1. M

    Thread I have obtained the stock firmware for my device, how hard would it be to build generic android?

    Hi, I just registered today to ask this question. Through somewhat simple means using the tools I had available, I was able to readback the stock rom from a TCL 20 XE 5087Z branded under Boost Mobile. I have successfully rooted via magisk and have confirmed that it is indeed the correct stock...
  2. spacedrone808

    Thread Camera lost autofocus feature

    Device comes with Android 9.0. I've unlocked it, flashed Android 8.0, put TWRP recovery and gained root. But during testing i've discovered the fact that camera lost it's autofocus ability in stock application. Tried OpenCamera with Camera API 1/2 with the same result. Any ideas?
  3. YLTN

    Thread Redmi Note 9 - How do I restore my IMEI? I don't have a backup of my nvram/nvdata but I have the numbers.

    How do I write IMEI along with baseband version back to my phone? I really don't want to risk bricking it again, that's enough stress for me in the past two days 😅 I heard that I can only flash IMEI 2 back to it, and if I want flashing IMEI 1 as well I'd need to install a custom rom on the...
  4. L

    Thread Anyone else? Google search "tools" button doesn't work (Chrome and Google app for Android, signed in)

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Please let me know. In any google search on android in Chrome or the Google app, in the section with "images," "news" etc (right below the search), if you scroll to the right, there's a "tools" button. Until yesterday, this worked fine for me, but now it...
  5. Galaxyninja66

    Thread Anyone have an arm sdk19 zip?

    app doesn't work since host migration, archive link doesn't have anything below sdk21. Mediatek tablet with a weird busybox situation anyway, so recovery zip is the only option. anyone have an xposed sdk19 arm flashable zip file around? I want to play around with stock kikat on this tablet...
  6. F

    Thread To return a malfunctioning Pixel 4a, do you advise an "Advanced RMA" with a hold on the Credit Card or a "normal RMA"? Thanks

    Hello everybody, For more details, I am in Europe (France) but the RMA part and the hold on a Debit / Credit Card may apply similarly in Europe and elsewhere (US & Canada. And Australia?) I have an issue (swollen battery) with my **Google Pixel 4a** (bought on a bit more than...
  7. necrinox

    Thread bootloop after improper twrp installation

    hi, I was hoping somebody could help me, I misunderstood the instructions I was reading to try and boot into twrp after unlocking my phone successfully and I did something wrong and used the fastboot command for flash booting twrp.img on the zip file instead of the img file. I can't find any...
  8. Illyve1

    Thread Ads still appearing

    Disabled ads and recommendations in all apps I could find, yet they keep appearing. Boost speed now is showing ads, security is showing ads, even the file manager started showing ads. How to fix it? Also tried enabling and disabling "msa" which I had disabled cause I read it would disable the...
  9. Bou3adis

    Thread I need help with my Junsun Head Unit!

    Hi all, I bought my first car 2 weeks ago, a Renault Clio 2014. The first upgrade i wanted to do was a android head unit that supports android auto and apple car play. after some research i ended up with this one...
  10. J

    Thread The Ultimate guide to flashing CRDROID A12 for OnePlus 8 Pro

    I have written this comprehensive step by step guide on how to flash CRDROID android 12 ROM for the OnePlus 8 Pro. The original instructions do not cover enough detail. Ensure you have all applicable drivers installed onto your computer by following this video tutorial: Reset your phone...
  11. C

    Thread Custom Recovery for Samsung Tab s6 lite P610 Exynos Processor

    Hi, I have tried for the past months to find a TWRP that works on Android 12 in this Tab. None worked. Does anyone know of an alternative TWRP for this tab and version ? Is there another Custom Recovery that you recommend to do a full Backup ? I have my Tab rooted by Magisk, bootloader of...
  12. J

    Thread Screen lock methods not working

    Hi everyone, a few days ago I bought a used Mate 10 ALP-L29 device is on stock rom non rooted the problem that I have with this phone is that I cant set up none of the screen lock methods cameras are ok fingerprint sensor is ok since i've already check sensors with an app and seems to be working...
  13. Alixbot

