1. D

    Thread Canadian phones (Telus)that are rootable ?

    Looking for a list of phones (telus) post 2020 that are rootable if anyone knows that would help
  2. L

    Thread N970U, best to go to U1, or W for Canadian?

    Hi, I just got a Note 10 today that I had purchased from the states. First thing I noticed was on boot there is a T-Mobile splash screen. So, from what I read, I figured flashing the U1 firmware to the device would not only eliminate the splash screen, but by the sounds of it, it would remove...
  3. zoltrix

    Thread G955FD - Dual SIM - VoLTE for both SIMs in Canada?

    Hi All I flashed the Canada multi-csc on my G955FD hoping to get LTE while on the phone (VoLTE) However when I make a call with Sim #1 (TELUS) I have no LTE. When making a call with Sim #2 (Bell), I do have LTE. I have my Calls set to SIM 1, i have Texts set to SIM 1, and Mobile Data to SIM 2...
  4. distho

    Thread I have a SM-G950U1 can I flash SM-G950W?

    I am on Telus and bought a USA phone. I have flashed the updates using Odin and the HOME_CSC so that it could be carrier set to Telus. However, it still does not get wifi calling and volte even though I've had the carrier enable it too. The CSC did enable HD voice though. My question is...
  5. W

    Thread [Single SIM Roms] Telus Moto G4 Play XT1601

    I recently bought and network unlocked moto g4 play telus version. It's xt1601 and comes with a single SIM. I tried flashing: Lineage, RR and AOKP all three showed dual sim settings. The worst part they work ok-ish on the first boot. After couple of minutes all of them just loop between loading...
  6. C

    Thread Telus Pixel XL Bootloader unlock status?

    Does anyone know if the Telus sold Pixel XL is bootloader unlocked? Not that I want to start messing around right away, but I consider this a 2 year + investment, and once the 1 year warranty is up, I like having options. I checked the Model number of the demo phone at the local Telus store...
  7. veer.killerboy

    Thread Coming soon - cm10.2 (at&t/telus)

    Going to upload latest build of cm10.2 I made this rom for myself because Llior has removed his cm10.2 work. So, I started to compile again and made it again through sources. But I am going to upload soon. I want to see who are interested in this rom. By the way dont ask for eta. Well, I will...
  8. Restl3ss

    Thread [ROM][TW][MM] Stock pre-rooted Telus 6.0.1 DPE2 + init.d support and busybox

    This is a flashable zip I created from the recently released 6.0.1 update for the Telus N910W8 (though it should work for other models as well as long as you're running your most recent modem / bootloader fw). It's been prerooted, busybox has been installed, and it's got init.d support...
  9. F

    Thread Nexus 6 no longer turns on, now that I have flashed a Marshmallow ROM + bootloader

    I have a Google Nexus 6 (Telus/AT&T) and I had been successfully running the Lollipop version of Chroma for months now. Yesterday I flashed Chroma Marshmallow ROM, and the recommended Google Apps, along with the MRA58K bootloader. Everything went well and I successfully booted into the ROM...
  10. shotgun10ga

    Thread I can flash TWRP but not stock firmware?

    I can successfully flash Twrp, And I have flashed a rom to use my phone, But i cant flash stock firmware? I just get "Nand write start" and then "FAIL" in ODIN. Any ideas if a pit file would be useful? My device is as followed: Galaxy S6 32 GB TELUS SM-G920W8. Please reply if you have any...
  11. B

    Thread [Q] When trying to unlock sim, it goes back to service mode screen

    Hi, I been following the steps to unlock the sim in my galaxy s4 and its not working at all. I have looked all over the place to find a way to do it and have pieced somethings together to get to get to the MAIN MENU, but I haven't found any guide that mentions on what happens when you click on...
  12. B

    Thread [root] 900w8 boc1

    Has any one successfully rooted I just rooted mine but caused full system crash LRX21T.G900w8vlu1boc1 [TELUS]
  13. J

    Thread [Q] CM12 Question

    Hey guys. im sorry if there is another post on this. its just that i looked arond but had no luck. Can i flash CM12 on Moto g XT1032 telus 5.0.1/5.0.2??
  14. G

