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  1. M

    Thread Question CC2 plus/CC3 Aux in question (CVBS_1/CVBS_2)

    I have a Teyes CC2 plus and want to use both Aux (video in) inputs. I have a side camera plugged in pin A18 (CVBS_1) on harness and it works fine in front video app. I would like to use a second camera on aux in pin A17 (CVBS_2) but I get a no signal error with a cam connected to this input. My...
  2. G

    Thread Teyes CC2 Plus GPS & DAB+ Antenna

    His everyone, Can any body help, is it possible to use my built in GPS & DAB+ antennas in stead of the ones that come with the Teyes system? The car is a Toyota C-HR 2018 RHD (UK Spec) Cheers
  3. G

    Thread Reversing Camera as a dash cam

    Hi everyone, I am new here so was just wanting to know I have a Teyes CC2 Plus and my built in rear camera works fine but wanted to know if it can be used as a rear dash cam and be recorded? Any help would be appreciated Vehicle is a Toyota C-HR 2018 RHD (UK Spec) Cheers
  4. CaPiTaLiZeR12

    Thread Teyes CC2 Wrangler JKU issues

    Hello all, I recently purchased a TEYES CC2L Plus for my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JKU. I followed the instructions on installing the unit and everything seemed to work until I noticed some problems with my audio and Bluetooth connectivity. First, my phone pairs and connects to the TEYES without any...
  5. TEYESAustralia

    Thread Hardware Development TEYES Australia

    Hello all, TEYES Australia is now online. The audience is not just Australia but a more western audience. XDA members are thorough in their questions and suggestions. Any value adding advice for the site would be greatly appreciated. Trolls, attacks and off topic commentary will be removed to...