrp. now im trying to downgrade to the 4.2.2 or 4.4.2. phone never closes, always on firmware update screen. when ı try to enter download mode, download mode shows up for a 3 seconds then again firmware screen. also when ı connect...
  19. R

    Thread Question Doubts about installing custom rom

    So right now I have the Redmi Note 10 Pro bought from my country's carrier, the thing is I don't really like being behind updates (carriers fault) and MIUI is not really for me so I was thinking about installing a custom rom (ArrowOS to be more specific). But I still have some doubts about the...
  20. avidichard

    Thread [ROM][N][7.0][STOCK][G920W8][zerofltebmc/zerofltecan]SamStock November Patch (Lightly Debloated)[RE-PACK]

    Original ROM: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/samstock-rom-odex-debloat-7-0-920-5-w8-f-i-november-patch.3649798/ I removed several apps in the ROM including a very annoying DiagMonAgent app that caused it to continuously show popup notifications. Here is a complete list of apps I removed...
  21. Baobeld

    Thread Looking to flash a custom ROM on my Galaxy A520w

    Hey guys! I've been doing some research the past couple of days on flashing a custom ROM onto my phone, I'm getting pretty annoyed that I haven't gotten a system update in over a year, it's also been slow and there is a ton of bloat-ware taking up space. So after my initial round of research...
  22. TechNobo

    Thread [Request] Stock Always-on display apk

    I uninstalled this while 'debloating', and want it back. I can only find Android 8+ versions of the Always-on display image (com.lge.gallery.aodimagewidget)... Does anyone have an APK I can use? Searching the internet top-to-bottom I can't find it anywhere. Android 7.0+, API 24 (I think)
  23. M

    Thread Going from Stock Android 8 --> Android 6 + Transferring all app existing data

    I'm currently on the stock Android 8 ROM. I'm planning to go back to the Android 6 ROM. Does anyone know whether there is still a method to achieve this? Is there a way for me to backup all apps + their data and restore everything in the new ROM? Not sure whether I need to be rooted before a...
  24. S

    Thread Flash stock rom without data loss

    Hi there! It's been a few years since my I flashed Firmwares on my S6 with Odin so please forgive me if I'm not quite up to date on that topic. Background: For installing custom emojis on my S9 I wanted to use Zfont, however, this doesn't work. I did some research and it is said that zfont...
  25. avidichard

    Thread [GUIDE/HOWTO][G920/G925-F-FD-I-S-K-L-T-W8] Which ROM to use for best stability and functionality

    Introduction I have spent too many hours trying to find the perfect ROM to install on my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. My goal was to find an ultra debloated ROM without any Samsung or Google stuff with the bare minimum. Turns out, it's impossible. I also wanted to use something new that went out of...
  26. w4saboy


    Hi guys, after some flash mistakes all partition of my realme was deleted and i cant flash anything. I can go on fastboot and Twrp recovery, but i cant flash anything, so my question is, where i can find the official rmx2002 realme 6s rom? Im looked on the official oppo website and on the web...
  27. D

    Thread [GUIDE][NO ROOT][STOCK] Fix some FPS/Hz issues in games for POCO X3 NFC

    Hello, I've had the bright idea to try this when searching for the battery management thingy that breaks all the fps in games. It's not perfect, but at least i have a mostly constant framerate (around 35-45 fps in Genshin Impact) I did this on 12.0.8 Global, stock with no root or unlocked...
  28. C

    Thread [Android 11][OxygenOS] What is the new 'mmcblk0'?

    Trying to follow some 4-6 years old online guides & QnAs (mostly written by Irfan Latif) on how to backup stock ROM & partitions using adb pull or adb exec-out. All of these materials always reference an mmcblk0 partition. But in my case it is missing. What I have instead are these: $ adb -s...
  29. Q

    Thread is it possible to downgrade SM-G950F?

    Hello, Is there a way to dowgrade the bootloader of SM-G950F with stock fw G950FXXUCDUD1 to further flash a stock fw Android 8? - flashing a downgraded bl with twrp? - with "combination" fw? - with a modified stock bl flashed with Odin? ...? Thank you!
  30. T

    Thread forensics/fixing/flashing

    Hi! I have Software- and Hardware experience, but not so Android-specific and none Huawei-specific. A friend asked me to recover the data of a CAN-L11 stuck in a bootloop. (Stock Android 6 EMUI 4.1, OEM locked, build date Fri Nov 18 14:27:21 CST 2016) My first thought was dumping the eMMC...
  31. T

    Thread TOSHIBA - 55UA3A63DG (produced by VESTEL)

    Hello, I have a few questions about my Android TV TOSHIBA - 55UA3A63DG (produced by VESTEL): - Is there a Stock Firmware / ROM for this TV (Android Pie 9)? - Whether it is possible to root and by which method? - How can I go into recovery mode? Thanks!
  32. innuendo1231

    Thread relock bootloader after removing magisk ?

