1. bizknacker

    Thread From Sprint/T-Mobile Merge: Which Firmware Do I Need For Odin?

    Tried using the search, but couldn't find anything, so apologies in advance if I missed it. I'm looking to flash the latest stock firmware for my step-dads Galaxy Z Fold 2 using Odin. Seems the Sprint to T-Mobile merge caused quite a few migraines for customers and employees. Long story short...
  2. L

    Thread Android advertising affected by hardware?

    Have there even been studies of how different phones are affected by advertising? I have been a TMobile user since GSM was first introduced and TMobile has always rewarded my loyalty by not pretending that I might switch carriers if they unlock my phone. They have always happily unlocked my...
  3. Ashtrix

    Thread LG V60 T-Mo Variant - Questions about LG Service, Bootloader + Carrier unlock

    Greetings. I recently bought an LG V60 from one of the ebay sellers which has the Dual Screen kit included. All seemed fine almost like new but the back panel has a small gap on the left side corner with a very small scuff on the AL frame near it. I want to send it to LGE for repair /...
  4. SlickStretch

    Thread Has anybody been able to get a 2nd SIM card working on a converted T-Mobile OP8?

    I have a T-Mobile Oneplus 8 that I have converted to global rom. I can see dual sim in software, with both SIM slots having the same IMEI. From what I've read, It seems like for those that have tried to use 2 SIM cards, nobody has been able to get the 2nd SIM to connect after being recognized by...
  5. Jamerlybob

    Thread Question Network unlocking an S22 Ultra locked to T-mobile

    Network unlocking a Samsung which is locked to T-mobile is a lot harder than unlocking many phones, as T-mobile feature built in programs in the S22 which prohibit unlocking via easy ways. Obviously it would be far better to just go through T-mobile and have it unlocked through their system. In...
  6. X

    Thread Question "TMB" or "USC" for unlocked phone?

    What are the "TMB" and "USC" in the "Update info" links? They're both US unlocked. doc.samsungmobile.com/SM-S918U1/TMB/doc.html doc.samsungmobile.com/SM-S918U1/USC/doc.html
  7. X

    Thread Question What are "TMB" or "USC" for unlocked phone?

    What is the "TMB" and "USC" in these links? Both are for US unlocked phones. doc.samsungmobile.com/SM-G990U1/TMB/doc.html doc.samsungmobile.com/SM-G990U1/USC/doc.html
  8. Mostafa Diaee

    Thread S10e G970U snapdragon Root 2023?

    I recently bought this phone and didn't know that this model G970U is the US T-mobile version so it's **** useless to me + network status locked because I live outside US and I hope if there any way to root it but for free ofc!!!
  9. J

    Thread [T-Mobile] Enable dual SIM OOS 13 or COS 13

    1. Download F10 abl.img 2. Reboot to fastboot and flash F10 abl adb reboot fastboot fastboot flash abl abl.img 3.. Reboot fastboot reboot and you can use dual SIM.
  10. Nautical10

    Thread Question OnePlus Nord n200 5g T-Mobile carrier locked

    Recently I bought used OnePlus Nord n200 from a website which is locked to T-Mobile carrier in about device option. Though device carrier is locked but when I enable developer options bootloader unlock option is not greyed out also in engineer mode it shows device carrier is unlocked.When I...
  11. shuajomi

    Thread Question is there a way to unlock network?(sim unlock)

    so i got a t-mobile(locked) version of fold 3 off amazon. i wanted to use on verizon. long story short. 1. got it for decent price looked at condition looks fantastic! 2. don't work called t-mobile, can't seem to unlock it. imei is clear and went to T store see if was paid off(i seem like its...
  12. A

    Thread Question Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile -- Firmware Question

    Long story short -- I originally got a Verizon Z Fold4 from Best Buy a few months ago but switched carriers to T-Mobile this morning. My Z Fold4 has the latest firmware from Verizon (still have all the Verizon bloat and Verizon boot screen), and I was wondering if there was a way to force it to...
  13. yygemmi770

    Thread Tried flashing U1 from temporarily unlocked T-Mobile Samsung?

