1. Rickyparmar14

    Thread Need Help here

    Hello I have a. Redmi 7 2 GB-32 GB Variant , the issue I'm facing are apps doesn't stay in memory even when you lock it and set battery settings for the app to no restriction and turn off battery optimisation for the application and turn on Autostart settings and turn off miui optimisation and...
  2. B

    Thread [Q] Has anyone found a tablet sleeve that actually fits (Tab S 10.5 T-805)?

    Hi everyone, for months now I've tried to find a sleeve (soft pouch w/zipper) that isn't either too small or much to large for a Galaxy TabS 10.5 tablet to no avail. I've already ordered and sent back about a dozen of sleeves from vaious online retailers (some even with the explicitly stated...
  3. M

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Peregrine Browser

    *** Disclaimer *** I am not responsible for anything you do (like hacking, visiting illegal websites, etc.) with this browser. *** end *** What is Peregrine Browser? Features Download FAQ Please include logs and basic information about your phone, Android version, Google/AOSP...
  4. R

    Thread I ported a ROM but does not boot?

    I ported a ROM for my Tab S [SM-T800] but does not boot to system. Boot animation comes and stucks at boot animation. I used PACROM for SM-T800 as a base and Europhia OS for SM-T700. Please help :)
  5. ssrij

    Thread [Xposed] XposedEnableMergedTabs - Enable Chrome Merged Tabs feature on all versions

    As you know, Google has removed the merged tabs feature from Chrome, Chrome Beta and Chrome Dev versions. This module enables the merged tabs feature on all releases of Chrome (Chrome, Chrome Dev & Chrome Beta). Tested on: Chrome v51 Chrome Beta Chrome Dev Download...
  6. S

    Thread Chrome: How to safely clone the set of open tabs from one device to another in bulk?

    If I get a new phone and want to make Chrome run exactly as I left it on my old phone, cloning/restoring the set of open tabs seems to be complicated. Note: Let's assume Chrome version 46 and Android 6 (Marshmallow) to be somewhat modern with respect to versions in this Q&A Here's why: I don't...
  7. AhmedSafian

    Thread TAB.S.Sensation ROM™ V18.0

    :fingers-crossed:I'm PROUD to present this ROM to all of you guys..this is ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION of your GALAXY Note 10.1 into GALAXY Tab S ..Now ENJOY, FEEL and EXPERIENCE GALAXY Tab S in your hand :D ABOUT DEVICE : -based on latest Mikyno's Gnabo ROM (V8). with some help jazzespresso...
  8. toufiq47

    Thread 5 Ghz wifi

    Hi, i have TAB S 10.5 but it does not show 5 ghz connection while searching for access point. where, my note 1 and laptop can be easily connected with it. is there are option that is preventing the wifi to see ?? tab is running on official lollypop thanks/ toufiq
  9. P

    Thread Would using a jig brick my Tab S 10.5?

    I bought a USB jig to repair my Galaxy S3 but unfortunately it didn't work. I was wondering whether plugging that jig into my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 ruin the tablet? I just wanna know whether the jig is working or not. Thanks.
  10. S

    Thread [Q] How can custom tab view be implemented using setCustomTabView method

    I am using Android's SlidingTabColors sample in my application layout. I have three tabs initialized. Due to the default tab layout all the tabs have same layout. I have searched everything about setCustomTabView; but unable to get it implemented. I wanted to know where should i call this...
  11. T

    Thread Folder and Tab Option inside App Drawer

    Hi, Is there a way to add folders inside the app drawer? I would like to create folders there to make the icons organized. Such as all Socia Media apps would be in a Social Media folder, all office apps will be inside Office folder, etc. Also, can we add additional tabs inside the app drawer...
  12. R

    Thread [Q] ActionBarSherlock - Tabbed navigation AND integrated spinner possible?

