Thread [REQ] \e\ build for G Tablet (malata)

    Hi everyone, we need to revive an old G Tablet clone (aka Olipad 100), so it would be nice to grab the opportunity to bring the (few) remaining Tegra-2-based tablets' users/devs together around an \e\ (aka deGoogled-Lineage) port. We've opened a dedicated "device request" 3ad @ \e\ community...
  2. AlexGWM

    Thread Storage issues - Tablet

    Hello, I have a question that I want to consult to see if anyone has any ideas or solutions. My cousin has one of the tablets that institutions give to public schools. It has 128Gb of memory, but its apps are only installed in a space apart from 3Gb, that is, limited. Does anyone know how to fix...
  3. searchingforROMs

    Thread android 5 custom rom for sm-t110 please...

    galaxy tab 3 lite t110 should have an android 5 custom rom but i cant find it anywhere pls help
  4. SaturaniumYT

    Thread [QUESTION] How to flash GSI on Hard-Bricked Nokia T20 WiFi? (TA-1392)

    Hello, I recently tried to find a workaround for installing an Android 13 GSI for my Nokia T20 tablet (TA-1392). It unfortunately backfired and now I don't know how to install the new GSI for my tablet without an unlocked bootloader. If possible, how can I unlock the bootloader? If not, is...
  5. M

    Thread Tab 3 only buttons light up

    When i plug in the charger its only the 2 back and menu buttons that light up. Nothing else happens
  6. L

    Thread Which phones or tablets have 32 gb ram and PHYSICAL front buttons?

    I've looked a long while and cannot find exactly that
  7. 17lifers

    Thread Can we root this tablet?

    Hello, Can we root the Android tablet YC-83T? Specs: Runs Android 10 (go) Ram: 1GB Storage: 32gb It's not locked down, as in it has google services and it can install APK files
  8. Minionguyjpro

    Thread [HELP] Kurio TAB 2 C15100M/C15150M bricked after flashing a TWRP for relevant device (different device, but got the same type of something in Tab)

    Hello, I have an old Kurio TAB 2 with model code C15100M/C15150M, I was thinking of rooting it, by installing TWRP. I found a TWRP that was somehow a bit related to the device, an Alcatel TWRP, I think. I successfully managed to unlock the device and flash it using fastboot, but now it doesn't...
  9. Dexrn

    Thread (SM-T280) How to extract IMG files from stock rom like a zip file?

    I downloaded the stock rom for the SM-T280 and extracted the zip, ap and other files, but i got stuck at the .img files, main one is system.img, attempting to open them gives me "Corrupted Disk Image", Linux doesnt help either, cant recognize the FS, but if i try to export to disk image it will...
  10. Insomniac05

    Thread [How To Guide] Guide to remove MobiControl and privacy intrusion on Lava t81n Tablet (by de-googling)

    The UP government started giving away tablets and smartphones since Dec 2021, from what it seems the first batch got Samsungs, second got Acers and the third batch got Lavas. While I was among the lucky ones from the first batch who got the Samsung one, which was pretty easy to fix and free up...
  11. M

    Thread Install ChromeOS In Android tablet

    Hi, I have a Lenovo tablet that I would like to install ChromeOS on. And if ChromeOS could not be installed, some customization for android? Thanks.
  12. A

    Thread On the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen) tablet with Mediatek MT6769V/CU Helio G80 (12 nm) processor - (Wi-Fi only model) it is not possible to run a wifi

    Hi ! I just bought a Lenovo M10 3rd gen Tab for my work, on Android 12. The purpose is to create a mobile hotspot, for a sonometer to connect on, in order to be configured. Problem is that there is no hotspot option in the network configuration. I also bought a Samsung Tab 7 for my son, Android...
  13. S

    Thread How-to recycle old tablet ?

