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  1. Hamid Chikh

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Optimization Guide

    Some of these tweaks are shared with my other thread: Google Pixel Optimization Guide GENERAL BATTERY/PERFORMANCE SETTINGS To Start With - Factory Reset. - DON'T use Smart Switch Settings App - Adaptive Battery: DISABLED. - Synchronization: DISABLED (turn it off again when not in use). -...
  2. V

    Thread Just a quick note, Tab S 8.4 Marshmallow update, now allows flac files to be synced

    Just a quick note, Tab S 8.4 Marshmallow update, now allows flac files to be synced from Windows Media Player 12
  3. N

    Thread Help Tab S-T705 Won't Turn On!!!

    HI all my tab s will not turn on, but if i plug it in to a wall outlet it turns on fine, but it does not boot into android it boots into recovery menu. Long story short i sent it in for repair to Samsung last month the day i got it back i went on holiday. that's where the same issues came back...
  4. tpr0

    Thread Skyhigh kernel mirror or reupload?

    Hello, Could anyone kindly upload his/her boot.img or possibly Skyhigh kernel? as download links on the original post are down, hell even the source code on github. :crying: Preffered Help is highly appreciated and i'll provide mirror (reupload)...
  5. murattari

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T807N Help

    Hi there. I live in turkey.i have Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T807N Turkey feature is not active.please help me this regard.How can I activate phone call feature. Tablet Specs: CPU Model: Samsung Exynos 5420 1,9 GHz + 1,3 GHz Available for Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T807N different rom ...
  6. A

    Thread Tab s t705 screen freezes on charging and needs home+vol.down+power button to restart

    Tab s t705 singapore updated to hong kong lolipop 5.0.2. Been using it for a month without problems till suddenly started freezing in certain situations.till now i think its isolated to charging! Device rooted supersu/twrp. Ive read about it on internet couldnt find aolution and happened to...
  7. S

    Thread help! my internal storage is missing, Samsung tab s T800

    hi i have a samsung tab s 10.5 live demo unit. i have rooted the device and flashed cynogenmod from when i ran samsung stock rom 5.0.2 the storage section was showing total space as 16gb and...
  8. 3

    Thread [HOW-TO] Installing Viper4Android (V4A) Audio on a Lollipop Tab S [Updated May 12th]

    UPDATED: Updated V4A flash file to Viper4Android v2.4.0.1 and added notes about the TabS AOSP Marshmallow custom ROM compatibility by Schischu. The obligatory warning: "I take no responsibility for what happens to your device if you follow this guide. This procedure works with multiple...
  9. BableMan

    Thread Common problems to look for?

    I just scored a crazy deal from on a 10.5 incher! However a4c units are company refurbished, are there any common defects or problems with the tab s that I should look for right away? Also, any tweaks or tricks that people recommend?
  10. b3ltazar

    Thread 90+c

    Anyone else tabs 8.4 making it to 90c normal use it can hit 87-89 stress test hit 91 before i stopped it and twrp backup it was hitting 92. I wouldnt think this is normal but might be any feed backup appreciated....
  11. R

    Thread [Q] Touch Key duration bug - lights stay on when set to stay off

    I've a SM-T700 Tab S 8.4 running lollipop, and I've recently noticed a bug. I don't know if it's new since the lollipop upgrade, but I didn't notice it before. I often use it to read in the dark, so I turn the brightness down and set the touch keys to never light up. However, after a while the...
  12. Tkkg1994

    Thread [Q&A] [ROM][STABLE][TW][SM-T70X][SM-T80X]IronRom

    This thread has been created for Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting Specific to The IronRom, for both Variants of the Tab S 10.5 (T800 and T805) and Tab S 8.4 (T700 and T705) Click link here>> IronROM
  13. WerWolv

    Thread [ROM] [TouchWiz] [T800] EventHorizon |A| - AngelWings

    Current Version: Download |A| - AngelWings Older Versions: From Lollipop/ Install like every other ROM also. Do a Full-Wipe and install the .zip file in a recovery like TWRP. From KitKat/ Flash the latest Lollipop Firmware from Sammobile for the T800 with ODIN After that let the device...
  14. J

    Thread Solution for battery drain on Tab S 8.4

    Hi everyone. Just to write a solution for the commonly problem on the battery of this tablet; I had the problem that battery ran out almost on 1 or 2 hours! of use after it turned off I turned on again and the gauge showed for example 30% or some cases 40% of battery I was crazy about that and...
  15. M

    Thread Wrong thread

    Wrong thread
  16. M

    Thread Wrong thread

    Wrong thread
  17. A

    Thread SM-T705M new firmware for Brazil [4.4.2]

    Hello, I would like to share with you that today sammobile and Kies has published a new firmware for SM-T705M (TAB S 8.4 LTE), see below. A few questions on the subject, if you will: But what's the diference in the new PDA, CSC? Since I was expecting android 5 to be release to my device, it...
  18. C

    Thread Windows 8.1/7 won't detect Galaxy Tab S in download mode

    Hi All, I recently purchased two Galaxy Tab S tablets (10.5, SM-T800) which I have been trying to root for the past couple of days but have been getting nowhere. The issue stems from the inability of my computers being able to detect the tablets in Download Mode. I have tried the following...
  19. G

