1. Miustone

    Thread [CLOSED][Kernel][J9210] Magisk Patched 24300 EU_55.2.A.4.332-R13C - RW + Super/Dynamic Partition

    Welcome Simple and Quick. This is the latest Kernel for the Xperia 5 J9210. Patched with latest Magisk, made all Partitions R/W and ported/cleaned up the Super/Dynamic Partitioning from the latest Xperias. More Edits may come later... Provide Stock Boot Images for Your Device and i will add it...
  2. CryptoNick

    Thread [KITCHEN][WINDOWS] Multi Image Kitchen - Repack Android partitions

    Multi Image Kitchen - Repack Android partitions from Windows Possibilities: Unpacking and packing partitions: System, Vendor, Product, ODM, SOCKO, ELABLE (RAW, SPARSE) Unpacking and packing partitions with extension: * .img; * .fex; * .Partition; * .new.dat; *; * .lz4; * .exT4; *...
  3. lebigmac

    Thread [SCRIPT][Android 10+] Universal MakeSystemRW Mount SystemRW / SuperRW featuring MakeRW (read/write)

  4. lebigmac

    Thread Want to make your system read write-able ? Click here

    Guys this is just a heads up that now there's a 1-click solution for all those enthousiasts that would like to make their Android 10+ system read-write-able again just like it used to be in Android 9 and earlier before that annoying 'shared_blocks feature' was implemented. Tested on Xiaomi Poco...
  5. lebigmac

    Thread [SCRIPT][LINUX] Mount System as read write (Android 10+)

    This Linux-only version is pretty much deprecated at this point. Please use the BRAND NEW UNIVERSAL VERSION instead! Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen. Let me present to you my very first release here at the XDA forums: Welcome to: makeSystemRW v1.04 automated bash script by lebigmac for Android...
  6. koumaza

    Thread [FIXED] BootLoop Issue

    I'm BootLooping now, and I'm stuck with a Lootloader. I've had like this before(boardiderr), but this time BootLoop is really crazy. First, 'fastboot boot' doesn't work. Even if I boot the system, it will be returned to the Bootloader. (FastBoot Reason - cmd) Also, only the official ones can be...
  7. azteria2000

    Thread How to make GSI Flasher for Samsung Galaxy A51 Super Partition Image

    How to convert a gsi image so that it can be installed on a dynamic partition or super image partition. It may be work for other Android devices. This tool will help you to install gsi image on Dynamic Partition or Super Image Partition. PC/Laptop 1. Extract (or...
  8. deadneon

    Thread Super Vooc 50W Charger Purchase

    I'm starting this thread as a reference for people who might be interested in where to purchase a fast charger for their phone. I'm currently struggling to find any information about where to buy a fast charger, since I bought the Neptune Blue version (12GB/256GB) and the only option was an EU...
  9. TENN3R

    Thread [SCRIPT] Marshmallow 6.0.x Super-debloater

    WARNING - THIS PROJECT IS A BETA Tired of Samsung bloats, like me? Well, as the title says I made a flashable script for TWRP or Philz compatible ONLY with Marshmallow 6.0 and 6.0.1 beta ROMs (and I think official too), so do NOT use it on Lollipop, app names are different. Mainly, I removed...
  10. WilmerStudios

    Thread INDIE GAME - Wilmer Jr. and the Princess - Now on Google Play

    Wilmer Studios a small 2 man Indie company have launched a new game, Wilmer Jr. and the Princess. Please try out the game we appreciate the support Google Play: Youtube: The epic...
  11. supermaster

    Thread How to Unlock Secure Bootloader?

    well i have problem with my bootloader and it is securely locked you can see the pictures it shows clearly. No matter which Recovery i flash via Odin or rom recovery method it remains the same and it doesn't change when i flash new recovery and i reboot it to recovery all i see is same old...
  12. M

    Thread Retro Barrel Jumper (black and white) Android game

    Retro Barrel Jumper is a black and white throwback game. You play as Marco jumping over barrels , racking up points and trying to beat the 10,000 point highscore king. This game will get updates regularly with color mode comming next update. Also comming is monochrome mode which is like the...
  13. M

    Thread Super Zombie Pro Run PostMortem , some marketing tips for new developers to android

    Super Zombie Pro Run was a game that was really a game/ app. Yes Super Zombie Run Pro had a basic highscore run game but its strength was not the game but a short stories section and free streaming movie's section. After being downloaded 86 times , the focus was clear when Bulgaria got 60% of...
  14. kj13569

    Thread [Q] Super Low Brightness Mode?

