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  1. O

    Thread T-Mobile Revvlry Plus XT1965-T: About Network Unlocking (please help)

    Hello, I have just acquired a new (never used) T-Mobile Revvlry Plus XT1965-T, and it seems to be network locked. (Note: I was able to get an OEM unlock code from Motorola, haven't tried it yet, but right now I am only asking about the network lock issue.) My goal is to install LineageOS...
  2. M

    Thread Need urgent help, can't connect the T-mobile Network

    I can't connect the T-mobile network by Mi10 Ultra. This is the first time I brought thIs Phone to US. There's no signal at all when I put the SIM card into my Phone. Did anyone solve this issue before? I've actived the VoLTE and VoWIFI button in this ROM, which's the native Chinese MIUI ROM...
  3. N

    Thread So how do I revert to stock T-mobile(KB2007 rom now?

    I flashed LOS but there will be a time when I would want to revert back to stock rom. No TWRP so no backups.
  4. F

    Thread Question Question on unlocked S21 Ultra 5g bought from Samsung

    So here's my question. I was waiting for the T-Mobile version of the s21 ultra to be in stock in the 256gig version, but it seems like that is taking too long so I had purchased the unlocked version. Yesterday when I went into the T-Mobile store, I was told that it wouldn't be able to pick up...
  5. mingkee

    Thread Question T-Mobile sells it $216 or "free" with eligible trade in or add a line

  6. weakNPCdotCom

    Thread [GUIDE][TMO][STOCK][GM1915][Android 11] T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro OOS Root with Patched Boot Image

    This Guide is intended for OP7 Pro Devices that are already running Android 11 after the May 2021 TMO OTA. DO NOT flash the provided boot image if your device has not been updated to android 11. REQUIREMENTS Before proceeding, you must make sure your GM1915 bootloader has been unlocked, and...
  7. S

    Thread LG V20 h918 call problems

    I've been having this problem since pretty much forever but I've finally decided to ask for advice here. My call quality is rather terrible in the sense that frequently the voice of the person calling me will drop out or get somewhat distorted while they hear me just fine. This is really...
  8. Lomeli12

    Thread How To Guide Convert T-Mobile OnePlus 9 to Global (or other) firmware

  9. A

    Thread MBN files request for OP 7T Pro 5G McLaren from Tmo

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone that has a Tmo variant and a rooted device that can help me to get the MBN files from this device, I managed, in the past, to change the modem configuration with the PDC tool to get VoLTE (I live in Mexico), but since I updated my phone some days ago to...
  10. U

    Thread Enabling newer LTE bands

    Hello all, Im running LineageOS 17 on a Samsung S5 (G900T) and currently on the T-mobile network. At my location T-mobile seems to provide the only decent signal on their new 600 MHz band 71 which seems to be getting utilized more across their network, especially in rural areas. My phone does...
  11. ilikepie___

    Thread Question Any luck flashing the T-Mobile firmware to a global variant?

    I have a global variant OnePlus 9 pro. It seems that my phone may not have the full features that T-Mobile has to offer with their variant of the phone. I'm also noticing that with the new Google dialer that's been implemented, I'm unable to get the visual voicemail working (see picture for what...
  12. Bearded_Anarchy

    Thread 4g Bands (International to US) Question???

  13. U

    Thread Will flashing carrier stock rom Re-Lock the phone ?

    I have a G920T (T-Mobile ) running Android 5.1.1. It's unlocked ,rooted & has custom rom TWPR. I would like to know if flashing T-Mobile stock (Android 7) rom will re-lock my phone. I don't know which method was used to unlock. Currently I can flash any 5.1.1 custom rom & it's still unlocked but...
  14. thardy00

    Thread Hi! 7T T-mobile version. Is it worth to switch from T-mobile firmware to global?