    Thread [SM-T700]Edify Definition file for Dsixda's Kitchen

    I decided to use Dsixda's kitchen, so I made the file for the Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi (Klimtwifi). Here it is. Try it, I think it was correctly made. Mirror:
  20. Tkkg1994

    Thread [OFFICIAL] Firmware selection for SM-T700/SM-T800 Variants

    Hello my friends! I decided myself to creat a thread with official stock firmwares of our Galaxy Tab S. I don't touch it, all is stock! I'm grabbing this files from and than upload it on faster hoster :) If it is wished by some users, i can extract the md5.tar files and upload...
  21. Y

    Thread [TW][T800/T805][5.0.2+] yTab 2.6d2a TabletUI+/Theme Store & [5.1.1][PORT] 2.7a2 29/4

    Hi all I would like to share my 2nd public sammy kernel+rom, yTab, to you guys. Hope you will like it. Enjoy! click here for the Android 5.1.1 port (last updated 6/5) for info about yTab 1.x please goto post #2 here NOTE: for SM-T800 and SM-T805 tab S 10.5...
  22. H

    Thread [REQ] Multirom for the Tab S 8.4

    I was wondering whether anyone has the potential to develop multirom for the Tab S 8.4. Touchwiz has it's benefits but also brings drawbacks too so running an aosp rom and touchwiz rom would be great!
  23. P

    Thread T805K Tab S LTE-A (AKA Tab S Slate) with new 64bit Exynos CPU now available to order. So Sammie intend to go head to head with the Nexus 9........ Wonder if they'll launch a 705K?
  24. P

    Thread LTE Frequencies supported by T805W (Canadian)?

    I've had a look in google but cannot find this anywhere. Does anyone know what frequencies in the LTE/4G bands are supported by the Canadian T805W? I also seem to remember reading a thread where someone had managed to access the service menu and enable all the frequencies on the device...
  25. SelfAwareDroid

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy tab S "Not for sale" version with "retail mode" app, problem!

    [Q] Samsung Galaxy tab S "Not for sale" version with "retail mode" app, problem! this may seem strange, but I have a Samsung galaxy tab S, demo version, with a "NOT FOR SALE" text hacked on the back, it has a "retail mode" app on it (even after factory reset) so I can't remove it, is it...
  26. Tkkg1994

    Thread [Q] CloudAgent

    Hi guys :) I've bought the new Tab S LTE and I really love it :fingers-crossed: But I unfortunately saw something that's a little bit confusing. On my Wlan data usage there are a lot of apps that I really needed, like Play Store or Opera Browser and on the top of the list, there is something...
  27. Tkkg1994

    Thread [Q] Snapdragon 800

    Good Evening to all :) I've got a question, is it possible to get a Tab S 10.5 with the Snapdragon 800? I searched a lot but I can't find it. I live in Europe so the LTE Version is also power by the Exynos processor...but I want the Snapdragon with LTE. Where can I import it? Please help me...
  28. Y

    Thread [T800/T805][PORT][CWM] PhilZ Touch Recovery 6.58.7 build07b ** links updated 20190107

    This is an UNOFFICIAL port of PhilZ-Touch recovery for SM-T800 chagallwifi and SM-T805 chagalllte (Exynos version only) NOTE: flashing this recovery will trigger the knox flag and thus likely void your warranty Main thread + features + install instructions + dev support...
  29. D

    Thread LTE Only mode T805

    Hello guys. I am looking for a method to force LTE mode in my T805 Tab S. I have tried *#*#4636#*#* code, but there is no such menu. Also tried to use some Play Store apps and Xposed module for Galaxy S5, but none of them is working. If you know any way to do it I will be greatful for...
  30. T

    Thread [ROM][8.4/10.5 Wifi/LTE][ALL WIDGETS ANYWHERE] **SuperSamsung V2** [4.4.2][NG2][8/27]

    So...what does the "S" in our device name stand for u ask? Well...on your planet many may say it means "SUPER" or "SAMSUNG" or even "SKYHIGH" (lol...soon hopefully ;)). Just to be clear i am NOT a dev by any means...only another enthusiastic user looking to make a few improvements to his device...
  31. P

    Thread [Q] Battery Swelling

    Has anyone else experienced battery swelling in the tab s 8.4 T700? As per a previous post of mine, mine was stuck with the screen on in download mode overnight until I woke up and flashed a workable ROM on it. As of this afternoon when i took it out of it's case to appreciate it, it has a...
  32. SrAdama

    Thread [Q] Maximize battery life?

    Hello everyone! Got the Tab S 8.4 recently and loving it so far, except for the battery life. Would like to know what tricks and tips you guys have for maximizing the battery life? Thanks! :)
  33. open1your1eyes0

    Thread [FIRMWARE][SM-T700] Galaxy Tab 8.4 (Wifi) T700XXU1ANF7 No-Wipe Factory Image

    This is the latest firmware (T700XXU1ANF7) as of June 29, 2014 for the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (Wifi) model (SM-T700). "No-Wipe" means your app data and storage will all stay 100% in tact. Only system mods, custom kernels, and root will be removed as you are flashing stock firmware. Please feel free...