1. M

    Thread Can't get back to stock on my op 8t

    hi i tried to move from oxiges os 13 (latest release) to pixel experience but suddently as i fired up new os my touch stopped working. So after some attempts i decided to return back to stock rom but every i tried failed. I tried with "flash all.bat" to return to oos11 but now i can only get...
  2. S

    Thread Which Features(Stock) I would lost If I flash Custom ROM?

    Hello, Mine is Samsung Note 9 Exynos Variant. I'm still on official stock OS and haven't tried rooting till now. (Software information Pic attached below) As I bored with this OS(One UI 2.5), I wanted to flash custom room and try new One UI features. Mainly I use Secure Folder, Samsung Pass...
  3. niscy

    Thread Question Backup options for Stock+Unrooted+Locked Pixel 6a

    I have a new 6a here, never turned on before. I'm planning to use the stock image without root on this phone, so I can keep receiving OTAs, etc. I want this phone to just work with minimal maintenance effort. Going forward, what is the best way to back up the data on this phone? I'm mostly...
  4. J

    Thread TWRP can't decrypt + Fastboot loop

    Unsure if this is the place since its also related to TWRP 3.7, any help is appreicated Got stuck in a weird situation and wondering if anyone has ideas. Current State: Slot_A on OOS 11, can boot TWRP via Fastboot Slot_B on OOS 12, can only boot into Fastboot Originally on OOS 11, booted TWRP...
  5. prd0000

    Thread How to restore to complete stock ROM?

    Hi, Sorry for a complete newbie here. I have just flashed my N950F to LineageOS succesfully, but it seems that it can't recognize Mifare Classic 1K, and I really need the feature since I commute using the card. The toll roads and parking lots here are paid using that particular card. Now I...
  6. H

    Thread Question Mi 11 Lite (courbet) sometimes starts and most of the time gets stuck in Mi Logo bootloop...

    Since a few months, I'm facing this problem. The phone is working OK when I can't get to the system, but If I turn it off or the battery runs off, it gets stuck on a loopboot: the Mi logo shows and restarts itself after a few seconds. Can't access the recovery mode (it just restarts again to the...
  7. KR_ipton

    Thread Moto G7 power not detect gyroscope

    Hello, i have a "moto g7 power xt1955-2" and i updated to android 12 with lineage os but it didn't detect the rotation, i checked and it shows that there is no gyroscope in my device, i went back to the original rom with "rescue and smart assistant" but The gyroscope is no longer detected, I'm...
  8. P

    Thread Razer phone 2 Stock Rom Things dump!

    So I like having android up to date on this device but like some of the customization that razer was bringing to the table. After a full on fight with my spare parts razer phone I have THIS LINK that is all of the ticks and boops that i was able to find using the root explorer. This also...
  9. XyloPoP

    Thread Samsung S9 Question

    Hi, I ran into some malware on my PC and my phone somehow wound up with it too. So what's happening is when my device is hooked up to any device it automatically pairs 2 separate devices. One is the phone and one is called a Bluetooth LE(Low energy) 1927237798 etc. I have the snapdragon...
  10. grniyce

    Thread Tried Every Method - Need a Way to Restore Stock Firmware on Metro N10 5G That Works!

    My apologies, but I have tried every possible method, and had zero luck on restoring my Metro Nord N10 5G back to stock firmware. It is fully unlocked, and I'm running DerpFest. If anyone can please provide a method that works it would be very greatly appreciated. Perhaps even worth a tip.
  11. AkiraLeir

    Thread Is it possible to enable smart charging on stock ROM?