    Hi! I have bought OnePlus 7T T-mobile locked. After some time of usage I've unlocked it (so I can use every network right now) but my phone still got T-mobile firmware on it. Hence my three question about this phone. Is it worth to change T-mobile soft version to global one? Could someone point...
  15. D

    Thread Tmobile Note 20 Ultra major issues after update

    My wife and I both have the note 20 ultra through tmobile since they launched. We love the phones. On 2-26-21, we both got the OTA Feb 1st security update and things have been horrible since. It started with off and on messages wouldn't send. And weird messages about SMS sent via server. Then...
  16. W

    Thread T-Mobile 7T Conversion to Global Cause Dropped Text Messages

    I bought a T-Mobile One Plus 7T HD 1907 off of Amazon. Once I got the phone, I converted to the global OTA, OnePlus7TOxygen_14.O.22_GLO_022_2101280011, I then upgraded to OxygenOS 10.0.16.HD65AA. I never actually used the phone using T-Mobile stock Oxygen OS. The phone number I use with this...
  17. M

    Thread [T-Mobile USA] Free SIM Unlocking Service - [OnePlus/Samsung/Google/LG/Moto]

    Hello XDA, I am back at it again with the free T-Mobile network unlocks. Yep, you heard that right... 100% FREE. This service will allow you to go into your Settings and perform a network unlock. I've been doing this for over 2 years now with plenty of vouches, so yes, it's legit! ATTN: IF YOU...
  18. Yarrsome

    Thread Oneplus 7 Pro T-Mobile (GM1915) on verizon, is VoWIFI possible?

    Hello, I recently purchased a T-Mobile unlocked Oneplus 7 pro (GM1915, 8GB ram/256GB storage) on eBay to use on Verizon, and I can't seem to get wifi calling to work. We went through the setup with Verizon, and let them know it was a CDMA-less device, and everything works perfectly besides wifi...
  19. vulcanrvn

    Thread T-mobile G7 Power on Verizon MVNO

    Hello, I recently got a G7 power T-mobile variant and was trying to get it working on safelink wireless a Verizon mvno. I have it network unlocked and bootloader unlocked and have been able to flash custom roms and my sim is detected but I can't seem to get any calls texting or data on it. I've...
  20. T

    Thread T-Mobile has Finally released the Android 11 Updgrade for OnePlus 8 5G

    The wait is OVER! T-Mobile OnePlus 8 5G Android 11 update has been released (well to select few with issues for sure). This is not official but I can confirm that I do infact have it. No root. Yes I am unlocked and came from Sprint but that played no part in the Update I received. Go ahead and...
  21. K

    Thread Unlock T Mobile code Galaxy note 10 lite

    Hi! I bought a phone from a dishonest seller. The phone I bought turned out to be blocked by the tmobile network. The overlay needs a pin code so that the phone can continue to function. Is there any way around this? Thank you for your help
  22. baratulhopossibletraitor

    Thread [HELP] Resurrect Google Apps, MetroPCS Apps & other system apps on Coolpad 3622a

    Hi guys, I'm having a very serious problem, these days ago, I got a Coolpad 3622a, blocked by MetroPCS, then I was thinking, "I'm going to root", then I rooted the device using KingRoot on the phone, then restarted automatically, and failed, but I rooted again, and it worked, I checked the root...
  23. Rtiberius

    Thread Sold Paid off Verizon Note 20 Ultra - New owner cannot activate it on T-Mobile

    Hello, I owned a Verizon Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that I bought shortly after release. I got bored with it, as often happens, so I paid it off in full and sold it, to someone who uses T-Mobile. They cannot activate the phone, when they put their T-Mobile SIM in it, it gives the message "SIM card is...
  24. D

    Thread T-mobile WiFi calling

    Can anyone confirm whether or not Wi-Fi calling works on T-Mobile with the Mate 20 X? Appreciate it!
  25. TechOut

    Thread T-Mobile to Global (USA) Firmware8t+ 5G

    I just got my unlock stuff from OnePlus and I know there is a thread on here for converting but from what I see it is to go to EU firmware and has some other steps I assume that are for rooting. I don't want to root I just want to install the USA Unlocked firmware on mine. What is the current...
  26. S

    Thread T-Mobile Oppression. Help me keep my phone?

