1. P

    Thread I can't find a decent screen on google

    I am trying to make my own thing similar to a tablet but not quite, I am trying to find a 10.1" touch screen that is under $20 USD but no matter what I put into google I can only find full monitors, screens that come or are made for the raspberry PI, full android tablets or are just very...
  2. S

    Thread how to install PC XP Tablet Edition onto fire 10 HD

    hello I have an .iso of windows xp tablet edition from 2005, how can I put this disk image onto the tablet to turn it into an PC? This is hypothetically work since it is an operating system meant for tablets I think. pls let me know if you come across anything thanks!
  3. e8hffff

    Thread Teclast M40 Pro Discoveries

    Teclast M40 Pro Discoveries Various helpful points of knowledge to unlock your bootloader, to root, and use your tablet. Problem: Where can I obtain the official firmware? Solution: Teclast Website Usage: type M1A3 in search Problem How can I unpack "pac" files? Solution: Build C utility...
  4. Hasisul12

    Thread TCL TAB 10 HD 4G Lockscreen bug

    Hi! I have a TCL Tab 10 HD 4G (aka TCL 9060X) from school, and it has android 11. I set a 6 digits password, but when I try to unlock it, takes only 4 digits, and any pin is wrong. I tried to reset it but I don't have acces to google account, because we log into the tablets google acc with the...
  5. A

    Thread Can I improve a SM-T210 tablet?

    I've recently been given a tablet and I'm looking for ways to improve its performance. It's slow, freezes a lot and it's too outdated for most apps, including Galaxy Store. Google Play even crashes and closes itself regularly when I attempt app installations. I'm a complete novice. There are a...
  6. Chrisc11

    Thread Sony Xperia Tablet SGP311 - Locked out

    Hello guys, I've been searching around for a way to get around my problem but can't seem to find a way. My dad's got this Sony Xperia Tablet SGP311 (says this model name on the side) which he got from the US. He has a pattern lock and forgot the pattern. I'm trying to figure out a way to...
  7. Timi25062010

    Thread [CLOSED] Post Your Wallpapers

    Here you can post your Wallpapers! Happy Posting ;)
  8. S

    Thread Installing TWRP on Android Tablet with unknown OEM manufacturer

    Hi all, Background (ignore this if you like): I have an air con unit that uses an Android Tablet on my wall, it has recently started crashing with the error "gapps has stopped responding". I called the company and they basically told me I need to pay $500+ for a new tablet. I thought this is...
  9. Fonsocruise

    Thread ROM in 2022

    Hi guys! I know this is the million dollar question. I've recently grabbed a Pixel C for really cheap. I used to have one back when they came out but broke and never got another one till now. So the question now in 2022 is :cowboy: -What ROM would you use for max stability and that...
  10. P

    Thread LG G Pad F2 8.0 Bootloader Unlock

    I used mtkclient to dump the firmware for this tablet and tried to use the bootloader unlock feature but it seems the lock is in a different partition on this device as it worked on my other devices but not this one. If anyone knows how which partition it is please let me know! Stock Boot and...
  11. Chris Fouroseven

    Thread Help resetting a tablet

    Please connect me with ANYONE who can help me figure out how to wipe a tablet to get it back to the original start-up. It's a Vantron 5081-G Tablet running Android 7.1.0 with a RK/MK 3368 Rockchip with a Rockchip 808-H bus chip and a SanDisk SDINBDA4 32G that has a management partition I don't...
  12. redrew89

    Thread [AQT80] Sprint Slate 8 (Quanta ANS_NKS AQT80) Development Thread (Root, Recovery, etc...)

