1. J

    Thread Android App That Automatically Starts Phone Hotspot When Bluetooth Connects?

    Hi, All. A few years ago I used an Android app that would automatically start my phone hotspot when I got in my car and the Bluetooth connected. I don't remember exactly which app it was but I have tried almost everything on the Play Store without success. Does anyone know of a working app that...
  2. RSJ-BOB

    Thread Pubg Mobile Ping issues over USB C Tethering

    i play pubg mobile on daily basis, usually connecting VIA wireless 5G Network, my router is directly in the same room without any repeaters, the internet is Fiber with speed of 300, usually, the ping in-Game is between 60-80 which is good but sometimes I get killed behind cover due to ping...
  3. S

    Thread Problem with USB-Tethering to Headless Raspberry Pi Zero W

    Hello folks, First some data: rooted Mi 5 with Lineage OS 18.1-20210930-NIGHTLY-sagit Kernel: 4.4.283-perf + Raspberry Pi Zero W with Kali_Pi-Tail I've been trying to get an SSH connection via USB from my Mi5 to the Pi-Zero for days now. Why do I ask here, but not in Kali-Linux or in the...
  4. I

    Thread I got auto bluetooth tethering working, or did I..?

    So today I installed my new Eonon GA2185. I was hoping it would be able to tether my phone's internet on bluetooth automatically, without ever having to manually activate bluetooth or hotspot or something like that. It's a mythical function. Some say it's impossible, you'll always have to click...
  5. P

    Thread Question Does USB Tethering work for you on your Mi11 Ultra on 12.5.3 Global/Stable

    Hi, I received my Global Mi11 Ultra yesterday, did the set up, upgraded to 12.5.3 and then wanted it to use as a modem on my Router. I am from Germany and many Germans do use Fitzboxes, my Fritz!Box is the 7590. So, i unplugged my Poco F3 and wanted to use the Mi Ultra instead, it did not work...
  6. D

    Thread USB Tethering has consistent lag.

    Hello Everyone I recently got the Note 10 Lite as a replacement for my S8. I don't have an internet subscription at the moment so I'm using the USB tethering of my phone so that I can have internet access on my PC. the problem is, when playing games like CSGO, i get some lag spikes every 5~6...
  7. gesaugen

    Thread How to use android as wifi USB card on Win7 for LAN?

    I have: PC#1 with Win 7 x64 Samsung S3 mini (without the sim card, connects to the my ISP router via wifi) ISP router NAS and other PCs connected via utp cable to the ISP router PC#1 is to far from the router to be connected via utp cable so I need to do it via wifi but I don't have proper...
  8. M

    Thread Any way to change the 5ghz hotspot channel?

    I have an old laptop that is capable of 5ghz (i use 5ghz on my home router all the time) but I can not see the the 5ghz hotspot on my mi10t pro, I have the same issue with the 5ghz hotspot setting on my galaxy note 9. I had assumed the 5ghz of the samsung was not enabled, for 2 years I have...
  9. K

    Thread Wifi Tethering on Android 10 Oneplus Nord

    Hello guys, Everything in the app Tasker. sadly the wifi tethering is not working via tasker, it worked perfectly on OP5 with Android 10 but now I am stucked. Nothing happens when a toggle is requested. System Access has been granted. Do someone know a workaround? Because the toogle "off" for...
  10. P

    Thread Is there a way to temporary change region to affect WiFi channels for tethering ?

    I have a device that supports only WiFi channels up to 11, I want to share a WiFi network for that device thru my cellphone. I live in EU so available channels are up to 13, my neighborhood is very WiFi polluted, i can see more than 200 AP at this moment, less crowded channels are above 11, so...
  11. iPollesion

    Thread Any ROM without Telemetry/Background Network Connectivity?

    Hi folks, I've been offline for a while from the forums - does anyone know if there is a ROM which basically doesn't have anything on it with telemetry or background network traffic for Google services or anything else, obviously other than the phone calls or texts. Anyone have good...
  12. kdogguk

    Thread Tethering 5ghz

    How do I get 5ghz tethering to work? If I don't check the "use 5ghz" the hot-spot shows up and connects perfectly, but if I choose 5ghz the hot-spot doesn't show on any devices. It must be something on the note 10 side as it has worked in the past with other phones as the hot-spot on 5ghz. Any...
  13. B

    Thread no hot spot

    Hello again, Im back with same issue, anyone have issues with hotspot not working. I just tried out pixel experience , and again this rom has no hotspot working on my mi mix. Its connected but it is not really working , no internet access. Any help Pls???
  14. L

    Thread Using hotspot on Metro without detection?