    Both ACC and BCL are not working at all. Is there any other way to enable smart charging on this device? I don't want to use custom ROMs because they're all buggy and are lacking some features present in the stock ROM, such as face unlock and actually booting.
  12. T

    Thread Stock SM-T580 Bricked, can't restore stock image

    Hello, I tried to use my unrooted, stock Samsung Tab A (SM-T580) and discovered the battery was completely dead. After leaving it on charge, I tried to start it and it would only sit at the Samsung logo. I have tried a soft reboot, hard reboot, pulling the battery, etc. I cannot enter recovery...
  13. T

    Thread Question [bricked] Need files for EDL stock firmware restore (G990B)

    Bricked my phone (G990B) Need files for EDL stock firmware restore I managed to brick this phone while only trying to root it and the battery was running out. It only boots in EDL-mode now it seems, nothing works, but my pc can detect it at least, so I should be able to restore it with QFIL...
  14. R

    Thread Samsung Gear Live 6.0.1 Stock Rom

    I have been working on this for 3 days now finally got adb root and dumped the stock rom img files. they are from a factory fresh update wont let me upload sys.img so heres that More to update soon.... working on: TWRP...
  15. P

    Thread [OP7] Rollback to OOS from PixelExperience A11

    Hi everyone. After using PE for over a year I've encountered a lot of issues and want to go back to OOS. I'm not sure how to do it safely as it's Android 11 and all the rollback images are Android 10. I've found those tutorials...
  16. ryanwalkerr

    Thread Help with Samsung S20 with multiple puzzles

    A person sold me a Samsung Galaxy S20 (SM-G980F/DS Exynos) which later I found out had a host of issues that he was cleverly hiding with software. Obviously he wouldn't take the phone back so I am stuck with a potential brick in my hands. Maybe you guys can help solve the puzzles so I can use...
  17. PHANX0M

    Thread Secure while bootloader unlock

    I have a few questions about being secure and things with the bootloader, and stuff like that. #1: Is there anyway to be secure or thiefproof or even law enforcement proof with an unlocked bootloader? #2: How does encryption work on Android. It Full disk encryption forced on by default, because...
  18. PHANX0M


    I have an AT&T LG G8 ThinQ LMG820UM running Android 11. I wanna know if I crossflash an Open_CA firmware/ROM onto it, would it work with the VoLTE on AT&T's network without having to call AT&T to disable the 3G blocker? Does anyone have personal experience with this?
  19. PHANX0M


    Hello, could someone PLEASE provide me with a stock or source for stock firmware for the AT&T LG G8 Thinq (LMG820UM). I've looked everywhere and can only find the U.S. Cellular, Verizon, Sprint, and T-mobile versions (everything except what I exactly need :rolleyes:)!!!! The carrier's already...
  20. R

    Thread [Updated September 2022] How to root A7 2018

    Disclaimer If you want to root stock and for some reason want to have the latest security update, you have a problem and I'll help you do it. What I did below is tested on an A7 SM-A750GN/DS but any A750x should work as well. Prerequisites Latest magisk zip Latest firmware from anywhere you...
  21. F

    Thread Phone hard bricked after new stock GPS update

    Hi! My wife woke up this morning with a bootlooping S7 (G930F). She had scheduled the new samsung GPS update to be installed tonight. This morning the phone showed "failed to mount /efs", similar to this image: After showing this log, the phone went back to a android logo and it looped to...
  22. xDaaexplorer8

    Thread Is there a way to convert my Carrier S10 Lite (G770F from the operator Claro) to 100% Stock (meaning to get rid of the custom boot animation and such)

    will flashing the stock rom via Odin do this for me?
  23. Shumafuk

    Thread Stock Samsung camera apk?

    Please, where I can get stock Samsung camera apk for Galaxy S10e? I have LineageOS/iodéOS and I would like to use stock app for video, since no other app is able to record 10bit video without paying ridiculous amount of money. Thanks. I found few apk's from untrusted sites. Aurora Store has...
  24. N

    Thread How To Guide Battery life Inhacement Mi 11 lite 5G NE - Code name <<LISA>>

    Hello, I just created this thread to post a tip that works perfectly with me to enhace battery life and it's very simple to do and i wanted to share it with you. and it's just switching from BALANCED to SAVE BATTERY like you could see in the photos above, with this i gained +~40% of...
  25. X

    Thread Restore Stock google play store

    I have rooted my phone and was using greenify. I also greenified play services and so play store stopped working. So I uninstalled every google service/app. How can I restore the stock play store and google services that came with phone? They are stored somewhere inside the phone I guess.
  26. K

