1. D


    Hello, I present to you GCFlix - A Netflix Global Catalog : LINKS : please if you like the app rate it on google play and share it on social media, thanks.:) Download from Google Play Download from Aptoide Facebook Page Description : You use netflix and you change vpn regularly to see the...
  2. TopCoolAndroidApp

    Thread [CLOSED][APP][5.0+] Live TV ★ Watch thousands of TV channels worldwide

    @TopCoolAndroidApp Thread closed! Advise the mod team to re-open when ready to provide a workable download link! Regards Oswald Boelcke, Moderator Watch thousands of Live TV channels all over the world in a free cool Live TV Android app at Google Play #live #tv #iptv #online...
  3. juanro49

    Thread [APP] [Open Source] FeedTV - News and TV from anywhere

    Hello! I leave here an application I developed almost a year ago in case you want to try it. FeedTV is an application that allows you to read news from any media through RSS (It includes Google News and Bing News topics), besides being able to watch public Spanish TV channels anywhere. It's...
  4. dengerx

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Televizo - IPTV/OTT player

    Televizo Watch your provider IPTV on your phone, tablet, TV or TV-box. Available features: Live broadcasts and archives (if playlist supports this function); You can add an unlimited number of M3U or Xtream Codes playlists; You can add an unlimited number of XML EPG; Support for...
  5. Ibuprophen

    Thread [APP][2.3+][UNOFFICIAL]TheTVDB

    TheTVDB This Thread/OP is currently basic but, still being worked on. Please be patient as additional information, helpers, screenshot examples, etc... are added/updated. Thank you! :D What Does TheTVDB App Do? - This is simple to explain and its use is, in a way, 2 fold... 1) You can/may...
  6. HellBoy.007

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Traktin - Keep a tab on your TV shows [v3.0]

    This app does not let you watch shows. Ever forgot which episodes you already watched? Missed an episode because you lost track of time? Well, no more! The perfect TV companion app is here! Features ∆ Find Quickly add all your favourite television shows to your watchlist ∆ Notifications Get...
  7. ThunderOKC

    Thread Which of the Smart TVs are best for 1st, 2nd and 3rd?

    So happy for an Off Topic, cuz I need help. A lot of intelligent tech people are on this site, so that is perfect to ask for help in choosing the best Smart TV. I want the biggest size possible and am not worried about the prices. Its really hard for me to compare and choose the best plus to...
  8. B

    Thread [FREE][APP] LazyIPTV v2.0: intelligent iptv-client

    This application allows you to view TV technology-based IPTV. This application does not contain a built-in playlists, and is only a client, allowing convenient and comfortable to watch TV online. Please use playlists in the format m3u or xspf. Features: - material design; - m3u-playlist support...
  9. L

    Thread Mod edit (Amazing on this Display)

    THIS IS WAREZ ... therefore not allowed ~~~ oka1 (moderator) What's up guys!? I wanted to share this app that the rep from Best Buy actually told me about. It's called (mod edit), basically a Netflix on steroids. You can stream/download movies and TV shows, and they are CONSTANTLY updated...
  10. jondwillis

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Pluto.TV - Curated Video Content 24/7

    Hey all, I've been working at Pluto.TV ( for a few months now as the lead mobile developer. We just launched today on the web, Android, and iOS. It has been awhile since I've published an app, and I'm pretty proud of how the Android app turned out. 8/10 #HOLO? The app is...
  11. T

    Thread Why does the Nexus 5 does not have an infrared blaster?

    First of all: I know - the Nexus 5 is meant to be inexpensive and for development. But that's the point. Controlling your TV or other IR-controlled devices is an awesome feature. (Come on, who does not have a TV or similar at home?) I even would say that IR is more important than the NFC feature...
  12. ComputerFight

    Thread 2013 Holiday TV Ad for Macy's has HTC HD2 LEO Cameo Appearance

    Good evening fellow Champions of Leo! I haven't been on xda in a short while. Mainly because my NativeSD CM7 build is so close to my concept of mobile excellence that customizing/tweaking has been minimal since I settled on this rock-stable build to recently set up a couple of new HD2 units...
  13. B

    Thread Custom firmware for a TV - GPL & stuff

    By analyzing the firmware update of a Toshiba TV I own some GPL text popped up. The TV actually has a menu that describes the OSS used, accompanying licenses and the means to request source code. After writing an email I have received the offer to have the source code for the GPL code only...
  14. B

    Thread [Q] Video output doesn't work with my TV

    Hello, I've installed the on my Q and there is a problem with the video output for my TV. The interesting is that ClockworkMod works fine on that TV, only the CM itself has no video output. I've tested on a different Tv and CM is working fine. How do I change the...
  15. Dan-SRi

    Thread [Request] HTC TV App

    Could someone please upload the tv .apk? Wanna see if it'll work on my s4... as the standard one on that is craaaaaaap compared to the one on htc! Thanks!
  16. L

    Thread [APP][2.2+][19-11-2012] US TV Free - Watch free United State TV on your smartphone

    US TV Free Google Play link [Current version 1.9, released on 15 November] US TV Free is an internet streaming application that allows you to watch many free US television channel on your smartphone/tablet. - Support almost all popular USA television channels including: CNN US, CNN...
  17. WeSiDe

    Thread My exp with gaming on 55" TV and XBox controller

    Hey guys, I thought I'd share my experience so far with using my stock .30 FW TF700 as a gaming console device. My setup is using a MicroHDMI cable to output to a 55" TV with a 5.1 surround sound receiver and speaker set, and using the dock, I am able to use the wired, PC version of the Xbox...
  18. jegormeister

    Thread Galaxy S III as a PC

    Hi guys, is it possible to connect SIII to TV, mice and keyboard at once? Is there a dock out there to make this possible? Will the mice AND keyboard work through Bluetooth when I connect the SIII to TV via MHL adapter? Thanks in advance.
  19. Sekhen

    Thread [SOFT] TV player for Orange® ISP clients (Root ok, ICS ok, no subscription)

    Hi, Orange is a french Global Telecom company available on theses countries (Europe & Africa) : For thoses who have it like ISP (Livebox at home) I post a TV Player compatible with rooted phones, ICS & which doesn't need...
  20. P

    Thread Output Video to TV

    Does anyone know if this product: Micro USB to HDMI® MHL Adapter Would work on the HTC Thunderbolt to output video to a TV?
  21. M

    Thread Is there any accessory to show fire content on TV ?

