1. BaTarrY

    Thread Solved: Tasker not triggering | Topway TS18

    I installed Tasker and set some basic profile to trigger. It looks like Tasker is not starting correctly after reboot. I have to go into the app, disable the profile and start it again to start working. Any suggestions?
  2. thesm4rt1

    Thread How To Guide Brightness Boost via Tasker (ROOT REQUIRED) - Nothing Phone (1)

    I made a Tasker project that boosts brightness when turned up to ~100% on the slider. Click the link below to import into Tasker. Link https://taskernet.com/shares/?user=AS35m8mEq/RE4Y+XOi9F2Nt/2ssrl7bs4NHEZdKEWqXlYNKecBxC2hy/vNKSo+atne0=&id=Profile:Nothing+Brightness+Boost How it works There...
  3. T

    Thread Tasker to Autoplay Spotify

    Hi all, I recently put an Android radio (skyshadow 4Gb/64Gb) into my old mercedes S211. I want to have Spotify on the radio automatically start playing. I have a LTE Stick with WiFi in the car also. So I made me some profiles/tasks in tasker: Profile: On Wifi connect to [SSID] -> Task: set a...
  4. george_o

    Thread Tasker + Autowear error

    Hello! Can someone help me figure out this error, please? The error appears only when the task runs automatically. If I run it manually everything work without any errors. Profile: Ticwatch Essential Mode State: WiFi Connected [ Name:HomeNet] State: BT Connected [...
  5. R

    Thread Creating "Full Screen Apps" with Tasker Scenes

    For the third day I've been trying to work out how to use Tasker Scenes to browse my favourite apps in fullscreen - removing the status bar and navbar. I have successfully created an activity based scene, and task which uses the Display As "Activity, No Bar, No Status, No Nav" option. I then...
  6. D

    Thread Tasker Scene WebView JavaScript Interaction

    Is it possible to call a Javascript function that exists within a WebView from Tasker? I tried calling a URL on the WebView of "javascript:FUNCTION_NAME()", but that did not seem to work. This is a completely random example. Lets say, from Tasker, that I want to be able to change the background...
  7. ghines

    Thread Please help me get BT Near working

    Hi all, I want to use a beacon to run a task when I'm within range and out of range of the beacon. To test I decided to make two simple tasks that just used the Flash Action to show whether the phone was within range of the ibeacon. The problem was I kept getting many false disconnects even...
  8. C

    Thread Is it possible... In any way... to have two buttons/windows that overlap on top of each other, both respond to a singular mouse/touch event?

    I am running Android x86 (therefore, rooted by default) on my laptop, with a Desktop Mode launcher installed, this allowing me to running multiple app instances on-screen at the same time in the form of little windows. I managed to install the same game three times and have them each open as if...
  9. Norbertus20

    Thread Question Tasker - help in writing the first working command.

    Hello, I need little help to make my own, first command in tasker app. :sneaky::sneaky: I currently use tasker with command "Turn Off Bluetooth If No Device Connected" [LINK TASKER]. Recently, I have been using the NFC module a lot for the purpose of identity verification (electronic ID...
  10. Infraviored

    Thread Tasker - launch App Shortcut (Not App)

    I have an App called Elesion that controls my door lock. I can create an App Shortcut to my homescreen that directly accesses the right thing in the app. Can this be launched from tasker?
  11. R

    Thread Can't connect to bluetooth device

    I have a mini music controller that i want to auto-connect to. But when i try to connect it in a task i immediately get the error: "can't find profile type for device (uuids: 00001812-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)"
  12. O

    Thread Can Tasker silence my audio when a phone rings?

