1. DecosoftApps

    Thread [APP][4.4+] ScrollWatch - Streaming Guide for Movies & TV Shows

    ScrollWatch is a free Android app which lets you explore new, trending and top rated Movies and TV Shows. Browse through millions of titles, apply custom filters and view cast details, trailers, streaming providers and so much more! Features: View lists of popular, trending, top rated, airing...
  2. M

    Thread Web browser streaming on Android TV

    Is it possible to stream videos on a web browser on Android TV 9.0? Tried different side loaded browsers still unable to stream. Other than YouTube couldn't play any other streaming videos.
  3. OstrichSak

    Thread Can Someone Help me Get a Couple of Newer Apps Onto an Older Tablet?

    So the goal here is to have a tablet in our home gym that I can cast music to a nearby receiver and to have a timer displayed. The device in question is an ancient Xelio tablet and I believe the model to be P900BK if that's of any use. It's currently running Android 4.0.4 and doesn't come stock...
  4. jamal2367

    Thread [MTCD/E] URL Radio v2.0.0 / Online Streaming Player

    URL Radio allows you to conveniently listen to your favorite stream via URL links. Download: [URL REMOVED] or [URL REMOVED] Changelogs: URL Radio v2.0.0 -Revert repositories to stable version -Update Translation URL Radio v1.9.0 -New Launcher Icons URL Radio v1.8.0 -Add Android 10...
  5. TopCoolAndroidApp

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Live Camera: See LIVE online streaming webcams in your city and everywher

    See people, animals, cities, road auto traffic, weather, events, places in your city and all over the world on LIVE online video streaming webcams and CCTV IP surveillance and security cameras in a free cool Live Camera Android app at Google Play #hack #live #cams #spy #online...
  6. M

    Thread [REQUEST For App] TV Sound to Headphone using Android Device in between.

    Its my humble request to all the developers here... Please make an App which lets you hear your Android TV on your Android Mobile Device thus enabling you to listen tv sound on your WIRED HEADPHONES. The concept is that :- 1. TV connects to Mobile through Wifi. 2. You connect your Headphones...
  7. I

    Thread Hotstar streaming problem on MIUI 8

    Hotstar is streaming pretty unreliably for most of it's premium conten in my Redmi Note 3. The video doesn't start, it just goes on streaming forever(waited a long time). However some videos do play, and the problem doesn't even exist on any other devices like Redmi 2 Prime or Redmi Note 4 with...
  8. X

    Thread Dlna stream issues

    Hello, when I stream in my TV via dlna with screen on I have no issues. The problem starts when the screen closes, it streams for a while (1-10 mins) but then it disconnects. It's like the wifi turns off itself (yes I've looked in sleep policy and I have wifi enabled while screen off). Anyone...
  9. fruity101079

    Thread Camera record directly on a Pc

    Hello As my Nexus 5x got not much memory left, i was wondering if it was possible to record a video but no to store the file on the phone but on my PC through wifi? With that, i will be able to record long videos without any memory issues. Thanks.
  10. lebigmac

    Thread Connect Xperia to TV using USB-C to HDMI cable? HDMI alt mode capable?

    Does the XZ or the XZ Premium support HDMI alternative or alt mode through the USB-C port? This is what I'm talking about :
  11. c0nvict

    Thread Review of the Onenuts 1080p HD Smart Cable from Shenzen Tomato

    You can read it HERE And watch the videos here Greek Review English Review
  12. S

    Thread Steam/GameStream StreamBox PC Build

    Greetings, I'm looking to build a very barebones 4K game streaming pc for my ShieldTV. Imagine a tucked away small to medium form factor computer, powerful enough to push [email protected] but without any other bells and whistles since it will only be used for streaming games to my Shield. I wanted to start...
  13. M

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  16. M

    Thread Removed

  17. M

    Thread Removed

  18. M

    Thread [App] Stream Torrent Videos "Popcorn Time" replacement, with seek support in videos.

    [App] Stream Torrent Videos "Popcorn Time" replacement, with seek support in videos. Now you can start watching torrent video or audio without waiting to complete download. Just add torrent start streaming. • Start watching torrent videos or audio as you download. • Seek to any location in...
  19. C

    Thread Using phone cam on pc Without internet?