    Is there any way i can show any content of my kindle fire on a TV / Monitor ? Like Playing angrybirds or, playing a Netflix movie or something. Thanks
  22. H89P

    Thread [APP] Zattoo - Live TV - Guide |02.11.12

    UPDATE: The Zattoo beta app is now available for some devices through the market: Zattoo beta Hey Guys, just noticed that the announced Zattoo app is available in France and Denmark. I think the most of you - those who came to this thread due to the name - will know Zattoo. For those who...
  23. Y

    Thread Splt screen by Wifi for DLNA tv

    Hello boys, Do you know if a soft exists to split the screen of a A500 by Wifi to a DLNA tv ? I know I can share pictures and videos (not all) but directly that shows on screen ?
  24. M

    Thread [APP][BETA] TV Show Favs 3.0 beta

    Hey guys, we just launched the TV Show Favs 3.0 beta. Many, many improvements. We could really use some beta testers if anyone is interested. You can see some screen shots on our Google+ page as well as get the link to download the beta. Here is direct link to our post with the app download...
  25. G

    Thread Tmobile tv overseas

    I really like tmobile tv app but it is not working in Norway. Any help will be appreciated.
  26. N

    Thread [Q] Streaming movies from HTC EVO 3D wirelessly on your TV

    I am having issues streaming movies wirelessly. I can connect to my TV using wifi and stream music, but when I try to do the same with the movies, I get an error message. Am I doing something wrong? I downloaded DivX movies, avi, and none work. What am I doing wrong? :confused:
  27. A

    Thread [Q] mini-hdmi through hdmi-dvi converter shows android logo asking 720p?

    Hi, I'm playing with the TF hdmi output right now to get videos on a philips tv (15PF5121). Since this tv has only a dvi-in, i'm using a hdmi/dvi converter, and I'm plugging the TF into the converter. The manual claims that the tv support 720p and 1080i (...
  28. Akshay Darade

    Thread [Q] Is there any way to connect HD2 to TV?

    I know that Hd2 does'nt have Tv-Out function,but are there another ways to connect my HD2 to TV? Thanks.
  29. P

    Thread [Q] HDMI works on PC Monitor but not TV

    I am on my 1st warranty phone of the G2X and it was having overheating issues, i think i have solved that (I wasn't formating the /system in clockwordmod, so i think old files were conflicting and causing cpu time to be eaten and burn up my phone, now it's staying a good 31c while asleep and...
  30. D

    Thread [Q] Aria Tv output (plus more...)?

    I recently dropped my Aria and cracked the screen so before I go to my local device center and get it replaced, I want to take all of my information off the phone and factory restore it (I have CM7). I could just do the factory restore without a screen but I want to ensure that's everything...
  31. T

    Thread [Q] Help! Atrix Display out issues

    my friend just bought his atrix, and we were dorking around with it, but when we connected it to his tv it went into HD dock mode. How do we get it to just output the (Atrix's) screen content to a tv, (possibly with HDMI mirroring) so I can use the browser, or watch flash content on the big screen?
  32. C

    Thread gingerbread sleep animation

    can someone that has gingerbread install on their phone while rooted and access to root explore send me the files that control the cool tv shutdown animation. its located in root of the phones os in the sys folder and subfolder power and they are called wake lock and wake unlock. just copy both...
  33. caifaz

    Thread turn off screen like old TVs

    Hi, I was watching some Gingerbread videos, and there's an animation when the screen turns off, and it looks like a old TV being turned off. does anyone knows if it's available for a froyo ROM?? (no senseHD)
  34. J

    Thread TV Remote Control or Tivo Remote controler REQUEST

    i have tried RC 2 and NR Deluxe NR deluxe doest support my LG Incite phone RC 2 Wont work with my phones processor or something stupid like that IS there any more TV remote control programs i should know about or any1 out there that can make one I really would just need one for my Tivo Box...
  35. T

    Thread [WIDGET] Streams-T 2.1 light [11.000 radio,tv,webcams streams] [wm6.5] [vga & qvga]

    [WIDGET] Streams-T 2.1 light [11.000 radio,tv,webcams streams] [wm6.5] [vga & qvga] Can now be found in the Windows Mobile MarketPlace!! Please leave a comment if you buy it or download the demo version. I've created a windows mobile 6.5 widget. The widget makes contact with a huge database...
  36. G

    Thread How to connect xda 2 to TV

    hi every1! Does anyone kn0w h0w to connect xda 2 to a tv? Wat av cable should i use? I juz wana watch some movies i've downloaded on my xda to my it possible? Thanks!
  37. R

    Thread Streaming TV in fullscreen won't work...

    I use HTC Streaming Media to view Orange World's TV channels. It works fine, except for fullscreen. When I enter fullscreen mode, the video stays the same size, but is surrounded by a black border that takes up the rest of the screen. Any help would be welcome! PS: I already googled and...