    I apologize in advance, I don't actually have Tasker and am asking this to see if it would give me the capability I'm after. I often have audio going either from the TV or the cell phone itself. I want to automate silencing the audio when the phone rings. I have a land line as well as the cell...
  13. T

    Thread Detect Andoid Auto running on head unit with Tasker

    Is there a way to detect whether AA is running on the car head unit? I need a reminder to take my phone from the hidden wireless charger when I leave my car. So far I have made a profile which checks for wireless power + BT connection in car to trigger a message when the conditions are not...
  14. Cannon_Foddr

    Thread [Q] How to get Tasker to read/show Amazfit bip battery level

    Firstly some info Tasker app (full) v 5.15.14 Amazefit Bip U Notify For Amazefit v 14.5.0 Problem: I was wondering on how to get Tasker to read the Amazefit Bip U battery level & then if it's below a certain level to send a notification to watch to remind me to charge it up I know that the...
  15. R

    Thread BT near profile to trigger when screen is locked

    Hi, I would like to get your help. I have a BT Near profile (BLE), which preforms periodic scans. It works/triggers only when the screen is on and phone is unlocked. How can I make it work when screen is off and phone is locked? Phone: Oneplus 7T Android version: 11 Build:
  16. K

    Thread Remove persistent notification from status bar but leave on the lock screen

    Hello, I have a notification which is always there on the status bar and lock screen. Is it possible to remove the notification in the status bar but leave the one on the lock screen? Thank you very much in advance!
  17. kaledh44

    Thread How To Guide Nova Launcher lock rotation brave toggle desktop-mode (Using Tasker)

    Using Tasker to change the default launcher for OPPO FIND N, by canceling Oppo's method to enforce their launcher. -- Requirements 1- Tasker (paid ~3$). --- Autoinput (2$), for Brave desktop/phone mode auto switiching. 2- Launcher of your choice. -- Steps 1- Disable battery...
  18. M

    Thread How to launch google assistant from WearOS and pass the command through the watch's mic?

    Any idea if this possible through tasker or Macrodroid? I am so surprised that no one has had this idea, i've looked everywhere, especially how GARBAGE google assistant is for WearOS and its absence from Galaxy watch 4.
  19. ShebeerPrince

    Thread [GUIDE] Advanced swipe gesture shortcuts using Tasker, for running any task or automations.

    Table of Contents Preface Requirements Difficulty How it works! Uses Autorun Demo, screenshots, TaskerNet & project backup Tips Why not those easy to use apps from PlayStore? End note. 1. Preface Before getting my hands on Pixel 6, I was using a Samsung Galaxy S8 running on an Android 10...
  20. ShebeerPrince

    Thread [CLOSED]Mod edit

    Content of post removed on request of OP @ShebeerPrince
  21. R

    Thread Question Is %UIMODE in Tasker broken for anyone else?

    I had a profile triggered by %UIMODE when I connected to Android Auto. It was working fine on my S21 Ultra but it doesn't seem to work on the 6 Pro. Is it a Pixel, Android 12, or me issue?
  22. kyhou

    Thread Question MIUI 12.5 Reading Mode - Tasker

    So, I want to activate the reading mode that the MIUI has using Tasker, but I can't find anywhere how to do that. Can someone help with this? Obs.: My phone is not rooted. Thanks!
  23. niyonsv

    Thread What exactly or what to expect in the new Amazfit OS? Will it be a too developer friendly one?

    Will it be too developer friendly or just another OS with limited developer support? I just ordered a Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch as it is the only cheapest smartwatch which can run Tasker tasks through the watch face (touchscreen) instead of pressing buttons like in almost all budget to...
  24. V

    Thread Question AutoWear for turning on LTE only when Galaxy Watch 4 is disconnected from Wifi/ Bluetooth

    Hello everyone, Is there a possibility to use AutoWear to turn on LTE only when the watch is no longer connected to the phone via bluetooth or wifi? I'm sure this will save battery life. One presumption is that calls over wifi to the watch would work. If they don't, not much point of turning...
  25. B

    Thread Fix Exynos 990 battery drain and Overheating Issues -[ It works ]

    I have the exynos 990 version of the S20 FE and as we all know, the 990 is a little bit of a hot mess. However it has quite a lot to give if limited correctly.I'm running One UI 3.1 on android 11. I rooted my FE with magisk and installed Franco kernel manager. The steps below will give you good...
  26. R

    Thread trigger a Tasker intent with extra in Kodi?

