1. E

    Thread Question Will the included stylus work after flashing Stock/GSI ROM?

    I bought a P11 for only notetaking purposes. The tablet lags and performs slowly out of the box so I am planning to flash Stock or GSI ROM so hopefully it performs better with less bloat. The tablet came with a detachable keyboard and a stylus pen. Will the pen still work after flashing a new...
  2. Aarush555

    Thread S Pen Pro on matte surfaces

    So I am using a normal s pen with my tab s7+ and I am using normal tempered glass over the tablet. But to reduce the glare I wanted to use a matte protector or paper-like protector. But a normal s pen's nib will break if I use it with matte. So, I wanted to know if I should buy S Pen Pro to use...
  3. PizzaG

    Thread Development [A-Team Releases][UNOFFICIAL] Recoveries & Roms [Moto G Stylus 5G 2022 - XT2215-4 / milanf]

    Proudly Presents Another Exclusive Release Supported Model *Snapdragon Only* Moto G Stylus 5G 2022 XT2215-4 Milanf Recoveries OrangeFox Recovery- 11_0 TWRP Recovery- 12_1 SkyHawk Recovery- 11_0 Custom Roms Custom Stock: StylinStylusRom- WIP Custom GSI Roms AncientOS...
  4. N

    Thread Question Having an issue with using the Xiaomi smart pen for notes in portrait position

    I have explained the issue in the screenshot below. This happens only in portrait position, landscape position works fine. I see it definitely has to do with palm rejection, because if I take my palm off then it writes. So for every new line, I have to either slide my palm without lifting it OR...
  5. F

    Thread Question Using another stylus while the default stylus is in.

    I have my old S21 stylus that's way nicer than the built-in one, but i can only use it while the s22 stylus is pulled out. any way to get around this?
  6. alexc2021

    Thread Question Stylus 2021 requires sim to configure

    I need information on how to flash a moto g stylus 2021 because it was made a hard reset for forgetting the code and now to advance in the cofiguration asks me to insert a sim of the company and which does not allow me to configure it and I do not have the chip because it is cricket and I am in...
  7. O

    Thread Support for: TOPOSH Netbook/Tablet

    Hi all, Quick question if I may: I have just purchased a Toposh mini-Laptop which runs Windows 10 home ( I would really like to install a version of Linux on it, and I am looking for...
  8. P

    Thread How to disable pen cursor on Android Tablet?

    Hi! I´ve got an Lenovo P11 Pro Tablet with the Lenovo Precision Pen 2. When using the pen theres always a little circle under the pen tip before touching the screen. I think this feature is more distracting than usful and want to disable it. The problem is I can´t find anything in the settings...
  9. S

    Thread Huion On DEX

    Hi, how can I get DEX to use my h610pro tablet as a pointer? It only lets me use gestures on the phone screen and keeps notifying me to change keyboard settings when I plug it in to either usb port on the Dex dock...
  10. Y

    Thread Find x2 Pro stylus

    Excuse me, have anyone used a stylus pen for Findx2 pro? My job need 1 for drawing and noting, so can you guys give me some advices. Thanks.
  11. R

    Thread S Pen Button Remap (Bluetooth Single/Double/Long Press, Hover)

    Hi, This guide will show you how to remap your Spen/Stylus Bluetooth button + Hover action + button press while hovering the screen to any action/app/task you want. This guide will only show beginners guide. Further per app action configuration is not shown. It is DIY but if you want to share...
  12. fvig2001

    Thread How to adjust sensitivity of stylus?

    Hi So as the years have gone by, the stylus on my p905 needs more effort to be detected by apps like ArtFlow. Before, the lightest touch would draw a line (with pen only mode on). Now it needs like a firmer press. I checked using my other stylus and they work with a lighter touch but are...
  13. L

    Thread STYLUS: What stylus are you using?

    Currently using a generic capacitive stylus and it does not work great. Mind sharing your stylus and share your thoughts?
  14. Mik-el

    Thread How can we Improve Touch Screen Sesitivity?

    Hello there! Do you know any method to improve the Touch Screen Sesitivity of a rooted device? (I'll want to include some tweaks in my custom roms) the old "SGS touch screen booster" app can't work on new android versions since too many things has changed in android in the last years
  15. E

    Thread What kind of stylus works on my device?

    Hey guys, I've recently bought a 2-in-1 Windows powered tablet from Acer, model SA5-271-34MN-EN (or just SA5-271). It is a Acer Switch Alpha 12, with i3, 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD. The one I got does not come with an stylus out of the bxo, but some others does come (I noticed that after watching...
  16. E

    Thread Rattle in Stylus

    Does anybody else's S Pen rattle when you shake it? I'm comparing the new pen to the old pen and noticed it rattles when I shake it or spin it in my fingers.
  17. R

    Thread LG Stylus 1 Downgrading to Lolipop from MM

    Looking for a method for a long time, now i tested this and it worked. 1. Setup LG UP 2. Download a lollipop firmware (KDZ) of your choice 3. Download WindowsLGFirmwareExtract 4. Use WindowsLGFirmwareExtract to extract .dz file from...
  18. S

    Thread SM-T550: What Stylus/Pen?