    Hello, i have an interesting problem. I want to show our camera on pc screen (recording is optional) but i Use this on Outdoor so connection must be on Wifi and i dont have internet on Outdoor. Connecting using Mobile will be expensive because of video stream. I made some Research but didnt...
  20. _PrEzi_

    Thread OnePlus 3 Launch - Links to watch without Loop

    OnePlus 3 will launch tomorrow, OP recommends to use a combination of mobile + VR glasses + Loop app for the full experience. However - for people without VR Glasses - there is a possibility to watch it live-streamed via a Browser too. Just visit the following Link tomorrow...
  21. M

    Thread iTubeRecord - Video downloader

    With iTubeRecord You can easily and free to play videos from the Internet and take a private copy and download. The app finds all royalty free and legal videos on the Internet. iTubeRecord is the best Downloader app for video in the Play Store. Never before downloading videos as easy. And how...
  22. Bill720

    Thread [Q] Question on MicroUSB 3.5mm Audio Cables

    I'm thinking about using the Note2 for navigation and sound in the car, but don't want to have to disable my headphone output equalizer in STweaks every time or adjust the device's volume level. Recently, I heard about these MicroUSB cables with audio output jacks on them. Would using one of...
  23. G

    Thread [APP][4.0+] streamRand - Random Radio

    :) Hello. I've created a small application with which it would be possible to listen to Internet radio random . The assets of a very small number of stations , so even with the problem is reproduced . I want to try to connect the application to any big base radiostations , still do not know...
  24. ohnonot

    Thread Weird network streaming problem

    I just started this thread. May i direct your attention to it? Because i think it's really more of a network problem than a general help problem. I know that what I'm doing right now is against most forums' etiquettes, but please consider that days of troubleshooting went into the problem &...
  25. ohnonot

    Thread Android 4.4.2 - Video playback: no ac3 sound when streaming

    Please read carefully! It took me an hour just to write this post, not counting days of troubleshooting. The old situation: I have a collection of video in different compressed formats on my home server, and i want to access them from my phone. So far, i have been using sftp for this (several...
  26. J

    Thread Stream your smartphone live video footage to your friends to see together in realtime

    Mod edit: Link removed OP might want to review the forum rules regarding duplicate threads & posts.
  27. Z

    Thread [Q] Google Music alternative for home server?

    Hello everyone. I have been using Google Music for a while, but I don't like having to depend on the website to sync playlists and update them. On my desktop I have MusicBee, and its home folder is my OneDrive account (so my music is ALWAYS backed up). I also have a home server that's always on...
  28. U

    Thread Audio over Bluetooth, phone to phone

    This is almost unbelievable. I want to simply open "Music" on my phone (where I have 32G of music stored), and have it play on my Android TV box device through my Home Theater, so that I can lounge with phone in hand, and change the track, etc. In my car, I have an FM Transmitter (no Aux input...
  29. P

    Thread [Q] Streaming music app closes in background

    I have the LG G4 with T-mobile and I frequently stream music with Slacker. I have noticed quite a few times that is the music app is streaming in the background (and the screen is off), the application will close completely and stop playing. This does not appear to happen when the app is in...
  30. L

    Thread [Q] [Stock 5.1] Play Music "Music temporarily unavailable" error

    Hey there When playing a song I get a white notification block saying: "Music temporarily unavailable. Couldn't play the stream you requested" DONE :( Been having this error on/off for a month now. Sometimes it works on wi-fi but not on cell, most of the times not at all. Right now at...
  31. P

    Thread Data use on streaming on Chromecast

    A little background here, i am yet to order the google chromecast as i have one question on my mind. I live in a country where high speed Internet is both expensive and limited. Thus my monthly internet cap is 60 GB for 8Mbps or 1MBps speed. So my qiestion is , when local content i.e content...
  32. S

    Thread [Q] Minix Neo x7 - Stream steam?

    Had my little beauty for a couple of months... bought mainly for a Google TV & Movies streamer as I'm trying to move away from sky (though i'll probs end up spending more per month!! lol!) and realised it's More than powerful enough to stream steam games to it. I have been able to stream to my...
  33. L

    Thread Mod edit (Amazing on this Display)

    THIS IS WAREZ ... therefore not allowed ~~~ oka1 (moderator) What's up guys!? I wanted to share this app that the rep from Best Buy actually told me about. It's called (mod edit), basically a Netflix on steroids. You can stream/download movies and TV shows, and they are CONSTANTLY updated...
  34. S

    Thread [Feature Request] Play Stream with custom user agent

    Hi everyone, I am watching some streams which require custom http-user-agent. On Windows, using VLC I simply add http URL and with parameter ":http-user-agent=something" (without quotes) and it works. However I couldn't find this option in MX Player -neither on any other player-. Is that even...
  35. D

    Thread [Q] Is there any way to watch yt/azubu/twitch stream?