    Hi guys, I want to connect to a server via OpenVPN from a .py script from Kodi. This is a working task in Tasker: Send Intent Action:android.intent.action.MAIN Cat:None Extra:de.blinkt.openvpn.shortcutProfileName: PROFILENAME Package:de.blinkt.openvpn Target:Activity and this is my .py...
  27. A

    Thread Tasker doesn't allays work with screen off, even without battery optimization

    I would like to turn the torch on when the phone is shaken. This works, with event" motion left-right, action: toggle torch. The problem is it does not always work when the screen is off. It sometimes works, which is really annoying. I've turned off battery optimization already for Tasker.
  28. A

    Thread Redirect OR reject call on SIM2 (Dualsim)

    Hey, I have a problem: At certain times, I want Tasker to redirect (or reject) all calls coming to SIM2 (I have dual sim). No root, Samsung S10 There are options to redirect phone calls, however I could not find anything where you can make Tasker clear, that he needs to do that only for SIM2...
  29. Souf0

    Thread Enable & disable account synchronization with tasker

    Hello, I want to create a new task in tasker, and enable or disable a google account. I read some threads about synker app (https://tasker.joaoapps.com/pluginlist.html), but the problem is that synker is outdated, and It can't be used because you must buy a unlock key (and it's not available in...
  30. D

    Thread About to give up - Galaxy S21 / Always use Temporary Mute

    Can anyone please help me out here - I would greatly appreciate it as I am about to give up after trying to make this work for absolute ages. Profile: Set Temporary Mute (2) Restore: no State: Custom Setting [ Type:Global Name:mode_ringer Value:0 ] Enter: Anon (7) A1...
  31. F

    Thread Resolution toggle Quick tiles

    Hi, I have created quick setting tiles for switching between Refresh rates (60/120)(working) as well as resolution (FHD+/QHD+) using tasker. The issue I am facing is with resolution (FHD+/QHD+). I run the shell command wm density 600 && wm size 1440x3168 for changing the resolution and size...
  32. R

    Thread POCO F2 PRO LOS / Crdroid Decreasing min brightness using livedisplay and Tasker

    As some of you already running custom roms are aware, the minimum brightness currently possible in LOS roms ( Pixel experience, Crdroid, LOS) is far too high to be used at night. Yesterday i figured out that by decreasing RGB values in LiveDisplay (...
  33. G

    Thread [Tasker] Clear navigation bar color in non-samsung apps

    Ever since I got my note I've been annoyed that some non-samsung apps had a white nav bar in dark mode (e.g. google messages). I use gesture navigation, and my expectation is that the nav bar should be clear revealing the content below it. Hiding the gesture hint is an option but I like having...
  34. P

    Thread [Question] [Tasker] Detecting clicks in scenes on Fire Stick

    I side loaded an app built with Tasker AppFactory only to find that button clicks don't work at all in scenes. Currently I'm using scene key event and checking %key_name for "dpad_center" to detect long clicks then using "uiautomator dump /proc/self/fd/1" to check which element has focus, this...
  35. McLongDong

    Thread Toggle Silent/Vibrate/Sound

    Disclaimer: I suck at using Tasker. I have a oneplus 7 pro and I absolutely abhor the sound slider and prefer a sound toggle in quick settings to toggle between Silent, Vibrate, and Sound modes. I have been scouring Google and xda for help but have come up empty. Can someone please guide me...
  36. Cannon_Foddr

    Thread Tasker 'Secure Settings' ADB access - How 'safe' is it ??

    Ok lets first explain the situation I've been dabbling with Tasker (Paid for version)- getting some automation depending on certain situations (mainly stuff like 'If I'm @ {location} get volumes set high' or ' If Unread msg then vibrate my Amazefit bip watch' - Nothing too complicated using...
  37. Abish

    Thread [Profile] Tasker clockwork alarm (Indian-Hindi)

    Since very long time the talking clock profile requires to get updated & Now I present to you Indian Version of talking clock with hindi speech recognition software Instruction to installation... (in case you don't no how to install) Simply try to import via App Or Try using file explorer...
  38. M

    Thread [Help] Use tasker to launch an app in pop up window mode

    Hey guys. I have a Galaxy Tab S4 running OneUI on Pie. Rooted. Stock ROM. Samsung has an ability to launch apps in split screen and Pop up windows from recent apps switcher.. I was wondering if it would be possible to use tasker to create a shortcut to open app in pop up view. Eg. Whenever tab...
  39. H

