1. H

    Thread Hello, I am needing help with an Asus TF101

    Hello, You could say I am a bit of a greybeard. A little over 10 years ago I was heavily involved in the Zaurus Community so I am familiar enough to get myself into trouble with Linux and the BSDs and was even able to install on Android 1.0.5 on it back in the day. ;) This week a sales guy...
  2. anthonypc

    Thread Greetings from Italy

    Hello guys, I'm Anthony and I'm writing from Italy. I've just resumed my 2011 Asus eee pad transformer Tf101. It works pretty well but, you know, there are maybe 3 or 4 apps still usable on Android 4.0 xD So I'm here to try to get the best with a new rom, maybe the devuan chimera. I don't...
  3. CrazyPlays

    Thread [GUIDE] [Linux] [Images] [Kernel] Debian 11 Bullseye Rootbind Method For [TF101 & TF101G]

    * Disclaimer * * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app is not featured in this image. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this image *...
  4. Fjcnd

    Thread [GAME] Minecraft - Pocket Edition On TF101

    Well optimized For Tegra T20 download: mcpe-for-tf101.apk
  5. Fjcnd

    Thread Need Help To Install Debian 11 Bullseye To My TF101

    I Need A Flashable Zip Linux Mainline 5.12.0 Kernel For TF101 Link To The Image: Debian 11 Imgs For TF101 I Tried With 3.10.15 Kernel And I Got A Fatal Error That Says " FATAL: kernel too old" And A Kernel Panic Occurs And Im Stuck With Debian 8 Jessie.
  6. C

    Thread How to revive a TF101G in 2021 (with Play Store)

    I'd like to share my experiences about bringing a good old TF101G back to life in 03/2021. My report is heavily based on the instructions of javidben (05/2020). Ingredients Required: A microSD card, SD card or USB drive TWRP by Team Win Recovery Project, @sidneyk, @josteink, @timduru...
  7. K

    Thread [DISCUSSION]Best ROM Currently 11/2018

    Best ROM Currently (11/2018) Look at the date above. This is for current, relevant info. I'm looking for people's opinions on the best ROMs right now. Things to consider: speed & functionality, & whatever else you think is important. There aren't many options at all these days. Please chime...
  8. motolio

    Thread (updated) Last stable official CM9+gapps in one recovery file

    I have tracked down the last "stable" cm build for the TF101(CM9) and combined it with the necessary gapps through a TWRP backup. It is untouched, and ready to be restored. You need to unzip the file and place the contained folder inside your TWRP backup folder. Hope this helps someone. FLASH...
  9. LoverBoy2415

    Thread ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Ask Away - Help Thread

    Welcome to Questions Answers & Troubleshooting This thread has been created to assist owners of:The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 There are no questions that are deemed insignificant Helpful information for your device: Overview of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 ᴥ Please feel free to...
  10. buu1152

    Thread SL101 v3.2.1 Won't Download Apps, i need help.

    Hi, i'm new to sliders and this eee pad slider SL101. My gf won it at work but it's butt ugly old version (v3.2.1 honeycomb) and there's no system update available. The main purpose of me coming here is because of this download issue im experiencing, where any app i try to download doesn't...
  11. T

    Thread [Q] Very Old Newbie Help

    Hi I'm not very old... but I am old lolm but also, Ive had the TF101 since just after launch and for most of that time it has sat gathering disk only being used when visiting friends as internet access rather than use their computers, I tend to use my phone or a 7" tablet but I want to take it...
  12. B

    Thread [Q] TF101 & Arch Linux, does it work?

    Hi all, Is there any info available about installing Arch Linux (ARMv6?) on a TF101? :) I see their are Ubuntu-roms available, but it is possible to get this to work on Arch Linux? Thanks. :)
  13. Lethal_1

    Thread [Q] Flat Battery → Charged → Stuck On Boot Screen.?

    Hey there ... I'm asking because I don't know what's wrong.? Battery went flat on me, so I charged it up as normal, when I pressed the power button to boot up, that's as far as it went.? I can get into Recovery ( TWRP, v2.3.2.3 ) fine, access to KB SD Card = Nill tho.? Currently using a "...
  14. Kingzak34

    Thread [HELP NEEDED] MultiRom Port for TF101 [1st Try]

    Hey there ! I think many people know know existence of MultiRom ( ) That allows device to have a real multiboot solution with easy management, and GUI. I'm now trying to port it to our TF101. I dont have much...
  15. T

    Thread [Linux] [IMG] [Dev] [WIP] Debian Unstable for Rootbind [TF101 / TF101G(?)]