    Hi all, Title really says it all. I have a tabs set up at the moment but I want to add a spinner to the action bar as well. To use as sort of a category tool. So a user can go through the tabs but also simply what they are seeing by selecting something from the dropdown spinner. I've seen...
  13. mariozawa

    Thread [GUIDE] How to move TAB BARS to bottom for the whole System (BOTTOM TABS))

    Before modding read Pure Android | Android Developers Just read this if you want your tab bars to be on the bottom so don't say that this is iSh%@*#t style import PureAndroid; STEPS Modding framework-res.apk Go to framework-res.apk\res\layout\tab_content.xml <?xml...
  14. S

    Thread [Q] gmail reuses chrome tabs when opening links

    Got a new 2013 nexus 7, latest Stock 4.3 update, rooted with n7 2013 toolkit For some reason all the links opened from gmail reuse the same single chrome tab. Annoying, wasn't the case with my old n7 or n4. Did I mess something up and how do I fix it? Tried changing the default...
  15. yethz

    Thread [Q] [HELP/MODDING] (Nova) Can anyone help remove this Tabs Indicator

    Hello guys, I hope this is the right thread where I posted this matter. I need help how to mod/remove this tab indicator in nova launcher, for me this a bit annoying when you wanted a clean theme ;) which part of the .xml or .png should i remove? Screenshot: (remove indicator marked in red...
  16. S

    Thread [Q] Google Now - Open in New Tab?

    I love google now, but when I use it for an ordinary google search, I cannot open the links in tabs but have to view the link on the same page, diverting me from the google search results. I've also tried opening the results in my default browser but I can't figure out how to do that either. Is...
  17. T

    Thread 10.1 or 7?

    Hi! I´m thinking of getting a tab for my son as a birthday gift and are looking at the tab 2:s. He will mainly use it for watching youtube and play games. I´m just not sure if I'll get the big or the small guy. Of course the 10.1 should be nice for whatching clips and so on. But the smaller...
  18. T

    Thread [Q] ie9 tabs broken

    Hi All, My device is a European Mango Samsung Omnia 7 interop unlocked using windowbreak. Got a problem with internet explorer 9. Tabs are broken. Whenever I try to open a new tab, it locks and will not open. Worst is when I change settings to open new pages to new tabs, Internet Explorer...
  19. Futur Innovations

    Thread Fragment Tab-Pager

    I am having trouble implementing the Pager and TabsPager from the examples into my apps. Has anyone successfully (besides the Google Devs) implemented these into their apps? I'm also wanting to know how to make fragments (necessary for the ViewPager). Every attempt I've done ends in force...
  20. a.n

    Thread [Q] Trouble with Intents in Fragment/Tabs and Pager

    I'm using the sample Google provides, FragmentTabsPager to work with tabs in my application. I'm having a lot of trouble switching the default class for my own, which is nothing more than Preferences right now. Can anyone offer some suggestions? From the sample...
  21. F

    Thread [Q] Editing sense shortcuts

    Hi! Is there any way I can edit tabs in htc sense? I mean not just show/hide, but add my own app. Using Resco contact manager and I would really like to use its Sms inbox instead of Htc sms tab... Done quite a lot of search but didnt find anything :( Thanks for any help! :) Also - how can I...
  22. TheArcherPilot

    Thread [Q] Customise Tabs setting for Telstra HD users

    Hey all, after hours and hours of searching through Q&A and this forum, i finally gave up. My question is how do we restore the "Rearrange Tabs" setting for Telstra ROM users? I have looked throughout the registry and countless manila files, and i can't seem to find the right file. :confused: I...
  23. Z

    Thread how to change auto-rotation in manila tabs(htc sense tabs))

    it annoys me when i m listing to music and my phone switches to all the cover arts flows in the landscape happens in photos tab there a way to change setting so that they DON'T automatically go to landscape animation...i have a cdma touch pro 2...n im...
  24. jagan2

    Thread WebApps in Chrome’s DEVELOPER version!