    Thread How To Guide Revert Realme GT 5G back to Stock CN ROM and Lock Bootloader

    Hi everyone! Unfortunately I have had to revert back to the stock china rom my phone came with due to google cracking down on rooted/altered devices, and apps such as snapchat and google pay are essential for me. I was told if I locked my bootloader while on global firmware, it would brick, so...
  27. D

    Thread Question Reflash to stock ROM and lock bootloader

    Hi all. Gonna send my phone back under warranty. Just want to know how to flash a global stock ROM and also lock the bootloader so all looks untouched as not sure how fussy Xiaomi is when it comes to that stuff. I'm currently on stable eu 13.0.8 release.
  28. jakeythesnake

    Thread Question Gmail app will not show notifications

    Hi all, I'm having to resort to posting here before I pull all of my hair out. I'm running stock MIUI 13(.0.10). In the Gmail app, my account settings have notifications set to 'all'. The 'manage notifications' button that brings up the system settings has notifications enabled (sound, vibrate...
  29. Imrandev

    Thread Question Disable sensor option gone on Android 12

    So basically, I had the disable sensor option enabled before an update to test an app I was making and my phone updated... The option is still on but there is not a way to disable it I haven't tried adb or anything yet but I was wonder if there's a way to disable it with out adb.
  30. R

    Thread How do I upgrade from rooted Android 8 to latest Android or LineageOS?

    My G7 Thinq (G710EM) has been neglected for a while now, ever since I got a new phone. Right now, I want to setup the G7 as a backup phone, and to make it compatible with my current apps, I have to update it either to the latest official firmware...
  31. bojan.1995

    Thread I need Stock for t555

    Hi, I can't find stock for T555. I have international model (according to samsung us support) but I did have some built in Hotel booking app on German language. It's bricked and I can't turn it off. On sammobile it's archived and I am not premium. So I downloaded firmware from galaxyfirmware...
  32. R

    Thread Missmatching Image Error while trying to go back to stock (MacOs)

    As the title says, I'm trying to go back to stock Mi A2 but I'm getting missmatching image and device error on terminal. I downloaded fastboot version of stock rom directly from Xiaomi and also others sites and none of them worked. I tried this tutorial...
  33. W

    Thread Question Going back to original (MIUI Global stable) after flashing many custom roms

    Hello, guys! I have a question for you; I hope you could help me out with this, I've been looking over the web and couldn't find anything. First some background. Right after I bought my POCO F3, I unlocked the bootloader and flashed the rom, I stayed there for months, but then I...
  34. TheLastSidekick

    Thread [STOCK FIRMWARE] Android 11 for Google Fi, and Retail USA (Best Buy, Amazon)

    At long last here are the files, it's been a long year but the wait appears to finally be over! As of June 11th, 2022 at 2:37 PM I am not seeing an OTA as of yet. Android 11 Project FI ...
  35. ExileTM

    Thread [GUIDE] Repair, Unbrick, Unroot, Re-lock Bootloader and Flash stock firmware in Samsung Devices

    Welcome to this easy guide. Time needed: 15 / 60min (depends on your internet connection) Ease of operation: Very easy Don't be fooled by the length of this guide ... the operations to be done are quick and easy. NB: I state immediately that this procedure does not restore the state of Knox to...
  36. E

    Thread Question Zenfone 8 back to stock rom

    Hello, I have recently installed LOS on my Zenfone 8, but would like to get back to the stock ROM it shipped with. I am completely confused on how to do this. Could somebody please explain how to flash back to the stock ROM?
  37. Daniel7689

    Thread Downgrade LOS 19.1 to stock Android 9?