    Updated 2014-05-11! Well, well, what do we have here? This is a full Debian Unstable installation with the relatively new MATE Desktop Environment, which has finally made it's way to the Debian Unstable. MATE is essentially a continuation of the Gnome 2 desktop, and...
  16. B

    Thread SOLVED [Q] TWRP / Bootloader / Help!!

    SOLVED Hi, I hope that this is easier than I am making it. My tablet had TWRP and KatKiss 4.3 installed. I wanted to upgrade to KatKiss 4.4.2. I believe I had factory reset and wiped system, but I had not put the ZIP on the TF101 yet. I had issues connecting to PC, and then tried...
  17. E

    Thread [Q] TF101 cwm loop. I've looked (and looked), but..see thread

    Alright, I hate being that guy. You know, the one who posts the same question as 50 other people because he is too lazy to search. But in my defense, I have spent the last three days pouring over thread after thread and still can't find the answer, so please be patient and gimme a break! So...
  18. S

    Thread [Q] ASUS TF101Stuck at boot screen

    I have the original ASUS Transformer TF101 purchased right when it first came out - stock with dock. It was working fine until one day it just wouldn't boot past the ASUS logo - I just see the spinning circles. I tried recovery and wiped the data, but no go. What else can I try? Anything to try...
  19. A

    Thread [Q] Is there HDMI output possible with Rom Katkiss 4.3 ?

    Is there HDMI output possible with Rom Katkiss 4.3 ?
  20. F

    Thread [Q] Asus TF101 ; encryption not working on KatKiss

    Hello I have just applied the latest KatKiss install to my tf101 and it looks great. I need to encrypt my tf101 (to get work emails, the tablet needs to be encrypted before our IT would allow it to be hooked up to the work network.). I have very few apps running, so not much space used. I...
  21. A

    Thread [ROM] [4.2.2] RootBox Nightlies [TF101 only]

    Description Vanilla RootBox is built straight from RootBox sources and always carries a very light installation with no extra/useless apps. This means, you can enjoy a pure Android experience combined with AOKP/CM/PA features. Every RootBox releases are stable and always up to the challenge for...
  22. josteink

    Thread [ROM] [4.3] [ No-name CM10.2 nightlies ] [TF101 / TF101G]

    No-name CM10.2 nightlies NOTE: THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. CONTRIBUTIONS ARE WELCOME! :) (see build setup detailed below) With that said: Welcome to the No-name CM10.2 nightlies ROM. Who is this ROM for? This is a ROM for people who are so eager to try bleeding edge software that they are...
  23. Kingzak34

    Thread Trying to port TF300T Stock 4.2 ROM Help needed

    Hey everyone. I hope I posted in right section. I'm trying to port Stock 4.2 Asus ROM from TF300T device. I tried 4 different port method, and last I tried AutoPorter tool, that's the only one that gave me a Almost bootable ROM ( All other method gave me a bootloop on EEPAD Logo ) In fact, now...
  24. cornishronson

    Thread FOR SALE! Asus TF101 + dock keyboard + brown tpu leather case

    Selling in immaculate condition, rooted running domination ROM, (I can restore to stock if a buyer prefers. It does have a very small scratch on bottom right of keyboard and some scuffs on case where it rubbed taking in and out of dock. But other than that its a great buy. PM me for more details...
  25. J

    Thread [KERNEL/MOD] [LINUX] [Rootbind] [Native EMMC/all TF101&TF101G/fast/tested] [2-Jul-13]

    [KERNEL/MOD] [LINUX] [Rootbind] [Native EMMC/all TF101&TF101G/fast/tested] [2-Jul-13] UPDATE 2013/11/08: New kernel released with USB and framebuffer fixed. See post #3. UPDATE 2014/05/16: New Ubuntu 14.04 filesystem. See point #2 below under Installation. UPDATE 2014/06/03: New kernel released...
  26. josteink