    Hi all, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T550 without pen/stylus and I'm planning to buy one to take notes (hence with a tiny tip) and highlight books. From my understanding there are some versions (which are still a "Galaxy Tab A" but probably not SM-T550) which come with a pen called S-Pen...
  19. mbmike29

    Thread Leftover Note 7 stylus - works!

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my two extra note 7 styluses work in my note 8. They appear to be identical - other than the color. I didn't do much testing - and I'm using my Note 8 stylus for now. Let me know if you have any success or discover issues. Mike.
  20. psyckoze

    Thread Which Stylus Pen should I get?

    Hi people, It has been 4 months since I bought my OP3T. I tweaked and tested a lot. Now I am ready for the daily usage. I like drawing so much and I want to use my OP3T for drawing. The question is; Which Stylus Pen should I get? What are the differences? I need some help about this. :)
  21. Dolemaine

    Thread Note 4 stylus

    Has anyone here had to replace their stylus? If so, do you have any recommendations? Most reviews are hit or miss. Thanks.
  22. I

    Thread Have to replace my loved Note 4 - Need a case with a holding for my Stylus/Pen

    Hey xda! i am using a Note 4 (more or less). It restarts all the time and its basically unusable. I need to replace it and thats a big problem. There is no real alternative out there. The think is i really love the stylus with all its functions.. I love to write down little notes which makes my...
  23. N

    Thread Having problems with the stylus

    I'm having problems with the stylus for my Samsung Note 10.1 N8010. On some spots on the lcd screen the screen does not react to the stylus. There where the screen reacts to the stylus I have to press harder then normal. The strang thing is that when I use the stylus of my Samsung Note 3 it...
  24. V

    Thread Looking for a good stylus for my phone.

    Hello world. It baffles my mind how could cheap ebay styluses get good reviews, the 3 USD or lower ones. Yeah, on (they are sold in bulk) they get 4 star review. The thing is I used to order a few of those for my iPad and Android phone a couple of years back and the result was it...
  25. C

    Thread Can you force an app to accept stylus/S-Pen input?

    Some apps/games such as Dominations, Star Wars Commander or Walking Dead don't support the S Pen/stylus. Is there a way to force an app to accept stylus input rather than a finger? I thought the point of the stylus was simply to trick the phone into thinking it's your finger.
  26. J

    Thread Cube iWork 11 Stylus review: a versatile convertible tablet

    It would be fair to say that Cube was one of the pioneers in the convertible Windows tablet lineup in China. At the very beginning of last year, they created the iWork Line with the introduction of the Cube iWork 10, which comes with an Intel Atom Bay-trail Z3740D processor, a 10.1-inch IPS...
  27. lujki1

    Thread Stylus for Galaxy S6?

    Hi everyone. I noticed there aren't any threads like this one so I decided to create it. I'm interested if there are any good styli for this device but not those chinese ones for any phone that are waaay too thick. You'd be better off using your nose for precision. :laugh: Something like a S...
  28. W

    Thread Cube i7 Stylus

    Details: Display: 10.6" PLS, 1920x1080 with Wacom Stylus support CPU: Intel Core M-5Y10c GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5300 RAM: 4GB Dual Channel LPDDR3-1833 SSD: Foresee 64GB Audio: Realtek ALC283 WiFi/Bluetooth: Realtek RTL8723BU Cameras: 5.0 MP, 2.0 MP Battery: 3.7V x 4300mAh x 2 cells = 31.8Wh...
  29. T

    Thread The Dell Venue 8 7840 has a secret.

    On a lark yesterday, I tried using an HP Synaptics stylus with the 7840. It works. I might assume that the Dell Synaptics stylus works as well. Doesn't work with WACOM or N-trig or S-pen. Works with Synaptics. Downloaded Google Handwriting from the Play Store. It works. I can draw...
  30. E

    Thread [Q] Touch issues when using pen-enabled apps, anyone?

    So, I really really wanted to love this tablet. The disappointments have been many, but this focuses on the most severe and frustrating one. Whenever I am using Dabbler, Skecthbook Pro, ArtFlow, or any other pen-enabled apps, the weirdest things start to happen. It works OK for a while, but...
  31. Soulforged666

    Thread [Q] Any news on Penvitars

    I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything new about the Penvitars that were announced back in January for the Note 4 and Note Edge? If not has anyone tried creating them on their own? I think it's an interesting idea but it's been quite quiet since January. No biggie if no one has...
  32. S

    Thread [Q] Best app to write notes?

