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  1. K

    Thread Android auto device problem

    Hi guys ! I have this question for you. I have an Android car radio that can be seen in the pictures. It has the rk3066-eng 4.4.4 23022016 rom installed on it. I don't know what manufacturer the radio is, but I suspect it's Chinese. Its specification is as follows: Kernel version : 3.0.36+...
  2. H

    Thread Recovery and system error

    I just wanted to install anx camera And somehow my phone entered recovery mode I cant boot it When i try to fastboot it it enter the recovery fastboot and i cant send any files on the phone. Please help, just bought the phone! Thank you! it entered normal fastboot. Is it bricked I'll be trying...
  3. A

    Thread MT6797 Scatter with vbmeta

    We need a distributed file with MT6797 vbmeta partition. When you flash VBMETA, it indicates that this partition doesn't exist. You can edit it with the attached program and send me the completed version when it is completed. Password : MTKPE
  4. aBetterAndroid.

    Thread A couple of questions regarding a better Android.

    Hello, the main goal for aBetterAndroid is to change your experience for the better,with your help we want to find out some things that could help us reach this goal. 1. What system tools suggestions do you have? If there are similar apps, say what you would like to improve on that tool. 2...
  5. M

    Thread System Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    Hi. I need system android 6.0 , but i no see in internet and I Plx for download links i thanks forever .
  6. K

    Thread Empty file in /vendor or /system after creating or modifying file

    Hi, I have a rooted Galaxy S21 with Magisk installed. When creating or modifying a file in the /vendor or /system folders, (after changing the permission from read-only to read-write and afterwards back) the file gets empty (size 0) and there is no way of reversing the contents of a modified...
  7. valenhua

    Thread [APP 4.0+] TX Toolbox 1.5.2

    TX Toolbox is a simple and very efficient and powerful App for not only normal users but also for developers. It is packed with many useful features like CPU, RAM, OS, Sensors, Storage, Battery, Camera, WiFi,Wake on LAN and so on. It's less than 10MB APK size. Many powerful features will be...
  8. shadauer

    Thread ZE550KL Bricked, only rebooting

    Guys, I'll explain what happened... First, I bought the cell phone and a day later I changed the ROM, carrying out all the correct procedures. A few days later, I noticed that when I rebooted the phone, it performed some reboots, maybe two even giving the final boot and entering the system. I...
  9. S

    Thread Question I think I messed up my B Slot Partition(s)

    I have a Poco F3 Global, and I currently am running TWRP 3.5.2_11-Nebrassy. If I tap Reboot and it shows my Current Slot as A, then under Mount I see the following: System, system_ext, Product, Vendor, ODM, Metadata, Data, Cust, and Firmware And I can check each of them. I can also perform Wipe...
  10. A

    Thread Root and games

    I can't install game because my phone doesn't have the system requirement. If I rooting my phone, I could install it?
  11. Frxhb

    Thread [SCRIPT/PROGRAM] [Android] [LINUX] ADB_python program with different functions [PRE-ALPHA] - Need test users.

    Hello guys! I started a new project with adb+python a few days ago. You can find my tool here: https://github.com/Frxhb/python_adb Small Description: This program, which is still in development, uses adb tools + some python commands to modify your device. Right now it only works on...
  12. sieger007

    Thread [ HELP ]Can't hide magisk . Magisk hide list forcibly been refreshed by MIUI . User preferences ignored

    After repeatedly selecting every system app that I wanted to hide magisk from .....apparently certain system apps will never be hidden in xiaomi phones with MIUI ( that is stock xiaomi ROM ) In my case MIUI 11 and Android 9. So if I understand this updates the Magisk.DB file. What is...
  13. S

    Thread System root partition corrupted

    System root partition corrupted. Can't wipe it by TWRP or even change it's file format. Also, when I try to install sytem.img by cmd or recovery it fails! Do help me out please!
  14. S

    Thread System partition error...Unable to mount or wipe or erase... Partition not found

