1. A

    Thread [Resolved] Unable to login using Tapatalk

    I have been unable to login to the forum using Tapatalk for the last couple of days. I couldn't find anything about the issue in any threads. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  2. C

    Thread XDA premium / Tapatalk App mit working with this Shield subforum

    Why this sub forum Shield not working with XDA premium app and talatalk app ?
  3. Ibuprophen

    Thread [APP][2.0+]The ClaRetoX1 Forum [A Classic-Way to the XDA!]

    The ClaRetoX1 Forum {A "Classic-Style Alternative"} {to the xda-developers Forum} About The ClaRetoX1 Forum App... - The ClaRetoX1 Forum App is a Continuing Developement of it's predicessor, the "XDA Classic Forum" app, with a Nw Icon, New Splash Screen and Various Other Fixes &...
  4. sajalsh25

    Thread REMOVED

  5. YankInDaSouth

    Thread TapaTalk issue after root

    So, I rooted my X last night and proceeded with my typical "must have" installs - AdAway, Xposed with Gravity Box, YouTube AdAway and Greenify modules. While trying to login into my TapaTalk account I get "Connection Issue - please double check your APN or Adblock Settings". I have tried...
  6. St3ve32

    Thread [APP][4.0+][FREE/PAID] XDA Forums by Cypher Studio™

    Disclaimer: not my work, just sharing this great app! Hi, I want to share this great app with everyone interested. After strugling with tapatalk, official xda app and many other I came over this app and after testing it I kept it as my deffault xda app. I never experienced any problems with...
  7. southygov

    Thread Tapatalk Breach

    Just got an email regarding a security breach at Tapatalk which may have exposed names, email addresses and passwords (especially if you have logged in since December 9th. I haven't seen anything posted here so my apologies if this is a repost but I'm in a rush and figured it was worth the risk.
  8. bastecklein

    Thread [Q] Forum Fiend Open Source Project (Maybe)

    The purpose of this thread is to check interest as to whether or not this would be worth my time. I am the developer of an Android/Windows Phone Tapatalk alternative app called Forum Fiend (there is a thread about it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2733755 ) that uses the...
  9. K

    Thread [4.1+][Vote pool]Instagram Let's Color! (Instagram app supporting theme accent color)

    Hi XDA, I made this simple mod of instagram app. Now Instagram app changing color with theme color (only in stock based roms). All download links are avilable in to my web site http://kuaq-projects.meximas.com Thanks XDA Portal for support my work! For non Xperia devices check this Colored...
  10. B

    Thread [Completed] [HELP] [Tapatalk app] "would you like to use saved draft"

    Tapatalk app won't let me attach any pictures to the post, It keeps asking me if I want to add the "previously saved draft" everytime I try to post a picture. I already tried choosing "start new" and "Yes", also tried clearing cache, data and reinstalling but nothing worked... I've posted on a...
  11. Socially Uncensored

    Thread IMPORTANT --- Security Flaw in TapaTalk

    If you're site is using TapaTalk, update now! There was a security flaw found in TapaTalk and they decided NOT to inform anyone or advise anyone to update their files. I did not find out until today, when I just happen to scroll over and found a post about it. They even publicly admit to...
  12. H

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to permanently get rid of Tapatalk crapware spam popups?

    Every time I do a google search or something in my phone's web browser, I usually end up on some kind of a forum where the information is. Upon opening the forum, Tapatalk popup comes up 95% of the times I search for something. This is more annoying than any ad banner or even spam emails...
  13. K

    Thread Tapatalk Records User URLs?

    Every link you click on from Tapatalk seems to be passed through link2.tapatalk.com. If you go directly to the website, it shows the following: This is happening even in the paid version of the Tapatalk. Isn't this rather shady?
  14. D

    Thread [Q] Can't login with TapaTalk 2.4.11

    Hey guys I'm trying to use the mentioned TapaTalk to access this forum, however it doesn't remember my login information properly. First access is ok, but when I return I receive an error that I have entered a wrong username and password. From then on I'm not able to login any more, even when...
  15. pacogp

    Thread Tapatalk vs Forum Runner

    Whats is the Best choice for you? With Forum runner you can read news section, and poll threads from another forums. Tapatalk is most fast and sable. And you?
  16. athani

    Thread Taptalk problem

    Hi. I cannot see the Atrix 2 Q&A forum in the tapatalk app on my phone. Anybody has any ideas? Edit: I cleared the app data and restarted the app. All well now.
  17. H

    Thread Problem with Tapatalk on Mobile Data

    Got strange problem with Tapatalk application. On all Sammy based rom I cannot connect when on mobile data, when on wifi everything is ok... When on CM9 and CM 10 everything works ok, both on Mobile data and on wifi... Anyone who has solution for this??? Quite annoying... Please Help...
  18. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread Tapatalk Forum Reader App for Android 99¢

    Tapatalk is currently 99¢ on the Play store. Hurry up and grab it. Regular price is $2.99. Linky
  19. T

    Thread [Q] Tapatalk For This Forum?

