1. Chazy12

    Thread Stuck/bricked in EDL mode?! That's the solution!

    This is 2 days long story.. A friend gave me his Poco M3 for changing rom. Searched an alternative working way to bypass the 7 days wait to unlock bootloader. After some tries the phone goes in permanent EDL stuck. Lost 2 nights searching and tried EVERYTHING: Qfire, Miflash (bypassing login but...
  2. T


    hello i have a poco m3 pro 5g miui 13.0.1 global version i unlocked the bootloader using the official tool after that i tried to flash the miui 12.5 global version using miflash everything went well but after my phone rebooted it was stuck on fastboot mode when i reboot it again it boot to...
  3. Z

    Thread Stuck on Fastboot or screen-flashing recovery

    Hi I got a OnePlus 6: Product_Name: sdm845 VARIANT: SDM UFS Serial_Number: e85e6df I've tried installing TWRP but it just stops on Fastboot Loading. If I somehow get the recovery partition running it flashes from black screen to regular every 30 seconds so it's impossible to recover. I think...
  4. Redasya

    Thread Soft-bricked phone, don't boot even after Odin :(

    Hello everyone, I bought Samsung SM-A515F/DSN in Lithuania, 2 years and 7 months ago. This phone had one problem (as many others), when you install application and then update it, phone would store some files from older version of the app, in unaccessible area (can be reached only with Root, but...
  5. C

    Thread Stuck in fastboot

    Hey everyone, I tried flashing Paranoid Android Sapphire Alpha 3 on my OnePlus 8. I rolled back to OxygenOS 11, tried to flash the ROM through fastboot and got a partition error. After that I was stuck in Qualcomm CrashDump mode. Some hours later while trying to make the MSM tool work the phone...
  6. Hamza67

    Thread Please Help Me How To Get Out Of It

    Hey All Respected Developer and Members Of XDA please help me find a solution for this phone this phone have no brand name on it just it's model is Carbon and it's stuck here I can't boot into recovery or EDL can anyone help me about it please I have attached the picture of of the error
  7. Mina392

    Thread Stuck in Bootloop (Keeps loading Samsung Logo) - Loads after Removing SIM Card

    While playing a simple game my phone suddenly restarted, till it reached Samsung logo, and kept restarting over and over. I tried to shut down the phone by long pressing power button, but it kept restarting. Finally I figured out to take the SIM card off, and it could load! After it loads...
  8. drouille

    Thread Acer Iconia One 10 B3-A40 FHD - stuck on Acer boot logo

    Hey, As the title says, the Acer Iconia One 10 B3-A40 FHD tablet is stuck on the first Acer logo boot. The only thing possible to do is to press the power button to stop it. I've tried to download the OS file from then renamed it to...
  9. Pocri

    Thread Question Firmware/Rom/Update T3/8.1/7786/1+16GB/5.2D

    Hello dear people. I have a stereo unit stuck in logo android. What should I do? Flash rom or install firmware? Does anyone have the file I need? I tried with some but doesn't work with USB directly. Other info about the unit...
  10. Schon Villamor

    Thread Redmi 9T can't boot, only shows battery charging screen. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    So earlier, I unlocked my Redmi 9T phone using the Xiaomi Official Tool, then flashed TWRP using XiaoMiTool V2, I opened cmd and entered fastboot reboot recovery, it's still in fastboot mode, I tried Power button + volume buttons and still stuck on fastboot and before it boots into fastboot...
  11. koarc lkas

    Thread [SOLVED] Realme 5i stuck on fastboot after flashing custom ROM no recovery or OS

    Yes, Im stuck. Im on realme 5i and I flashed PixelExperience+ with TWRP, clean flash, made sure to wipe data and clear cache before and after flashing. I rebooted and boom, stuck on fastboot/bootloader. I can't go back to recovery mode or to system, it just takes me back to fastboot/bootloader...
  12. J

    Thread Oukitel WP17 won't go into fastboot

    Hey guys, I've an oukitel wp17 and I can't boot into fastboot/recovery or system, it just stays in the Oukitel logo for eternity. I've tried key combinations : Power + Volume UP for Fastboot - Just boots into Oukitel logo screen and stays there Power + Volume Down for Recovery - Does the same...
  13. Rehorur

    Thread STUCK IN FASTBOOT MODE - i can't do any action...

