1. sakis_the_fraud

    Thread Is there an android app to switch between static IPs profiles?

    I have several different IP networks on my home, each for another use, for example main internet use (with dhcp server), lights on etc. on the other subnets there isn't a dhcp server, therefore you should connect with a static IP. there are some times that a simple...
  2. N

    Thread Vertical Task Manager on EMUI 10.1.0

    Hi, I would like to mane the Tasklist/ Task Manager/Switcher vertical on EMUI 10.1/ I learnt that removing the EMUI launcher would allow us to do this (https://forum.xda-developers.com/mate-20-pro/how-to/guide-remove-huawei-bloatware-noob-t3889426) I tried this method but I found that when...
  3. M

    Thread [App][4.0+] Vibrate Mode Shortcut

    A quick n easy shortcut to switch your phone to Vibration Mode in 1 tap :good: Tap the app and it'll switch your phone to Vibrate and close itself. (So incoming call and message alerts will vibrate only). (There's also a Silent Mode version available on our developer page). These make for handy...
  4. K

    Thread All games lag after a few minutes, app switcher fixes lag temporarily

    So I don't know when this started happening but almost every single game on my Galaxy S7 lags after about a minute of playing, like the frame rate will get cut down from 60fps to a choppy 30-50fps, and stay that way unless I exit to the home screen and back into the game or press the app...
  5. Phat7

    Thread [Android 4.2+] Edge Launcher 2.0 - major update: fast gesture launcher/app switcher

    Happy to share the result of my hard work over the past few months. Edge Launcher (previously known as Edge Quick Actions) is a fast gesture launcher and app switcher that you can access from the edge of your screen anytime. Edge Launcher allows you to access more than a dozen quick...
  6. Phat7

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Edge Launcher 2.0 - major update: fast gesture launcher/app switcher

    Happy to share the result of my hard work over the past few months. Edge Launcher (previously known as Edge Quick Actions) is a fast gesture launcher and app switcher that you can access from the edge of your screen anytime. Edge Launcher allows you to access more than a dozen quick...
  7. Abhishek verma

    Thread [APP][3.0+] LAS: Last App Switcher.

    Introduction This is the App you didn't knew you were missing since years. Switch to your last used app with just a tap on the floating button over you screen. Once you get used to, you won't be leaving it for a day. And as the Play Store description says, Download Link If the image isn't...
  8. brixzen

    Thread [APP][NOKIA X] Multi Tasking Switcher (Swipe)

    I create simple application, with this application, you can switch between application without goto fastline, only swipe from left to right of screen to open the task switcher. because nokiaX don't have multi task button.. i think, i can make similar application for custom rom. we can use swipe...
  9. Flashalot

    Thread [AROMA]Recovery Switcher[2014-07-19]

    Disclaimer: Lets Stop Here And Say I DO NOT OWN THE DEVICE But A Friend rc420head Has Tested This And Said It Worked So Here You Go By flashing this rom you take full responsibility to whatever happens on your device. The developer will NOT be held responsible to whatever happens on your...
  10. pemell

    Thread New SlimRecents feature with review

    This is a quick review of the new SlimRecents (credits goes to Callip Hall): http://youtu.be/166MLgzcqnw What is SlimRecents? Slim recents is an app switcher. We have since some time a vision how it should be and how google should ehance it. Well we did it now on our own and we hope you will...
  11. JKab

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Fancy Switcher - Your new Task Switcher | Android L Recent

    Download latest version (v3.0) Become a Beta Tester Step 1: Join the community Step 2: Become a tester Step 3: Download the beta version Changelog: Want to buy me beer? Support the development? XDA:DevDB Information Fancy Switcher, App for the Android General...
  12. touche112

    Thread [MOD] Remove Ongoing IME Switcher + More

    This is a flashable .zip that will remove the "Select Input Method" notification, regardless of how many keyboards are installed/enabled. The mod is added in to rwc95's modification that removes the ongoing WiFi and SmartStay Eye notifications. Basically, it's all rwc95's work, plus the...
  13. D

    Thread [REQ] HTC One Task Switcher

    Like "Windows Phone task switcher" i would like a HTC One Task switcher, photo here Do you think is possible? Thank you :good:
  14. TopDroid

    Thread [MOD][CM9][4.0.4] ☆ App Switcher MOD ☆

    App Switcher MOD Attention! Please Take A Nandroid Backup Before Using This MOD. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU MESS UP YOUR PHONE Installation Instructions 1. Download The MOD 2. Reboot Into Recovery 3. Flash The MOD 4. Reboot...
  15. agmtpd

    Thread [HOW TO] [GUIDE] Add ICS/Jellybean like Task Switcher....[update]