    When I try to flash system.img it says FAILED (remote: ‘Partition not found’) I mistakenly installed one of the img file in system and from then system root hasn’t been working. In TWRP and Orange fox recovery I can’t format it..Shows unable to mount system root…Please help me!
  15. N

    Thread Is it possible to use it as a samsung galaxy note 4 usb webcam (kernel)

    Öncelikle herkese sağlıklı günler dilerim. Araştırdığım ancak bulamadığım bir konu hakkında size danışmak istedim. Usb webcam yazılımını telefona, çekirdeği veya sistemi etkileyecek şekilde twrp veya odin ile göndermek mümkün müdür? Kısacası telefonumu usb bağlantısı ile bilgisayara...
  16. oli231

    Thread How to flash OTA in custom recovery?

    hello I have a question, how can I flash the OTA system?
  17. S

    Thread Question How to use "pre" boot keyboard

    Hello guys! I've got my x3 Pro and I'm happy with it; I'm coming from a Honor View 10(Kirin 970). Anyways what I hated about it and also about this Xiaomi, is that I can't seem to be able to use the "pre"boot keyboard. In system settings all I can find is Gboard..and not this keyboard: Any...
  18. zargug

    Thread Voice reducing by itself.

    Hello, i've had redmi note 9 pro for almost a year, boguht it month after it released. Im not sure if its global or EU version tho it says miui 12.0.2 global i guess its global then. Recently my phone started acting strange. My volume started to decrease by itself even if i dont have my...
  19. A

    Thread Can't find update menu

    It's not a typical "where I can find the update menu/option?". It's just gone. I go to Settings - > System and "Update software" it's not there. Don't know why or when this happened, it was there. Screenshot it's been attached (in spanish) so you can see what I'm talking about. Hope you can...
  20. 0

    Thread After flash system to system/ with TWRP

    Hello, I trying to flash system to phone with TWRP I use Firmware Stock ROM. unpack it system.zip -> META-INF -> com -> google -> android: 1. update-binary 2. updater-script inside (updater-script): ui_print("start"); mount("yaffs2", "MTD", "system", "/system")...
  21. 0

    Thread no any system in TWRP (wipe)

    Hello, Why are the no system in TWRP->Wipe->Advanced Wipe See the photo added. But i got 2 Storage. and i can't fix (Repair or Change File System) questions is, how can i get system back? i'm in mediatek / umidigi power Can you help me out? Thanks for your time
  22. lebigmac

    Thread [SCRIPT][Android 10+] Universal Mount System R/W (read/write)

    If you can't get this script to work on your device check out the brand new sophisticated superrepack tool by @munjeni line SystemRW© v1.32 by lebigmac Creation date: February 2021 Updated: August 2021 Requirements: rooted STOCK Android 10 or newer (custom ROM should already be R/W!) at...
  23. alanthehat

    Thread Where is the system upgrade within the filesystem?

    My Realme 7 has a notification which reads: "New system version downloaded. Install now! RMX2155_11_A.78" Where is it located within the filesystem? Is it somewhere I can copy from on an unrooted device? I'm assuming Magisk can use this to get it's 'boot.img' file & others may be...
  24. alanthehat

    Thread I have a 'system upgrade', where is it?

    My Realme 7 has a notification which reads: "New system version downloaded. Install now! RMX2155_11_A.78" Where is it located within the filesystem? Is it somewhere I can copy from on an unrooted device? I'm assuming Magisk can use this to get it's 'boot.img' file & others may be...
  25. K

    Thread March 2021 Update

    Got a new update for TCL Plex today I think it's only for the regular android security patch (1st feb 2021) v.2.0.2B.H.G size: 138.1MB
  26. lebigmac

    Thread [SOLUTION]How to make system read/writeable R/W in Android 10+

    Welcome to SystemRW by lebigmac This script removes the read-only lock of all partitions embedded in the super partition of your stock firmware. This allows you to debloat all unnecessary system apps, customize your device to your liking and make MIUI run as smooth as silk! MIUI 12 is great but...
  27. lebigmac

