1. hinxnz

    Thread [MODULE] Detach3 - Detach Market Links

    Detach3 Introduction This Magisk module is for detaching apps from the Google Play Store. It removes your defined packages from the 'My apps & games' section and disables them from auto-updates. Installation Flash module in Magisk Manager only. Not necessary to reboot after flashing this...
  2. C

    Thread 【Theme】【5.0 lollipop】Black Material Theme【Cataclysm 4/Apr】

    【Theme】【5.0 lollipop】Black Material Theme【Cataclysm 4/Apr】 About I am proud to represent Dark Material Theme for Cataclysm ROM The theme will be updated after each new Cataclysm ROM update Make sure to backup your ROM before Don't try to flash this theme with any other ROM or even with older...