    Hi, I wanted to hard reset my OnePlus 8, as i do times to times to clean the phone (it's the first time on this one). But this time the simple manipulation that i did many times on my op5t, went bad... just after holding power and volume down key, it goes in fastboot mode (same that the...
  14. R

    Thread Realme C3 problem after unlock bootloader

    I have unlocked bootloader of my Realme C3 using ADB/Fastboot driver after unlocking Select boot mode screen appears but volume up/down selection does not work You can say stuck on Select Boot Mode Screen After pressing Power button the system restarts normally (with warning Orange mode The...
  15. vMarcelll

    Thread Question Please help, Deck stuck on splash screen after latest firmware update

    My Deck is stuck on this splash screen for over 2 hours after downloading/installing latest firmware update. What can I do? I'm afraid to reboot the system. Thanks!
  16. P

    Thread HTC HD2 Stuck on HTC screen after trying to install MAGLDR

    Hello, I was just trying to install MAGLDR so I could put Android on my HTC HD2. For some reason, Windows Mobile stopped working on it, so it will stay on the white HTC screen forever. (The phone is not bricked, as when I hold down the volume down button, it will go to the RGB screen that shows...
  17. Z

    Thread Question Can't reboot phone unless I manually wipe dalvik cache. (TWRP+Magisk 24.102)

    I have a problem that I can't reboot my phone unless I manually wipe dalvik and ART cache between reboots. Any idea why? TWRP and rooted using Magisk 24102. I am running MIUI EEA 12.5.11 Stable (RKAEUXM). Downgraded from Xiaomi.EU due to the bugs. booted into TWRP via fastboot...
  18. J

    Thread [HELP] Samsung Galaxy S6 (920F) Stuck on FRP

    Hello. So, here is my problem : i've found my old family S6 (G920F - Romania) and, after many attempts to remember the old screen lock model, i factory reset it from the default recovery (bad decision) and after the format, i can't pass the Samsung Account lock; to be clear, i know the Samsung...
  19. D

    Thread Oneplus 7 pro stuck while installing rom - SOLVED

    i just manage to broke twrp when i trying to erase /metadata it says cant format metadata. when itry to resize or repair it says cannot not recreate /data/media and give error when i try to insall official rom just says to flash additional zips please reboot recovery to switch to the updated...
  20. SteQu

    Thread My A70 has stopped booting from the operating system!

    Hello Samsung Galaxy A70 users! I come to you with a request for help. Well, a few days ago I got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy A70, which for some time did not want to start the system when trying to boot, but only turned on and off over and over again every 20 seconds. He also often stopped at...
  21. cAnArdtichAud

    Thread Question Bootloop while trying to revert from the December update

    And yeah, despite the fact that I'm flashing phones since a long time, I've tried to flash my Pxl6 to the November factory image with adb and fastboot coming from a 2 years old tools pack (adb, fastboot) - unlock bootloader - flash recovery image was done - fastboot reboot ok - flash radio was...
  22. S

    Thread Stuck in fastboot after flashboot flash recovery twrp.img

    Hello, I tried to root my 9T(model M2010JI9SG) following this guide: I used twrp from this link: version 3.5.2_9-0 after I flashed twrp, I got into fastboot mode, which I can't leave. I tried doing volume up +power, volume down+ power, and all the buttons...
  23. Alambinamin

    Thread Stucked at Fastboot Mode

    I was in realme UI 2.0, I wanted to downgrade it into RUI 1.0. So I downloaded rmx1931 c27.ofp fastboot rom and tried flashing it using realme flashtool. it failed several time and sometime showed flashed successful but didn't bootup, keep booting into fastboot mode. I tried to get into recovery...
  24. Krvps

    Thread [ROM][FASTBOOT][OP7P] Stuck in Fastboot Mode OnePlus 7 Pro

    Hello! I install Lineage OS 18.1 on my OP7 PRO, i don't like it and try to reinstall OOS. I messed up and wipe everything and now i'm stuck on fastboot mode, recovery mode doesn't work, adb is not recognized by PC. I don't now what to do, is my first time doing this and destroy everything. I...
  25. D

    Thread Samsung galaxy s20 stuck in download loop need help!