    Hi Everyone, If you are one of the many who happen to use Google Chrome browser, then there is something which is locked and hidden from your eyes. Yes, the something is the support for Web Apps though only available in Google Chrome DEVELOPER version. You can simply unlock and use this...
  25. T

    Thread MyFaves in HTC Sense 2.5 on T-Mobile HD2

    I searched this forum using a wide variety of terms such as MyFaves, Faves, Favorite 5, etc... and found nothing so here it is! I tried a .cab for another phone which would put the MyFaves icon into HTC Sense... and talk about a disaster... I was so happy with The ROM I had installed and it...
  26. kurt-willems

    Thread [THEME] Anastasia - 2end part Slider - by Kurt; Appointment's!!

    ★ DINIK "Anastasia" 2end part Slider + Tab ★ ATTENTION!!! 01. You are free to use Dinik's work for private use. 02. You are free to modify Dinik's work, but only for private use. (No Share or Posting here or on other Sites) 03. You are not allowed to modify Dinik's work and post it here...
  27. ephestione

    Thread Any idea how to remove whole manila tabs to save space?

    I'm sure most leave all the tabs active as per default configuration, yet I like a slim system where everything is there only because I need it, and everything else is removed to save resources (and I'm sure there's plenty of you who think the same). Now, in my case, other than the new reader...
  28. R

    Thread Remove home tab highlights.

    I had this before on my HTC Touch Pro but somehow I does not work anymore. There was a way to stop the clock, call history, and calendar tabs from highlighting when you pressed them. Somehow the highlight is back and I just spend about 3 hours searching online for the way to make it stop...
  29. bluevmax92

    Thread Can someone build a rom with "programs" tab and "footprints"

    Hi all fellow TP2 Users, i have been doing my fair share of experimenting with all the custom roms available here on the XDA forums. i must say, i feel like i hit a gold mine by buying this phone and also finding this forum for support. however, i havent been able to find anyone on here that...
  30. Kamill

    Thread [MOD][VGA] CompactManila - improved TF3D 2.1 tabs layout

    CompactManila improved TF3D 2.1 layout PLEASE READ THIS: What was changed: - removed titles from every tab - rearranged/enlarged items - tabs completed: People, Message, Calendar, E-Mail, Stock, Photos and Videos, Music, Weather, Settings, Programs What will be changed: - complete the...
  31. P

    Thread OperA 9.5 new tab limted to 2

    Hi all Build16277 on td2 it won't let me open more than 2 tabs at once. Anyone know how to amend this or should I change the version? If so which version? As usual all help greatfully received. Pete
  32. X

    Thread Hide WM 6.5 Taskbar

    Is there a tweak or a software to hide one or both bars (bottom & top) in winrows mobile 6.5?
  33. R

    Thread Advanced config broke tabs

    Hello, I installed Advanced Config after installing .Net 3.5 I ran it with the default values thinking that people who wrote it are more experienced then me, and clicked done Advanced Config asked for soft reset and I let it Then something weird happened Whenever my Touch Pro is in landscape...
  34. K

    Thread Developing new tabs

    This may be a really stupid question, but is it possible to create a tab for practically anything? I know they have updated the Weather Tab in the Touch HD to pull more weather data, and there is also the stock tab where you can get stock info right from the tab. My question is if these tabs can...
  35. K

    Thread Develop Tabs

    This may be a really stupid question, but is it possible to create a tab for practically anything? I know they have updated the Weather Tab in the Touch HD to pull more weather data, and there is also the stock tab where you can get stock info right from the tab. My question is if these tabs...
  36. P

    Thread [THEME]Taskbar and Manilla Tab Icons for ROMeOS v1.51.0 NLD - HELP

    HI to all, I really would like to see a more colorfull Touch Pro, therefore I need your help. After installing Dutch Custom ROM: ROMeOS v1.51.0 NLD, I tried changing the DLL's like phcanoverbmp.dll, outres.192.dll, htcvolumecontrol.dll, shellres.192.dll etc. to replace the white icons with the...
  37. D

    Thread [REQ] TF3D - tab for RSS feeds

    first of all, sorry for my english, I´m from Brazil, and my english is poor I would like to ask someone if it´s possible to create a new tab for TF3D. In my Kaiser, I had PRss reader, this app has a today plugin where the rss feeds cycle in the today screen. I would like to have a tab where I...