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to find an answer, but everyone only asked if they can relock while having magisk installed. So my approach is a bit different. What is I install magisk to remove some preinstalled apps (stock rom), and then remove magisk, flash the original boot.img and relock...
  33. tnitunes

    Thread Question Moto G Power 2021 XT2117-3PP FlasFile Android 10 Verizon Stock

    Hey XDA! I just extracted the update file for XT2117-3PP and I would like to Post it. I have not seen it so here it is. I did an extensive search and could not find one. It is an entire FlashFile. I hope this helps...
  34. RMS-Stefan

    Thread [STOCK ROM] [SM-J320F] Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

    STOCK ROM for Samsung SM-J320F This tutorial is for someone that wants to restore their phone to the factory settings and had a custom rom. I am not responsible for BRICKED devices. Requirements -stock rom -Odin 3 - Samsung SM-J320F (I didn't tested on other models) - USB Cable - Samsung...
  35. D

    Thread looking for flashable stock

    Can somebody do a backup of stock rom and send me a link? I'm stuck with locked bootloader and i can only access to twrp, but i cant find flashable stock. I have only seen for power version. This is my only hope. Please... Maybe somebody know how to do this kind of flashable rom? Screenshot...
  36. Alpha_Radke

    Thread General Source code up - Stock ROM up - Time to find root

    We got Nokia 5.4 source code and firmware up. I have been looking deep into the source code for any tricks before building it. However we have boot.img now and I think we should get magisk support here. As excepted we have these results: cp: can't preserve ownership of 'busybox': Operation not...
  37. Arpan9762


    I need Stock Recovery for ASUS MAX M2(X01AD) ZB632KL Please help!
  38. tootie122

    Thread Help finding stock.

    Hey, I know this is pretty dead but let me explain. I am looking for a stock android 6 rom. I can't get it over ota due to not having a sim card in the phone. Is there any stock android 6.0 roms I can flash? Thank you!
  39. Oopsitsdeleted

    Thread [11] [GSI] [OFFICIAL] OctaviOS-v2.5 For Galaxy A51. [Slightly Modded Stock Android]

    OctaviOS Rom For The Galaxy A51. (Note, I did not make this rom. This is a Generic System Image (GSI) made by OctaviOS devs. so it is not specifically built for the A51, but it's really stable and I am using it now.) OctaviOS is an AOSP based rom focusing on Unique and Smooth UI with handy...
  40. tsolignani

    Thread Upgrade italian TIM p9 with eva-l09c55b190

    Hallo everybody. I have an old Huawei p9 with eva-l09c55b190 firmware. It's Android 6, I would like to upgrade to Android 7 (and not more). I found a firmware, I put it into the memory card but I could not upgrade, it says it does not fit. The firmware that did not fit is Huawei P9...
  41. se7enge

    Thread Force unlocking an encrypted android 9 device

    Does anybody know of a way to gain access to a password encrypted android 9 device? It is an Alcatel 5033D, locked bootloader and stock recovery, and I have no access to the virtual keyboard from the lockscreen after force uninstalling Gboard; which apparently the device was relying on for the...
  42. saaqirajput

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Super Wallpapers on Stock Rom without root

    Hello friends, I wanted to share with you how I installed the super wallpapers on my Stock rom Redmi Note 10 mojito without any issues. at all. All you need to do is download this wallpapers app https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/xiaomi-inc/wallpaper/wallpaper-alpha-2-6-222-04092320-ogl-release/...
  43. digheaditya67

    Thread Downgrading Samsung Galaxy S8 using ODIN by deleting .bin files & not tripping KNOX

    ( Main question below at the end in Bold Italic ) ...... So here's what happened. I was using ( probably Sept 2020 ) Security Patch on my phone and everything was well. Then there were 2 software updates from Samsung, both were security updates. I initially didn't upgrade to October...
  44. W

    Thread [ROM][JB4.2.1][A3000-H][CN][3G] A3000_A421_000_029_130327_CN_3G

    Hi, this is stoch China ROM for IdeaTab A3000-H. It has only Chinesse and English languages. And it has A3000_prc_3gfull partition table, requied to flash many ROMs :D It deletes data (because of flash). Ok, here is a link to firmware...
  45. RosbifeDeAlpaca

    Thread [SOLVED] - [ZE601KL] Need help to find stock recovery

    I bricked my device flashing the wrong recovery and rom (didn't know it was the wrong one til I saw the poop I did), now the screen sucks even after flashing correct firmware with back2stock. I believe that installing correct recovery would solve (if not, well, idk what to do with this)
  46. D

    Thread BHIM app still detects root when the device is unrooted

    BHIM is a banking app and I had been using it in my stock OP3T for quite some time. Later I decided to root my OP3T with Magisk, yet BHIM kept working with a warning. Then recently few months back, BHIM stopped working on rooted phones. So I decided to unroot my phone and bring it back to stock...
  47. Quatae12

    Thread Question Stock Rom Request

    pls help I bricked my tablet ALLVIEW/H1003 LTE PRO1, and I can't find the stock rom.
  48. U

    Thread Question Changing service provider software version

    How can this be done? I'd like the stock UK one (BTU service provider I believe?) as currently it's showing as VOD/VOD EUX etc. Will my data be wiped? Is it really worth changing and going through the hassle? I've always had stock firmwares either out the box or flashed on Odin by myself but...
  49. C

    Thread OnePlus5 Data Recovery

    Hi, I'm stuck in a boot loop of my OnePlus 5 (A5000, product name msm8998 - msm UFS) with stock rom. Also stock recovery and bootloader locked, secure boot: yes Already tried: - Button combos (Volume up/down while starting, forced restart (vol up+power)) - In Stock Recovery Mode i can...
  50. M

    Thread Differences Between MZ601 Final Stock Firmware Files

    Hello everyone, -I currently got one Xoom MZ601 with EOS 4.4 that have "Google Play Services has stopped" error messages, so I'm thinking returning it to latest official ROM available, which is Android 4.0.4, right? BTW, I already factory reset it many times, re-flashed the ROM (and GApps), but...