    Thread [HOW TO] Remove the new Forwarding limitation on Whatsapp (Root)

    Probably you have seen this message in last days when you try to forward some messages in WhatsApp: This is a new limitation that prevents you send messages that have been forwarded many times. I don't like that restriction, then I investigated a little bit on WhatsApp database msgstore.db...
  40. firemouz

    Thread Create a scene with Titel and Text (for popup)

    Hello, I have made an task with an Popup, there i wrote an title and an text in it. Now i created an scene for this. I put an "Text" field into it and named it "Text1" Now when i change the Layout to this new scene it shows my text from the popup in the Text fielt, but not the Title of the...
  41. Brakiss

    Thread Install app into system

    Hello all, I've had a tasker automation for 4 years that is set to activate my tethering when connected to my car's Bluetooth. An Android 10 I cannot install the tether modification into the system, is there any work around to achieve that? Here is a link to the error I receive...
  42. G

    Thread [ROOT ONLY][TASK] Grant/Revoke Tasker all Permissions (inc 'advanced' permissions)

    Hi all, Just wanted to share two tasks that grant/revoke TASKER (i.e packagename 'net.dinglisch.android.taskerm' ) ALL permissions, including 'advanced' permissions like 'Display over other apps' & 'Modify system settings'. The only 'advanced' perm that the tasks don't include is the 'Install...
  43. TENN3R

    Thread [Question] Customize gestures new navbar?

    From Android 8, 2 and 3 buttons navigation bar are customizable through substratum and overlays (change color, shape, icons) With adb you can edit the buttons placement, and with apps like tasker you can customize it even more. What about Android 10? Someone has any clue? For example, oneplus 7...
  44. K

    Thread Change an option from Developer Options after every boot automatically

    I want to change an option from Developer Options (specifically the background process limit) but now I have to do it manually because this option changes back to the default after every reboot. Is there a way for this change to happen automatically after every reboot, either using Tasker or any...
  45. lilphoenix

    Thread Tasker and Autoalarm

    Hello, On my previous smartphone, I used Tasker and Autoalarm to send my next alarm at my automation platform (Jeedom). Since I'm on MI9, Autoalarm & Tasker, send me wrong values. I well disable "Reliable Alarms". But Autoalarm see next alarm at each hour, I've only one alarm at 07h10 am...
  46. S

    Thread [QUESTION] [TASKER] In-car setup has issues on app/kill on boot

    guys a question on Tasker on my in-car setup. The "live wallpaper" i want to use as my interface is KLWP. This is running as a service. However when you reboot the device the device kills all apps and services, i guess to conserve the car battery, that includes tasker, autoinput and the actual...
  47. drdionysius

    Thread Android 10 issues

    Update: Apparently the Magisk module "Pixel 2 blurry panorama fix" was the cause of all these problems. I just (dirty) flashed the latest image with Android 10 and immediately started having issues. 1. The camera isn't working!! (No front and back. Other camera apps or video-calling like Duo...
  48. J

    Thread [Project] Bring back the Spotify Widget

    Recently Spotify decided to remove their Widget for whatever reason. Luckily with Tasker you can bring it back! Check it out! Q7vqWXu3YJg Just import the project from here and follow the instructions at the same link and you’ll have the Spotify widget back in no time! As a bonus you can...
  49. CrashOverride93

    Thread [PROJECT] Tasker Projects Tracker - Stay updated with the latest creations in Tasker

    DESCRIPTION This is an initiative that I decided to take to give the possibility to all those users who like to create projects often, and for all those who tend to be aware of the publications of the previous ones. That is, a project, also designed entirely in Tasker hehe, that you, as...
  50. J

    Thread [Project] Chat Heads For Any App

    IMPORTANT: You need these for this to work: Tasker AutoNotification AutoTools You know how some apps allow you to create floating bubbles (chat heads) when you receive a chat from one of your contacts? Would you like to have that available for all chat apps? Check it out! XFzB8XFeaxY Import...