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system partition resize

  1. D

    Thread [ROM][ANDROID S BETA 3.1] Android 12 and any GSI larger than 2.6GB

    If you need help, join the telegram group. Make sure to use a stable base OS, preferably dotOS, OR ELSE FINGERPRINT WON'T WORK. After that, you can install any GSI/flash any size Gapps without issue. You don't need Gapps, they are preloaded. Reboot into fastboot mode. Wipe your data...
  2. asestar

    Thread [Q] Android OS takes 7GB? What is going on with X Play

    I've got my wife's X Play XT1625 running 6.0.1. I would expect maybe ~3GB reserved for system partition out of 16Gb, for such a barebones (clean) android rom. But on X Play, its whole 7 GB, leaving only about 9GB for user. Is this normal? Is this with everyphone or just mine? Is it possible to...