    Hello folks, looking for an app on the market that has good features and stability for writing notes with a stylus. for example, practising chinese letters, writing in english etc. Open for discussions! Thanks!
  33. I

    Thread [Q] PIPO W5 with active stylus

    Guys have you check out PIPO W5 its 175 USD now on aliexpress and really I think is a game changer because it has active stylus rumoured come from hanvon. Any of you have experience with the device? Or, what do you think?
  34. fvig2001

    Thread [Q] Software performance and Stylus questions

    Hi. I currently am using a Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 as my phone/tablet and I have a few questions before considering an upgrade. 1. How is the performance of Gimp Inkscape? Is it bearable on the 12.2 (at least Gimp)? 2. What's the highest resolution supported in Autodesk Sketchbook on the 12.2...
  35. NiceCarpet

    Thread Using the Stylus on Windows 98 via DOSBox Turbo

    Hi all, Quick question for those of you that run Windows 95/98 via DOSBox Turbo on your Note 3. I know DOSBox Turbo supports the stylus, but in what way? Is it true 'absolute' positioning where you could hit the Start button with the pen, and it would open even when screen stretching is on or...
  36. A

    Thread [Q] Surface pen on laptop?

    Is this even possible? The bluetooth on the acer w/touchscreen seems to connect just fine with the surface pro 3 pen, but then it does absolutely nothing. Doesn't click, doesn't track buttons do nothing. I had hopes this might be possible, I just hope it isn't proprietary and there would be...
  37. A

    Thread Styluses

    Has anybody got a suggestion on a good stylus to use with the PadFone X. Apparently ASUS makes a neat bluetooth stylus that also acts as a phone receiver, but seller indicated it would not work with the X. I am interested in the very simple to something the like ASUS stylus with a little more...
  38. henklbr

    Thread Cross Ballpoint C Pen: Samsung EJ-PG900CSEGWW

    Samsung has released a perfect stylus for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Samsung EJ-PG900CSEGWW
  39. B

    Thread [Q] Help a newbie out !

    Well, I've been drawing for a long time on pc with a wacom and would like to go portable. Before the announcement of Shield I was going for a Galaxy Note 8 but since this is cheaper and better in performance-wise, Would you recommend for drawing ?:confused: I mean could it replace my wooden...
  40. P

    Thread [Q] Unresponsive screen? Stylus works though

    Hi! 3 days ago my Note II started acting weird: About 50% of the time my note didn't respond to my touch (finger), which only increased as time passed by; it's unresponsive 99% of the time now. Funny thing is that the stylus (probably due to the wacom digitizer) still works. I tried a...
  41. P

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth Stylus?

    Hello all, I would like to know if any of the many available bluetooth styli for the iPad(s) can be used on the Nexus 7/other Android devices? A couple examples... The Intuos Creative Stylus The Jot Script Evernote Edition My main reason for finding out about this is because I want a stylus...
  42. D

    Thread [Q] Has anyone of you had tried out using a stylus on tab 2 P3100?

    Hey guys, I am planning to buy a stylus for my GS Tab 2 P3100, so I just need your advice, whether should I invest in buying a stylus? Actually I want to use my tab as a note pad or note book for noting down important stuffs, you guys tell me, do stylus work well on our tab? As I am low on...
  43. mai77

    Thread 【E1】 stylus pretty good

    on the xperia E1 a 'standard El Cheapo' rubber tip stylus works better than on a Galaxy Y. since 'home' is on the main screen, it works well there as well - unlike the 'Y'. :laugh:
  44. Harsha Raj

    Thread Use pencil or any metal object as stylus on Galaxy S2 [Just like S5/Z Ultra/ Z1]

    As you all know, Samsung has made a list of hidden features and one of them is where you can enable a pencil as stylus for you phone. This was USP of Xperia Z Ultra too and was also enabled via root on Xperia Z1. But it looks like this feature will work on S2 too. :D Requirements: [This was...
  45. D

    Thread [Q] Please help: Note 2 came with different stylus; different parts, doesn't work

    Everyone in my house recently switched over to the Galaxy Note 2. We love the phones, but for some reason, I got stuck with a defective s-pen. My stylus doesn't do the same basic functions as the others, such as screen capture, quick commands, etc. On the other hand, it can do things the other...
  46. K

    Thread [Q] bluetooth stylus like Jot Script Evernote Edition for android

    Does anyone know if there is a bluetooth stylus like Jot Script Evernote Edition for android? Would it be possible without the source code to adapt it to android using some app?
  47. nethead72

    Thread How to manually patch settings in Kernel

    I would be grateful if anyone with more knowledge than I would be so kind as to give me instruction on how to write a patch to modify some settings on my SGH-i497, relating to touchscreen sensitivity and other settings. There are no compatible apps (to my knowledge) and almost no information or...
  48. T

    Thread [Q] Spice Pinnacle MI-550

    Hi, Does anyone know the exact chinese OEM for Spice Pinnacle MI-550????
  49. xAjCx

    Thread Dagi vs Adonit vs ????

    So I'm on the fence between the Adonit Jot Pro and the Dagi p505 styluses for my XTZ. I've been told and saw that people have problems with styluses from these two companies where the disk scratch the living hell out of the screen. Hearing that kind of put me off on buying either one til I find...
  50. Recognized Noob

    Thread Stylus for MMX A110

    Yo bros. Silly question here: Is there a stylus or some kind of pen for our fone? :fingers-crossed: