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  1. MasterJack1697

    Thread [theme chooser][from cos13][only cm13 snapshot]

    Hey guys to day im glad to announce this..the theme chooser are now compatible to every devices who have the snapshot 2 of cm13 Before Start: -i've only tested on cm13 snapshot 2 for the nexus 5 -im not responsable for any bricks..bootloop or anything can break your's android device...


    WELCOME PRESENTING BATMAN CM12 THEME HDPI | XHDPI | XXHDPI DEVICES SUPPORTED. I was Working on this theme since 2 weeks and I hope you will like my work. This theme is made for all the die heart fans out there of Batman or Bruce Wayne. Batman is one of most famous comic character and I wish...
  3. DowneyJM

    Thread [Q]Theme Chooser problem

    Has anybody had an issue with theme chooser not working at all? No matter what theme I install it doesnt show up, all it shows is the system theme. Im running CM-REMIX. Thanks in advance.
  4. mpiero11

    Thread [CM11][THEME] Xmerald Blue CM11 Theme

    Paid theme, for CM11 them chooser. Is based on free Smerald Green theme. Compatible with AOKP / CM9 / CM10 / CM10.1 / CM11 / PAC-MAN ROM/ PARANOID ROM FEATURES: ✔ Based in Smeral Green Theme, but as many more features added ✔ Include wallpaper / lockscreen, sounds, bootanimation, fonts,... ✔...
  5. jahirfiquitiva

    Thread [THEME][APP] IdeaL Themes [CM11][PA]

    IdeaL Themes by Jahir Fiquitiva Themes based on Material Design Only supports CM11 new Theme Engine and xxhdpi devices. (Feel free to try it on lower lcd density devices). It's back and it's better than ever. ;) This is my first project, so please be patient and kind with me. :) THIS...
  6. M

    Thread [Q] How to update Theme Chooser

    Hi !!! I'm using C-ROM 7.1 on my Nexus 4 and when I apply one theme and I go to Wifi setting I have an FC Error. I find on the forum need to update to the latest CM Nightly. I tried to replace ThemeChooser.apk & The Providers.apk the latest version. But I CF Error in ThemeChooser after...
  7. mastero9017

    Thread [THEME][CM11][AOSPA] Android Kitkat L-STYLE Theme Half-Material <<<26/08>>>

    [THEME][CM11][AOSPA] Android Kitkat L-STYLE Theme Half-Material <<<26/08>>> I want present you my first theme on xda! Idea of this theme is half-materialised KitKat theme. What is themed/features? ✔ Themed Framework ✔ Completely new Android L keyboard ✔ Updated Settings look ✔ New...
  8. Train88

    Thread [Icons, Themed Apps, & More] Eclipse Themes

    Welcome to Eclipse Themes! You may know me from Team BlackOut, or if you use any of my friend King Rollo's icon packs. For those of you who do not recognize me, I hope you will enjoy my work! Besides my icon packs (below), I will be including some themed apps that I did for personal use after...
  9. brianelv

    Thread [THEME][CM11][8/06] Android L Inspired Theme V1.1

    Android L Inspired Theme This is my first theme, inspired on Android L and Material Design. Only has one week of work, is very simple but I'm adding new stuff everyday. For now, only themes the UI, Chrome Beta, and Whatsapp. Screenshots Notifications Settings Chrome Beta...
  10. b16h22

    Thread [CM11][PA][MAHDI][THEME] L-Kat/L-Kat Dark [6.0][09-12-14]

  11. djdarkknight96

    Thread **NEW**[THEME] BlakKat CM11 New Theme Chooser Theme "Into the DARKNESS"

    BLAKKAT CM11 THEME Welcome to BlakKat theme for the NEW CM11 theme chooser This is based on DarkJelly theme from CM10 but with many additions and improvements! I hope you enjoy this theme as I fix and add more goodies. Featured in CyanogenMod Inc Theme Showcase! Check out "Cyanogen Theme...
  12. Shialie

    Thread [THEME][PORT][All ROMs]Gem Flat & other Themes ported to XTheme Engine

    Hey all Smartphonejunkies & flashaholics out there ;) because of the fact that I love the Theme Chooser Engine of CyanogenMod based Roms, and I didn't want to resign apply Theme Chooser Themes when I use a Rom which has not this Engine, I've ported my favourite Theme "Gem Flat" from xIC-MACIx...
  13. alex-ap

    Thread [THEME][CM10/11 theme] CM10/11 MIUI v5 RESTAYL

    New Theme for CM10/11. Support CM, PA. SLIM... mdpi/hdpi/xhdpi/xxhdpi mod edit
  14. srijithn

    Thread [CM11/10.2] IDEAS/SUGGESTION for CyanogenMOD 11 themes

    Hi Folks !!! Need Suggestions for my next set of CM themes ., Please reply with your ideas or give any screenshots/pictures of similar fashion., I would try to create them.. My already existing themes are available in the following forums Dark, Transparency & iOS style - Here Other...
  15. K

    Thread StoneGrey theme

    Hey, all! I am a 16 year old themer, and StoneGrey is my first theme for the T-mobile theme chooser. It is priced at INR 60, roughly 99 cents. Currently, I own an htc explorer, which is my first and only android, I want to buy the Google Nexus 5, so I made this theme to gather enough funds and...
  16. I

    Thread [CM11][THEME][THEME CHOOSER] Flat Style Theme [UPDATED 17/07/14 ver. 1.36]

    IMPORTANT This theme only for Theme Chooser Engine. I don't guarantee correct work with HKthemer Xposed module. DOWNLOAD Flat Style Theme DOWNLOAD Flat Style Theme with standard status bar icons DONATE Version on Google Play CHANGELOG ver. 1.36 FIXED keys background for new Google Keyboard...
  17. johnblundon

    Thread [THEME] 5UBZ3R0 and other Ninja themes [CM11 4.4.x Theme]

    5ubZ3r0 and Other NINJA Themes for Theme Chooser for Android 4.4.2 and below on all SmartPhones and Tablets Rebuilt from scratch and fully working for android 4.4x + GRAB THE ENTIRE NINJA CLAN HERE: Thanks to everyone for the support over...
  18. Slavon-93

    Thread [Q] Theme Chooser doesn't change interface.

    Hello everyone. Some time ago I've got a task to port T-mobile Theme Engine from Cyanogen to AOSP 4.3 and launch it in the emulator (goldfish). I have never ported anything before and have never developed anything for Android, so the way I've done this task can be irrational. Well, I moved the...
  19. steel89

    Thread [THEME][CM10/10.2][FREE] Android Kitkat 4.4 Theme Chooser Theme

    Android Kitkat 4.4 for Android Jelly Bean. HDPI/XHDPI/XXHDPI Compatible It required some time, but finally my Android Kitkat theme is at a good point and i wanted to share it with you! REQUIREMENTS: - You need a rooted phone to use this theme with Jelly Bean (that's a must) - You need a ROM...
  20. krazie1

    Thread Official MEGA CM11 Theme Chooser Thread [258 OLD--478 NEW] [UPDATED 01/18/15]

    The KitKat Theme Chooser is now in: CM11, AOKP, SlimKat, Liquidsmooth, Hellfire, Gummy, Carbon, AOSB Project, Nameless, Vanir, Mahdi, AICP, SOKP, C-Rom If you find this Collection to be Useful please hit the "THANKS" button to show your appreciation. Thank You. All Paid Themes on the Minus...
  21. Adhi1419

    Thread [06Feb2014][APP][Quantum Themer]Theme Chooser for Stock(Based) ROMs

    Hi all! Are you making a ROM? Want users to switch between Themes without downloading tons of zips and flashing them and ending up in a mess? Actually I made this App for my upcoming ROM("Quantum Radicle") for Micromax A89 and it turned out to work on all phones. Sharing is caring :cheers: Here...
  22. TheFixItMan

    Thread [Theme Chooser] [CM7] Blue Toggles With Transparent Status Bar & JB Header 14/03/14

    [Theme Chooser] [CM7] Blue Toggles With Transparent Status Bar & JB Header 14/03/14 Status Bar With Blue Toggles JB Header Brightness Slider And Transparent Theme For CM7 This Mod Is For Any CM7 Only If You Require The Stock Version Go Here If You Require The AOSP Version Go Here My Other...
  23. ManzzaShahi

    Thread [GUIDE] HDPI themes for MDPI devices CM10/10.1!!

    Now you can apply HDPI themes to our MDPI device :D:D For cm10/10.1 Root required 1.Download app Lcd Density for root from play store and install it 2.Download...
  24. juliandik

    Thread [Q] Fastest rom with theme chooser?