    Thread [REVIVAL] Development of the Droid Razr M & HD

    [DISCLAIMER] I have basic understanding of programming and the android software so I'd like as much help as you can provide. This includes personally messaging me. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS THREAD OR MY POSTS PM ME AS I DO NOT WISH TO JUST CRUM UP MY GOALS HERE WITH DISCUSSIONS OF WHY...
  14. S

    Thread Question [HELP] Bricked Poco F3. Doesn't Boot

    So I was updating to a newer update in the eu Rom but something went wrong, and the update was stuck. After a bit I got it to work again, and decided to install the stable version instead of the weekly. It was not in the cards. That update/installation also froze, and now my phone is off and...
  15. Pinguudroid

    Thread Completely remove gui

    Hi, I have a oneplus with a unstable screen, and I wanted to mine crypto with it since it’s fully functional but just not suitable as a normal phone. So is there a way to completely nuke the gui on my phone, so when I boot up my phone it has a internet connection but just boots directly into a...
  16. L

    Thread Apps won't update probably because ROM is too old, looking for new one

    The Xperia Z2 is a great phone, though it is no longer my primary. I still would like to use a few apps on it. They no longer update and I'm assuming it's because the ROM is so old. It's running a Cyanogenmod build based on Android 5! Questions: How do you know which versions of Android an app...
  17. H

    Thread [Discussion] Magisk Alpha (Public Released) fork - @vvb2060

    This is the spot for the General Support Discussion of Magisk Alpha "Public Released" fork created by @vvb2060. Disclaimer: This Magisk Alpha fork is not supported by @topjohnwu and is not an official channel for him. Use at your own risk. Important : This Magisk Alpha thread was created to...
  18. badabing2003

    Thread 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 5 Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher (PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/rooting/updating with extra features). Note: This thread is meant for issues and problems faced in Google Pixel 5 devices, generic issues that are device...
  19. badabing2003

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher (PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/rooting/updating with extra features). Note: This thread is meant for issues and problems faced in Google Pixel 6 devices, generic issues that are device...
  20. badabing2003

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Pro Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher (PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/rooting/updating with extra features). Note: This thread is meant for issues and problems faced in Google Pixel 6 Pro devices, generic issues that are...
  21. cosmicdrive

    Thread can't access download mode to flash stock ROM - how to work around it?

    i've been tinkering with custom ROMs today and in the process i ended up breaking the wifi, so i couldn't proceed with the setup on any custom ROMs i tried to download. i've been attempting to open download mode but it won't open, probably because i wiped everything in TWRP and did not make a...
  22. N

    Thread Unable to make a stable boot image?

    Hello, I had my OP7P rooted on android 11, but after updating to, I just couldn't get root to work. I downloaded the OxygenOS from, extracted the boot.img, downloaded the new (supposedly with Android 11 support) TWRP (twrp-3.6.0_11-0-guacamole.img)...
  23. Austcool

    Thread App Suggestion Can you add Android System Webview support?

    The XDA app seems to only load when Google Chrome is the Default Webview.... Could you add a update to the app that allows Android System Webview to load the app? I tried turning off Chrome and letting Android System Webview load the app but it just gets stuck at a white screen... Other then...
  24. T

    Thread Question Xiaomi not sending code to unlock bootloader ?

    I have a Pad 5 256GB Global version and can not get verification code from Xiaomi. When using unlock tool it demands a recovery phone number. When I enter a number for a recovery phone it says sending verification code and that is it. It does not send the code. I've used three different phones...
  25. H

    Thread Looking for decent motherboard for LGA 1200 CPU Socket :)

    Hi there, I am using an 11th Gen Intel Core processor with LGA 1200 CPU socket. Now, I'm looking for a compatible motherboard, so that I can get the most out of my PC build. If anyone has any suggestions, then most welcome Thanks!
  26. oneplusausage

    Thread Any outlook on future (android 12+) ROMS for the Oneplus One?

