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  1. B

    Thread [Android 5.1+] Gentlemen’s Assistant – Smart SMS, Calls and Email (with Promo Codes)

    Since we are beta testing our app, and to make certain we are on the right track, for the top 50 people that provide the most valuable and MEANINGFUL FEEDBACK to the short questions at https://forms.gle/qFBPLTrbeuPWgNiu7, we will happily be sending free upgrade promo codes! The app may be...
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    Thread [APP][5.1+] Gentlemen’s Assistant Beta 0.9 – Smart SMS, Calls and Email (with Promo Codes)

    Since we are beta testing our app, and to make certain we are on the right track, for the top 50 people that provide the most valuable and MEANINGFUL FEEDBACK to the short questions at Mod Edit: Link removed, we will happily be sending free upgrade promo codes! The app may be downloaded from...
  3. W

    Thread T-Mobile 7T Conversion to Global Cause Dropped Text Messages

    I bought a T-Mobile One Plus 7T HD 1907 off of Amazon. Once I got the phone, I converted to the global OTA, OnePlus7TOxygen_14.O.22_GLO_022_2101280011, I then upgraded to OxygenOS 10.0.16.HD65AA. I never actually used the phone using T-Mobile stock Oxygen OS. The phone number I use with this...
  4. dynamikd

    Thread Google 1 Text Message Restore.

    I use SMS Backup Restore too. It's a solid app. This time I just used a USB-C cable to transfer from my Pixel 2 to the Pixel 5. It wen't quickly, worked perfectly.
  5. P

    Thread How to select/highlight text in text message MIUI 12 Mi9lite

    Running MIUI 12.1 20.6.18 on Mi 9 Lite. Why can't I double click on a text message in Message app to view the message and select text to copy it from that message? Can someone please help. Did I miss something?
  6. joegege

    Thread [APP][5.0+]FreeTextSMS - Online bulk SMS/group SMS solution on desktop web browsers

    Online bulk SMS/group SMS solution on your desktop web browsers through your phone and virtual SMS vendor. Send and receive SMS text messages on your desktop Windows/Mac/Linux with web browsers, such as Chrome/FireFox/Safari, through your Android phone and virtual Online SMS provider. Move...
  7. S

    Thread text message sms mms app enables send & receive via web browser when phone is off

    i want to be able to send & receive text messages (SMS, MMS, view & attach pics, etc.) via web browser when the phone is powered off. is google voice the only option? i know that options exist when the phone is on e.g. pulse https://www.greenbot.com/article/210...r-desktop.html thanks in...
  8. J

    Thread My PH-1 does not show text messages on my 2017 Mazda CX-5

    I searched, but didn't find a similar thread. I upgraded from a Galaxy S6 to a PH-1. Both phones provide caller ID via the Mazda audio system, marketed as Mazda Connect. However, as the title says, my PH-1 doesn't display the message sender or messages on my audio head unit, but my Galaxy S6...
  9. awionetka

    Thread No SMS delivery reports any more ... :(

    Hi, I have installed Gboard and Google Android Messages. As soon as that, delivery reports for text messages stopped coming. When I was using stock Samsung Messages and Samsung keyboard it was working fine. I have uninstalled Gboard and Android Messages, rebooted and cleared Samsung Messages...
  10. S

    Thread SMS settings missing in Verizon S8+

    I originally ordered and used the S8+ on T-Mobile. I wasn't happy with the service, returned the device after using it for a week and a half and went back to Verizon and i'm noticing differences between the 2 different carrier phone model (which i expected to see). The S8+ on T-Mobile allowed...
  11. L

    Thread Backing up text messages (sms/mms) and call log and wi-fi

    please delete
  12. A

    Thread Cant send SMS or text message

    Hi guys, I have a verizon note 5 which i'm using in india on vodafone, everything works fine only issue is cant send sms or text messages. if the number is stored as +91XXXX (where 91 being india country code) it does not work and gives me error addr vcnt. If the number is stored as 0XXXX it...
  13. x000111

    Thread AT&T Text Messaging; AT&T Claims it is HTC Hardware Issue (thoughts?)

    Two family members got this phone to start off their contract a couple of years ago. Recently they started having issues with sending and receiving text messages. After going into AT&T stores for help and calling support, they've been told the following... The problems are being caused by an...
  14. U

    Thread Samsung Smart Switch and text messages / New Galaxy S6 edge

    Hello I have a Galaxy S5 and just got a S6 Edge. I used the Samsung Smart Switch app and transferred everything from the S5 to the S6, including text messages. However, when I open the text messaging software on the S6, my old text messages are not there. I'm assuming I'm going to have to...
  15. GodShot

    Thread [Q] did not check the text message in insertcoin, did not have the text message app

    I flashed the insertcoin 7.1 with elemental X yesterday. Maybe I did not check the text message box, therefore, I don't have the original text message from HTC in my phone. I need to use the third party app to receive SMS now. Is there anyway that I could flash this service back by flashing or...
  16. E

    Thread [Q] Text Messages Get Split Up - Nexus 6 on Verizon Wireless

    So I've been having this problem for a few weeks where my texts get split up if they are few sentences or longer. It doesn't happen with everyone either, that I know of. Not only do my texts get split up (with the few people that I know this problem happens with), but the texts they send me get...
  17. M

    Thread [Q] Backup call log and Text Messages from a locked device

    Hi I'm trying to save call logs and text messages from a locked device. The device is locked, it says you have to sign in with Google account. The owner just needs call logs and text messages not anything else.(I'm not the owner) I tried to pull database via adb and no success since I don't have...
  18. bgs_piece

    Thread [Q] Text Message Problems?