    I am curious if anyone has tried flashing U1 from a temporarily unlocked Samsung? If so did the temporary unlock stay permanent? Thanks!
  14. A

    Thread Question How to unlock Revvl 6 Pro 5g?

    I need help unlocking bootloader on my new Revvl 6 Pro 5g, this is my first mtk device, and I'm a Windows guy and I'm lost on the whole mtk client tool and python. Any and all help would be a phenomenal help! I think this phone would have a lot more potential with a gsi running on it!
  15. B

    Thread Root a OnePlus 8 (in2017) with android 12?

    Hello, I recently unlocked my bootloader on my OnePlus 8 T-Mobile (in2017) in the intention to root it with magisk. I can say that I am lost and afraid to brick my device. There is no post anywhere talking about rooting the in2017 with android 12. I don't mind downgrading to android 11, just...
  16. C

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 T-Mobile official OxygenOS needed

    Good day! Is there any way to get the official OnePlus 9 T-Mobile (LE2117) OxygenOS zip file? Android version does not matter (11 or 12). I want to install it by: I found official OOS from the OnePlus website, but it has only global version. (BTW I was able to sideload it and it works) PS...
  17. blindcat97

    Thread Question Help unbricking 9Pro after attempt to convert T-Mobile to Global

    I recently purchased a 9 Pro T-Mobile edition. It was supposed to be a global edition, but this information was willfully obscured by the eBay seller. Whatever, I figured I could follow this guide to convert it to global firmware. I've rooted plenty of OnePlus phones before and am very...
  18. J

    Thread [CLOSED] Downgrading Android/Samsung

    Hi, Hi! I need to switch from a Samsung Galaxy S22 that I've used for a month, back to my prior phone, an S9 (forget about how I ended up in this situation, just trust me on this). How do I manage switching phones in the downgrade direction (as opposed to the standard, which is the upgrade...
  19. J

    Thread Question Any version that has dual-sim and Wifi Calling on T-Mobile in US?

    Even with some flashing/MSMtool/logkit/code/unlock/root, is it possible?
  20. R

    Thread Question T-Mobile OP9 5G (LE2117) not receiving updates

    I just got a OP9 from T-Mobile directly and I'm having issues receiving any updates besides one that is 506MB and claims to be LE2117_11_C.16 and the upgrade to A12, but once installed I'm left at on A11. Is there a way to make a modded MSM with the correct incremental updates so my...
  21. U

    Thread Question Buying oneplus 9 pro t-mobile version from ebay

    I'm about to buy oneplus 9 pro t-mobile version from ebay, I'm currently using mint sim which is tmobile mvno. I'm using oneplus 7t global version, but I never used t-mobile version of android before so I'm little confused. I heard that I have to unlock the network for using other than tmobile...
  22. M

    Thread Which is Faster - A Tablet Tethered to a Phone or Tablet with Native 5G?

    I have the Samsung Galaxy tab 7+ which I use a lot for work when I am OTG. I use the SonicWall VPN to connect to my company's servers through RDP. The Tab 7+ is on the T-Mobile 5G network, and this has been a real lifesaver. I want to upgrade to the Samsung Tab 8 ULTRA -- but it isn't really...
  23. blitzer1

    Thread Note 10+ out of the box

    Advice & expertise needed, Few questions & hope someone can advise, & help. Ok, I have had a Note 10+ in the box for awhile & decided to use it, as I forgot about it, actually I thought I lost it during a move a year ago. It has no updates, no security updates & still running Android 11. I...
  24. C

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 T-Mobile sim unlock with unlocked bootloader

    I have a OnePlus 9 T-Mobile (LE2117). I got the bootloader unlock code from the OnePlus and was able to unlock the bootloader (fastboot oem unlock). The phone was bought from T-Mobile and it is not paid off. In the Settings > About device > Network Unlock settings it says that it is locked and...
  25. TheImpalaKid

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (T-Mobile) - Can't Add APN for Mint Mobile

    I bought this phone new from a eBay vendor. I'm trying to use it on Mint Mobile. When you look at the settings, it says it is unlocked for use with compatible services. However I try to add the Mint APN, the phone just deletes it when I save a complete entry. Mint says "Contact Samsung"...
  26. OLDWhite

    Thread Question How to activate the t-mobile oneplus 9 overseas?