    Hey! I need anwser very fast cause tommorow is EU LCS. Thanks drazga9
  36. Neo


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  37. P

    Thread [Q] Stream .M3U video android

    Hello, Is it possible to stream .m3u files? Cant find a working app for this, or its only sound without the video. Pekeltje
  38. S

    Thread [APP][3.0+] Astream Recorder - Audio stream recorder with .pls support

    Astream Recorder is a simple app for recording scheduled internet radio auditions. It saves recorded auditions (streams) as regular audio files (in the "Astream" direcory on your device storage) so you can play them using any audio player of your choice! This app encourages its users to use .pls...
  39. N3CAT1

    Thread [APP][v1.1] Music Online

    With this application you can: Music search on the Internet Create your own playlist Import playlists from internet Listen music from internet without download. Playlist rating, editing, ... Enjoy listening to UNLIMITED music on the internet !!! Screenshots: Important Notice: Music...
  40. S

    Thread Live streams aren't working

    "Not working" is a bit rought, since they're properly start with Gallery, G+ photo app or VLC, but all three apps are crashing after a while. Could anyone confirm this? What about those who did a hard reset, to fix the APK install error, are you able to watch streams without any crashes?
  41. M

    Thread [Q] USB audio out only from dropbox not music

    I can stream audio to my car stereo easily enough through USB. The trouble I'm having is my stereo only sees music in my sdcard\Android\data\\files\scratch folder and not my sdcard\music folder. What is the problem? There is no .nomedia file on the sdcard root nor in the music...
  42. E

    Thread LOST function/ability to stream media audio via BT to Windows 8 laptop

    Hi there Today I LOST the function/ability to stream media audio via BT to my Windows 8 laptop. Don't know how it really happened, but this was working 100% last Friday, and I would really love to get it back. I used to be able to connect via BT and stream audio from a video o web music, etc...
  43. C

    Thread A quest to stream from mobile Kepler

    Game streaming via GFE is only officially supported for GTX 600 series desktop GPUs. I want to see what we can do about that. I'll be detailing a bunch of things I've tried and learned during my experience messing with getting this to work. Update for GFE 2.x.x p1gl3t has developed a new hack...
  44. J

    Thread [APP][4.1+/Win/RPi][v2.4.1] SoundSeeder - Synced Music Playback (Jan 21st)

    Jan, 21st: SoundSeeder Music Player V2.4.1 released This release heavily improves the app performance in speaker mode and removes several annoying bugs. And thanks to the awesome support of the XDA community, soundseeder is now available in 16 languages: - Russian by @gaich - Hindi by...
  45. G

    Thread [DIY] Sound from PC to android and PC headset to android

    DIY adapter to use your PC headset in your android :cyclops: You will need - 2 female TRS - 1 male TRRS - Wires! I strongly recommend USB wires Ok just weld everything... yes is simple. But how :silly:? Take a look in the pics. "The original TRRS configuration was created by Nokia and has a...
  46. Z

    Thread [Q] Capture Media Files From Browser

    Hi, My goal was to find an android app similar to PC Internet Download Manager. I have found some good apps that can capture and download streaming media files from the browser. Some of them require Adobe Flash Player. These apps can download flv, mp3, mp4, etc The apps in this list has their...
  47. gaspariperez

    Thread [APP] Grooveshark - Free Music Streaming

    Themed version of "Dood's Music Streamer" Current version: 1.3.6 Last updated: 050514 I've just modded it to make it look more "groovesharky". I've also changed the icon, name and the widget. The result is a fake "official" Grooveshark app. Very simple. This is my first post and I'm not a...
  48. K

    Thread [Q] Stream video to TV through Nexus Q

    I'm planning to buy a device, which will allow me to mirror my smartphone or tablet screen to TV. There are two options I consider - Netgear PTV3000 and Nexus Q. However, the first one (in spite of frequent updates) allows only to stream video from limited amount of devices (I have only Galaxy...
  49. D

    Thread Google Music Streaming Quality

    Question about the Google Music app. I pinned a bunch of albums to keep offline, only to notice afterward that the 'stream high quality' was unchecked. Does this mean that the pinned songs were downloaded at a lower bitrate? I now have the checkbox checked, but I'm not sure if I have to...
  50. A

    Thread [Q] Google Music over DLNA or WiFi

    So Google Music App can stream to Bluetooth perfectly fine but not DLNA or over WiFi. Seems like it should be able to stream DLNA or WiFi if it can handle Bluetooth. Any technical reason why it cannot? I have only been able to get it to play over Bluetooth, Headphones or connect directly to...