    Thread [Q] Telus LTE speeds

    Any Telus Nexus 6 users out there care to share download and upload speeds? I came from a Moto X which seemed to be faster so I was wondering what others are getting.
  15. zoltrix

    Thread Just got the Telus sm-g900w8 - Want to be 100% sure before i root it

    Hi Everyone, I just got the sm-g900w8 model of the Samsung Galaxy S5 from TELUS (Canada) Is this "kltecan" ? Where can i confirm that I've had some issues with lag and wanted to give a pure stock/AOSP rom a try I'm experienced with modding android phones but i'm new to the samsung space...
  16. luipaard

    Thread [Q] Ways to get OTA 4.4.4 and still stay Stock

    Hello fellas This is simply: I'm S-OFF. I have the M8 with CID Telus, and just recently updated to 4.4.3 via OTA. Total stock, no modifications. If I change my CID from TELUS001 to superCID 11111111 and if I get the 4.4.4 OTA update. I will get a modifications in the system or anything? Take...
  17. P

    Thread weak signal on my Telus Moto X (XT1097)

    Any idea as to why? It's causing me a lot of battery drain too. Plus, it worries me that I might be missing calls and texts. On average, 8-10% of the day has no signal for me. I only keep it in my pocket where I used to have my Nexus 5 in, which didn't have any signal problems. Im pretty sure...
  18. D

    Thread Telus RUU HTC One M7 Error??

    Good Evening: I have a HTC One M7UL with Telus (Canada). I have been having problems with the phone charging while it's on and my last ditch effort is to go back to stock and hope something that's wrong will correct itself. I have HBoot 1.44, S-Off, returned recovery to stock, relocked...
  19. C3D

    Thread [Q] Need some help with the S3 mini Telus (Canada) Version SM-G730w8

    So first off, I have been able to put different firmware onto this phone. Up until i did the OTA 4.4(?) not sure exactly but the latest. I didnt realize at the time of this and i tried to put an older version back(4.2.2) and now my phone cannot connect to my computer network and also doesnt show...
  20. R

    Thread [Q] OTA vs. {'About Phone' => 'System updates'}

    Can someone please explain how OTA firmware update and {'About Phone' => 'System updates'} work. As I understand, {'About Phone' => 'System updates'} requires data connection or WiFi. Does it connect to Motorola website or carrier website? Does OTA require data connection? Will OTA work...
  21. J

    Thread [Q] Best method to get KitKat with downgrade, CWM and Knox 0x0 if possible

    Hello I have a Telus Note 3 (SM-N900W8) currently running N900W8VLUBMJ1 rooted with RDLV with Knox at 0x0. Since it is a early firmware it is a bit unstable. Rather then restore it back to MJ1 I was thinking of going up to KitKat. I would like to do that using the early Mexican method that...
  22. B

    Thread Telus not to carry the LG G3

    I was looking forward to getting the phone with my upgrade but as it will seem Telus is not going to have this phone instead they want me to upgrade to the iphone 6 as others here are on telus let them know how much they will lose from us leaving
  23. Flintberg

    Thread Moto G Telus/Koodo version - unable to flash non-Telus version

    Hello, For the better part of this evening I have been trying to flash Telus Moto G with a different ROM. I even unlocked the bootloader, but to no avail. I keep getting the following errors when trying to flash bootloader, recovery and system: hab check failed for boot hab check failed for...
  24. F

    Thread [Q] Telus and 4.2.2

    Does anyone have a step-by-step instruction on how to install ATT 4.2.2 onto a Telus OneX+ ? My understanding from telus and HTC Canada is that Telus OneX+ will not be receiving official 4.2.2 Thanks in advance
  25. M

    Thread [Q] Will flashing a custom ROM undo my carrier unlock?