    Hello! Good evening, I purchased the droid kit repair option to get my data from my phone that has a bad screen. I followed all instructions, my computer downloaded the firmware, fixed the phone. but now the phone is stuck in the downloading's blue screen. No matter what I try, when it restarts...
  26. B

    Thread Please Help - Bricked - Stuck at Recovery - Big Problem - LeRee Le 3 C106 - LeEco Coolpad Cool1

    Hello. While i tried flash twrp for newest ver and after reboot then cant go in again more to twrp. I tried already thro MiFlash but PC doesnt recognize qualcom device, i have only "Coolpad Android Bootloader Interface" in device manager. I also tried flash previous twrp CUOCO92 thro Windows...
  27. X

    Thread After Hard Reset LG-D520 stucks

    After doing "Hard Reset" LG-D520 boots up and then shows a message when pressing 'Next' "LG Setup Wizard has stopped". Please see the attached photos. This repeats every time. What to do? image 1 << After pressing 'Next' show this. image 2 << After press 'OK' it shows the TMobile logo. image 3...
  28. Sync_172

    Thread Samsung a40 OrangeFox

    Hey so i have a problem i got orangefox on my phone and i tried to install a new kernel but i boot to of its suck on the loading screenwhen i reboot it still goes back to the loading screen
  29. K

    Thread Please help me troubleshoot my A5 2016(a5xelte) bootloop

    Hello guys, i have a bootlooping device which had been running lineage 17.1 until today, when it rang and then sounded strange(ringtone cut-offs), i noticed battery is low, i answered the call and phone gone off.after that, no matter what i did, it didn't boot up, it tries to boot for about 1-2...
  30. Y

    Thread Stuck in Galaxy 10e download mode

    Hello everyone I would love to help I have a Samsung Galaxy 10e (sm-g970f) I tried to update him software for Android 11 and encountered difficulties Finally started the update and after 2 minutes I hung up and turned on the device And it gets stuck in download mode since it fails to...
  31. ffachopper

    Thread Honor View 20 stuck on Firmware

    Hi everyone. I recently found my old Honor View 20 and found out that it is still on Firmware that, if I am correctly, updated manually through HiSuite. I tried using HiSuite again to update, and even changing regions on the phone itself to update to Magic 3.0 but I had no luck. Any...
  32. F


    no cellular signal anymore after flashing simlock.ta on a simlocked phone........
  33. G

    Thread Oneplus 8 Pro stuck in recovery

    I don't know if this is the right place. But my OP8 Pro is stuck in recovery mode after the latest update. ( I tried to do some tricks that I found on the internet, like ADB and fastboot commands but most of the things don't work because my bootloader is locked. People say the...
  34. dv6661

    Thread Stuck on recovery every turn on the phone

    Hi all, I have strange problem here, i've already install some custom ROM for this phone, but everytime I turn off and turn on it again my phone always boot to recovery (twrp), I mean normally the phone should boot into ROM. Is there any solution ? Thanks before
  35. ahmsaqib

    Thread Nord N10 bricked

    My Nord N10 5G is now SoftBricked ☹️ First I installed TWRP through adb. Then I restarted and everything was fine. Then I try to flash the lineage os unofficial from the XDA thread. flash was successful but, It was stucked in the starter animation of lineageos. I rebooted on twrp and saw that...
  36. C

    Thread My phone stuck flashing TWRP

    I have made an OTA update yesterday to my rooted phone by following the usual steps installing magisk to inactive slot etc.. The only difference from other updates I did before this one was from android 10 to android 11. The phone worked fine, until today I wanted to check if TWRP is working and...
  37. T

    Thread Phone is stuck on samsung logo and will only go to recovery mode

    Hello. I have one A51 that is stuck and will only go to the recovery mode and I can only get into the recovery mode if I have the usb cable plugged into a PC. So does anybody have an idea what I can do to see if I can sort it. If I boot the phone normally, it will only boot to the samsung logo...
  38. F

    Thread TB-X505X after root , fastboot loop/stuck

    root was success . using Magisk and QFIL. then tab is open and run perfectly. after that i restarted then it stuck on fastboot . 1. then i tried to fastboot erase userdata but show error FAILED (remote: device is locked. Cannot erase) 2. then try to open tab using vol+ , vol - and power...
  39. O

    Thread Flash stock but still custom rom

    Hi folks , I installed cyanogenmod rom to my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8005) a year ago. It stuck on boot animation. Then I flash stock rom via odin , it passed. But still stuck on cyanogenmod boot animation. Can anyone help ? How can I flash stock ?
  40. T

    Thread Firestick TV Lite Stuck on animated boot logo please help!