    Hi, I have an old tablet "Pipo T9 Octa Core" that sill runs fine, only issue it have an outdated android 4.2.2. I want to use it to watch netflix, I tried to install the app it didn't work. I tired to install a modern browser like firefox, but the new apk format is not supported. Is there any...
  14. Fadjskl

    Thread Help updating Android RSE3 Tablet past 4.4.2

    Hey all, I have just bought an audi that comes with the android tablets for the kids in the back seat. They are running android 4.4.2 and no OTA updates are available to it. Due to its old OS, im having problems getting things like bluetooth controllers and even the play store to work...
  15. greedyty

    Thread Does anyone know hot to replace splash image(boot logo) of Lenovo M8?

    Hi guys, I just rooted my Lenovo M8 TB-8506FS(3rd generation), I'd like to replace the splash image(Lenovo's Logo) with my own picture, but I searched several methods and tried them, none worked... I have extracted logo.img and tried to unpack it with several unpack tools, none worked...
  16. annoykid

    Thread Question .

  17. C

    Thread Widevine L1 but see as L3

    Hello I didn't use my tablet for 2 years but I launch it yesterday and reset it beause it was very low. I'm on the last official firmware XEF, android 5.0.1 or 2 When I see on application mycanal (a TV OTT service in France) and the app DRM INFO, I have widevine L1. But Netflix is in SD and...
  18. markuse210

    Thread DOOGEE to enter the tablet market with the T10

    DOOGEE has been a leader in outdoor mobile phones. But now DOOGEE is planning to launch its first tablet device - the T10, on November 1. Here are some main features of this new pioneer: 1) Aviation-grade Aluminum Alloy Unibody Design, 7.5mm Ultra Thin and Sleek, Only 430g Weight 2) 10.1-inch...
  19. Aarush555

    Thread S Pen Pro on matte surfaces

    So I am using a normal s pen with my tab s7+ and I am using normal tempered glass over the tablet. But to reduce the glare I wanted to use a matte protector or paper-like protector. But a normal s pen's nib will break if I use it with matte. So, I wanted to know if I should buy S Pen Pro to use...
  20. B

    Thread Unbrick Onda V701s tablet

    Hi everyone! I have an Onda V701s tablet that runs on the Allwinner A31s SOC. Specifications of this tablet can be found here: While trying to root the tablet with ADB commands, I bricked the device. When powering on the device, it is stuck on...
  21. sdoer

    Thread Need Stock or Custom ROM for Philips S410J

    Philips s410j tablet. Recovery page reads BMXC N107/ N107. it's MTK MT6762 processor. I know that it is a China manufactured device rebranded as Philips. 4GB+64GB. Anyone knows where to get the stockrom or custom ROM. I had seen some posts talking about firmwares available at jlinksz ftp site...
  22. toni500

    Thread how to remove orange state after unlocking oem and flashing in recovery twrp.img

    my tablet is a Yotopt X109 and yesterday i have unlocked the bootloader with sudo ./fastboot flashing unlock (on linux because on windows i tried to boot in secure mode and got a 0xc00000e error) then after succesufully unlocking it, i downloaded the twrp image for a Motorola Moto G7 because i...
  23. yukkey

    Thread How to find a custom ROM that can be used with a tablet called iPlay40Pro from Alldocube.

    AEX and crDroid did not start in a boot loop. According to my investigation, it seems that the custom ROM customized by AOSP does not start. Which one should I choose in this case?
  24. TheRealYiDa

    Thread Need help, if possible, with twrp and supersu

    So, I was trying to root a model of Samsung galaxy tab a sm-t380 2017 8" and I came across a boot loop and thought of a possible solution that is following, In TWRP I saw an option wipe/AdvancedWipe /RepairOrChangeFileSystem then finally I saw change file system and it then showed 6 options of...
  25. V

    Thread HELP Bricked Yashica TAB-X109

    Hey, guys. Thank you for your time reading this. Hope you day's going well :) So, couldn't find a thread for this device, but I got a Yashica TAB-X109 Android 6 which I managed to brick... What did I do? Rooted it using KingRoot Enabled USB debbuging Installed TWRP app apk Naively flashed this...
  26. Hehe_boi

    Thread Is it worth rooting older devices with no support or community?