    I have a Telus HOX+. It is carrier unlocked. Will I, in any way, undo that if I flash another ROM (say, MagioROM, for example)?
  26. R

    Thread [Q] FoxFi on Telus Canada

    Is FoxFi WiFi hotspot limited to working with US carriers only? Will it work on Telus Canada? Specifically, on Telus LG 670 CDMA/EVDO android phone? (the phone is very similar to LG LS-670 Optimus S and LG VM670 Optimus V). Thanks.
  27. B

    Thread [Q] (SIM) Unlocking HTC One X for use in Canada

    I'm running (badly, it's very crash-y) an HTC One X (evita) with CM10.2 and I would like to: a) SIM unlock the phone from AT&T, and then b) send it to my sister on the Telus network in Canada for her to use. I wanted to consult this forum before doing anything else. Elsewhere on this forum it...
  28. L

    Thread [Q] Xperia Z radio mods (baseband swap.) Knowledge Rollup.|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=(not%20provided)&__utm...
  29. bbabiuk

    Thread [Q] Assistance Please - Returning to Stock

    I have read a pile of material now on returning to Stock. I am still confused, and want to turn my One back to stock in order to sell it. I have a Telus Mobility HTC One Firmware 1.29.661.17 HBOOT= 1.44 I am rooted I have S on Ok, now that this is all out of the way, here is what I want to...
  30. KonceptB

    Thread [Q] TORONTO AREA TELUS - Help with default call forwarding numbers!

    I'm looking for a little help from anyone with a Telus G2 in the Greater Toronto Area. My call forward settings have gotten all wonkey and I'm looking for the default numbers that are on the phone. To access the call forward menu: > Go to Settings > Under the "Networks" tab go to "Call" > Call...
  31. SkyeBTCH

    Thread [Q] AT&T G Pro work on Telus network?

    Hi there, I've been itching to get this phone for a while and I was wondering if LTE would work on the phone if i were to unlock it and use it on the Telus network here in Canada.... I've looked up the stats and all but all i see is that Telus only supports the 700 mhz frequency while I see that...
  32. P

    Thread [Q] HTC One S soft bricked. Fastboot but no recovery, Need help reverting to stock

    I soft bricked a friend's (yikes, I know) Telus HTC One S trying to install CM10.0. I have abandoned the installation now and would be happy to be able to just reflash stock. Here's my status: I can get to fastboot. I have the following fastboot screen: *** TAMPERED *** *** RELOCKED *** ***...
  33. intolaomair

    Thread How is HSPA+ vs. LTE on Telus? Thinking of buying the Xperia Z Ultra which has hspa+

    Hi guys, I am thinking of buying the Xperia Z Ultra for an insane price of $800 The only thing is that it has HSPA+ only. Currently I am using the Galaxy S4 on LTE. Will the drop in speed be extremely dramatic for me? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  34. X

    Thread Anyone in canada get a hold of one of these yet?

    Im just curious if it has the same MMS and tethering issues the lumia 920 did with telus/koodo
  35. lexcyn

    Thread [Q] AMR-WB (HD-Voice)?

    Hi everyone. I know certain carriers support HD-Voice (AMR-WB), for example Telus/Koodo and I believe Rogers/Fido... unsure about Bell. My question is, how can you enable AMR-WB? You can find it in the service menu but it says "OFF." Tried searching but could not find anything on the i747. I...
  36. D

    Thread [Q] Telus One S, soft bricked

    I can't get a valid rom into my phone, and it currently has no ROM, but can get to boot loader, and fastboot. Please help me get it usable again. I went to obtain S-Off on my One S (older phone, got it before the S-Off was available). aka, I was getting real tired of flashing CM Roms and...
  37. Chochiwpg

    Thread [ROM] Stock Telus T989DTLUMC4 [06.29.2013]

    Hi Everyone, I was searching through the threads looking for the official stock Telus T989DTLUMC4 firmware update. I was able to find the Odin flashable version of the update but I was not able to find one that is flashable through recovery. So, I decided to make one and share with everyone...
  38. S

    Thread [Q] HTC Sensation (HTC Sense 3) From Telus to Wind? Possible? Radio Update?

