1. R

    Thread ? How to recover deleted files on rooted Android without USB Debug & PC connection?

    ? How to recover deleted files on rooted Android without USB Debug & PC connection? Hello. I have removed some important files in my DCIM folder on internal memory of my Android device. The USB socket of the phone is broken so I couldn't use any recovery software that using USB debug mode but I...
  2. B

    Thread Help reading last_kmsg — Tablet crashing?

    I have a Lenovo A10-70F Android marshmallow tablet that is experiencing random full-system crashing. I've recently replaced the battery and factory reset the device yet the crashing continues. The crashing behavior is not specific to a single app or a single use-case and seemingly happens at...
  3. Z

    Thread [APP] Beamy - Remote Terminal Service

    Beamy is a Remote Terminal service, it allows you to access your android device shell terminal using web browser eg. without use of ADB and usb cables or wifi. To use it download app and scan QR Code visible on https:\\beamy.in website. Please tell me what you think about it, is there any...
  4. Z

    Thread [APP] Beamy - Remote Terminal Service

    Beamy is a Remote Terminal service, it allows you to access your android device shell terminal using web browser eg. without use of ADB and usb cables or wifi. To use it visit https://beamy.in and scan qr code using app. Please tell me what you think about it Download
  5. F

    Thread Help with my broken USB data port. How make a DEBLOAT?

    I have broken the USB port. :crying: After getting wet, just charging, it does not connect to the computer or OTG. In this situation, how could I make a Debloat? Maybe with some command in the Terminal application? I would settle for that. I don't even think about doing ROOT or installing a...
  6. Spoof-Dark93

    Thread How to Fix Terminal on Kali nethunter if crashing

    Solution number 1. Step1 donwload Busybox free https://busybox.en.uptodown.com/android step2 Install aplication step 3 open aplication and click /system/xbin and click install step 4 open again termux and you see now this aplication work Solution number two Youtube: open link and...
  7. D

    Thread Temp Boot to TWRP Recovery (ADB/Fastboot) - How do i get there?

    Hey Folks, i recently bought me an AndroidTV-Box (Mecool M8S Pro L, LB-Version). Its an ARM 912 Type that comes with AndroidTV on Nougat 7.1.2, and obviously prerooted (according to RootChecker). However, there is no SU. Before i start messing with it, i want to do a full Backup, and install...
  8. Archtects

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] A Terminal Styled Note Taking App

    Free Version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=archtectsproductions.terminalnotesFree Donation Version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=archtectsproductions.terminal_notetakerpro I've Been wanting to make my own app for a while. I've made android wear watch-faces...
  9. S

    Thread Terminal: Failure calling service activity Android 8.0 issue

    Hey. After updating my OP3 to Oreo. I would like to delete again my day feature from facebook messenger. There is only one problem. When im trying to call service activity in terminal by command: I get error: Of course i grant root permission to my terminal app. Is there any workaround to call...
  10. Archtects

    Thread [Watch Face] Linux Terminal Style Watch Face

    Available On The Google Play Store! Linux Terminal Style Watch Face Get It On The Play Store Here A Linux Terminal Watch Face That: Supports Both Round, Square And Chin Styled Watches Displays Time, Date And Battery Has A Number Of Stock Linux Terminal Styled Themes Has A Number Of Customised...
  11. Wildcat2083

    Thread Need Help Extracting PIT FIle for Verizon Variant of the S7 (Non Edge)

    I seen on other forums you can basically create a working PIT (Partition Information Table) From a Working Device, obviously based on the Same Firmware set you are running, now that root is up and running, the idea is which mmcblk to dd to get it done Here is a link for reference I found on...
  12. M

    Thread question about adb shell vs terminal on device.

    hi, quick question.. i put "setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555" in file.txt, and save this to /sdcard. if i run "sh /sdcard/file.txt" from adb shell, on pc, then it works and getprop confirms. if i run "sh /sdcard/file.txt" from terminal emulator, on phone, it says "could not set property"...
  13. neisor