    I am using a stock rooted rom and recently began to experience issue with sending and receiving text messages. I use Handcent SMS and have the stock messaging app frozen and for some reason the messages look like they've been sent but they actually haven't been. For some reason this only happens...
  19. CurlyY

    Thread (App) TeXTe - Emergency SMS

    Hi Guys , finished testing it and it working good , check it out :p TeXTe (Sounds like texti) is a very simple and straightforward emergency SMS app. With TeXTe you can set-up a code word that will start a high volume alarm sound whenever someone who knows the code word will send it to you...
  20. njarun

    Thread [APP 2.2+]Droid Controller - Control Phone Remotely

    What is Droid Controller App ? This app let you to control your Android device remotely via text messages. Why Administrative Access? Admin access gives you control over your device states and you may perform - Remote Lock - Remote Wipe Why Root Access? The phone system controls can be...
  21. I

    Thread Issues with Google now after update

    Heys guys I recently updated to the newest version of google now. I am using a Galaxy S3 with the Free sonic rom. Latest Jelly bean release. Everything has been stable including google now. I use the google now feature to make calls, send texts, or set up appointments when I'm on the go. Its...
  22. A

    Thread [Q] restoring sms db not working via adb push

    Hey guys, I have been doing this for quiet a while i.e. whenever i install a new rom, I take these 4 files and backup them up like adb pull /data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases/mmssms.db adb pull /data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases/mmssms.db-journal adb pull...
  23. D

    Thread [Q] SMS via messaging app shows as Google Voice number

    I'm not sure if this is a new google feature or an issue on my end. I use the native messaging app to send out sms to certain people to display my carrier provided number and the google voice app to send out sms to other people to display my google voice number. i discovered that regardless of...
  24. I

    Thread [Q] AOSP MMS app mod for picture quality?

    I'm running CM10 on my HOX, and I love the stock messaging app... except that it sends terrible quality MMS pictures. I receive many pictures from friends with iphones, and their picture quality is much better than what my HOX sends out... It may be due to the fact that the iphone has a lower...
  25. stratatak7

    Thread [Q] JB mms app issue

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if you all could help me out. I have installed the 7/22 build of jellybean and I send quite a bit of text messages. The problem is, I send a lot at one time and in JB, it stops me after I've send about 4 messages within a minute or two to the same person, asking me...
  26. M

    Thread [Q] can't send text messages / set smsc

    hi guys, i have an su660 (korean version of p990) and flashed it with chinese version of miui 1.12.16 and a special su660 patch. everything is working fine so far, but i can't send text messages or to be precise most of the times i can't. sometimes it works. smsc check via *#*#4636#*#* command...
  27. K

    Thread [Q] Native SMS on stock 3.2.2 4GLTE Version

    Has anyone heard of successful attempts to get SMS working on the stock rom of the 4G version.
  28. N

    Thread [Q] Can we get the "Enter" key back?

    Are there any tweaks or mods out there that will put the "Enter" key back for SMS in GB? From what I've read, the key in question changes based upon the app and type of field you are typing in. For example, typing this post, I have the enter key, but in SMS it's an emoticon key... I realize...
  29. A

    Thread [Q] [Android] MMSSMS.DB restore?

    Greetings, Just to make things clear, I have used the search feature. However, I am not clear on the answers that I am reading. I need to restore or export 1 SMS thread (or entire mmssms.db, doesn't matter) from an old ROM. Last week my ROM crashed, and I had to switch to a new ROM. It was...
  30. B

    Thread Text message Time stamp issue

    Hey guys, I'm in the east coast right now and every time I get a text from someone in the West Coast, my thunderbolt arranges the text messages based on the time stamp.. So since I am 3 hours ahead of those ppl that send me texts, All my texts are grouped together chronologically whereas...
  31. R

    Thread [Q] SMS/Text Message Time Stamp WRONG!

    Hello everyone, I got a problem with the SMS/Text Message time stamp on my HTC Desire HD. The messages I sent out have the right time stamp. But all the messages I received have the wrong time stamp. Such as, I got the message at 2:20pm but it shows 10:20am. I'm using "Android Revolution HD™...
  32. sbenson1226

    Thread [Q] Can't find my text message drafts - Optimized Shift

    I'm running the most current Optimized Shift, but I'm having as issue with text messaging drafts. Was the ability to save text messages as drafts left out? I can't seem to find where they are stored or should be stored. I used to be able to go: Menu > Drafts and find them there, but that's no...
  33. M

    Thread [Q] Delivery Reports

    Has anyone set up delivery reports? I have went into the text message settings, ticked the box to receive delivery reports but when I send a text it doesnt say if it has been sent or not, even though I've had replies so I know it is. Hold down the selected text message and select 'view...
  34. I