    Sprint Slate 8 (ANS_NKS AQT80) 8 Inch Tablet Files: Google Drive <Includes dumps of stock boot, recovery, splash. Attempted TWRP 3.6.0 build> I recently had one of these ancient tablets come into my possession, and like any good nerd, I set out to hack it as much as possible. Admittedly, I...
  13. Falusvampen

    Thread [CLOSED]One ui 3.1 Galaxy Tab S4

    Hello, Is it possible to flash android 11 with one UI 3.1 to Samsung galaxy tab s4 SM-T830? Sorry if it's a bad question, I really have no clue. Regards, Falusvampen
  14. brusell

    Thread Recommendation for budget tablet with broad community support

    Hello to everybody. My old iPad (inherited after my father) is going out of life and I'm thinking about its replacement by some budget friendly Android device. I'm not playing any games, so rather just device for watching videos in bed and browsing the internet. I have still my old OnePlus...
  15. C

    Thread MHL supported tablet

    I'm evalueting to buy a tablet eather for work and chill I'm in search of only one "special" feature the MHL support aka usb to hdmi support for use it with old projectors and monitors who doesn't support mirroring It is possible that almost every phone has this implementation but not so much...
  16. rjokela002

    Thread Android tablet as a head unit

    This thread can be moved to right location! I’ve read the topics and none of them seem to answer my question. So. Is there a ROM that would change my tablet (Lenovo 10 inch) to a android auto. So that I could connect my phone to the tablet with BT and listen to music. The tablet would then ve...
  17. SomeoneNormal07

    Thread [PROJECT] Android Oreo Go for the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 (YT3-850F)

    --- DISCLAIMER The code published here is in a very early stage of development, and was published with the intention of receiving comments that allow me to improve it and develop a more stable version, it is not a software created with the intention that you install it on your device, much less...
  18. proadi96

    Thread Logicom L-EMENT TAB1001 - Stock ROM?

    Hi Guys, I've got a tablet that's bricked (in boot loop) and I was looking for the Stock ROM on Google but can't find anything. All the links are scam websites (claiming they have stock Android 12 ROM for this tablet...). Anyway, I can get into FastBoot fine so I should be able to flash the ROM...
  19. C

    Thread GPS in google pixel c

    Hello, Recently I decided to get tablet for my car, and I come up with Google pixel C tablet, Which I'd like to use for many reason, to listen music and watch, for camera instead of mirrors, for GPS navigation. I like the size and every specs it has, read everything about it, but There is no...
  20. C

    Thread Google pixel c

    Helo, Recently I decided to get tablet for my car, and I come up with Google pixel C tablet, Which I'd like to use for many reason, to listen music and watch, for camera instead of mirrors, for GPS navigation. I like the size and every specs it has, read everything about it, but There is no...
  21. Z

    Thread Help with tablet upgrade

    I have the Samsung model number gt-p7500R. It's gotten very very slow and I can't update past android 4.0.4. I can't even get most apps because of the Android version. How can I update to a newer android version and maybe help the speed a bit?
  22. O

    Thread Support for: TOPOSH Netbook/Tablet

    Hi all, Quick question if I may: I have just purchased a Toposh mini-Laptop which runs Windows 10 home ( I would really like to install a version of Linux on it, and I am looking for...
  23. F


    Hello, i am trying to root my tablet and all the videos that i saw, it says that i need to downlad an app (kingroot) and in the app should show me if the root has been succesful, but i never cant open the app because it just shows me the "main menu" but after a few seconds, the app takes me up...
  24. S

    Thread I'd like to root my Sky Devices Elite T8

    I got it through EBB, but the device by default disabled the draw-over-other-apps permission, and therefore can't run red-moon, which is reason enough to designate the tablet to paperweight status. But I assume the solution is to root the device by flashing a custom OS onto it, but I can't find...
  25. K

    Thread Windows 10 cheapest device

    Hii I am from India My requirement is i want cheapest carry device working with amd windows 10 in budget of 60 usd/ INR 4500 (± 40% adjustable) It could part just with pc with no attachments. Obviously without Monitor and keyboard, without key Just to connect as RDP to android mobile/tablet...
  26. L

    Thread Help - Where to find this specific Firmware A33 ???