    Thread Want to make your system read write-able ? Click here

    Guys this is just a heads up that now there's a 1-click solution for all those enthousiasts that would like to make their Android 10+ system read-write-able again just like it used to be in Android 9 and earlier before that annoying 'shared_blocks feature' was implemented. Tested on Xiaomi Poco...
  28. lebigmac

    Thread [SCRIPT][LINUX] Mount System as read write (Android 10+)

    This Linux-only version is pretty much deprecated at this point. Please use the BRAND NEW UNIVERSAL VERSION instead! Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen. Let me present to you my very first release here at the XDA forums: Welcome to: makeSystemRW v1.04 automated bash script by lebigmac for Android...
  29. haiklen

    Thread help, twrp failed to mount /odm system" ,"vendor",

    "EDIT: I fixed the problem I installed xiaomi.eu_multi_MI10_21.2.3_v12-11 with Twrp" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hi everyone I have a problem my phone mi 10 model M2001J2G my phone is unlocked the rom I used with fastboot...
  30. M

    Thread S9 FAIL! (Auth) SECURE CHECK FAIL: system Issue Help

    Hi all, Some quick background: A few days ago while I was using my S9 plugged in, my device all of a sudden froze. I did a force restart (Volume Down + Power) and from then on my phone would boot up, get to the white 'Samsung' logo then shut down and restart over and over. It never could get...
  31. SuperIronOut

    Thread Found Some Interesting Files in system/etc/sysconfig/

    I am on SM-G975U1 so needless to say I am not rooted, but whilst perusing the system files I came across 2 Samsung .cert files; both of which are not installed in security certificates, or user certificates, though they can be. The other is nfcee_access.xml, which I'll get into the details of...
  32. H

    Thread How do I make "/system/xbin" directory writable on my Pocophone F1?

    I'm currently on latest PE ROM (Android 10) and am also Magisk rooted. But I get "read only" error when I try to paste something inside "/system/xbin" folder. Any help please? Thanks in advance! :)
  33. G

    Thread System gesture change with Android 11

    Hi, I'm wondering if it is just for me or the swipe from the middle of the screen to reveal the app switcher got removed from Android 11? Even the tutorial shows that it can be used. Does any of you face this issue? I really miss it.
  34. maxed4901

    Thread Spen system files and associated apps note 8

    Dear Developers and members. I am starting a galaxy note 8 rom project to provide users with a stock rooted debloated rom with monthly security updates. And which supports full spen functions including screen write and handwriting on Samsung keyboard. For the life of me, I could not find any...
  35. K

    Thread authorization system applications miui 12 ?

    Hi, I just did the update to miui 12 and I notice that we can no longer manage authorizations for system applications. User applications no worries, but the systems can't anymore? So basically they can do what they want! I missed something or we have to go back to miui 11 to get a basic...
  36. G

    Thread TWRP Backup fails on System partition [Redmi Note 8T / Willow]

    I'd like to make a full backup of my phone via TWRP. Whenever I try to backup the System partition, TWRP fails. The log shows the following: I:Reading '/dev/block/mmcblk0p86', writing '/sdcard1/TWRP/BACKUPS/59a8e4df/2020-04-30--01-38-25_PKQ1190616001/system_image.emmc.win' Truncating string...
  37. R

    Thread Unable to load modded System.img on Pixel 2 using kitchen

    Is anyone successful in loading modded system.img to a system-as-root device like Pixel 2+? With the nexus 5x I use to make some changed to the build.prop and init.rc to get adb on boot/OOBE but due to the new system-on-root with the Pixel devices, I need to modify the system image. I bought the...
  38. D

    Thread TWRP 3.3.0 on Pixel 2 Android 10 cant mount System Partition

    Hello, i Have recently upgraded to android 10. When flashing twrp i get a message failed to mount system partition. If i reformat system to ext 2 then back to ext4 i can mount system in twrp. When i re flash latest factory pixel 2 image and go back into twrp i can no longer mount system...
  39. themetman