    Thread Network commands in terminal

    Hello, I found out that while using the stock AOSP ROM, be it with or without a custom kernel, I am unable to achieve some functionalities via any terminal app. For example, I am unable to use commands link traceroute and ping. On the other side, when I am using ROMs like PureNexus or...
  14. X

    Thread Looking for a BLE terminal app

    Hello! First of all, I'll apologise if this doesn't go here. It's not that I'm developing an Android app, but that I'm developing a hardware and need an app that covers my needs... I'll explain. I'm building a device that integrates an accelerometer, and a Bluetooth BLE module. With this, I...
  15. A

    Thread [Launcher][2.2+] T-UI, Linux CLI Launcher

    Are you sick of all those colorful and chaotic launchers? Did Icons, App Drawer and Dock bother you enough? Do you miss those times when you could do whatever you wanted with a simple command and the enter key? Then, T-UI Launcher and its Linux-like CLI (Command Line Interface) are a must for...
  16. aashishb4u

    Thread How to unlock pattern lock using terminal emulator

    Hello friends ...!! Here this is my first ever post on terminal emulator I have searched about terminal commands and finally I found some of them really awesome Alert -> I am not responcible for any brick or any data loss of your device. Do it on your own risk Lets start step by step.... 1 ...
  17. Y

    Thread [4.0+][free] Material terminal emulator

    Material terminal emulator v.2.0.2 Access your Android's built-in Linux command line shell. Unleash your inner geek! This is a remake of the popular "Terminal Emulator for Android" application by Jack Palevich. Same great program, just with a material design :D Top Features + Full Linux...
  18. D

    Thread [Q] removing stock apps correctly (busybox and terminal emulator)

    Alright, so checking up the system folder with root explorer I noticed that there are several applications related to the stock music player. I can't just simply remove these "apks", right? Pretty certain there'd be leftovers of this app somewhere. So, I realize, there's no "uninstall" script...
  19. B

    Thread Torch / Flash seems "Locked" from app use

    I'm not sure if there's a better place to post this, i there is let me know and sorry. My main problem: If I use the terminal to turn the Flash on / off (# echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/led:flash_torch/brightness), my Torch control apps (i.e Torch, TeslaLED), somehow lose the ability to turn the...
  20. B

    Thread [Q] Controlling Torch / Camera Flash through Terminal

    I'm not sure if there's a better place to post this, i there is let me know and sorry. My main problem: If I use the terminal to turn the Flash on / off (# echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/led:flash_torch/brightness), my Torch control apps (i.e Torch, TeslaLED), somehow lose the ability to turn the...
  21. P

    Thread Android does not download a .bin file, what desktop browser do

    Hi, It is drive me crazy, I can't figure it out why can't an Android galaxy S wi5.0 (rooted) download a .bin file. I can download the file using Iceweasel on a linux machine, I can download the file using wget from bash, but from android I can't. I tried with terminal emulator and wget, tried...
  22. m0yP

    Thread [SCRIPT] ADB, Fastboot and mFastboot directly in Terminal - MacOSX

    Hello all So here I am in my first topic :laugh: For Mac users can be tough to work with commands, which most of it has to be done in order to perform stuff in our Moto X. Instead of having to mount virtual machines in order to have access to Windows' stuff. Or the Android SDK has to be...
  23. rsd3k

    Thread [Q] Browser redirection /url replacement method

    I need to modify a URL and redirect automatically. Say If I enter the web address http://www.somedb.com/index.html I would like it to redirect it to http://ezproxy.yourlib.org/www.somedb.com/index.html In PC I use a greasemonkey userscript (replace url()) to achieve this. I haven't seen...
  24. E:V:A

    Thread ssh: No controlling tty

    I have a rooted a GT-I9195 (SGS4-mini) done with CF-Auto-Root and the latest Busybox. I then decided to use the "Ssh server" from The Olive Tree, since it is simple, small, free, but unfortunately have ads. For on-device/local shell, I use the Android Terminal Emulator and everything works...
  25. Abstractionist

    Thread [Q] Terminal Command "Stop". Phone not boot up.