    Thread [BETA][RECOVERY][TF101] TWRP with on-screen keyboard! [SUPERCEEDED]

    Sorry to keep you waiting. As promised: Here's my custom build of TWRP for the TF101. I repeat: This is a custom build. This is not an official release from Team Win. This thread has been superceeded by another thread by sidneyk. For that thead, go here! Team Win Recovery Project...
  27. W

    Thread [Q] [TF101] Sound problem

    Hi, i search a way to fix the sound problem with my TF101; Sound cut ramdomly and we must make pressure or shake it to fix it... I saw many reason on the internet about this problem. Firmware; Audio Jack.. etc i open it to check if all are ok (wire connection) and its ok. I see a way to...
  28. A

    Thread Cant flash recovery

    I Downloaded the CWM ROM Manager from the play store and it updated me from Rouge Recovery to CWM 6.... something. Problem is that this new version of CWM will not mount my SD card, so I cant flash anything, including a new Recovery. I tried using Rouge Recoveryys nvflash method to flash a new...
  29. N

    Thread [Q] Havent flashed a ROM to my TF101 in almost 6 months, guidance on what to flash.

    I gave my TF101 to my wife before Christmas, and I got a Nexus 7. At the time I had a somewhat stable TeamEOS3 build, with Kat kernel. She has asked me to update it to help with some of the battery/hard reset issues and I honestly have no idea what to put on there. I was curious if TeamEOS4...
  30. R

    Thread [Q] Power button failing

    Hi guys, I have noticed that lately my power button is showing signs of failing: I have to press it lots of times to wake up/put it to sleep. Recently I had to switch it off because I was flying, and the only way to get it to power up was connecting the charger to the mains. Have you had...
  31. M

    Thread [Q] Two issues

    I flashed clock work using the directions found at cyanogen mod wiki and I used the cm-9.1.0-tf101 ROM. I have two problems now. One, my tf101 when I reboot it ti automatically reboots in recovery mode. Two, when I reboot and hold the volume down key and do a cold boot I can get...
  32. J

    Thread [Q] Can't root TF101 no usb and (VERY HARD ROOT!!)

    Here's the situation. I got a second hand tablet. They guy did root, but right before give it to me he installed the stock rom AND upgrade to ICS. Now I can't get SU in terminal emulator. 1- I can't get SU in the current os so can't flash anythin 2- I can't plug a USB cable, 3 cables and none...
  33. frederuco

    Thread Frederuco's Boot Animations - for Android

    So, I was bored at work today. I love the TeamEOS 4 CRT style screen off animation as it is a bit retro, and I was thinking about the BIOS style boot animation from a Honeycomb ROM (PRIME! by Roach2010 if I recall) and I decided to cook up one of my own. First, I did one for the TeamEOS 4...
  34. josteink

    Thread [ROM] [4.2.2] [ No-name CM10.1 nightlies ] [ Standard & Linaro ] [TF101 / TF101G]

    No-name CM10.1 nightlies Welcome to the No-name CM10.1 nightlies ROM. Features: - No fuzz, stable CM10.1-based ROM for the TF101. - Timduru's wonderful KAT kernel built in - Can play 720p MKVs over wifi using Dice Player (and similar) if OCed to 1.4GHz (see details on OCing below) - Support...
  35. R

    Thread Buying a TF101

    Hey guys, I've been looking to get a tablet for a long time now and being the average broke-ass student on the internet, I'm looking for something cheap (i.e. 200$ range). Basically my options are the Iconia A500, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Transformer TF101. However, I heard the dev support for...
  36. D

    Thread [Q] (Q&A)How to on Jellybeen 4.2.1 EOS#4

    Ok, as I have been guilty of using the Development thread for asking a user type question I thought I might kick this thread off as a "How to do simple tasks in Jellybean EOS#4" Link to Rom and Development thread. Its more so...
  37. shonkin

    Thread External USB Sound Mixer use w/ TF101?