    Hi, my Chinese tablet is bricked and I can't find its firmware. I've already scanned the entire internet and I can't find the firmware. The tablet data is: - MODEL : Kin7 - MANUFACTURER : Nage - VERSION : 4.4.2 - PRODUCT NAME : astar_mq88HD - DISPLAY ID : astar_mq88HD-eng 4.4.2...
  27. tomyhadida

    Thread How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy tab GT-P3110?

    Hi there, Is it possible to upgrade my tab from android 4 to android 7 or above? Is there a custom ROM available? I looked for it in LineageOS website, but Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3110 model doesnt appear anymore... Appreciate your help here. Thanks Tomas
  28. L

    Thread MTK tablet stuck in first screen after flashing modified system.img

    Tablet's soc is MT8173, and rom is android 7.0. But there is no rec to flashing magisk to root, and tablet automatic restart while lock screen after flashing magisk modified boot.img to root. So i give up root tablet, and try to modify system.img. but no matter use third part tools under...
  29. tsolignani

    Thread Downgrade from

    Hallo everybody. I have a tab s3 with Android 9, firmware T825XXU3CTA1, and I hate it, too slow. I would like to downgrade it to Android 8 or, if possible, even better to 7. I boughy it via Amazon Italy Which firmware should I download and, if I may, where can I? I wouldn't like to root...
  30. M

    Thread Create correct Scatter File from BeTools XML

    <Partitions> <!-- size unit is MBytes --> <Partition id="prodnv" size="10" rule="WVME22020E.img"/> <Partition id="miscdata" size="1"/> <Partition id="recovery" size="40" rule="WRME22020E.img"/> <Partition id="misc"...
  31. P

    Thread How to disable pen cursor on Android Tablet?

    Hi! I´ve got an Lenovo P11 Pro Tablet with the Lenovo Precision Pen 2. When using the pen theres always a little circle under the pen tip before touching the screen. I think this feature is more distracting than usful and want to disable it. The problem is I can´t find anything in the settings...
  32. P

    Thread bkb50 keyboard with a firm hinge and a touchpad for the galaxy tab s5e

    I ve just received my s5e ;) ... working fine with my old BKB50 keyboard :) (from my old Xperiab Tab Z4) (note : had to open and close the BKB50's hinge to be able to pair it to the s5e) Now I need to configure it as a german keyboard (got it for 50-60E last year on aliexpress as I gave my...
  33. B

    Thread Maxell Maxtab tablet wipe data problem

    Hi! Help me please, beause i can't unlock my tablet. I forgot the password, but it's the smallest problem. I go to "Android system recovery<3e>" mode, but in there i can't choose the "wipe data/factory reset" option because the tablet don't have volume button, just a power and a home button. I...
  34. HellruLLz

    Thread Broken Asus tablet

    Hello everyone, i kinda have a bit of a problem. So i got an asus tablet and it's stuck in a bootloop and it won't boot to recovery or fastboot and i can't pretty much find anything about it on the internet, also it won't get detected by my laptop or my friends laptop. I've thought about...
  35. A

    Thread SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 10.1 P5210 DEAD

    Hello, guys! I have this tablet that, a few years ago, ran out of battery and never turned on again. This year I had the brilliant idea of trying to fix the device so I could see photos and old stuff. I already changed the battery, USB port and so far nothing works, even the computer doesn't...
  36. C

    Thread How to improve Huawei MediaPad FDR-A01L performance

    Hello everyone, I've got my hands on a Huawei MediaPad FDR-A01L but the latest android version of the rom is 5.1.1 :-( Does any of you know of a good custom rom I can try to flash on this device? I'm also stuck out of bootloader since Huawei isn't releasing unlock codes no more, can anyone of...
  37. V

    Thread Ressorection of a completely locked out SM-590

    I have a Tablet from a customer and he has locked himself out of his tablet, he wants it rooted, but odin and Windows does not recognise the device anymore so to my knowledge this tab has secured itself by KNOX. I dont know where to start on this one.
  38. r1ckp

    Thread Best tablet for custom android development?