    Is there a Super Low Brightness Mode on this phone or on the International version? I could have swore there was such a thing for the HTC ONE M8... Thanks in advance.
  15. Z

    Thread Super Mario Bros Wii Tap Smash for Android (mole mash type game)

    The turtles and Goomba's have done it this time grabing the princess and invading your Android device. Each level Goomba's and Turtles are spread all over the screen hiding. Your mission is to tap and smash every one that you see before the time runs out. Do you have the skill and speed it takes...
  16. Z

    Thread Super Mario Bros Wii Card Matching Game for Android

    Super Mario Bros Wii Card Matching game takes you on a new adventure to save the princess. This time around using cards to progress through each level. Every level has certain cards you have to find , while also avoiding enemy cards. Watch your health points , too many bad cards and your done...
  17. Z

    Thread Super Mario Bros Quiz Game plus Super Mario numbers games 2 in 1

    Test your knowledge on Super Mario Bros in this fun Quiz game. Also once your done with that you can play the Super Mario Bros random guessing game. 2 games in 1 make this game a keeper plus future updates will add more games. Also comes with a 2014 calender . You can download here on...
  18. SuperAfnan

    Thread [ROM][PORT][Nov 6, 2013][WIP] Sensai Rom [STABLE][Sense 4.1/ Android 4.0.4]

    Hello everyone, this is a port of $tefanDroid's Sensai Rom from the Shooteru (EVO 3D GSM), which was previously ported from the VilleC2. It has been themed to look like Sense 5. I've got it working excellently on our beloved Ruby, however there is still stuff missing such as the Aroma installer...
  19. igotlostintampa

    Thread From Sprint Evo LTE to the Tmobile S4!

    Hey guys, I made the decision to jump ship on my contract for an s4 and..well, you know, some places at least. Sprint said Hey, your phone is melting because of our update :D have fun for a year. SO, i paid them out and bought the awesome phone this section of XDA is devoted to on...
  20. mnazim

    Thread [ROM][4.3] SlimBean - N7100 [STABLE][+WEEKLIES]

    Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damages on your device. Original Slim Features: The Real Dark Slim Notification drawer Shortcuts Full hardware key rebinding! Keyboard rotation SlimCenter Check out our full feature list here Changelog Find our latest Changelog go here...
  21. SuperAfnan

    Thread [ROM][11/12/13]Super Sense 4.0 ICS 4.0.3 Tweaks, Mods, & Aroma. Creamy smooth!

    You've been waiting for it, a stock themed vanilla HTC Rom with SuperAfnan's magic. :cool: Today I present to you.... SUPER SENSE This ROM looks like a stock sense Rom, however, it's been tweaked. As always, it's going to be FAST. These five things have always been in mind ever since I...
  22. Joeyxc

    Thread [ROM][v1.0]GEM By:Joeyxc[7-30]

    Update, Need help I'll attach the download but its not functional yet I need someone who knows how to use kitchen better than I do to help fix my builds I cant seem to get it working send me a pm if your willing to help Here's my log... Installing '/sdcard/'... Checking for...
  23. CovXX

    Thread ***|ROM|6/25|Beta 1.5|Super Charged 4|AC!D Sound|Lag Free|Debloated|***

    ***Super Charged 4*** Galaxy S4 edition About: Super Charged is made for the few:p who likes stock touchwiz but also likes speed and battery life.I don't have this device so testing is really limtied ,sorry :c but you can help, If you like this hit "Thanks" or donate! Thanks Features...
  24. N

