1. PHANX0M

    Thread Why is Root Directory Limited in Memory?

    Why's the "system" directory limited, when the overall phone memory clearly isn't?! How can I increase it so I can install more system apps?
  2. C

    Thread TWRP why whole storage is not backed up?

    I have 16GB phone and wanted to do a full backup but it's size is 11768MB which I think should be more, look at the calculation: it's 16GB phone (in decimal) which in binary is 14.9GB. (16000/1074) so main internal storage in digital computation is 14.9GB. my system partition+data partition...
  3. R

    Thread any gcam mod which gives option to select storage location

    is there any gcam mod which has an option to change from the default storage location. i want to save work related pictures in a different folder. also i use low res and low quality settings for work related pics. i cannot change the settings everytime between work and personal. and so i was...
  4. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [How to Guide] Moving data files after Android 11 to the external sdcard

    Many people install apps on the internal storage where those apps have large amounts of data that most people wish to store on the external sdcard, but on Android 11, Google changed the associated external sdcard storage access APIs available to app developers. This change has caused problems...
  5. N

    Thread Question Xiaomi Cloud Data Archived

    I recently lost all contacts on this phone and when I tried to log back into the Xiaomi cloud, it just says "Data Archived". It also says "9.1GB used out of 5GB" which should not be possible in the first place as Xiaomi cloud gives 10GB of space. I am attaching a screenshot of the error when I...
  6. Y

    Thread Google Play Storage Space Error Despite Having Plenty Space

    Hello, I have nearly 50% space on my internal storage as well as external (Screenshot-1). However every now and then when I try to update apps, Google Play throws error saying I don't have enough storage and I need to delete some apps (Screenshot-2). If I just close Google Play and come back...
  7. hammad.mohsin

    Thread Where to find Athan app folder ?

    Hi , Kindly help me to find the folder of the Android app "Athan". I've searched almost all folders inside internal storage but couldn't able find where this app saves it's downloaded files. Please help. Sincere Regards
  8. M

    Thread Deleting the system file storage space cannot be freed

    Hi all, I have a difficult problem. After I am rooted, when I use the RE manager to delete the fonts or apk in use under the system, the files can be deleted normally, but the storage space is not released, which causes my system to become smaller and smaller. How to solve it? I have seen some...
  9. P

    Thread Weird storage problems

    I'm facing a file selector issue across every app. lets say I take a screenshot and then try to send it with facebook messenger. I find that messenger's media selector is showing nothing. I can access everything with file explorer app. but I can't from literally every other app. not even...
  10. YehezkielLee

    Thread hi,can you help me?

    hi so im using ip xs users and recently buying 64gb poco (cant found 128 or 256gb ver), and this POCO F1 r flashed with pixel experience 11 (plus) which is good,but the problem is im capped at low-storage and already have 128gb ultra (4k certified),and 256gb (fhd certified),and already trying to...
  11. W

    Thread How to add exFAT and NTFS support to generic rooted Android device?

    My chinesium Android device does not natively support exFAT and NTFS filesystems for the SD card or USB attached storage. How can I add support for those filesystems? Device has: Root access No kernel source code Ideal solution (In order of priority): Allows access of mounted device from any...
  12. O

    Thread Question Pixel 5a 5G UFS or EMMC storage ?

    Hello guys, Does Google pixel 5a 5G have an UFS or EMMC storage ? And what version is it ? I've searched all the internet but couldn't get an official answer. Even here in the tech specs its not mentioned at all. Also some sources say that pixel 5a comes with UFS 2.1 storage Anyone can confirm ?
  13. A

    Thread a serious problem with storage

    hello, I have a serious problem, my maximum storage decreased by 10gb and its not recoverable and it's now 52~53 gb max I don't know why and I don't know why please help me
  14. A

    Thread Storage limit for apps

    Hey, I remarked the excessive use of storage from many apps on my phone, such as Instagram (1.2GB), Tiktok (1GB)... Does someone know how to limit the use of space for specific apps ? I know that somehow, android tells the apps when there's no space left Maybe someone can clone this...
  15. valenhua

    Thread [APP 4.0+] TX Toolbox 1.5.2

    TX Toolbox is a simple and very efficient and powerful App for not only normal users but also for developers. It is packed with many useful features like CPU, RAM, OS, Sensors, Storage, Battery, Camera, WiFi,Wake on LAN and so on. It's less than 10MB APK size. Many powerful features will be...
  16. R

    Thread "System" taking up large amount of storage

    As the title says, in file manager "system" is taking up about 12gb out of my 16gby phone came with. Tried searching up solutions, none of which worked. I heard it could be due to the A/B partition feature but I'm not sure. Any information or help would be appreciated.
  17. E

    Thread Pixel 2 XL's ROM and RAM

    I want to know the ROM and RAM models of Pixel 2 XL and I want to replace the hardware. Some people upgraded Pixel 2 XL memory and storage by replacing ROM and RAM, which gave PIxel 2 XL more memory and storage. I want to konw about the original ROM and RAM models of the Pixel 2 XL. Also want to...
  18. luca138

    Thread Dead Xiaomi Mi 9t Data retrievable from Chip directly

    Hi guys, I am new here and was wondering if some of you attempted to retrieve data directly from the storage chip of a dead phone, in my case a Xiaomi Mi 9t. My "repair shop" completely killed the phone after they just had to replace the screen, making it unrecognizable to any PC and also being...
  19. I

    Thread How to AUTOSAVE pictures to DATE_NAME? On Xperia XZ Premium?