    Hi hoping someone knows what to do im so confused and have been at this for days now... I logged into YouTube and next time my firestick turned on it didn't get past logo and hasn't ever since. I have tried new plugs, cables, TVs, HDMI ports with and without HDMI extender and have had no luck...
  41. M

    Thread Amazfit GTR2 stuck on logo

    Hey all :) Today in the morning watch showed 9% on battery and I placed it to charge and after an 1 hour I came back to check and it was showing Amazfit logo, the one when you boot the device but logo stays forever. If I hold red button to reset it reloads and starts by itself. Also there is no...
  42. W

    Thread Help! My S8 stuck on "Samsung Galaxy S8" logo and bootlooping

    Hello everyone, Good day for you all I have Galaxy S8 SM-G950FD it run on a stock ROM and I love this phone, yesterday I was using WhatsApp until a company sent me a message asking when is the best time for me to attend their job interview. Suddenly the screen phone broke, it went restart and...
  43. RosbifeDeAlpaca

    Thread [SOLVED] - [ZE601KL] Need help to find stock recovery

    I bricked my device flashing the wrong recovery and rom (didn't know it was the wrong one til I saw the poop I did), now the screen sucks even after flashing correct firmware with back2stock. I believe that installing correct recovery would solve (if not, well, idk what to do with this)
  44. B

    Thread [Recovery] [ANE-LX] Recovery and Erecovery stuck and challanged flashing LOS

    Hi there I had some problems booting into Recovery and ERecovery. It would always stay endless in the Warning screen where it says that the Device is unlocked. I run into it because of TWRP not Formating Data properly. twrp-3.5.1_9-0-anne.img 14.6M...
  45. farab1

    Thread Stuck at TWRP Loop!

    My phone got stuck at TWRP Loop!! So, there is what i did... I flashed Samsung a7 firmware ANDROID 10 [download from firja] and it worked. I needed to root my phone and tried Magisk new app. But, with new Firmware I did not had TWRP installed, so I flashed TWRP with oden as instructed in this...
  46. LalatinaDustiness

    Thread [SOLVED] (ZE601KL) Semi(?) bricked after installing wrong stock rom

    So, I've installed a custom rom for this phone so I could use it as my test phone but it ended with my sister. Some days ago my sister asked me to reinstall the stock rom so I was going to do it. I downloaded official stock of its model but I could not because the recovery wasn't recognizing it...
  47. S

    Thread Cannot Boot System -> Always Boots in Fastboot

    Hi there! Phone specifications Freedom OS 7.1.1 latest Magisk TWRP 3.1.1-1 Problem Fell asleep while watching Twitch and woke up to an empty phone battery. When I attempt to boot the system my OnePlus 5 boots in Fastboot mode. I can access the TWRP recovery from there but when I choose...
  48. IuriP

    Thread Moto G6 freezing after being unplugged.

    Hello everyone, I'm just curious to know if anyone knows how to fix this issue: when I unplug my phone and shut the screen off right after, my phone simply freezes in the state that its in. I know its frozen because if I have my flashlight on it stays on and nothing responds (touches, buttons...
  49. omarlh12

    Thread how can I enter the download agent on Acer b1-711

    it's been 2 years since my tablet dead >>> but the tablet is stuck on the recovery mode no matter what I do it will restart and automatically enter the recovery mode so I wanna like install a falsh or whatever through my pc . I will be glade if someone helped me i have a lot of memory with...
  50. GoJo ^^

    Thread Can't boot any rom after flashing TWRP, help!

    Hello, i enabled oem unlock, did reboot, install twrp, boot it, installed "Disable_Dm-Verity" (not 6.0 or 6.1 which are too old but "03.04.2020" as suggested by some); But then, when reboot, it's looping on the S9 logo! So i did reboot into twrp, wiped data & tried to install another rom : same...