    Thread W.I.P Rom Please Help

    Hi im porting a supernexus rom from a i777 to our t989 and im having some problems like this: set_perm: some changes failed and (Status 7) here is the link: How can I fix the problem? Someone please help Anyone tried it yet?
  25. its420oclock

    Thread Super Sonico bootanimation

    Hello again, just made a new bootanimation and I would love some input on a few things: 1.) Does anyone know how to disable the att sound that plays during bootup? If so, can I also input a new audio file for the bootup? (Solved!) 2.) If anyone wants to work with me to make this into a whole...
  26. S

    Thread [Q] superLTE milestone 1.0 not working :(

    please help whenever i try to flash this rom with twrp 2.3.1 i gives me th error zip could not be opened. i have followed devs instuctions very carefully with no luck. when i look at the rom in a file manager on my phone i shows there is nothing in the directory but when i open up a dirent...
  27. hminhhoai85

    Thread [ROM] [GB] [2.3.4] XPeriaULtra v2.0 **UPDATE**

    Features: + Rom based on stock .62 + First reboot free ram 250~260mb + Modded camera app (better photo quality, and higher video bitrate) + Remove Bloatware more ram + Add Quickpanel Settings & SystemUI Mod + Add script in init.d +System apps update + Odex system free 407mb internal storage...
  28. aways

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][KK][22/06] **C-RoM** -4.4.4- -v7.1...

    ============================================================ ============================================================ Changelogs Here ============================================================ CarbonROM PartimusPrime For Amazing Bootanimations CyanogenMod...
  29. hsrars-d

    Thread [GUIDE] How to make a clean install of any ROM

    I hereby present you this guide on how to make an clean install including wiping /system partition which cleans out all files from previous ROM. Please follow the steps carefully. ==Prequisities== - a ROM of your choice, either .zip or SBF format - CWM Recovery installed and common knowledge...
  30. FireZenk

    Thread [THEMES][STATUSBAR] Super Status Bar themes, 50+ themes and growing!

    Now Super Status Bar has support for themes. We have created an online builder preparing to upload your theme to Google Play uncomplicated You create the icons, we do the rest To create a theme for Super Status Bar should consider: The themes of Super Status Bar are composed of 3 basic parts...
  31. Vanilla Pudding

    Thread Rooting Issue :(

    I have been trying to root my phone all week but no success :( I have been trying to root it with super one click but it always freezes at step 7 . My phone is Samsung galaxy mini using official gingerbread 2.3.6 . I prefer using super one click and don't prefer using other methods is there any...
  32. H

    Thread Funny New Android User

    Hi all. I found this post on some obscure Android forum. The OP was asking about wiping Dalvik Cache based on some suggestion he got that doing so would speed up his phone. Others reply asking him what ROM he's running, recovery, etc. Then the question of root comes along, and confusion ensues…...
  33. whereiamro

    Thread [APP] something like PC PhotoShop Modify Your Photos

    i found a new application.. It's super.. I can edit pictures like photoshop on pc... More information on my blog : MOD Edit: Download links cannot be linked to ad based links services. Download and then share your opinions !
  34. M

    Thread [ics rom] superlite-5.1 ::UPDATED::

    ..:: superlite-5.1 ::.. Works on AT&T or Rogers ..:: features ::.. 5.1 Notes • 5.1 is a roll up of 5.0+ Patches1-3 (a little less bloat) (FULL WIPE) if you dont want to upgrade uses the 5.0 patches1-3 • Removed SocialHub & ShareApp (sorry kids who like socialhub, stay with 5.0 if you want...
  35. D

    Thread Save $100 on MicroSD card (16GB) via Amazon

    Link here MOD EDIT: Link removed I plan on getting it so I can finally root my SGSII
  36. B

    Thread [Q] What did you think of the Samsung Galaxy Note Super Bowl Ad?

