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  1. D

    Thread What's your temperature/throttling?

    Mod edit: THREAD CLOSED after the merge of the two fora! If you like to contribute please use: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/whats-your-temperatures-throttling.4253439/ ************************************** When running genshin impact, what does your phone temperatures go to WITHOUT...
  2. D

    Thread What's your temperatures/throttling?

    When running genshin impact, what does your phone temperatures go to WITHOUT cooling accessory? 1. Screen Temperature: 2. Back of Phone Temperature: 3. Do you notice any throttling after 30 minutes? Let me know your result guys!
  3. D

    Thread Post your temperatures for your black shark!

    When running genshin impact, what does your phone temperatures go to WITHOUT cooling accessory? 1. Screen Temperature: 2. Back of Phone Temperature: 3. Do you notice any throttling after 30 minutes? Let me know guys!
  4. E

    Thread The temperature of my phone is really really hot ! 42°C+ for a simple task. HELP

    Hello, Since, two weeks now, my OnePlus X had a troubleshooting. The temperature of the phone is really high when I use it for simple task like browse the Internet (Chrome / Edge / Firfox) or Whatsapp, SMS, etc. And when I try to play at a simple game with no 3D stuff, it's almost impossible to...
  5. B

    Thread Major issues due to wrong (batt) temp reading

    Hope someone can help me out. Got water inside my U11, so took it apart, cleaned with alcohol, dried. Now I can sometime switch the phone on, and then it's working perfectly, charging is hit and mis, mostly mis. It seems the issue is that the phone thinks the battery temperature is (usually)...
  6. G

    Thread Heating upto 41°C (Accubattery)

    Hey Guys, I'm noticing my phone 6.1 Plus (TA-1083) getting heated upto 41°C (Accubattery) while using normally. I do not even play games either. Generally I use Opera browser , YouTube , WhatsApp , Facebook etc which is common. I use hotspot but temperature is normal during the usage. The OS...
  7. Mother_Teresa

    Thread lock screen temperature defaults to F (instead of C)

    The displayed temperature on the lock screen uses F (Fahrenheit) instead of C (Celsius), as set in Google account settings. Issue -> temperature on lock screen will not default to my preference being Celsius. Cause? -> uninstalling 'updates' for the Google app seems to fix the issue...
  8. ksolowoniuk

    Thread Display Color Temperature

    I recently bought the Droid Turbo 2 and am disappointed in the color saturation and hue of the display. I found an app called "Screen Balance" that pretty much fixes the issue but it only works while the app is running. If I close the app whites look yellow again and I have to start the app...
  9. jaggyjags

    Thread [HW Mod] Improve performance, prevent thermal throttle

    Inspired on this hardware mod I followed on my Nexus 4 years ago I decided to experiment with my LG G5 after experiencing unstable performance while gaming, tried tweaking the software with kernels and roms but with no noticeable results longterm. This mod is fairly easy, there is a 0.6mm gap...
  10. wanderer1479

    Thread Winter Scene Weather Widget

    Cold days are slowly making their way into our lives, and winter will be here before you know it. This application was inspired by the coldest season, and it is very useful since it will tell you what the weather is like. You can easily check the temperature with it and you can also see forecast...
  11. alda.cerny

    Thread Temperature measurement on Rockchip PX5 A53 (RK3688)

    user lefterisa3 found that in file /sys/rockchip_thermal/temp is cpu temperature - his post i can't do the phone application for the time being, I have made a script that shows me the temperature listed in the file /sys/rockchip_thermal/temp and stores it in a txt file, it needs root rights to...
  12. gius321

    Thread Xperia ZL performance problem and 3rd party battery

    Hi my friend I wonder if unoriginal battery can cause bad performance and high temperature? I think it can definitely cause high temperature but what about performance? Do you think bad battery can cause bad performance? Most LAG, maybe freeze also My Xperia ZL has unoriginal battery and it...
  13. facuarmo

    Thread [MOD] Final temperature fix: tweaking thermal control

    Hi guys! It's me, facuarmo and... yes, again :). I've been playing a bit with my smartphone's files after testing hp420's and noticing that there were many files I'd be able to tweak to get the most of this almost perfect device. At /system/etc/thermal-engine.conf replace: sampling...
  14. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] My Thermometer

    Hello, I create that thread to present you My Thermometer a free application that gives you temperature around you by using your Android device's sensors. My Thermometer is available on Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ssaurel.thermometer You can discover...
  15. CrashOverride93

    Thread [PROJECT] High temperature warning device

    Hello everyone! Here I bring you a profile plus it task, responsible to giving us the notice when our device reaches certain temperature. The task I created analyzes data from three specific areas (thermal sensors) using the hwmon under the 'sys' folder, although it is also possible to read the...
  16. Razorless

    Thread [Guide, magisk, systemless, Aroma] Thermal throttle tweaking

    Hey everyone, over at The Nexus 5X Forum we tweaked the thermal throttling behavior of the phone. Since The Moto X Pure uses the same SOC, we can also apply this (with a few changes) to this phone. Update: Please uninstall the old version and reinstall as soon as the new version is online...
  17. Michele2