    So far there was plenty of choice between roms with each android version as the years went by. Android 8 got a lot, 9 a bit less but still plenty, 10 a lot again but 11 seems to be largely skipped (at least by the major big roms). As far as i know, there is only Lineage, Graphene, Tugapower...
  27. S

    Thread Question *SOLVED* Poco F3 Fastboot not working.

    Tried to update my F3 to the new weekly Xiaomi EU MIUI 13, and I think I failed miserably. Was at EU MIUI 12 Stable. Tried to just install with TWRP obviously didn't work since it's not even in the instructions. After that I did the /data wipe and tried to boot into Fastboot to install new miui...
  28. spacedrone808

    Thread 1tb sd card support on xz1c

    Is it possible? Please share your experience. Right now i'm using fast 400gb sandisk card.
  29. L

    Thread Question Screen doesn't detect taps after recovery

    Mi 11i haydn. I was following this LineageOS installation guide: After the first command executed, phone screen does not respond at all. Thinking it was a PBRP bug, I booted it normally and screen still fails. I think I plugged the phone at 11% battery thinking it would charge for being wired...
  30. RedstoneGuy

    Thread Help!! PLEASE!

    I tried to root my Moto G5s+ to install a more lightweight ROM. I reset my phone and didn't even add a pin. Unlocking the bootloader worked Then I tried to install TWRP, it failed 3 times Then I tried to boot the phone, it asked for a password I didn't even add a password When I tried to...
  31. B

    Thread What is the most community supported brand?

    I'd like to know which, obviously in your opinion, is the currently most supported brand by the community and independent developers. For me phone hardware is not so important because after all its more or less the same no matter what brand. However bad access to community made software and...
  32. H

    Thread S20 FE G780G/DS (F-SMG780GZBAMZ) which bluetooth audio codecs like aptx/ldhc/sbc are supported? (2021 Snapdragon version)

    Hi! I can't find out which codecs are supported and read a lot in android boards, reddit, etc. - all people write different things... the only thing that I could find out ist that SBC is supported, because the option is selected when i connect20,- Euro china in-ear plugs... -Some people say...
  33. L

    Thread Question Unofficially install LineageOS for Mi 11i?

    Hi. For haydn. I really want a custom ROM and specifically LineageOS was ideal for me, I want something of decent privacy and free of both Chinese and Google stuff. Unfortunately this phone has the worst ROM support I have seen for any phone and no supported ROM exists. The only alternative is...
  34. 2

    Thread Can't flash anything with fastboot on onn 100015685-E

    I have tried updating drivers from windows update but trying to flash anything does nothing I'm using mediatek drivers Other commands fail and gives this error FAILED (Write to device failed (Too many links)) C:\Users\me\Downloads\platform-tools_r31.0.3-windows\platform-tools>fastboot flashing...
  35. morphizn

    Thread (Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T510) Could not do normal boot; Invalid Kernel Length error

    So I've been tasked to fix this error by flashing an operating system; the device does not charge and is stuck in a boot loop (refer to the title for the error I'm getting). I've tried using Odin many time and I keep getting a connection error or a repartition error. I have also tried using ADB...
  36. xbhaswat

    Thread Poco F1 Community Support Present Status

    Hello everyone. I have been noticing that a lot of new devices are getting launched at quite affordable ranges. Noteworthy mentions are POCO X3 Pro, POCO F3 a.k.a. Mi 11x. So as we all know these devices comes with great Qualcomm 800 series SOCs and are getting decent support from the...
  37. CrazyOldMaurice

    Thread Cannot root Oneplus 8T because my computer absolutely refuses to recognize it, so I can't toggle immersive mode. Anything to be done?

