1. T

    Thread Where can I buy the official charger in the UK?

    Hi, I am looking for a spare charger to take on holiday. Ideally I don't want to buy from amazon marketplace or ebay as I am worried about buying fake items. Does anyone know where I can buy the official UK charger from? Cheers
  2. Vladko1

    Thread [Q] Virtual machine size

    Hi guys! A month ago i made some optimization to my phone(including and supercharger script update). Now the phone is very fast, even now it doesn't suffer from music stutter after long stand-by(have that in mind the the cpu rendering is disabled and the gpu needs a lot of memory streaming...
  3. azhiekurosaki

    Thread [Q] Does Anyone know how to use V6 Supercharger on CM10.1 A7?

    I tried the method like when I was in ICS, but it seems that it doesnt work that way again... I kept getting the HTML help from supercharger. and since I am not a NATIVE ENGLISH user, so, it kinda not easy to understand it all in one time reading. :D so please help me with that, and lemme know...
  4. ronniereiff

    Thread V6 supercharger

    Has anyone tried this out on their tf700? I was thinking about trying it out when I get some time and read up on it.
  5. imjustafq

    Thread [PATCHED] [Services.Jar] [Jellybean] CyanogenMOD 10 ALPHA 3 / 4 ONLY ! ! ! * * *

    [/size] for those who are using cm10 alpha 3 / 4 and wanna use supercharger v6 but stuck at 50% supercharger level because the original services.jar file aren't patched.. so.. this is it.. no need to read the long-written texts from the original thread to understand how to patch.. just flash...
  6. Jorge Moreira

    Thread Overclock Xperia Miro

    Hi, I saw this topic and I was wondering if you can not apply the supercharger on Xperia Miro. How do I know if I do or not to overclock xperia miro? I await your opinions. Kind regards, Jorge Moreira
  7. zeppelinrox

    Thread [RC10] ULTIMATIC RC7T6![EXE]-=Ultimate Jar Power Tools=- w/Maximum MultiTasking Mods!

    Note: NOT YET UPDATED FOR KITKAT! ============================================================================== If this information is helpful, please Rate the thread 5 Stars and click Thanks! Or consider donating:) And thanks for feedback...
  8. P

    Thread [TOOL] Windows tool for patching services.jar for V6 SuperCharger (

    temporarily "abandoned" .. please use Zep's ultimatic jar power tools instead. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hate that Zeppelinrox's thread is being cluttered with OT questions...
  9. mnazim

    Thread [MOD][JB] Super Launcher + Slimmer + SQLite Optimization [ALL ROMs]

    Introduction: I was searching for ways to keep the android home launcher in memory like many applications have options when I stumbled over this MOD. This thread is to provide Super Strength Launcher+ other MODs for multiple Jelly Bean ROMs out there that suffer from Launcher redraws, Micro...
  10. crybert

    Thread [MOD/PATCH] PDroid and V6SuperCharger for CM9

    Hey guys, I created a patch for CM9_alpha5, which allows you to use PDroid by svyat and the V6 Supercharger Script by zeppelinrox with CM9 Please read the instructions carefully! And as always: DO A BACKUP For more informations read the necessary threads: PDroid...
  11. W

    Thread [Q] supercharger and odex on minicm7 2.2.0

    Is it advisable to use supercharger with minicm7 2.2.0? Another thing, gaming mode is not available on the latest supercharger, where did it go? Is also odex advisable for this build? thanks!
  12. jspina

    Thread reasons why sense is slow and how to make it fast!

    Everything I am posting on here is for a rooted g2 with the desire z hboot. If you have a sense rom, you must experience the whole interface of sense. Once you do you will realize that they have made it to relate to every one. Which means that there is a lot of crap that you personally wont...
  13. Wechy77

    Thread [HELP] Root, Optimizations, OC, & More TUT(UPD: ICS less lag w/ build.prop(no.9))

    UPDATE: Original thread was created by hansip87, thank for the great work, appreciate his time collecting the guides UPDATE: Ok to honour chiefy009 original post about collection of mods that being used here, Please go here to appreciate his time collecting the mods. Without him, this tutorial...
  14. arkoze

    Thread Wildfire Bootlooping When Mobile Data Turned On

    Hi guys, I've done a fair share of searching but it seems nobody is having the same issues :( Basically, I thought i'd try out these new tweaks I found, the V6 Supercharger and the 3G Turbocharger from zeppelinrox - The V6 installed fine and was running smoothly but when i installed the faster...
  15. W

    Thread [Q] v6 Supercharger Script

    I was just curious if it was possible (or necessary) to run the v6 super charger script on my Nexus S 4g running the latest cm7 nightly with the matrix kernel and if so what settings should I use?
  16. bigdreco

    Thread [Q] how come no Dev use SuperCharger??

    how come no Dev include SuperCharger in their ROm?? and is it worth installing it on RandomRom 2.2 phoenix???
  17. Cat_On_Droid

    Thread [Q] How can i escape the BOOTLOOP?

    ..Without using Recovery mode? i did do a backup,but its pretty far away and i SERIOUSLY dont want to start again with the games i played -.- How the bootloop caused : i used the Zeppelin SuperchargerV9 and i think i got the bootloop thanx to the KICKASSKERNELTEAK98' so how can i escape...
  18. C

    Thread [TUTORIAL][SCRIPT] V6 Supercharger Memory Fixes

    I did not make this script, i only stumbled across it and wanted to share -Thanks to zeppelinrox for making this script Original Thread by zeppelinrox Requirements Rooted Busybox 1.8.2 or lower Rom that supports init.d Benefits UI is much more responsive (less lag) More free RAM...
  19. MalarKeY007

    Thread [Tutorial - Updt. 07/07/2012] Installing V6 SuperCharger with BEST config. for GT540!

    TUTORIAL EM PORTUGUÊS? BAIXE O DOCUMENTO NO FIM DESSE POST! :D Well, the V6 Supercharger Script is an excellent tool created by zeppelinrox to fix memory management for any Custom ROM based on Android 2.3+ Type, that we install on our little phone! Android 2.2 or less don't needed, because...
  20. zeppelinrox

    Thread [V6U9RC13]For Your Lag(4x) Do it good, Good, GOOD, GOOD! SuperCharge Your Launchaaah!

    Hey if somebody says that minfree tweaks don't work on ICS and JB, you can safely assume that they don't know what they're talking about lol ================================================= ========================================== Please Rate the thread 5 Stars and click the Thanks Button...