    I found a non-activated t-mobile oneplus 9 at a online thrift market."Device must be activated on T-mobile " But I don't have t-mobile's network here.o_O Mobile SIM cards from t-mobile and its subsidiary Ultra mobile are available in the online marketplace. These prepaid cellphone cards...
  27. D

    Thread Question Rooting a Pixel 6 with unlocked temp OEM bootloader (T-Mobile)

    Hello, I got T-Mobile to unlock my OEM bootloader for 2 month temporary. Is there anyway to root it while it's temp unlocked or is there a bigger chance of the phone just bricking/locking up. Thanks.
  28. A

    Thread Question How to unlock mobile?

  29. ahaanwar2

    Thread Question Cannot update OnePlus 9 pro (T-Mobile) above firmware

    Hi dears, please help me to update my oneplus device. I am having OnePlus 9 pro device with details below Model: LE2127 Software version: Network Unlocked I bought the device from someone who came from USA, and I am currently living outside the US. When I looked at the net I...
  30. Xerora

    Thread Share unlimited 5G data with other devices w/o hotspot plan?

    I scoured the internet for the last few hours trying to determine if there is still a way to use an app, or some other method to essentially hotspot my phone, without a hotspot plan. My phone is network unlocked from OnePlus directly, and I have unlimited everything (not even cap throttling)...
  31. U

    Thread [Request] For Enabling dual sim functionality on T-Mobile op8

    So as we know we don't have dual sim functionality on T-Mobile op8 variant even after converting it to global . It detects second sim but with no signal. even I have changed second sim imei but same result no signal. I have tried to edit build.prop but no progress. So I'm requesting developers...
  32. C

    Thread USA market VoLTE with 3G deprecation: are Xiaomi phones usable (10T Lite, in particular)?

    Hi, I'm in the USA using Tracfone. I recently purchased this phone (end of last year). I rooted it. I installed the Sakura ROM. I had an understanding that there might be "some assembly required" with a custom ROM & I am mostly happy with it. But recently I have started getting messages from...
  33. D

    Thread Question on convert T-Mobile to Global

    I'm resident in European Union, if it buys an T-Mobile OnePlus 8t can I unlock it ? Does the phone work with a European sim card after did this ? : https://www.xda-developers.com/t-mobile-oneplus-8t-rebrand-without-bootloader-unlocking/
  34. H

    Thread Originally Unlocked OnePlus 8 Locked to T-Mobile?

    Hi All, I have a lot of pieces to the puzzle gathered on this, but I'm posting here to see what other members think of my situation. So I've bought a used OnePlus 8 device through Facebook marketplace (I know, I know, this seems like a rookie mistake at this point). Seller has been good to...
  35. S

    Thread Question Not able to tether via Hotspot?

    I'm upgrading from an old Pixel to the 6 on Sprint (now T-Mobile. On my previous phone, rooted with Magisk I used: settings put global tether_dun_required=0 net.tethering.noprovisioning=true ...to use the hotspot with no problems. Now, I still have the old grandfathered Sprint plan, but I'm on...
  36. O

    Thread T-Mobile Revvlry Plus XT1965-T: About Network Unlocking (please help)

    Hello, I have just acquired a new (never used) T-Mobile Revvlry Plus XT1965-T, and it seems to be network locked. (Note: I was able to get an OEM unlock code from Motorola, haven't tried it yet, but right now I am only asking about the network lock issue.) My goal is to install LineageOS...
  37. M

    Thread Need urgent help, can't connect the T-mobile Network

    I can't connect the T-mobile network by Mi10 Ultra. This is the first time I brought thIs Phone to US. There's no signal at all when I put the SIM card into my Phone. Did anyone solve this issue before? I've actived the VoLTE and VoWIFI button in this ROM, which's the native Chinese MIUI ROM...
  38. N

    Thread So how do I revert to stock T-mobile(KB2007 rom now?