    So My GF found this phone and well It looks like a "throw away" as there are no saved info at all no contacts no log-ins nothing which is why I think it's a "throw away" because it's clearly not new it's beat up but it's still got the stock 2.3.5 Firmware not rooted nor even factory upgraded to...
  39. K

    Thread [Q] Unlock Sim

    Hi everybody, My sister came back from Canada with her phone and she didn't ask for unlocking it (I don't even know if they would have done that for free., but....) I told her, "no problem" I can do it. On my HTC just rooting the device did the trick! On the Hero, even a goldcard seems to be...
  40. Y

    Thread Telus APN

    Telus Mobility LTE APN Settings are as Follows (if you flashed a rom and cannot get data check your apn settings to see if they correspond) NAME : TELUS SP APN : SP.TELUS.COM PROXY : NOT SET PORT : NOT SET USERNAME: NOT SET PASSWORD : NOT SET SERVER : NOT SET MMSC ...
  41. M

    Thread Telus Note 2 (i317m)... Need Some Feedback

    I've had my Note 2 for a little over a month now.. this phone is amazing. Period. I came from Galaxy Fascinate, its like I switched my Cavalier for Jaguar CX-6!! I'm with Telus in Newfoundland.. St. John's to be exact. Off course, like most of you here, I didn't have the phone an hour and I was...
  42. L

    Thread [Q] TELUS Radio Issue

    Problem is, I can connect to all cellular services other then data. I have put in my APNs info correctly, and a few times I saw the HSPA logo pop up for a second but I still cannot use it. Running the latest CS ROM please help guys :(
  43. mon5trum

    Thread Reset flash counter .zip

    I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THIS, I JUST FOUND THE FILES AND DECIDED FOR IT TO BE MORE READILY AND EASILY AVAILABLE. I have been looking around and read that many people were looking for the reset flash counter flashable zips. I have both the telus and the t-mobile reset-flash-counter zips So now they...
  44. C

    Thread [TUT] TELUS HOX+ no rom fix

    This is a guide to loading a custom rom onto your TELUS HOX+ device if you have no rom but have bootloader access. I would recommend using the HTC One X+ All-In-One Toolkit V1.1 from hasoon2000. It can be found here You will need the HTC drivers installed and adb/fastboot to do this process...
  45. A

    Thread [ROM][JB][4.1.1][VLDLK4] Stock SGS3 TouchWiz ROM / Rooted / Debloated (12/06/2012)

    This is a ROM based on Telus VLDLK4 JellyBean ( I747MVLDLK4 ) release. It's stock with the following changes: - Rooted (Superuser app + su) - BusyBox installed - /data/app enabled - Deodexed / ZipAligned - Bootscreen sounds disabled. - init.d support - Debloated (Very big thanks to mrRobinson...
  46. Y

    Thread Telus Mobility Note 2

    For anyone out there that is using Telus's version of the phone. I have successfully rooted my unit with CF in and also successfully installed TWRP and made a nandroid. I also listed the stock baseband and model number on my phone. I have already read and seen about 3-5 people that have tried...
  47. N

    Thread Huge Problem....Please Help

    I have a huge problem, in my opinion. I went to update my phone to CM10 but got the "assert failed" error. I thought I was using the wrong rom, and took out my Sdcard. Big mistake. I put the new files on my sdcard, and put the sdcard back into my phone. Now my phone is stuck on the Samsung...
  48. JT-on

    Thread Reception issues finally solved! [TELUS maybe BELL]

    So I've been struggling with shoddy reception for a long while. The desire isn't exactly known for its reception, but recently I changed buildings and it's been unbearable. Symptoms: - If coverage is poor I'd go in and out of service frequently - Sometimes, even with bars, texts won't send...
  49. N

    Thread [Guide] Telus Motorola Backflip with CM7 Android 2.3.7

    Recently I've got a cheap Motorola Backflip for Telus, then I start exploring and find a solution to upgrade to 2.3.7. I've spent 2 whole days facing the computer but eventually got the solution. I don't know is there anyone still using this ancient phone but I wish this thread can help the one...
  50. Shels

    Thread [Q] Google Wallet

    Hey guys I've tried asking in the threads for these fixes but to no avail so hopefully someone will be able to help me if I make a thread for it. So my issue is that I've been using Google Wallet just fine with no issues using the "build prop edit, reboot recovery and move wallet apk into...