1. R

    Thread Help Needed - Srnubi T10 (TS10) Problems

    Hi Guys, A while back, I purchased the T10 unit from Srnubi. It worked perfectly for day 1. All speakers working, subwoofer was loud, everything was great. I came back to the car the next day and there was 0 subwoofer! Nothing was changed, everything normal so I started trouble shooting and I...
  2. K

    Thread Carplay not working with cable USB

    Hi, I have two head units, one EKIY T8 Android 10 that uses Carlink for connecting to Carplay on my iPhone, and the other is a T10 Srnubi UIS7862 that uses Tlink 5 to connect to iPhone Carplay. On the T8-Carlink I connect the iPhone through USB and Carplay works, and I can swithch between my...
  3. Instadiegus

    Thread List of TLINK versions availables

    Hello! I'm a new user of a ONWICE T10 Android Head Unit and tester of a lot of versions of TLINK APK, specially for CarPlay. After begging a lot I get a possible latest version of that app but still doesnt works decently. I dont know if it really is the latest version and my seller doesnt...
  4. italianquadcore

    Thread Teclast Master T10 | Accessories

    This thread is dedicated only to discussions about all accessories suitable for device Teclast Master T10. For general discussions, please use this XDA thread. For discussions about Root, please use this XDA thread. Official Website http://www.teclast.com/en/zt/T10/
  5. italianquadcore

    Thread Teclast Master T10 | General thread

    I've created this thread to manage all files and documents at one place which might be helpful for all Teclast T10's users. Teclast Master T10 Teclast Product Page Firmwares Here. Benchmarks Here. Accessories XDA Thread...
  6. M

    Thread [ROOT] Any chance for TWRP and root for Teclast T10?

    Hey, I just bought this tablet for a pretty good price for what it is (fast, nice 10.1 inch 2560x1600 screen) but need it rooted. From what I can see, files needed to install TWRP and root the device were already posted on 4pda (not sure if linking is allowed, but it's also the first result when...
  7. Alberto96

    Thread LEAGOO T10 - Information & Reviews - 5.7" FHD | Helio X20 | 4GB | 32GB | Unibody

    LEAGOO T10 - Information & Reviews - 5.7" FHD | Helio X20 | 4GB | 32GB | Unibody LEAGOO T10 Specs: Leaked News: LEAGOO T10 – Everything You Need To Know Before its Release! At last, Leagoo top-notch is just warming up for it’s release as the company’s first high-en! phone. We have...
  8. P

    Thread [Q] [hyunday t10] the 3g part does not work..just arrived...brand new

    No imei. No telephone netwok found. No ask for sim card pin. No hsdpa or 2g internet of course. Any idea?