    Thread [MOD CAMERA] [XPOSED] [6.0.1] Xperia Thermal Disabler - v1.0.0

    I've found how disable camera killer in stock camera apps when temperature is too high without change anything in SemcPowerSaveModule apk ! after trying smali patch I've made this module! ;) Permissions: Do whatever you want, but ... DO NOT PUBLISH MY SOURCE CODE ANYWHERE!! Requeriments: -...
  18. D

    Thread Changing battery temperature max values

    Hello, I've got an old Galaxy Grand Prime (G-530FZ) running on android 5.0.2 Some water got into the device and it damaged the temperature sensor. Device is rooted, there is no warranty on the device. I cannot charge the device nor run applications 3-4 minutes after booting the device. Q...
  19. pankajdj007

    Thread Whats your normal temperature??

    Guys, what's normal temperature you are getting on your phone?? Mention ROM & kernal too :)
  20. S

    Thread [Q] Device reboots after SIM unlock

    Hi all, recently my D855 with v20T (root/xposed) started to sort of randomly reboot. It seems like once the device gets too hot, it's gone. Happens rarely during general usage, often while playing a game, and especially often when starting the camera. But it behaves strangely in general: if I...
  21. Sheryl John

    Thread Battery Temp. & Battery Life( LONG TERM )

    First of all Sorry if this question is a repetition. Can't find a proper answer for this at least relevant to latest devices like Galaxy S7. I play lot of heavy games in S7 like MORTAL KOMBAT X, NFS No Limits, Real Racing, GTA Sanandreas, Modern Combat 5. Might be about 45 mins continuously...
  22. Y

    Thread Display Colors

    If u are like me and hate LG display colors and u find Samsung a lot better option theres just little "trick" u can do to our beloved Flex looks the same :) Just go to: Settings Display Screen Mode Vivid And thats all.. its much more beautiful and clear Cheers ;)
  23. amkirk94

    Thread Nexus 5 Thermal Throttling

    So, after watching this guy running some throttling test on several smartphones, I started wondering if my Nexus 5 was facing similar throttling issues; just like some Snapdragon 810 devices do. Also, I wanted to extend the testing results, in order to ascertain if Screen Brightness matters, and...
  24. W

    Thread [APP] CpuFloat [March27] Floating cpu, gpu, temperatures, deep sleep, network monitor

    CpuFloat Uses a floating window or the status bar to show # the cpu frequencies # the cpu temperature if (available) # the text will turn red when the cpu temperature rises above the throttle temperature. You can set custom throttle temperature in preferences. # the gpu frequency #...
  25. T

    Thread Average idle temp for z3?

    My idle temp is 38-39 Celsius is this fine?
  26. R

    Thread D802 Temp problems

    Hello, I have some problems with my d802. High Temps for basic use. I have dismembered my phone to change my LCD and I haven't seen any thermal paste or pads on the cpu or gpu. I had this problem with my phone since the day I've got it. But now a friend has one and is much cooler than mine...
  27. oile


    We all know why LG choose 808 over 810, now let's see the results of their choice: Here we'll talk about the G4 operating temperature. Try to indicate your ambient temperature, model, display brightness, app(s) used, your cpu utilization (I use cool Tool for it), and of course temperature...
  28. A

    Thread [Q] Normal temperature

    Hello, i had a at&t lg g (e970), and now i have a D850 that i bougt a few weeks ago, but since i bought ut i feel it a little warm, it isn't too hot but it still is a bit uncomfortable, and i want now if someone have a cpu temperature monitor, battery is cold, and can tell me how much is normal...
  29. P

    Thread Camera Bug (Yellow Tint + RGB lines) when Mildly Hot

    So i was playing with the camera today. Clicked quite a few pictures in the manual mode; nothing artsy, just trying different focus & exposure values. At one point, the phone rebooted automatically. Assuming it could've been caused by something in the camera, I plugged the ZF2 to a computer...
  30. I

    Thread [Q] How much temperature can a LCD withstand?

    That's it... How much temperature can a LCD withstand before getting broken? I am planning to unstick the touchscreen from its LCD, and I would like to know this. Thank you in advance.
  31. Sir Zeph

    Thread [APP][1.3+] Weatheroux+ - A Beautiful Weather App

    Weatheroux⁺ Weatheroux⁺ a an elegant and intuitive weather app, tailored for different locations around the globe. Colours are carefully chosen to fit in harmoniously with all elements. A lot of weather information is packed in a precise and compact manner. Simply tap on existing information...
  32. mmhasanovee

    Thread [Q] Xperia Z1 Battery Temperature Sensor Wrong Reading

    :eek: Came here with a heavy heart. Bought a Xperia Z1 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, suddenly phone started to show wrong temperature data of battery. It showed about 60+ degree Celsius. And, I am sure there's a problem on the battery temperature sensor. Due to overheat(faulty battery temperature...
  33. spark2331995

    Thread hot battery !

    first of all sorry for new thread as i narrowed down the issue.. my problem is that no matter which rom and gapps i use at the time of boot my battery temperature is around 65-70 c and cpu temp is 50-55 sometimes the phone shut downs at boot only or sometimes luckily it works and i have to let...
  34. A