    Thread [Q] Can't Send/Receive SMS text messages Droid PRO

    I am very new to Android coming from Palm Pre and I purchased Droid Pro and activated it with Page Plus everything seems to work fine except I can't receive or can't send any plain text messages any kind. I haven't been able to receive or send any ever since I got this activated. I have tried...
  35. addisonhammer

    Thread [Q] [REQ] Bluetooth MAP Protocol for Ford Sync

    Is there any way that Bluetooth MAP profiles can be enabled for the Evo? I'm almost certain the changes would have to be at the kernel level... specifically, making additions to the Bluetooth stack. Current Bluetooth Stack: Chipset: Broadcom BCM4329-B1 Current Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 2.1 +...
  36. J

    Thread [Q] Changing Text Message Service Issues

    Ok, this is my first Droid phone, so I'm still trying to figure it all out. My default text message app is driving me crazy. It randomly decides to scroll up and down when it feels like it. So, I've installed ChompSPS to use as my messaging app. No more random scrolling, so I'm happy. The...
  37. V

    Thread [Q] Received Texts show up as 5 hours early

    Running 7.7 darky's ROM When I send texts, the sending time is correct. say i send a text at 5pm, my frd replies within a minute at 5:01pm, the message is shown to be received at 12:01pm thus the order of the conversation is all messed up... How to fix this??? thanks so much!
  38. G

    Thread [Q] Garmin Nuvi 760/765T

    Today, I am pleasantly surprised when I paired my Focus with my nuvi 760. I saw a new icon that I’ve never seen before: Text Message. I knew about this feature. But during the last 3 years that I owned this 760, none of my phones was compatible with this feature. When you receive a text message...
  39. C

    Thread [Q] No audible text message notification

    I have the AT&T version of the Rhodium with the new ROM and WinMo 6.5... Recently I only get a vibration when receiving new text messages. I do not get the audible tone. I have changed the settings back and forth and even changed the tone to be played without any luck. I have searched the...
  40. M

    Thread [Q] Timestamp Issue With Text Messages

    Hello, I'm new here, so forgive me if this has been answered before. I did a search and couldn't find anything that helped with my issue, but maybe I just missed something. I have a new HTC Surround, originally locked to Telus, but now unlocked and on the Rogers network. Everything is...
  41. B

    Thread [Q] is there a txt msg client on PC side.

    I would like to send text msg from a PC through my WM cellphone, via USB or bluetooth. That way, I can use my keyboard, and keep all the msgs are still on my phone. Is there such an app?
  42. C

    Thread [WM 6.5.3]SMS over GSM/GPRS setting

    Hey there, thanks for reading. When looking trough my settings, i went to start->settings->connections->advanced network->SMS Service (tab). Here, the phone asks 'SMS Over:' allowing me to pick GSM preferred, GPRS preferred, GSM or GPRS. What difference is there between these settings? Is...
  43. T

    Thread Text Messages / Clock issue

    Having a slight problem here with my new captivate (came from an iPhone 4 and happy btw :) ) When someone sends me a text, and I reply... sometimes my 'bubble' will go above theirs and during a fast texting conversation I can send many texts that will go above all of my friends, causing it to...
  44. B

    Thread Directly calling from text messages not working

    Hi all, on my HD2 calling directly from text messages does not work. If I get a text from someone in my phone book and then press the talk/call button I get taken to the phone but that persons number is not automatically entered. help??
  45. E

    Thread question about hard reset and camera

    hd2 has been the greatest for me so far i love it but recently the camera has been giving me a problem it says failed to initialize and stuff so i got rid of most of my games and unused apps to make sure its not the memory issue (including opera 10) and tried soft reset as well but still wont...
  46. E

    Thread No vibrate for text/calls?

    Hello, i have a rooted G1 with CM v1.4 +JF. I can' t seem to get it to Vibrate on incoming calls or text messages. The vibrator does work in other apps. Any help appreciated.
  47. R

    Thread HD2 and vibration / sound on text message

    Dear forum, I am new to this forum. May I ask: My new HTC HD2 does not vibrate or sound on text messages, despite all my efforts in the settings. Help? Thank you. David
  48. L

    Thread htc magic text messages

    hi, I recently encountered a problem with receiving text messages on my HTC Magic (32A)... I am able to receive calls, send messages, but I don't receive any. My mobile operator works fine, there are no delays... Any possible solution? thanks
  49. L

    Thread A few issues regarding lag, text message +Sd card and apps

    Hey is it just me or is the FUZE just slow and lags all the time? i flashed the rom and put in the ENERGY ROM but it's still slow sometimes, especially when I text but even in general functions. Does the internal memory have anything to do with speed? Is it possible for me to transfer all my...
  50. N

    Thread [HELP] HTC SENSE destroys message interceptor

    Hey guys, I have a message interceptor in my c# application like this: Interceptor = new MessageInterceptor(InterceptionAction.Notify); Interceptor.MessageReceived +=new MessageInterceptorEventHandler(Interceptor_MessageReceived); This works perfectly on the old phones, however on HTC HD2 the...