    Rooting has a ton of benifits but I am confused about doing it with older devices. Is it worth it to root my older android devices that has no community behind it? Will Magisk Modules work? In my case I am trying to root this old device called Insignia 8" NS-P16AT08 and I had no support for it...
  27. Hehe_boi

    Thread How do I root my Insignia - Flex - 8" android tablet? (NS-P16AT08)

    I have this tablet called Insignia - Flex - 8" which is an android tablet and I would like to unloack bootloader and root it since it is a very weak and old device. I need some help doing it since i didn't find anything useful while searching for the solution. Device Info: Display: IPS...
  28. remembrance

    Thread Tablet won't turn on or charge

    I have a generic Chinese tablet with Intel Atom Z3735F CPU. It came with Android 4.4 but since that's useless to me and since this CPU and chipset supports it, I wanted to try and install Windows 10 on it. I booted from a usb stick and Windows 10 setup started loading, but soon after that...
  29. PitcherGood

    Thread ZONMAI XS9 128 GB Tablet - Storage & Boot Problems

    Good day mates I've bought a used ZONMAI XS9 knowing it's wired behavior "restoring after boot" , and today I have received the tablet. I thought I could fix the problem rebooting in recovery mode and "flash heal" the device, but I've failed to do so. Neither the button press method (select...
  30. S

    Thread XTouch f81 challenge

    Hello there, I was looking for tablet XTouch f81 stock firmware, I finally found it, but it is on a Chinese cloud, I tried to extract it with everything I had, but I couldn't. The challenge is to extract the file from this cloud. Please help me. I wish you success. thank you in advance. File...
  31. X

    Thread Old Z2 Tablet SGP512 Given All It's Got?

    As the title suggests I have an old Z2 tablet that has been an absolute work horse for many years. I was using it one night and the Android OS prompted me that the device hadn't been rebooted in 28 days. So after I was done using it for the night I rebooted it. Only, it didn't reboot it...
  32. bryan5472

    Thread Amazon Fire Tablet 5th Gen. Wifi networks not showing up. Flashed stock rom through TWRP (Help)

    I flashed the stock rom for the Fire tablet 5th gen and wifi networks do not show up. I tried flashing custom roms but that didn't work either.
  33. B

    Thread Need new recovery img

    Hello i use lenovo a7-40 (A350FL-MT6582 ) i had cwmrecovery idk what version i think and it worked like 1h but everything is so messy on my desktop and i lost that file i put my stock firmware and when i try cwm recovery img i found on my destkop idk if thats the one that worked i flash...
  34. R

    Thread Bootloader Genesis gt1230

    Hello everyone I'm bought myself an old genesis gt1230 tablet, with 10 inches, but its O.S is pretty old, actually, it is running android 4.0. I'd like to update to Android 4.3 or newer, but every time I try to reboot into bootloader, running adb reboot bootloader, it reboots normally. When I...
  35. bryan5472

    Thread Unbricking 2 devices. Fire Tablet (5th Gen) & LG Volt 2

    For the Fire tablet, it stays on the Amazon logo. Recovery mode does not work (volume down + power) and fastboot (volume up + power) just says "Factory Mode APK" and then nothing happens. With the LG Volt 2, it has the Authentication Failed #9 error I cannot seem to fix. I have tried the LG G...
  36. C

    Thread MediaPad T10 AGS3-L09 Rom update

    Hi everyone, I bought this table last year Huawei MediaPad T10 AGS3-l09, already in the beginner, i note that it was not possible to install all Google components but i use different tools and it was ok. Now, i no receive any updates so i decided to change rom if possible, at the moment it is...
  37. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 Wifi Canada (SM-T580) Help!

    I was recently using my tablet and I let it charge for a while and when I went to check it would turn so I tried forcing it to restart nothing. I tried everything to get it back to normal. All I could do was go into the download mode or go in the bios area. SO now I decided I would reinstall the...
  38. Abish4i

    Thread Is rooting Mediatek chipset devices a bad idea ?