    I have a Stock Motorola Z2 Play. My carrier keeps sending me messages saying it's going to be obsolete in January because of T-mobile VoLTE network upgrades. I have been wanting this phone for years and finally pulled the trigger in March. Is there anything I can do to be able to make my...
  27. A

    Thread Can T-Mobile version of OnePlus 8 (IN2017 model) be rooted?

    I'm looking to buy an carrier unlocked but originally T-Mobile version of the OnePlus 8 (IN2017) on eBay. Does anyone know if there's any known way to root this model? Thanks.
  28. D

    Thread Would global OXYGENOS work on tmo op8 if rooted?

    tl;dr Is rooting the tmo OP8 to install stable oxygen 11 to get shelf feature and remove tmo crap on phone worth it? Or does the Oxygenos 11 fix that too. ---------------------------------------------------------------- So TMobile has been blocking features it seems, like the Shelf in the...
  29. S

    Thread Sprint SM-A505U Odin flash T-mobile SM-A505U1

    I am thinking about buying a SM-A505U that is locked to Sprint network. Anyone know if I can just use ODIN to flash SM-A505U1 T-mobile firmware to get it to work on T-mobile? I am hearing from other people that the Sprint variant currently does not work on T-Mobile out of box and that they are...
  30. M

    Thread ? Using LG V20 H910 AT&T Model On T-Mobile After (2021) VoLTE Change

    I posted this ? on reddit as well; however, this device is on its last legs so there's not much interest for it. I've gotten some good answers here and there on this website, but a dedicated thread to gather all the good info might be more helpful. I still use my AT&T H910 as I don't really do...
  31. mingkee

    Thread Nobody buys T-Mobile version?

    It's $400 from T-Mobile as revvl 5G Let's the fun begin
  32. mingkee

    Thread US version is One 5G

  33. shonkin

    Thread Unlocked N960U1 Gets T-Mobile UI 2.1 Update (August 11)

    Finally, the unlocked version of the Note 9 got its update this morning... Samsung released the T-Mobile update to UI 2.1 (dated July 7) today, August 11 2020. There's an important note for some who will run into one annoying issue: I installed this and hit an issue after the install completed...
  34. A

    Thread VoWi-Fi (Wi-Fi calling) with a canadian carrier (Bell)

    Hi everyone, I've just got yesterday my brand new Oneplus 7T Pro McLaren Edition unlocked, but originaly from T-Mobile. I use a Bell Mobility SIM in the phone and it work well, I just love this phone instead of the LG G8X Dual Screen I've solded few days ago. The problem is with the G8X I was...
  35. mingkee

    Thread VoLTE support with T-Mobile

    According to spec, it has all 5G bands with T-Mobile. My guess is it will work. Hope it won't be messy like One Hyper
  36. D

    Thread T-mobile blocking shelf update?

    So I've been keeping an eye out on the interwebs and came across a couple of things about OnePlus adding in options to have the Shelf back one way or another. None of these methods have worked on the Op8 I just got yesterday from T-Mobile. The swipe down option doesn't show anything, and the...
  37. mslezak

    Thread Can someone please save the 10.5.8.IN55CB OTA from T-mobile before updating?

    Since T-mobile hasn't posted it, I'm surprised no one has saved off the update for others to download. If anyone gets the notification that the update is available PLEASE save it (plug it into your PC and select file transfer) off the device and provide a link to help the rest of us out. Much...
  38. l3wish

    Thread Sprint/T-mobile Internet speeds.

    Sprint users have you noticed faster internet speeds? I received an update on 4/22 follow by the message about T-mobile allowing us to tap into their 5G. However, this afternoon when i got home my browsing was a bit snappy. I did a speed test on two different apps and was pulling 140 to 160 Mbps...
  39. P

    Thread Flashing T-mobile firmware on Unlocked variant

    Hello, I am well aware of the fact that you can flash the international firmware on a T-mobile branded device. However, is it possible to flash the t-mobile firmware on the international version of the phone? If it is indeed possible are there any benefits to doing this? Such as RCS, or USCC...
  40. O

    Thread Note 10 Plus SM-N975F users on T-Mobile, questions?

