1. Bill720

    Thread [Q] Question on MicroUSB 3.5mm Audio Cables

    I'm thinking about using the phone for navigation and sound in the car, but don't want to have to disable my headphone output equalizer in STweaks every time or adjust the device's volume level. Recently, I heard about these MicroUSB cables with audio output jacks on them (pictured below). Would...
  2. Saber

    Thread [GUIDE][NOOB-FRIENDLY]How to use dorimanx kernel - Stweaks Guide

    DorimanX Stweaks Guide for the S2 Updated: 13/01/16 Picture from DorimanX website Guides: Installation Initial Setup Stweaks Basics Stweaks Advanced My setup & Troubleshooting Credits list Useful links: DorimanX Official by DorimanX(ICS-->JB) DorimanX Unofficial builds by Cybernetus...
  3. slim80

    Thread [Kernel][TW][LP][I9505][Linux 3.4.113] Imperium LL Kernel v5.8 [E.O.L.] [16/12/17]

    Imperium LL Kernel v5.8 FINAL (E.O.L.) This kernel is ONLY for GT-i9505 TouchWiz Lollipop 5.0.1 Features - Based on the last Samsung Lollipop source I9505XXUPQG1 - Linux 3.4.113 - Compiled with the last UBERTC prebuild by DespairFactor 29/09/2017 - QG1 initrams - Old bootloader support -...
  4. Y

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S4 kernel

    is their any custom kernel for i9500? I just want to install custom kernel so that Stweaks can work!. or is their any way by which I can make Stweaks work on stock kernel?
  5. Y

    Thread [Q] Kernel for i9500

    I want to install stweaks. Which is the best kernel for i9500 which supports stweaks. b.t.w I want to install stweaks just to IGNORE SAFETY MARGIN and IGNORE UNSTABLE POWER so as to fix my charging issue.
  6. slim80

    Thread [Kernel][3.4.107][TW][GT-I9505] Imperium Kernel v1.14 [13/05/15]

    Imperium Kernel v1.14 This kernel is ONLY for GT-i9505 TouchWiz Kit Kat 4.4.2 (compatible with TW 4.4.4 ROM) Features - Based on the last Samsung source update 9 (NG8) and patched with the new SGH-M919N KK 4.4.4 sources code - Sync with the last Linux 3.4.107 - Compiled with the last...
  7. Jsilver73

    Thread [KERNEL] Alucard STweaks settings shared for i9505

    Alucard STweaks settings introduction Firstly I think it is important to give credit where credit is due firstly to alucard_24 for his amazing kernel which can be found here and the legendary gokhanmoral for his original kernel implementations and STweaks to control his infamous Siyah kernel...
  8. eskriminal

    Thread [DorimanX][Index][STweaks]Custom STweaks profiles for Dorimanx Kernel!

    Hey guys, eskriminal here There's been interest shown by some users of dorimanx kernel to use the profiles in stweaks of some specific people with success (e.g. myself, rkoby13 and infatality) So this thread is here to provide download links for profiles with various goals/strengths, and they'll...
  9. dorimanx

    Thread [Kernel 3.12.rc6][24 OCT][DEV THREAD!] Dorimanx 8.43 ONLY JB I9100 +RECOVERY+ROOTED.

    Dorimanx Kernel for SGII-I9100 Supporting 5 ROM Platforms! My kernel was based on SiyahKernel 4.0 long time ago in other realty, Kernel Tree is 3.12.rc6-R101, + Samsung JB updates + my tweaks and lots of tuning! Thank you Gokhanmoral for your great work in the past! Warning!!! Do not...
  10. gokhanmoral

    Thread [KERNEL][19FEB] SiyahKernel v6.0b5

    please leave non-dev related posts here: Features: based on JB sources DISABLED CAP_ERASE (No superbrick bug) All-in-1kernel because it supports CM9, CM10, Samsung, MIUI and Boot-to-Gecko (B2G) ROMs with a single kernel image. (no...