    HOW TO Add ICS/Jellybean look alike task switcher Removed previous update due to some problem in MOD-without-buttom.zip :- please use the new one and for [UPDATE] 18 aug- - MOD-without button.zip: without task manager button [fixed[ TO USE THIS MOD ON OTHER DEVICES GO TO THIS POST and dont...
  16. I

    Thread [APP]Window3DManager

    Try it, is very useful for those who want to change application without close the current one. Is also a good memory optimizer, the let you kill or free the memory space of other application,and fill it back when you open it again. You can enable or disable bluetooth, wifi, wifi hotspot ,data...
  17. V

    Thread [Q] Task Switcher Screen

    Hi All, I want to access the task switcher screen in Android 4.0. How can i get access to it and include it in an app?
  18. tiwiz

    Thread [APP]NovaHD Logcat Switcher

    Hello everyone, I've been an earlier user of NovaHD Rom but I always found myself uncomfortable with logcat disabled by default (I won't blame anyone for this, just the majority of users doesn't need it but I do, as developer), so I decided to code myself a switcher that would just enable or...
  19. P

    Thread A Nice Method for Kindle Fire connecting to Ad-Hoc WiFi from Laptop

    There's no developer published wpa_supplicant replacement for Kindle Fire's system/bin/wpa_supplicant till now. So I find ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher.apk is so well to switch Kindle Fire to support Ad-hoc WiFi. download link: ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher.apk(174.35K) http://dl.dbank.com/c0qlpiozc1 A lot...
  20. avenues

    Thread [Q] Modem Switcher?

    I can't install modem switcher on my tab. Dont know where I went wrong but if I did it may be where I was supposed to unmount the usb- problem is, I didnt even have it connected to the pc because I downloaded modemswitcher.zip from the tab via url link (over wi-fi of course). At the end of the...
  21. davidjr621

    Thread [App] Boot Animation Installer - XDA - Free

    Boot Animation Installer - Free - XDA PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Some of the newer boot animations are larger in size! If you are not on 4G or Wifi, they make longer to Download. ============================= = ROOT AND BUSYBOX REQUIRED = ============================= ============================...
  22. F

    Thread First NFC On/Off Switcher

    New App for Nexus S users to try. Please read the description before trying it!!! https : // market .android.com/details?id=com.mobdev.nfc.switcher And try this one too that is really nice. https : // market .android.com/details?id=at.friendsradar.mc
  23. K

    Thread [Q]Which Phone profile switcher ?

    Hi All, I know there are a lot of automatic profile swichers. (and some famous one like Locale or Tasker). I'm looking for one app that can do both of those functions : 1) Enter "airplane mode" when i'm busy in a meeting event of google calendar, and...(most important): switch OFF airplane...
  24. s_v_l

    Thread [APP][4 Jul 2010][1.0.5] Yet another general ShellSwitcher for Windows Mobile

    ShellSwitcher is a small and easy to use Windows Mobile system utility for switching between well known shells: SPB Mobile Shell, Titanium, Touch Flo, Touch Flo 3D, HTC Sense, PointUI Home 2, Androkkid, WisBar Advance Desktop, Throttle Launcher and classic Today screen. Program gives the...
  25. xidominicanoix

    Thread VK Switcher v1.1 (With 20 VKs!!)

    Suggested by beagz, here's a VK Switcher for some of those beautiful VKs out in the wild. VKS v1.1 VKS v1.1 Mirror Confirmed working on: CyanogenMod PREREQUISITES: Android USB Drivers installed HOW TO USE: 1. Connect G1 to computer via USB 2. Extract the files from the .zip 3. Run...
  26. tufyuma

    Thread [Q] Static and Dynamic IP address switcher??

    Ok, I use Static IP addresses at work and most other places i use Dynamic IP's. Is there a program that lets me switch between the two with out having to re-load all my Static info? This was also a pain when i had my Sprint Mogul (Tytn). and i never really found a solution that didn't require...
  27. ageye

    Thread [2009/02/15 v0.6] G-Profile: an appointment (& more) -based profile switcher

    Hello again! Some users of G-Alarm asked me, if I can make a profile switcher for Windows Mobile devices... Here it is: G-Profile Features: http://www.ageye.de/index.php?s=gprofile/about Todo list: http://www.ageye.de/index.php?s=gprofile/todo Changelog...
  28. gps-lover

    Thread Taskfacade 4

    Task Facade is a cool, animated Vista-style task-manager that shows all running programs tiled on your screen. Runs on any WM version and any resolution. TaskFacade with MacOS theme, created by htctoucher READ ABOUT IT: WMPowerUser.com: TaskFacade 4 - Extreme graphical task switching...
  29. W

    Thread Phone Profiles

    Hi I have used a bit software on an older WM phone, that allowed you to set up profiles, but not only change ringtones, volume etc but things like connection status - bluetooth off/on, wi-fi off/on, etc depending on which profile you had engaged. I now think this would be really helpful again...