    Thread OnePlus 6T Install LineageOS Incorrect to Wipe System

    Having followed the install instructions where is says quite clearly (Step 5) Return to the previous menu and tap Advanced Wipe, then select the System partition and then Swipe to Wipe. I ended up bricking my nice 6T and had to use the MSM Download Tool to unbrick it. This was annoying being a...
  40. T

    Thread Stuck in TWRP (KII-L05) after wiping system. Cannot install ROMs or Sideload them

    Ok, a bit of backstory: This is the Canadian Honor 5x, also known as Huawei GR5. After finally unlocking the bootloader, I was able to flash TWRP (3.3.1-0) on it. After flashing AOSIP for it, It was working mostly fine, aside from some basic apps crashing constantly (such as download manager)...
  41. aeroxy

    Thread How can I modify /system/priv-app on Android-10 with Magisk 20?

    I recently upgrade to Android-10 on my OnePlus 6 (A/B device) and installed Magisk 20. The problem now is if I do: over the adb shell, it outputs: mkdir: 'YouTube': Read-only file system Then if I do: It outputs: mount: '/system' not in /proc/mounts So how can I modify /system/priv-app...
  42. t-ryder

    Thread Debloating Android 10

    Hi there. My taimen is on the latest factory image (Android 10), latest Elemental X kernel, latest TWRP and Magisk for root (no modules active, only systemless hosts for adaway). I wanted to debloat the system apps, since I hate all those Google apps installed (Google Music and all that crap)...
  43. A

    Thread Asus flash tool can't unzip ROM file

    Hi everybody! I've been absolutley disgusted by the Android 8 update on the Zenfone 3 and trying to return to Android 6 stock version. I've downloaded it from Asus website. I have unlocked the bootloader, the flash tool (up to 2.0 version) sees the phone but can't unzip the ROM package no...
  44. face-t

    Thread Magisk root > bootloop > Stock ROM > success

    I have almost finished setting up new Redmi 6. After rooting, getting TWRP on the phone I have reinstated all apps trough TitaniumBackup. I have reinstated too many apps from TB and at some point I have removed 1 or 2 apps too many that I thought are only from TB... Inside TB I went into...
  45. R

    Thread Removing system apps on Android 10 impossible?

    Dear early adopters, I recently switched to Android 10 without any hassle. Root and TWRP have been contained after taking the necessary steps, already mentioned over and over. The one thing I do not get however is why the app "System App Remover (root needed)" seems to be softbricking my...
  46. tallymatty

    Thread List of Samsung apps to disable

    Is there a list of all the Samsung apps/services, preferably with descriptions of what they're for, that can be disabled (via ADB , Package Disabler, etc) on the Note 10+? This is my first Samsung device since the S4, and I feel like there's so much bloat. Thanks!
  47. oF2pks

    Thread [APP|FOSS|4.1+] Chairlock - Complete permissions/packages explorer.

    Re-branded ApplicationsInfo to perform complete exploration (with multi-additional sorts) of all: onboard permissions & installed packages, for both system & user. < uses-permission android:name= android.permission.GET_PACKAGE_SIZE android:maxSdkVersion="25"/>...
  48. tys0n

    Thread system.img & vendor.img extracted. [Dumps]

    I extracted the system sparsechunk img's and vendor.img "dump" zips can be found here.
  49. dahawthorne

    Thread G5 system over 9GB...?

    A friend has a G5 16GB storage 3GB RAM Amazon special. She started receiving "low storage" messages recently, and Disk Usage shows that her system data is well over 9GB with a few MB left free. I have no idea where the rest of it is. She claims not to have too many apps (she's not a...
  50. lbsilva

    Thread [ROOT] [Discussion] Safe-to-remove System Bloatware/Googleware

    Since there's no thread related to safe-to-remove system bloatware/googleware, I decided to make one. I'm counting on your help to expand this list. :D Tested Chrome Alternatives: Firefox, Brave, Waterfox. Or you could simply uninstall it as a system APP and reinstall it as a user APP. There's...