    Hello, I would like to downgrade LineageOS 19.1 to stock Android 9. My software version, based on what imei check says, is "kane_reteu-user9PSA29.97-37c8dbrelease-keys". And my country is BG, if it matters.
  38. H

    Thread Flashing stock ROM using Odin fails at param.bin

    Hi, I know this has been asked a lot but I have looked at countless threads trying to rectify this issue. I have an S7 Edge (SM-G935F) that at some point black screened itself. After numerous attempts at revival, I have managed to get it to at least display something. From what I'm guessing...
  39. kendalpercimoney

    Thread General Stock OEM firmware download links

    Just posting this here for later reference: (all version downloads are available at this link) For those who are new, here's a good guide for flashing this firmware using ODIN:
  40. dallen.baldwin

    Thread Question Massive system storage use on Stock OnePlus 9 5G

    Hey everyone. I've been looking through Forum posts everywhere and can't seem to see anything recent concerning this issue that actually solves it. My system data is taking up an extremely abnormal amount of space. So much so that I have to routinely prune my already limited photo, video, and...
  41. D

    Thread Question MSM or return to stock on Linux

    I have been reading that the best and easiest way to return a Oneplus 9 pro back to stock OS and lock bootloader again is to use the MSM tool. I've downloaded it and it looks like its a windows only tool. Does anyone know of any other methods to revert the 9 pro back to factory when your...
  42. joenuts2124

    Thread Stock ANE-LX1 Firmware for dload

    Where could I find an for the ANE-LX1? I have looked everywhere. The websites with the files are either too big for my SD Card, or the cdn servers on that website are insanely slow. Would anyone have a link for one of them?
  43. Crossvxm

    Thread Proper or working guide to return to stock? T-Mobile 6T

    It seems there is no reliable way to fully return a T-Mobile OnePlus 6T back to stock. Found the following thread as suggested by another thread: On the very last page of the thread, the...
  44. djlucask

    Thread BEST stock rom?

    Long story short, my years of rooting, flashing ROMS and etc has come to an end. I want to buy a new smartphone and not worry about custom stuff. What is the best stock OS (OneUI, MIUI, OxygenOS, Google Pixel Android) that resembles the best custom roms? What I'm looking for is: A fast way to...
  45. K

    Thread xt-1922-9 no sound from speaker, tried all custom rom and cannot flash stock rom, HELP PLEASE!

    I tried all custom roms possible and no one have sound, only with earphones. I'm pretty sure it's note mo phone defective because was working before and didnt drop on the floor. Any help would be immensely appreciated. Thanks.
  46. B

    Thread How to flash Lenovo Yoga Book that doesn't boot into the OS?

    I've acquired a Lenovo Yoga Book (YB1-X90F) that doesn't boot into the OS. I can access the bootloader and recovery environment. (I've posted over at the appropriate page, but with no response.) I've followed the guide over at XDA that uses Intel Platform Flash Tool, but I get errors...
  47. N

    Thread Samsung Android 11 stock to no-Google MicroG based privacy reconfigure step by step

    Two years after my previous guide for Android 10, this is Niall's modernised guide to reconfiguring stock Samsung S10 Android 11 into a privacy focused MicroG based system purged of the stock spyware and annoying and useless stuff, but with the actually useful Samsung Apps such as Camera, and...
  48. brian_says_yas

    Thread Flashing stock rom RQ3A.211001.001 on Redfin device using Android Flash Tool partial progress, fails to fastbootd when entering flashboot userspace

    I previously successfully installed and ran lingeageOS for a long time. In attempting to flash stock android, I'm getting a part-way successfully then failing to a screen titled 'fastbootd' when the flash script attempts to enter userspace fastboot. I'm running Arch Linux and have android...
  49. S

    Thread How to revert OnePlus 7 Pro to official stock ROM ?

    I installed LineageOS 18.1 using the official LineageOS installation guide .. How can I revert OnePlus 7 Pro to official stock ROM ?
  50. annson08

    Thread How To Guide [DWA3][OneUI 5.0] OFFICIAL STOCK FW (Jan 2023) | Z Fold3 International (SM-F926B)

    In this thread, You can share and discuss other links of new official stock firmware for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 International (NO CUSTOM ROMs and/or ROOT talk). How to flash firmware to your phone: 1. Extract the firmware file (i.e. to folder C:\Odin) *** 2. Download Odin v3.14.4 3. Extract the...