    I flashed LOS but there will be a time when I would want to revert back to stock rom. No TWRP so no backups.
  39. F

    Thread Question Question on unlocked S21 Ultra 5g bought from Samsung

    So here's my question. I was waiting for the T-Mobile version of the s21 ultra to be in stock in the 256gig version, but it seems like that is taking too long so I had purchased the unlocked version. Yesterday when I went into the T-Mobile store, I was told that it wouldn't be able to pick up...
  40. mingkee

    Thread Question T-Mobile sells it $216 or "free" with eligible trade in or add a line

  41. weakNPCdotCom

    Thread [GUIDE][TMO][STOCK][GM1915][Android 11] T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro OOS Root with Patched Boot Image

    This Guide is intended for OP7 Pro Devices that are already running Android 11 after the May 2021 TMO OTA. DO NOT flash the provided boot image if your device has not been updated to android 11. REQUIREMENTS Before proceeding, you must make sure your GM1915 bootloader has been unlocked, and...
  42. S

    Thread LG V20 h918 call problems

    I've been having this problem since pretty much forever but I've finally decided to ask for advice here. My call quality is rather terrible in the sense that frequently the voice of the person calling me will drop out or get somewhat distorted while they hear me just fine. This is really...
  43. Lomeli12

    Thread How To Guide Convert T-Mobile OnePlus 9 to Global (or other) firmware

  44. A

    Thread MBN files request for OP 7T Pro 5G McLaren from Tmo

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone that has a Tmo variant and a rooted device that can help me to get the MBN files from this device, I managed, in the past, to change the modem configuration with the PDC tool to get VoLTE (I live in Mexico), but since I updated my phone some days ago to...
  45. U

    Thread Enabling newer LTE bands

    Hello all, Im running LineageOS 17 on a Samsung S5 (G900T) and currently on the T-mobile network. At my location T-mobile seems to provide the only decent signal on their new 600 MHz band 71 which seems to be getting utilized more across their network, especially in rural areas. My phone does...
  46. ilikepie___

    Thread Question Any luck flashing the T-Mobile firmware to a global variant?

    I have a global variant OnePlus 9 pro. It seems that my phone may not have the full features that T-Mobile has to offer with their variant of the phone. I'm also noticing that with the new Google dialer that's been implemented, I'm unable to get the visual voicemail working (see picture for what...
  47. Bearded_Anarchy

    Thread 4g Bands (International to US) Question???

  48. U

    Thread Will flashing carrier stock rom Re-Lock the phone ?

    I have a G920T (T-Mobile ) running Android 5.1.1. It's unlocked ,rooted & has custom rom TWPR. I would like to know if flashing T-Mobile stock (Android 7) rom will re-lock my phone. I don't know which method was used to unlock. Currently I can flash any 5.1.1 custom rom & it's still unlocked but...
  49. thardy00

    Thread Hi! 7T T-mobile version. Is it worth to switch from T-mobile firmware to global?

    Hi! I have bought OnePlus 7T T-mobile locked. After some time of usage I've unlocked it (so I can use every network right now) but my phone still got T-mobile firmware on it. Hence my three question about this phone. Is it worth to change T-mobile soft version to global one? Could someone point...
  50. D

    Thread Tmobile Note 20 Ultra major issues after update

    My wife and I both have the note 20 ultra through tmobile since they launched. We love the phones. On 2-26-21, we both got the OTA Feb 1st security update and things have been horrible since. It started with off and on messages wouldn't send. And weird messages about SMS sent via server. Then...