    I searched and there's been some discussion about enabling Tapatalk but I'm not clear if it was. I know you have your own app made by the Tapatalk folks but I would prefer one app for several forums rather than an app for each forum. Thanks
  20. xda_emanuel

    Thread [APP] Tapatalk 2.0 Released apk

    Introducing Tapatalk 2 Account Sync Tapatalk 2 sync all your forum accounts among all mobile devices with Tapatalk installed. Works on iPad, iPhone, Android phone, tablets and BlackBerry. Forum Recommendation The best forums are not necessary the biggest. Discover new and emerging forums with...
  21. P

    Thread [Tutorial][App-mod] ICS styled Tapatalk 2

    When I heard Tapatalk 2 is coming I hoped they finally will add support for Holo and make app look nice on ICS. Unfortunately I was wrong - Tapatalk still don't have Holo. Moreover they added even more ugly orange. Maybe it looks good on Gingerbread, but on ICS it is horrible. So I decided to...
  22. Sokonomi

    Thread [Q] Tapatalk force closing after logging in.

    Tapatalk just force closes after I log into certain forums, I can see it briefly retrieving a list of unread topics and then it just eats it. On XDA its fine and dandy, but on another forum signing in is instant death. Is this a forum problem, or is it just the app throwing a spasm for some...
  23. tihimasmo

    Thread [IDEA]xda-forum stats-projector

    I have an idea for an app, hereby going under the name of "stats-projector", but I'm no developer and do not wish to be either. I'll just throw the ball in and hope someone runs with it. To explain the idea I'll start with explaining my inspiration for it: Some years ago i played battlefield...
  24. M

    Thread Samsung Apps

    Has anybody gotten into the samsung apps store? I just got on there for the first time and found they have tapatalk for free. Also it is called tapatalk hd so hopefully it is optimized for tablets. Oh yea the samsung apps store requires a sim card so just a heads up.
  25. N

    Thread [Q] Xda App and constant force close

    Hi all, I'm trying to use the xda's Android app on my Archos IT 70 (Uruk-Droid 1.6RC5) but I'm getting fc every time. The force close thing happens even with stock firmware. Is there any solution that I've missed ? thanks
  26. D

    Thread Unable to use Tapatalk or XDA app over 3G

    Hi all!! I am having some trouble when i try to access xda premium app or tapatalk to check if theres anything new in the threads i post. When using a wifi connection, everything works perfect, but when on mobile data (H+), i cannot post using my username, i cant check my favorites for new...
  27. tomek_wap

    Thread Tapatalk does not remember log in details

    Hi, Just today I've purchased Tapatalk, straight from the Android Market. I've added a few forums to my favs list, but after some time (30-60mins, not sure) when I open tapatalk application, I see the forums (in favourites) as "guest" ... in another words I need to re-log in. It happened...
  28. M

    Thread [Q] Cannot login xda-developers from mobile

    Hi all, like topic already says: I have problems, when loggin on xda-developers from my mobile handset. Neither I choose the tapatalk app nor when I directly access the forum via mobile browser... Same credentials used as logging on from laptop (here it works like a a charm)? For sure, I...
  29. D

    Thread tapatalk force close

    hey i upgraded my tapatalk from 1.86 to 1.90... but now whenever I try to open it keeps force closing... vibrates twice and closes... I downgraded and tried but its happening again ... anyone know y this could be? (there is a tapatalk folder in sdcard... can anyone provide the exact name of that?)
  30. brack11

    Thread [Q] Xda app is not working

    Just now tried to access xda with xda app and got a message that administrator deactivated tapatalk on this forum, what is wrong?
  31. T

    Thread [RapidRead Ver 0.7.6] A forum reading app similar to Tapatalk for WinMo! [NoTrial]

    RapidRead - A forum reading application The intro... RapidRead is a forum reading application similar to tapatalk. The aim of this application is to offer you a fast, easy and economic way of accessing your favourite forums, without the need of a web browser or extra costs on your data plan...
  32. tenzomonk

    Thread [Workaround] XDA/Tapatalk App - JIT (Updated 06/22/10)

    After reading many posts about not being able to the XDA App with JIT enabled… I decided to post this… Here’s something I happened to “stumble” upon while playing around with ROMs with JIT-enabled. Hopefully this will help some others enjoy the XDA/Tapatalk App from their phones with...