    Thread [APP] Galaxy Sensors || temperature - humidity - light - pressure - height for Note3

    Hi there, i am a young developer and i'm glad to share with new my new app, Galaxy Sensors, it uses sensors built-in our Note3 to show temperature, humidity, light, pressure and height, i also developed a simple widget to show the temperature for our home screen, i'm planning to add other widget...
  35. erikasnoske

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S4 thermal sensor (GPU overclock)

    I need answers from hardware specialists rather than software specialists. I am trying to overclock my Galaxy S4 9505 GPU (Adreno 320) as much as possible. All I know that I need to keep an eye on temperature and NOT to increase it over 90C (to be safe). But I noticed that I have the only one...
  36. R

    Thread [Q] How hot is too hot?

    I live in Norway, and I rarely let my phone get warmer than ~35 degrees, and since I rarely watch clips longer than 5 min on it, and rarely record videos longer than a min or two, this isn't a problem (Norway's cold weather also helps I suspect). This summer, however, I will be in Southeast...
  37. mourao

    Thread [Q] Get CPU Temperature from terminal

    Hello, could someone tell me in which file I can get the cpu temperatures from terminal/adb? Thanks in advance :D
  38. O

    Thread [Q] Terrible Battery and Heat Problems

    Hello Everyone, So I had my phone repaired at Pacific Mall due to the screen being broken and requiring replacement, and ever since then, I've been having terrible battery and heat issues. The phone was repaired on the 5th of April and I kid you not, I could leave it just sitting on my table...
  39. T

    Thread [Q] Overheating issues since going Franco

    So I've had a lot of issues with my nexus 5 randomly rebooting and decided it was time to do a complete factory reset on it. Since I had been running stock, unrooted, locked bootloader since launch, I also decided it was time to unlock, root, and switch to Franco to see if it would improve...
  40. H

    Thread [Q] G2 Operating Temperature

    Hello guys, well i've read every single post about the phone's working temperature on the forum but i just can't figure if my phone is working fine or not, because mostly everyone on the post refer to the temperature as "warm" "bit hot" etc, which is very subjective. I'm a bit worried because my...
  41. AlkaliV2

    Thread [Q] Need Input from Member's About Phone Stability and Temps

    I really just wanted to ask a few members for their input after running a test on their own Galaxy S4. I just would like some people to run the app "Stability Test" (You can grab it HERE) and just follow these steps. 1.) Run "Classic Stability Test" 2.) Keep an eye on the upper left corner for...
  42. Zkaar

    Thread [Q] Hardware Buttons Light

    First I would like to say I can't remember how the keys are called, all I know they are the menu and back keys, and that they should light up for a second and turn off until used again. I'm having couple of problems with my phone being awake all times, battery drain and mostly overheating. Some...
  43. A

    Thread [Q] Temperature for the smart phone to operate normally??

    Hi there guys.. can someone tell me the normal and max temp for smart phone to operate normally??? Thankss
  44. jsstp24n5

    Thread [APP] Weather Station

    After putting an ambient temperature/humidity sensor in the Galaxy S4, Samsung has decided to put one into the Note 3 as well. I wonder how this app I developed functions on the Note 3 compared to the S4, especially with the faux leather cover and larger screen, etc: Weather Station
  45. jsstp24n5

    Thread [Q] Does the Moto X have an ambient thermometer and barometer?

    I don't have this device and am reading conflicting reports online. It doesn't help that their official site doesn't list any full specs. Can someone who owns a Moto X please confirm that it actually has a pressure and ambient temperature sensor?
  46. S

    Thread [Q] Location of Ambient Temperature Sensor

    As the title suggests, I'm wondering where the ambient temperature sensor is located on the device. I've read conflicting things, so I'm not sure if there is actually a dedicated 'ambient' temperature sensor or if the reading is the result of some calculation. Either way, it doesn't seem to be...
  47. devilex94

    Thread [GUIDE]Improve tegra 3 phone's performance like XOLO Play

    This guide will improve performance of Tegra 3 devices like XOLO Play by increasing the cpu throttling temperatures. Requirements: Rooted tegra 3 devices (cooled - cpu ,battery temp less than 40C) File Manager with root access Text Editor Time Procedure: 1. Goto /d/tegra_thermal through file...
  48. Dan Law 001

    Thread Secure voltage range and temperature???

    Hello, recently, we have hear many stories on the news about phones battery's explosion. After doing some researches on the Web and using some common sense and basic knowledge, I know that voltage range and temperature of the battery are strongly related to the overall condition of the battery...
  49. S

    Thread [Q] High Battery Temps!

    So I made myself a wireless charging car dock for my DNA much like the one seen here minus the silly looking wooden blocks http://www.qiwireless.com/mod-qi-wireless-charger-for-autocar-droid-dna-also-lumia-and-others-video/ While it's in the dock it is of course in car mode using CarHome Ultra...
  50. C

    Thread [Q] app to show all galaxy tab temperature sensors?

    Is there an app out there that can show the different temperature sensors all at the same time on the p1000 / p1c models ? ie. cpu + battery + maybe ambient if it has one