    I don't want to get burn in on my phone, but I tried for 6 hours today to get this rooted and it was just one problem after another, most of which I see have barely happened to anyone. Between driver errors, installing driver errors, unauthorized adb errors, some strange error with a missing key...
  38. Gamertjeh

    Thread Big problem

    Hello, today I installed this software on my computer and my computer rebooted and booted into the OS but now I restarted my computer by myself and it doesn't do anything anymore. I can't use my keyboard to navigate and I disconnected the disk where I installed the software on but still doesn't...
  39. I

    Thread [SOLVED] Poco X3 NFC (surya) Stuck in Bootloop After ArrowOS Update

    As the title reads, My Poco X3 has gotten stuck in a bootloop after an attempted ArrowOS update. I think it's the May update, and from other posts on this forum, it seems this is a not a one-off issue. I tried updating my phone by downloading the latest ArrowOS update and firmware for the PocoX3...
  40. A

    Thread Question S21 Ultra motion smearing issue

    I have been noticing significant motion smearing on my S21 Ultra. I did a side by side comparison to a OP7tpro to make sure that it was not my eyes playing tricks on me. I also tried with a friend's S21 Ultra and it yielded the same result so I know it's not a random defective unit on my side. I...
  41. T

    Thread 4a doesn't have an operating system, and I can't re-flash.

    I tried flashing the Android 12 OTA on my carrier unlocked Pixel 4a running Android 11 - it failed, and now my phone says "can't find valid operating system." Unfortunately, I can't flash android, because my bootloader is locked. And I can't unlock my bootloader, because I didn't enable OEM...
  42. H

    Thread My OP7TP will only boot into fastboot

    So I tried flashing the stock rom using fastboot and at first it seemed to be working. when I flashed every image they all said finished with no errors but then I tried to boot into the system and the phone went into fastboot mode. Now I can't even get it to recovery or even turn the thing off...
  43. dehart420

    Thread Need help updating unlocked AT&T Note 9.

    I have an unlocked AT&T Note 9 that is stuck on Android 8.1.0 Patch 11/1/18. There is higher existing firmware I have found but I am having no luck getting it to update via OTA where it is on MetroPCS now, and smart switch says it is up to date. When I try to update using Odin 3.14 using a...
  44. S

    Thread unable to install lineage-17.1-20201204-microG-hotdog

    since the version is too old and there is no update ever since i'm unable to install that over the regular lineage os, i'm unable to downgrade either, twrp doesn't work either(doesn't get root access, and semi-freezes in adb sideload) i don't know what to do anymore, nothing seem to work
  45. HKX_Inc.

    Thread [Help Needed] Uninstalled System File Chooser

    Guys, please help. I Rooted my phone with magisk and I was uninstalling bloatware but I accidentally deleted some file chooser app that was in system. When I need to select any document, it says no file chooser found/file chooser is uninstalled. I tried installing file choosers from play store...
  46. U

    Thread SM-T590 - Impossible to set any form of screen lock after rooting with Magisk

    As the title says. I have flashed TWRP, , and the latest from GitHub, I'm on T590XXU3CTI4 (Android 10). The screen lock simply doesn't get saved, also after a restart, the tablet goes into a bootloop, reaches lock screen and goes back to...
  47. S

    Thread Motorolla G 5G Plus Updates and Support Questions

    hello .. i am really interested with this phone as its currently on sale for 375USD ~ 1399 SAR (including VAT 15% and fees) wherr i am right now ( Moto G 5G Plus 128GB 8GB ram ) and i have some questions regarding this phone : as i have been using android since 2010 ( Samsung S2 - Samsung Note -...
  48. gmnabeel

    Thread How to force lte+/4G+

    Hi, does anyone know how to force lte+ ? My mobile keeps shifting from lte lte+ back & forth . Lte + gives way better speed . If anyone knows how to achieve that do share
  49. B

    Thread How long should we keep supporting Kitkat in our Apps?

    Hey Developers, I am interested in your opinions. I have an app published on Google Play. Its minSDK currently is set to API 16, which is Android 4.1. To ensure compatibility, I left off some of newer design features that are not included in the androidx packages. In the past few days, I read...
  50. aguarello

    Thread Does anyone recognize this fu***** sound?! Desperate.

    A few months ago I started getting a random alarm/notification sound (like 2 seconds long, really loud) with no notification shown at all (screen off). Everyday at the same time. Exactly 10:02 in the morning. It's specially annoying since the phone makes the sound even with Not Disturb on. I...