    I've recently changed to Metro from Cricket and my plan currently allots me 10gb a month for wireless hotspot. On cricket, I didn't have a hotspot service but I used the net.tethering.noprovisioning=true line to enable my phone's native hotspot and get it working. However using the same...
  15. L

    Thread Anyone have hotspot active on Metro?

    Thinking about switching to MetroPCS. I got the dreaded hotspot warning from Cricket, and I've been meaning to make the switch anyway. To be clear, I'm asking if it's possible to unlock the hotspot feature on my phone without paying for the service. I have the build.prop line and the adb dun...
  16. D

    Thread USB tethering cause modem error

    Hi all. So I use my unlimited LTE Iternet in my Nokia 7 Plus and share it to PC via USB Tethering. Recently I had many modem errors. All connectivity was turned off for 10-15 seconds (similar to airplane mode) and I saw red message on top of the screen saying some info about modem error. I was...
  17. Mysterio33

    Thread Can't share Data from Android device using bluetooth tethering

    Hi folks, I've got my Xiaomi Mi 9 SE (Global Version) two weeks ago, and I'm very happy with it. There is only one problem: I can't share my Data Connection via Bluetooth! .. Neither with my car and its bluetooth speakerphone, nor with my Smartwatch, I can't get managed to share the...
  18. D

    Thread chromebook instant tethering

    I've seen alot of commotion regarding chromebook instant tethering. I want to know is this tethering billed as the same data usage as the coming from the phone, or is it billed as external device hotspot.
  19. D

    Thread Help! Out of nowhere, my WiFi is fine, but the WiFi tethering has abysmal range.

    I don't even know how I could begin troubleshooting. My Pixel is rooted if that matters, and is on the latest Oreo update (I am not upgrading to Pie until GravityBox is ported). Out of seemingly nowhere, the Wi-Fi tether range is beyond horrible. Basically my phone has to be within AN INCH OR...
  20. P

    Thread Anyone found ROM or kernel that allows tether on O or P?

    Tether used to work fine on Nougat, then in Oreo and Pie, google baked-in the inability to add "dun" to an apn whether existing or new, resulting in an error message of "carrier does not allow apns of type dun." This resulted in a really slow, erratic tether function in the ROMs I tried. Anyone...
  21. B

    Thread How to spoof MAC Address -> USB tethering? OR always reliable identify phone network?

    How to spoof MAC Address -> USB tethering? OR always reliable identify phone network? Hey, i searched for HOURS now but i could only find threads and results on the big G back from 2013/14 this is about USB tethering, Please give any advice or idea what i can try! for virtualbox passthrough...
  22. M

    Thread XZ2C - Android 9 - WiFi tethering keep crashing

    Hi all, after Android 9 update my wifi app keep crashing while trying to turn on tethering.. It's a huge problem for me due I use it with my mobile data usually... Anyone encountered this problem and fixed this? any suggestions are welcome :(
  23. stricnin

    Thread Automatic Hotspot Tethering

    I've been trying to automate my hotspot when Bluetooth is connected. After weeks of trying multiple apps, multiple searches and multiple failures, I'm frustrated and can no longer proceed without asking for help. HELP!?!? Is it still possible to do? Is root required? Maybe there's a setting...
  24. B

    Thread Hot Spot

    Hello community, I just installed rr 8.1 for my Mi Mix, but I cant seem to find the hot spot in the settings, am I missing something? Thanx for help in advnc...
  25. D

    Thread Can I add tethering without breaking apps that detect root?

    I have a new Pixel 2 XL (google play edition) that I just received as a warranty replacement. I'm on a Verizon grandfathered (real) unlimited plan which disables tethering immediately, but that is a deal break for me. Before someone attacks me for "stealing" from Verizon, I would gladly pay...
  26. N

    Thread Note 9 Slow WiFi tethering problem!!

