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tab s5e

  1. R

    Thread Galaxy Tab S5e - in bootloop - help needed

    Dear crowd, I need support with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e/SM T-725 (it is my first Samsung device). I unlocked it and tried flashing it (with Odin3). This was not successful and now I do not manage to get the device to boot into the Download Mode anymore. The device does not switch on anymore -...
  2. C

    Thread Galaxy Tab S4 unresponsive

    Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy tab s4 that is unresponsive it won't turn on or show that it is charging I have tried pressing and holding volume down and home to no avail however a couple days ago it did turn on and boot up for about 10-15 seconds and then turned right back off until last night when...
  3. LanhuaMa

    Thread How to do TWRP after magisk is flashed

    Basic information: My Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, (SM-T725C) Magisk: Magisk is installed, using falsh patched image. TWRP link: https://twrp.me/samsung/samsunggalaxytabs5elte.html Issue: Now I wish to install TWRP to my device, but I can't. I followed the instruction on TWRP page, install...
  4. T

    Thread Display Comparison Tab S5e and Tab S6

    I have a Tab S3 right now, and I'm considering upgrading it to either S5e or S6. All I care for is the display quality for watching movies and HDR content. I have read that they both have same screen, but S6 has HDR10+ certification? Can anyone confirm the difference between nits?
  5. Catmobile

    Thread Debloat with ADB Shell [No Root]

    See topic where package disablers are used first: https://forum.xda-developers.com/tab-s5e/how-to/samsung-galaxy-tab-s5e-debloat-root-info-t3935010 See explained why you as a consumer should not buy or use package disablers: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=80048718&postcount=42...