    I though it sucked really bad. Not only it is lame but it rarely talks about the device itself and they kind of abused their simple idea which was used for the Galaxy S II. An ad like this one would've worked like magic: But unfortunately, this just...
  37. W

    Thread [GUIDE] Verify SuperCID From Your Phone (no computer needed)

    If you want to check if your phone has a SuperCID but don't have access to a computer to run the fastboot commands you can do so from your phone with the following procedure. Verifying SuperCID I got the information for this from the HTC Vision wiki entry:-...
  38. frigid

    Thread [UTIL][WIN][01/04] ACS HTC Super Tool v3

    ADDED WORKING LINK! Donations/ad clicks always welcome! A thanks is greatly appreciated! For donations go to and use Google checkout SCREW PAYPAL! IF YOU HAVE DONATED TO ME THREW PAYPAL request a refund and PM me the transaction number please they are thiefs and I encourage...
  39. R

    Thread [Q] superuser permission message

    whenever an app gets root access a message pops up saying "(app name) has been granted superuser permissions" how do i disable this message? i could on my old rom in the superuser app, but i cant find the option to on this rom. im currently on running version 1.10.21 MIUI on my droid incredible.
  40. hazard209

    Thread [HOW TO][SCRIPT] V6 SuperCharger, Loopy Smoothness, and More!

    First and foremost, as always, I am in no way responsible for what happens to your phone. Hundreds of kittens will not die if you refuse to use these tweaks. Therefore no one is forcing you, use it at your own risk. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the scripts. The V6 SuperCharger...
  41. D

    Thread Mugen coming out with super extended battery within 2 months! YES!

    Pleased to inform you that Mugen is working on a super extended battery! Thank You, God! So within the next two months I can lay my hands on that very good bad boy! (and I mean the phone itself). lol I'd been thinking between the G2X and the sensation. The Sensation seems to be the...
  42. yamchirobe

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S vs SL differences between galaxy s and sl
  43. Kingzak34

    Thread [SCRIPT][TUTORIAL] V6 Supercharger Optimization & KickAssKernelTweak!

    I) : V6 Supercharger Tutorial II) : Kick Ass Kernel Tweak tutorial Hi all, I found it V6 Supercharger This script is a complete memory management fix. More info in the original thread ! Me and some others had tested it and it works ! The phone is smoother and faster ! Note : it's recommended...
  44. androidino95

    Thread Awesome lockscreen.

    Sorry if a thread like this was already posted (I searched, no results), but, I have a question. Can we somehow extract the super awesome Sense 3.0 lockscreen from this ROM and flash it on other ROMs (in my case CM7)? Thanks. :)
  45. reddcode

    Thread RCMix HD v6.1.0.1 Circle % Battery Mod

    I'm using RCMIX 5.9 superCbatt mod and works great on the new version NO crashes no issues.
  46. andrey22vl

    Thread [App]Super Manager (1.9.7)

    Super Manager (1.9.7) Explore files from Sd card, uninstal applications from your phone..
  47. N

    Thread [Q] UOT Kitchen help?

    After using UOT Kitchen, my lockscreen tabs are messed up. I found the culprit files, jog_tab_bar_right/left_pressed.9.png, and I replaced them with the ones from the stock framework, using apktool, however, the resulting file still had incorrect lockscreen tabs! Can anyone help?
  48. velnens123

    Thread [APP] ADB Tool

    Here is a tool for managing your android phone! Features: - Start custom ADB Commands. - Easy install new apk. - Easy pull files from phone. - Easy push files to phone. New features will be added, as you request. Please report all bugs, so i can fix them! Update 14.feb! Fixed push commands...
  49. H

    Thread Slow Gallery.

    Why are the galleries so slow on all android phones? Is there anything that I can do to fix it or is this just a problem I am experiencing?
  50. Chainfire

    Thread [App]14.03.2011 SuperPower v0.80 Battery save:Data, Wi-Fi, BT, GPS, 2G/3G/4G, CPU mhz

    THIS IS AN UNSUPPORTED EXPERIMENTAL BETA APPLICATION, BUGGY, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE USING. About SuperPower attempts to save battery power by controlling various power hungry components and features of the device. Its features include managment of the cellular...