    Hi everyone! Please help me. I've accidentaly typed in Terminal Emulator commad "stop" with SU permissions and my phone first freezed then don't want to boot up. How can i start my phone? I can access only recovery and fastboot. Edit: Also i can run adb commands. So the question, what command i...
  26. H

    Thread Problem with Terminal Emulator

    Hi there. I'm affected with this problem. Some CLI linux apps works incorrectly in Terminal Emulator on my Note 3 SM-N9005. This screens is proofs of affects. And this is Midnight Commander.
  27. manudo

    Thread [Q] Serial in Android

    I'm some noob to Android and wondering about the files and directories I found out that there's a file in /dev called tty, so I wonder if I can use something like this: For using serial devices to comunicate with apps and I don't know using that for configuring routers by a HyperTerminal...
  28. jaromil.rojo

    Thread [APP] ZShaolin light XDA-DEV release

    This is the new thread dedicated to ZShaolin light xda-dev releases More information on ZShaolin: http://zshaolin.org APK download: files.dyne.org/zshaolin/.xda-dev works without root - only for ARM based devices ZShaolin light xda-dev is an unrooted shell of full static binaries of...
  29. B

    Thread [Q] Trouble with CM10's su and Android Terminal Emulator

    I am having a hard time getting certain interactive features of any shell to work with Android Terminal Emulator as soon i acquire superuser privileges by issuing the "su" command. I am no longer able to cycle through the command history which is otherwise done by pressing the volume down key...
  30. mackay508

    Thread [Q] Flashing Boot.img Ubuntu

    Im wondering if anyone has a guide or the command for flashing a Boot.img from terminal to my HOX+ preferably by Fastboot I've tried looking but most ofthe guide are just on setting up ADB, Fastboot or Android SDK. Im running Xubuntu 13.10 and have no access to Windows as thats how I originally...
  31. B

    Thread [Q] retrieve wifi pass

    HI, at my work we use tablets for logging our work. tablets are connected to wireless. tablets are allready rooted. I'm trying to get wireless password from them, I want to go online from my device. my plan was: plug sd card with terminal apk in and install it. then retrieve it from...
  32. D

    Thread [BASH4.1+][SCRIPT HELPER][LIBRARY]semi-native function library

    Hello XDA users, deciding to post this here because i figured it could get some use/i could get some feedback (Placing it in general because i honestly dont think it could work anywhere else) Basicly over the past few months ive been taking my multiple script for android, &...
  33. T

    Thread [Q] Command line recovery

    I love tinkering my Nexus 4 to death (that's why I bought it without second thought). However, sometimes I'm left without a phone in the middle of a street, and all I need is a pc with adb and I can solve the problem (have you tried flashing chainfire 3D on nexus 4? well, don't try it out of...
  34. WisdomSky

    Thread [Terminal][Busybox] Real-time free-RAM, CPU usage and Running Processes tracking

    Busybox is somehow considered a prerequisite when you are planning to tweak your android device, for a reason that some tweak scripts out there require them busybox pre-installed. Even they don't require busybox, it is still good to keep it handy. After we inject some tweak scripts into our...
  35. C

    Thread [APP][2.2+] Remote ADB Shell

    Overview Remote ADB Shell is a simple terminal app that allows you to connect to the ADB shell service of another Android device over the network. This works in the exact same way that the "adb shell" command works on a computer. Because this app uses a native implementation of the ADB protocol...
  36. J

    Thread [Q] Need help with mac adb

    I'm having trouble using adb on my mac. when i type ./adb it just says no such file or directory. Please help. I have tried a few guides to. OS X 10.8.4
  37. pROAddicts

    Thread [neo L] Problem with setting permissions--- need help!