    Dear friends, i am facing a weird issue with my Note 9. I get very good network speeds on my handset. Earlier i was using Note 8 and i got same speeds with Wifi and USB tethering to my PC/Laptop in India on both Jio and Airtel network. But with Note 9, I get very good consistent tethering speed...
  27. K

    Thread Wifi tethering keeps dropping clients off

    I share my mobiledata to my kidds while off town. With my old Galaxy S5 I used to flip the wifi hotspot on on friday and turn it off on sunday - no problems ever. Now with my Nokia 7 plus (ta-1046) the hotspot drops connected clients off after random period of time. The hotspot doesn't turn off...
  28. O

    Thread Can you use VPN or another tool to hide tethering from mobile company (StaightTalk)?

    Will using VPN hide your tethering traffic so the mobile company can't see that you are tethering? Or is there another tool that will do the trick? I'm thinking about using StraightTalk but they allow no tethering and while I don't go crazy with it, I'm on-call occasionally and am not near a...
  29. L

    Thread Problem with hotspot tethering after Oreo update

    Hello. I had a problem with tethering hotspot after Oreo update. When the tether is turned on while screen is blocked, the other devices can see the wifi of the mobile but can not access. But once the screen of the mobile is unlocked then the devices can connect to the mobile. I need this...
  30. IronWolve

    Thread PIA VPN incorrectly charged as tethering data on T-mobile, any thought why? SM-G965u

    My buddy just upgraded his s7 to an s9 plus, still using the PIA VPN, but now T-mobile says he used his 10gigs tethering data up while using the PIA VPN. Anyone know if vpn does something different on Oreo? I haven't gotten my oreo update on my TMO lgv30, so I cant replicate it yet...
  31. Trebuchette

    Thread [Q] Dang: carrier sees mobile hotspot, throttles

    Never happened before with (early) wifi tethering or (later) build.prop edit (adding the net.tethering.noprovisioning=true line or something like it while rooting). But with Note 4 ROM, carrier has been blasts warnings when I approach "hotspot limit", then the throttling starts. Speed is never...
  32. Mygod Studio

    Thread [APP][root][5.0+] VPN Hotspot: VPN tethering/Wi-Fi repeater (open source)

    Connecting things to your VPN made simple. Share your VPN connection over hotspot or repeater. (root required) This app is useful for: * Connecting things that don't support VPN like Chromecasts behind corporate firewalls; * Setting up gapps behind corporate firewalls; * Connecting to your...
  33. T

    Thread Unable to set Wifi Hotspot

    Hi all, my Moto X Pure is running a stock Nougat 7.0 ROM, rooted with Magisk. In my settings I am unable to access the mobile hotspot functionality. In Wireless & Networks > More, clicking on "Tethering & portable hotspot" does nothing, won't go into that submenu. By adding the Hotspot...
  34. E

    Thread I even love the Stock VZW S8.. Just need WiFi Tethering

    Im coming from the hell that was the LG G4.. 5 bricked phone replacements over 6 months, no root, no rom, no nothing. I couldnt be happier with this phone and for $350 this weekend at BB.. :D Only thing I need is Wifi Tethering, im on an old Verizon UDP. If read quite a few roms Q&As and even...
  35. M

    Thread Hotspot Without Notifying Carrier?

    Hi, newer Pixel XL owner coming from a Nexus 6P. I rooted and flashed a custom ROM on my Nexus 6P and used my hotspot from there. I'm on Sprint and have unlimited data but hotspot is not included, but when I used my 6P's hotspot the way that I did, Sprint wouldn't count it as hotspot usage and I...
  36. pyrite123

    Thread Any way to hide tether usage from Big Red?

    I have the unlimited plan and it is insanely and disgracefully slow, even on the 'guaranteed XXgb of high-speed 4g' and then tethering is so damn throttled regardless of how much data I use, and it only gets slower with each month it seems. When I try to download stuff it usually fails halfway...
  37. J

    Thread Has anyone edited the build.prop? Looking to enable tethering on Verizon

    On the XT1710-01 Unlocked Retus model, I was wondering whether anyone had gone about modifying the build.prop in any capacity. I have a grandfathered UDP on Verizon, but I want to know that should I switch to this phone, I will have the ability to tether unimpeded. As a custom ROM would not...
  38. R

    Thread USB TETHERING - does cable type make a difference in speed? USB 2, USB 3 & Type C

    Hello everyone! So, I've given up landline internet / at&t for mobile internet, and this leads me to a strange question. Do you have any experience in which cable is fastest for tethering data, if at all? I have a LG G5 (don't like its shape) which has a USB C cable, and I still have a Samsung...
  39. A

    Thread Why is Bluetooth tethering so slow?

