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teyes cc3

  1. S

    Thread Question Teyes CC3 reverse camera help!

    Hey guys My first post on here so I’m hoping someone can help Received the Teyes CC3 in the post today for my Astra GTC I’m not sure where to connect the power wire to the back of the radio for the reverse camera There isn’t any loose wires on the loom for the power and the instructions just...
  2. R

    Thread Question TEYES CC3 AB2

    Good afternoon, someone knows how to improve the audio of bluetooth calls, it's too low, I can't hear the other person no matter how much I turn up the volume on the radio. Also when I call or they call me it only shows the contact number but not the name. How to fix this or is it?.
  3. TEYESAustralia

    Thread Hardware Development TEYES Australia

    Hello all, TEYES Australia is now online. The audience is not just Australia but a more western audience. XDA members are thorough in their questions and suggestions. Any value adding advice for the site would be greatly appreciated. We are working on expanding the accessory range - what do...