    Hello, I recently purchased an N975F, and I'm using it on T-Mobile, in the US. How is your experience been using it on T-Mobile's network? For me, its showing "4G" all the time. I haven't seen it go to "LTE". Is this normal? Also, it seems fast data speeds are difficult to come by, and...
  41. G

    Thread trick to recieve calls on the Huawei Mate 20 Lite

    i am looking into the dropped call issue on t-moble/metro. i do believe when the phones power saving kicks in after being idle it causes the phone calls to be dropped. i do not know how we could fix that, but if there is a way to get around that the help would be appreciated. and/or would...
  42. C

    Thread can I revert back to T-Mobile stock w/o msmdownloadtool?

    can I revert back to T-Mobile stock w/o msmdownloadtool? My windows pc crashed. I do have Mac laptop and an ubuntu laptop. If msmdownload tool works for Mac or Linux that would be great. MY INITIAL PROBLEM.... Bought phone from oneplus (not tmobile) I have lineageOS nightly working & w/WiFi...
  43. serendipityguy

    Thread T-Mobile Just Dropped N975USQU2BSL8 Very Fast

    So Excited, T-Mobile Just Dropped N975USQU2BSLB & its so very fast. When I bought the phone, I kinda expected more from this primer phone. After the install, I can see why this is the top line phone. Now that T-Mobile Just Dropped N975USQU2BSLB Dropped, what are you favorite New Features...
  44. imstill@g

    Thread 7T Pro 5G McLaren Speed Test( Location/LTE vs 5G/): possible after conversion to INTL

    As we get our new devices, we will have many conversations and opinions about 5G vs LTE, battery life on both protocols, previous speeds, etc. It's my hope to gather data about these topics. I propose we keep the following data sets available: Location: ( Ex: Vcitoria,Tx 77901) 4GLTE Speeds on...
  45. R

    Thread T-Mobile VoLTE Confirmation

    Can anyone in here who uses this phone on T-Mobile's network tell me whether or not VoLTE is enabled?? By this I mean that DURING a phone call, the phone STAYS in 4G LTE mode for the entire duration of the call and DOES NOT drop down to 4G (or lower)? Please let me know. Thank you in advance!!
  46. B

    Thread H932 - Pink SIM card icon in Messages app suddenly appeared? (T-Mo H932)

    I know there have been no major updates for the H932 in the last handful of months, but for some reason lately my Messages and a few other LG-based apps have started showing a pink SIM card icon next to every single conversation and at the top of the screen. I feel like this has something to do...
  47. B

    Thread Cricket's $149 LG V35 on T-Mobile...WiFi Calling/VoLTE possibility?

    Just saw a reddit post where you can basically sign up and get an LG V35 brand new for $149 as long as you "sign up for their service"...and I'd be more than willing to buy the phone along with an unlock code, and move it over to my T-Mobile family plan. My only worry is that because it's has...
  48. serendipityguy

    Thread Stuck in N950USQU1CSAA, haven't seen an update since January 2019

    Hello Everyone, Here is my problem I am on T-Mobile and jumped ship back January to get PIE because the other carriers were providing them faster than T-mobile. At the time N950USQU1CSAA was a great option and there were no issues what so ever using it. Now I am Stuck in N950USQU1CSAA...
  49. redoregon

    Thread Source for T-Mobile V30 released?

    Disregard the model number in the URL, take a look at the page. I could be wrong, but I think this is source for the T-mo version of the V30... http://opensource.lge.com/osSch/list?types=ALL&search=LGH933
  50. iphoneislame

    Thread Will flashing my unlocked T-Mobile S9 to ATT firmware allow me to use VoLTE?

    And WIFI calling? I had read in a few places this might work. I'm also not able to sync my Galaxy watch to send texts and make calls through my phone's phone number with numbersync. I'm hoping flashing the actual ATT software might fix these problems. Any thoughts?