    Hello everyone! Does anyone know how to flick a setting so that pictures are saved as year-month-day-time or _1 _2 instead of time e.g. 202106_12132753 or 202106_1 202106_2 etc (second is actually preference). Even if I have to download a new picture gallery that can override the default one...
  20. atekds

    Thread Much free space yet No storage issue

    Im using Redmi 7. More than 12GB space i have. I have attach my mobile screenshot. As seen much of empty space and still i cannot install any mobile app from playstore. I cannot update any app. When every i download or update it give me an pop-up no storage. I tried to free the cache memory. Any...
  21. atekds

    Thread Much free space yet No storage error

    Im using Redmi 7. Having issue with the storage. Im having more than 12GB space as shown below with the screenshot. Why i cannot install any app from play store in my mobile. Every time it say no storage. Any suggestion. Thanks
  22. BadPlayer555

    Thread [Question/Help] Phone storage only shows half capacity in PC in backup

    I got a Oneplus 5t with 64gb of storage with only 500mb left. I backed it up with an adb command: adb pull sdcard However, it only showed half of the storage which is around 32gb in the backup folder and file explorer. The used capacity shown in the phone is 63.5gb which is almost doubles I...
  23. MrCuei

    Thread I can't back up the rom via twrp

    I have a moto g8 xt2045-1 and I intend to install a custom rom, however when I try to make a backup, it always fails. Saying that there is no permission for the operation (operation not permitted), Also because of that, I can't even access my phone's internal memory through recovery. Instead of...
  24. T

    Thread eMMC storage lifespan and signs of ware

    I have used a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as my daily phone for 4 years. It had a previous owner and is 7.5 years old (yes, it is somehow usable without lag on custom ROMs). I am wondering if I am in danger of the eMMC flash storage failing and if I should start backing the phone up semi-regularly. I...
  25. I

    Thread How to decrypt /sdcard from ADB?

    Long story short, I screwed up, and now I have an encrypted storage (with my files that I want back) but TWRP and the OS thinks it is not. It goes like this: The Magisk v22.0 update screwed up my phone, which stuck in a bootloop. After countless tries with Magisk (updating, uninstalling...
  26. F

    Thread 2 sims and sd?

    Just as the title says, is there any way to insert 2 sims and a sd card in the poco x3?
  27. R

    Thread Newbee Here! Forgive my lack of knowledge for now please!

    Yes I am a newbee here and I admit this forum looks a bit over my head at the first look. I have a 50" Insignia Amazon Fire TV that I bought a while back from Best Buy. Admittedly I do not watch a lot of things every day or night, but mostly I will sit and watch a TV shows (seasonal series) type...
  28. Master One

    Thread Does all data get deleted when uninstaling an app?

    I am just wondering if it makes a difference to first use Force Stop + Clear storage before uninstalling an app, or if Uninstall alone will remove all data an app has stored on the device. Just checking for the right procedure for an app to not leave anything behind in the non-user accessible...
  29. hemantg_

    Thread What is multi-app under storage settings?

    I use an OnePlus 6 with Android 10, and the same oxygenos. My storage is pretty much full, and when I go to settings -> storage, I see most of it is taken by multi-app. On going to settings-> storage -> multi-app, I see a category photos and videos with the same usage, but I do not see any file...
  30. M

    Thread Storge for Dual App missing for Poco F2 Pro

    Hi, Please help I could not find storage for dual app. I am using Android 11 with MIUI 12, is this beacuse I have Android R? Is there a workaround for this? Thank you. video -
  31. najamahmedisb

    Thread Damaged Internal Storage Partition (Need Recovery)

    I have flashed my phone using qcom flasher its a snapdragon 800 device elife e7. Now the problem is I can access internal storage but phone storage is not available means can't save any photo content etc. I tried formatting with twrp but no help. It shows sdcard0 as vfat on adb shell but nothing...
  32. Snowka85

    Thread How do I remove write protection from the internal storage? (**NOT** SD CARD)

    I'm trying to use my laptop to edit a file that's on my phone's storage. Every time I open the file, I am told that the files location is write-protected (so, read-only). I can move the file to my computer to edit it that way, but how would I remove this limit anyway?
  33. L

    Thread Apps storage is moved into Other

    Hello everyone, in my Poco M3 Pro (gram), my storage of Apps is showing 0 Byte and I don't know what would have happened. And Other (in storage) has occupied the storage of Apps. And I've reset my phone 3 times but every time I get the same issue. If anyone knows how to solve this issue, please...
  34. B

    Thread help accessing storage of my crypted broken phone after a car crash

    Hi, I might need help, in a car crash my phone's screen is no longer working (the touch too). I need to acces the storage to take back some important files, but the phone switch off and i have to enter my pin to decrypt my phone before it fully start (wich i can't do). My computer can't access...
  35. R

    Thread There is a method to install/move apps to SD?