    I want to do WHAT?? I'd like to use my Asus Transformer TF101 (running EOS #89 at this moment) to do sound recordings (mostly interviews / voice) via an external found mixer plugged in via USB. I admit at the outset this may be crazy. But can't hurt to try, eh? First, yes, the Lexicon Alpha V...
  38. droyd4life

    Thread [Q] Can't boot into any ROM

    My TF101 hasn't been working for about 2 weeks. I've tried flashing ARHD, Revolver, Team EOS 3, and Team EOS 4 (Android 4.2), Rayman's android 4.2, and some other ICS roms. I've also tried restoring some backups. My tablet has the ClockworkMod Recovery v3.1.0.1 (solarnz-R3-230511-1902). When I...
  39. andros11

    Thread [ROM][JB] » LiquidSmooth » [4.1.2] RC 9 » [TF101] » 12/17

    LiquidSmooth is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. As a team, we are dedicated to providing Android users with smooth, stable and fast Roms :) Ours is an open source project. Please feel free to look at our code on LiquidSmooth GitHub We would like to thank...
  40. G

    Thread [Q] Eee Pad not charging!

    Hello, I have used my TF101 for like three months and I had no problems with it, until today. I have took my TF101 at the school and plugged the charger in the wallcharger, because I remained with 19% battery left. It said "Charging 19%", and I have started playing games on it. After five...
  41. aureum

    Thread [Q] Video streaming over Wi-Fi

    Hi, Is there any device that let me stream Video or Mirroring over Wi-Fi from my TF101 like Allshare Cast Dongle from samsung? Some similiar device?
  42. legauxg

    Thread Touch Screen Issue tf101

    I have touch screen issues and I'm not sure if it is Hardware related or software. I will be using my tablet and all of a sudden I lose 90% of control. Basically, I can't touch anything. I know most would say that hardware but, I cycle the power button (Not turning tablet off just screen off...
  43. josteink

    Thread NVIDIA Still Working On Open-Source Tegra 2 Driver

    More details here: Might translate into better JB builds for the TF101? Or maybe better Ubuntu builds? Anyone have an opinion on this? Does this matter for us TF101 owners?
  44. lecongdon

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 10.

    Welcome to an unofficial (Nightly), CyanogenMod 10 JellyBean release! From CYANOGENMOD Link Download: (Update 12/2012) (More Update: Google Apps: More...
  45. RaymanFX

    Thread [ROM][WiP] Android 4.2 on TF101 | v0.8.0 XMAS | 4.2 GAPPS

    Android 4.2 for the TF101.. WORKING/CHANGELOG: [v0.0.0] Boots, of course [v0.0.0] General Android 4.2 system [v0.0.0] Basic 2D/3D elements [v0.0.0] External SD Card (automounting works, too) [v0.0.0] Reboot menu (recovery) [v0.0.0] Screenshot option [v0.0.0] Dock Lid System [v0.0.0] WiFi...
  46. RaymanFX


    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my latest kernel ELiTE edition! Get ready for the most battery life, the best performance and the most fps in-game! FEATURES: CPU Overclocking up to 1.6 GHZ GPU Overclocking with a fixed 400 MHZ clockspeed MORE GOVERNORS MORE SCHEDULERS MORE TWEAKS MORE...
  47. Magissia

    Thread [Solved] [Stock .27] ADB only work in recovery mode

    Hello, i have a problem with my TF101 (B70 if i'm right), ADB only work when i'm in recovery mode. I lost root i don't know how and tried to regain it, but every rooting tools failled, i then discovered that commands wasn't working (even ls), but they do work in recovery mode (from /sbin)...
  48. R

    Thread ROM Update & CWM = No WIFI, SD card or dock

    Mistake..... Have a ASUS TF101, running Android Revolution HD 3.5.1 with Raymanfx kernel (appeared to be updated after flashing ROM) Installed a ROM (Team EOS) on the weekend, everything went fine until I was installing GAPPS as I used clockwork-mod app to boot into recovery then...
  49. G

    Thread [Q] Quick TF101 question.

    Hoping someone can simply reference their stock TF101 and get me some info. Im on Build, and suspect i may be running the wrong kernel. I've done quite a bit of flashing and whatnot, and am trying to track down a problem im having. I just flashed, and I dont think the...
  50. C

    Thread [Q] Change the dock shortcut keys?

    Is it possible to reassign the dock's shortcut keys to some other functions? Personally, I never use the AutoBrightness, Screenshot and Media keys - I'd love to be able to assign specific apps to each one - as shortcuts to Gmail or whatever else.