    Hi, I‘m looking for a tablet as a development platform for gettting into custom android firmware development. What device (current or discontinued) is the most painless to compile a custom rom for with a current android regarding unlocking and driver support in 2021? I‘m an electronics...
  39. JotaFilip

    Thread Teclast M40_EEA weird OTG

    Well, I was trying to use OTG on this tablet, keyboard and mouse works great connecting via USB with a Type-C adapter. But when connecting a Logitech controller it receives power (I can turn mode on/off and the light goes on/off) but the tablet doesn't recognize, for example when I go to the...
  40. ClaytonTDM

    Thread How do I root Lenovo Smart Tab M8?

    So, how would I go about rooting a Lenovo Smart Tab M8 [TB-8505FS]? I am scared to go through a Magisk installation, and my device isn't in the TWRP list. I have tried multiple one-click root methods, but no luck. And if there is a way, I want the least possible chance of bricking my tablet. Any...
  41. shutdown_music

    Thread Nexus 10 bootloop without bootloader

    Hello Forum, i've buyed recently a Nexus 10 tablet in order to install a Nethunter distribution on it but on this tablet seems that bootloader is not present. Is it possible? I've tried to enter it thousand times using buttons power - vol up - vol down but nothing, tablet vibrates but nothing...
  42. C

    Thread Galaxy Tab S4 unresponsive

    Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy tab s4 that is unresponsive it won't turn on or show that it is charging I have tried pressing and holding volume down and home to no avail however a couple days ago it did turn on and boot up for about 10-15 seconds and then turned right back off until last night when...
  43. Z

    Thread [HELP] Can't reach NAS after being connected for a few minutes

    Hi, I have a problem where my android tablet can connect to my NAS, but after a few minutes (or sometimes an hour or so), it disconnects and cannot reach it anymore. I tried doing `ping IP` in terminal and the host is unreachable. The strange thing is that all my other devices on the network can...
  44. N

    Thread how can i root a Onn 8" pro?

    so i was thinking becuse its a cheep tablet and all its likely not locked and all and i want to be able to do more and have more freedom on the device if i can. anyways is it possible to unlock and root the device?
  45. ArturNTx

    Thread Rom for Tablet Sunfire CS8

    So, I have a Sunfire CS8 tablet, I am thinking of making some use of it However, it still has android 4.0.4, I can't download anything on google play. I searched on google and found no rom, or many references for this device. Does anyone know any rom for the tablet?
  46. S

    Thread Laptop or Tablet for Business?

    Is Laptop a good choice compared to Tablet for my Business {Mod edit}.
  47. S

    Thread Huion On DEX

    Hi, how can I get DEX to use my h610pro tablet as a pointer? It only lets me use gestures on the phone screen and keeps notifying me to change keyboard settings when I plug it in to either usb port on the Dex dock...
  48. O

    Thread Updating a Samsung GT-P1010 tablet

    I recently got a Samsung GT-P1010 tablet, currently running Android 2.2. I went to see the latest update for it, and it's 2.3.6, which is also obsolete. I wonder if there is any custom Rom with Android 4.2 or higher for it.
  49. N

    Thread Help - I just boughted a rooted tablet

    Hi guys so to stay with long story short: I got a tablet - samsung gt-p5210 -already rooted with twrp already installed. I wanted to unroot it and to go to the initial state and i tried to flash stock ROM, resources found here, trough twrp(sd card) cuz with odin is impossîble, beacause of...
  50. ArtificialIntelligenceCod

    Thread How to be Flashing Android from Google Repository?

    Hello 👍 I own a tablet that is with android 4.4 and Would like to install on it android 8.0, but I would like to follow the procedure below, if anyone can help me with videos on YouTube or a Step by Step Tutorial that you know I thank you. 1 - I want to flash the original Android by...