    I use my Galaxy S6 to tether off the S8+ via bluetoth. The phone is less than a feet away and yet, the speedtest.net result is a consistent 1.6Mbit/s on the download and less than 1Mbit/s on the upload? Doesn't bluetooth have much higher speeds than this? There is nothing wrong with the...
  40. N

    Thread Enable Bluetooth Tethering?

    Hi all, sorry if this question was answered already, did a quick search but couldn't find an answer. Is there a way to enable Bluetooth tethering on a Samsung S8+ running the T-Mobile firmware? I see options for mobile hotspot and USB tethering but the Bluetooth tethering option is not there...
  41. shah22

    Thread S7 edge overheats too much that during tethering and charging at the same time

    Hey guys , today when i was using mobile hotspot and my battery was low so i connected charger and used tethering while charging , but after some 30 min when i touched my phone again , it was as hot as a grilled chicken and even my hands were hurting when i touched it , i think it was 80 degrees...
  42. N

    Thread Very slow wireless hotspot speeds on Z2 Play

    Hey guys, picked up a z2 play recently and I love it so far but when I tried to tether it to my laptop to get some work done I'm getting about .5mbps down and .2mbps up. Running a speed test on my phone shows with 30mbps down and 12mbps up so I'm not sure why there's such a big difference in...
  43. Bazirker

    Thread Loss of tethering when xposed is installed

    Hey guys, I have this funny problem where when I install xposed, I lose tethering (both wi-fi and the rest) from the settings screen in Touchwiz. At one point, I knew the fix, which was to go and delete some system/xposed file somewhere and then reboot, but I can't remember what it was...does...
  44. elzangi

    Thread [TouchWiz and maybe other] Hotspot Max clients

    Is there any way to bypass Samsung's and others manufacturers restrictions about max AP clients in hotspot? I have a Samsung rooted tablet with android 5.0. Max AP clients are 5, wanam xposed will increase it at 10 but doesn't work. I found a file in /data/misc/wifi/hostapd.conf the row saying...
  45. D

    Thread Tethering for 7.?

    I am on an old Verizon unlimited plan. Since we don't have root access, I can't use my hotspot on the phone. Is there a tethering app the works with 7.*?
  46. F

    Thread Tethering internet from iphone to android car automatically

    Hi, I have internet connection on my iPhone, but I aways need turn on hotspot on iphone everytime I enter in car because hotspot only is powered on for some time.. So I would like find way to do it automatically. I think best way is use some app to automate it.. Iphone accept tether via...
  47. F

    Thread Tethering internet from iphone to android car automatically

    Hi, I have internet connection on my iPhone, but I aways need turn on hotspot on iphone everytime I enter in car because hotspot only is powered on for some time.. So I would like find way to do it automatically. I think best way is use some app to automate it.. Iphone accept tether via...
  48. A

    Thread OnePlus 3T - Cellular Data Usage Counter Won't count Tethering

    Hello everyone. I have been using this device for some time now. At first, the data usage counter would let me now how much data would have been spent while tethering. and at some point it just stopped showing. It shows all other apps, but will not let me know what about tethering usage...
  49. D

    Thread Stock MM Tethering Not Working

    Hi guys, Stock MM after update to Latest Security patch. i flash supersu 2.79SR3 using TWRP. Tethering & hotspot button is not working ( when i click the button it like on but after few seconds it went off). i'm in updated bootloader, latest twrp, latest supersu.. any advise or help????
  50. R

    Thread Found an app for tethering no rooting haha

    I look every tether app and installed almost 30+ of those and babamm found this app called Net Share no rooting it works just click help on upper right to change proxy and boom. Enjoy fu*k you att and Huawei stop choking consumers.