    I have an Android Paranoid in my neo L.. And somehow I mange to research and got to know how to use personal tone for my notifications and ringtones by using "Speaking Zeph" wherein you type a word or words and upon saving automatically it will be saved as a WAV file and automaically will...
  38. pROAddicts

    Thread [HELP] Using Terminal Emulator--- operation not permitted

    I have an Android Paranoid in my neo L.. And somehow I mange to research and got to know how to use personal tone for my notifications and ringtones by using "Speaking Zeph" wherein you type a word or words and upon saving automatically it will saved as a WAV file and automaically will appear...
  39. W

    Thread [APP][2.3+][Root]Quick Terminal [Make your own Command]

    Quick Terminal Now On Xda Main Page !! http://www.xda-developers.com/android/quickly-execute-terminal-commands-with-quick-terminal/ QuickTerminal is a simple way to run your daily commands without the need of rewriting manually. Add your own Command to a list choosing the output type whether it...
  40. julian_fern

    Thread [Q] How to install a custom recovery and ROM using Ubuntu?

    Hello guys, Yesterday I finally got my hands on a Galaxy Note 2, but I REALLY dislike stock runs, so I went to install a custom recovery and ROM. Problem is, I'm used to the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and the Galaxy SII, where I could use fastboot do unlock the bootloader and flash the recovery...
  41. T

    Thread Terminal Command Bible

    I've ben gone for a while after working on my app2sd script (unfortunately I wasn't able to completely debug it, but kudos to devs that got it working for different devices) and I thought it would be nice to list some of the interesting commands I used to put the script together and eventually...
  42. jhonnyx

    Thread [Tutorial] Get Hardware info from your Atrix to help developers

    Hello folks! how are you doing? Since we've seen Alpha kernel is still an alpha and we need to provide developers with every detail of our device we can. I've decided to search through threads and get some commands from there to gather the information required: You can gather these data by...
  43. RavinduSha

    Thread [APP] Remote Terminal - (Execute Any Shell Command by SMS) - Update 05/07/2013

    REMOTE TERMINAL Execute any shell command by SMS Introduction: This app will read receiving sms and executes shell commands in them. It is very useful in many ways. You can delete your private data from your device in case you lost your phone. You can even turn off your device by this method...
  44. DXP2

    Thread [Tutorial] How to Ping a website from Android phone

    I do a lot of things with network maintenance, diagnostics, and security on my PC. I found pinging a site to test my latency from my SG3 was useful, testing when/where I get the best latency on my mobile data network. So without further a due, here is a short, simple but thorough tut 1.)...
  45. N

    Thread [Q] Legacy smartphone as terminal?

    I know it may be a waste of time but because I would like to try: Is it possible to run some form of linux on old hardware. With all the hype about the raspberry pi, why couldn't I play with old hardware? Because the legacy forums are closed I don't know where to go. It is an HTC Mogul 6800...
  46. I

    Thread SOLVED:[Q] imposible to activate "Data Packages" on a Star A3 with Android 4.0.1

    SOLVED:[Q] imposible to activate "Data Packages" on a Star A3 with Android 4.0.1 Hello xda developers I know there is some users of this mobile around here, and plenty of experts of Android I try to stablish a data plan from my phone provider but the mobile is not able to connect to it The...
  47. 1

    Thread [Q] terminal command mv

    Hey all, here's the thing I downloaded several .gifs and for some reason they ended up with a .bin extension. Using PA at the moment and having a terminal emulator installed I tried to batch rename them using mv *.bin *.gif at /sdcard/download/ and the files just disappeared. Are they somewhere...
  48. pitchblack5691

    Thread [Q] how to create .zip using terminal?

    hi friends, can any one tell me how to create a .zip file using terminal? if yes, can i set compression levels?
  49. mihovil13

    Thread [Guide] Backtrack5 port using CHROOT

    Backtrack5 Port using CHROOT After I managed to get Ubuntu working on our Defy, I've finally completed a personal task of mine -> get BT5 on Defy. Credits : anantshri, DooMLoRD for Backtrack5 image file. This method doesn't modify/change your OS, rom or system. It can't brick or harm your...
  50. mihovil13

    Thread [Guide] Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 Defy CHROOT port

    Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 android-vnc Defy port THIS DOESNT MODIFY, REPLACE OR CHANGE YOUR CURRENT ROM OR ANDROID OS. IT RUNS IN CHROOT USING VNC, LIKE A VIRTUAL MACHINE! SO IT CANNOT BRICK OR HARM YOUR DEVICE! Video instalation guide : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9ercgiqwi0