    Hi, Umm, I have mostly encountered that devices with MTK chipset are going more haywire than SD chipsets could it be that there is no reason for this to be true. I have many MTK devices but now I haven't had them rooted can anyone confirm any method which is less harmful for MTK devices...
  39. nervoznjAk

    Thread tablet bricked, need answers

    hey all, i wanted to ask a question about this tablet that i had a long time ago, it was working fine but then it got stuck on boot with just the logo it doesn't have a logo at all, so i dunno if it's completely bricked but i wanted to ask is it possible (at all) to completely...
  40. G

    Thread Motorola Tab g20 unlock and Tab m8 conversion guide

    Motorola tab g20 is a clone of Lenovo tab m8 3rd gen 8506F model. As of now tab g20 is only available in India. Bootloader unlock of this device is simpler than other motorola devices. (Unlocking and relocking wipes all user data) Enable oem unlock in developer options Enter fastboot through...
  41. P

    Thread I can't find a decent screen on google

    I am trying to make my own thing similar to a tablet but not quite, I am trying to find a 10.1" touch screen that is under $20 USD but no matter what I put into google I can only find full monitors, screens that come or are made for the raspberry PI, full android tablets or are just very...
  42. S

    Thread how to install PC XP Tablet Edition onto fire 10 HD

    hello I have an .iso of windows xp tablet edition from 2005, how can I put this disk image onto the tablet to turn it into an PC? This is hypothetically work since it is an operating system meant for tablets I think. pls let me know if you come across anything thanks!
  43. e8hffff

    Thread Teclast M40 Pro Discoveries

    Teclast M40 Pro Discoveries Various helpful points of knowledge to unlock your bootloader, to root, and use your tablet. Problem: Where can I obtain the official firmware? Solution: Teclast Website Usage: type M1A3 in search Problem How can I unpack "pac" files? Solution: Build C utility...
  44. Hasisul12

    Thread TCL TAB 10 HD 4G Lockscreen bug

    Hi! I have a TCL Tab 10 HD 4G (aka TCL 9060X) from school, and it has android 11. I set a 6 digits password, but when I try to unlock it, takes only 4 digits, and any pin is wrong. I tried to reset it but I don't have acces to google account, because we log into the tablets google acc with the...
  45. A

    Thread Can I improve a SM-T210 tablet?

    I've recently been given a tablet and I'm looking for ways to improve its performance. It's slow, freezes a lot and it's too outdated for most apps, including Galaxy Store. Google Play even crashes and closes itself regularly when I attempt app installations. I'm a complete novice. There are a...
  46. Chrisc11

    Thread Sony Xperia Tablet SGP311 - Locked out

    Hello guys, I've been searching around for a way to get around my problem but can't seem to find a way. My dad's got this Sony Xperia Tablet SGP311 (says this model name on the side) which he got from the US. He has a pattern lock and forgot the pattern. I'm trying to figure out a way to...
  47. Timi25062010

    Thread [CLOSED] Post Your Wallpapers

    Here you can post your Wallpapers! Happy Posting ;)
  48. S

    Thread Installing TWRP on Android Tablet with unknown OEM manufacturer

    Hi all, Background (ignore this if you like): I have an air con unit that uses an Android Tablet on my wall, it has recently started crashing with the error "gapps has stopped responding". I called the company and they basically told me I need to pay $500+ for a new tablet. I thought this is...
  49. Fonsocruise

    Thread ROM in 2022

    Hi guys! I know this is the million dollar question. I've recently grabbed a Pixel C for really cheap. I used to have one back when they came out but broke and never got another one till now. So the question now in 2022 is :cowboy: -What ROM would you use for max stability and that...
  50. P

    Thread LG G Pad F2 8.0 Bootloader Unlock

    I used mtkclient to dump the firmware for this tablet and tried to use the bootloader unlock feature but it seems the lock is in a different partition on this device as it worked on my other devices but not this one. If anyone knows how which partition it is please let me know! Stock Boot and...