    I've been looking for a method to move or force installation of apps to my 128gb micro SD card and so far I haven't found anything that works correctly, is there some method that actually allows moving apps to the SD card? or any custom rom that allows this? would titanium backup "move to SD...
  36. N

    Thread Unable to access Recovery

    Hello! I've had AICP on my Z2-wifi tablet for a long time, have not modified it in year but I am having a lot of problems lately. Play Store keeps telling me to clean up my storage to install more apps, but I already have 8gb free. I decided to Factory Reset and after it rebooted, nothing...
  37. E

    Thread 7 weeks deep

    Google drive? and storage. So I've been utilising Huawei cloud for the past 6 weeks, Please see my previous post 6 weeks deep. Looking at the eco system and the easy sync of the kit its crazy, So i've logged into my Huawei tab & logged my wife in for the experimental purpose to see how it...
  38. P

    Thread Storage of Apps | 0 byte | MIUI

    I have posted this earlier on MIUI community but I don't think anyone concerned with Bugs has taken notice of it. I am MIUI 11.0.6(India). From the day I have bought this device and started using it, I am facing this issue. For any kind of app, I basically see 0 byte as its storage when I open...
  39. F

    Thread Google restore

    Hi, since I bought this phone, I put on it my main google account, and casually, my old phone had turned on shared internal storage (when you fuse the internal storage with a micro SD card), probably, better recognized as f2fs. Now, it seems like google, will backup and restore the name of your...
  40. X

    Thread System space saved by ROM install

    Hello, I was wondering what your experiences with custom ROM installs on your XA2 Ultra were? The phone only has 32Gb of space. Luckily I have a 128Gb sd card for photos and the rest. It's seems like it would be a hassle to install a stock rom - I haven't even rooted my phone. But my space is...
  41. D

    Thread "Storage limitations" affecting the Mi 9 Lite? And how is it VS Poco F1?

    Howdy people-who-already-have the Mi 9 Lite. I don't want to bore you with the details, so I'll try to keep it short. I bought a Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite for my wife and, in the meantime, managed to bork my OnePlus One. Now, I, too, I'm in the market for a new phone. From the little I played with her...
  42. D

    Thread Android 10 and Storage access

    Hello I recently upgraded to Android 10 and it seems like a lot of my apps have issues with storage permissions now. I've read they changed it to storage scopes but when I open some of my apps the first time I get prompt about it being built for an older version of Android, the app asks for...
  43. M

    Thread Storage/SD card question

    I have a S9+. I've had it almost a year now. But I never put an SD card in it until recently. So I was trying to move some stuff over to the SD card to make space on my phone. Well I moved my music and 1 app but now anything I try to move, it says that there is not enough space. Yet when I look...
  44. M

    Thread I have 2 quick questions...

    I have Verizon galaxy s9+ phone. I havent installed anything new recently but today my phone just started ringing or playing a notification sound, just out of the blue. But there is no notification when I pull screen down. No apps are open. I cant figure out why it's doing it. And I cant turn...
  45. ImJulienB

    Thread Is my storage completely broken?

    Hello there. My OnePlus 5T has got an issue today that is driving me crazy. Its storage is acting up in stupid ways. I can browse its storage through the stock file manager and SD Maid without too many issues. However, everything else cannot access it, so it becomes impossible to save/download...
  46. I

    Thread [GUIDE] 4K Firestick, Save & Run Apps from USB Drive (NO ROOT!)

    Long but by the end you will be able to run all your apps direct from your USB drive, plugged in via your OTG cable. This does not need Root and worked great on my 4k Firestick on the firmware
  47. kingsasha

    Thread Storage issues w/Gallery App

    I'm having issues where the Gallery app doesn't instantly detect media from 3rd party apps (such as gcam, snaptube..) I'll have to restart my phone for the new media to show up I can see the media in the File Explorer Media from Camera, whatsapp, Facebook are showing up I was using the Sony...
  48. D

    Thread MicroSD card as adopted storage, good idea or no? and how to undo/upgrade?

    As an experiment I stuck a 16 Gbyte microSD in my new Fire HD 8 tablet (2018 version, now on, and said ok to format as internal storage expansion. As far as I can tell, no pre-installed apps or their data files were automatically moved to the microSD storage, and I haven't specifically...
  49. DaveIsHome

    Thread How to Flash the fastboot ROMs without wiping internal storage

    Download the fastboot ROM that you want to flash to restore your phone unzip it and then change the flash-all.bat to flash-all.txt then open it. It will have a line that looks like this fastboot -w update Change it to this fastboot update Then close it and save. Change the...
  50. Georgie9117

    Thread Recorded calls

    Hi folks! I've got some problems with my recorded calls. (Infos: I use 2 SIMs with two different service provider, I'm on last stable MIUI version, rooted phone, B20 Global) Q1; Some files I can find in /storage/emulated/0/MIUI/sound_recorder/call_rec but not all. Some calls are missing. But...