    Hey guys, currently I'm running JellyShot with Marmite but there is one problem. It hasnt theme chooser.. I found this awesome theme: And I want to use it. Whats the best 4.2.2 Rom with theme...
  25. naathaanb96

    Thread [THEME][CM10/10.1] John Blundon's 5ubz3r0

    I am just posting this thread for john and to help any gs3 users out as i have been using this theme since i got my s3 :) Head over to the original thread and John's profile and give him a thanks for all his hard work :)
  26. championswimmer

    Thread Sample Theme Choser Theme (CM10.1/AOKPjb-mr1/PA3.x) on github

    I was looking for a template to start working on a theme for the Tmobile THeme Chooser (present on all AOSP based, CM derivative ROMs). After long searches, I found @aremcee 's template for CM9 Most of the other things I found were not buildable, or had little documentation, or involved a...
  27. Rittik

    Thread [THEME][CM10.1/CM10/PA/PAC/AOKP]--✞✞ Bloody Devil ✞✞--BETA1.1

    [THEME][CM10.1/CM10/PA/PAC/AOKP]--✞✞ Bloody Devil ✞✞--BETA1.1 BLOODY DEVIL BETA1.1 Warning:-This is not for faint at hearts :P Am Back with this amazing Bloody Theme for you guys. i have worked for days trying to make this one perfect still there are possibility of bugs as i own only...
  28. Bubba

    Thread Theme Chooser By BubbaJoe

    Special thanks to Ppal .. for being a mentor, an inspiration, a repairman, and a good friend. Without him American Cheeze would still be 2apks sitting in a tool on my computer. So here is American cheeze. This is a Theme chooser theme. Download the theme and install. Apply system theme and...
  29. TheFixItMan

    Thread [Guide] [Mod] How to make cm7 status bar transparent

    This guide will help you make your status bar Transparent Tested on official cm7 - feel free to try on other cyanogen based roms that support theme chooser Note you will need apktool installed on your pc If you don't have apktool installed you can download the files you need here Java...
  30. R

    Thread [Q] Want to Install Theme Chooser

    Can I install CM's theme chooser in my Photon 2.3.5 using peteer's ROM? I tried installing an app called Theme chooser.apk but couldn't. Is there any flashable zip for Photon unlocked versions, which we can use on our Locked ROMs
  31. B

    Thread [Q] CM10 need help finding path of theme chooser theme to edit it

    Hi guys, I got a theme off of the play store and I want to decompile it and edit a few things. My problem is I cannot find the path of where the apk got downloaded to which is a problem. Googled and searched xda but couldnt find answer so if anyone knows then i would appreciate the sharing of...
  32. arunsai123

    Thread [updated] [Theme] sense4 style Cm9

    This is a theme chooser theme based on sense4UI made by me. this will theme your rom 90% with sense elements. works only in MDPI devices it is compiled in windows so follow instructions to apply this theme. :D Instructions: 1.flash this zip file from this thread...
  33. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][4.0+] T-Mobile Theme Chooser with a new UI

    I ripped this app from ParanoidAndroid on my Galaxy Nexus, and modified it in apktool, so all credit goes to the CM team for implementing, brut-all for apktool and the Paranoid Team for their awesome ROM This should work on android versions 4.0 and above, the minSdkVersion is set to that (not...
  34. xIC-MACIx

    Thread [THEME][CM/AOKP][AUGUST 11]AlloySeries Theme Chooser

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALLOY BLUE Donate Free --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALLOY LIGHT BLUE Donate Free...
  35. P

    Thread [THEME][CM10|CM9|AOKP|PA] System

    System theme for theme chooser.
  36. S

    Thread X-Vision Cyanogenmod theme

    This is my first CyanogenMod theme, and its just been put on the market. I'm calling it X-Vision Blue, and its a theme I have put many months into developing and I doubt I will ever finish so please be sure to give me a review positive or negative although if you have some criticism, be kind...
  37. nmiltner

    Thread [Theme Chooser] - YABT

    We (myself and Jackstraw) proudly bring you YABT for the theme chooser. Like ALL other Theme Chooser themes out there, you must have a rooted phone that has a ROM that supports theme chooser. Also, this is designed with JellyBean in mind, but should also work with ICS as well. We will only...
  38. P

    Thread [THEME][HDPI][CM10] Resident Evil 1.3

    Resident Evil Theme for CyanogenMod 10 theme chooser. Credits: ZduneX25 for his help. ock for build hints. stetsonaw for inverted contact template. MrDSL & Travp624 at for his inverted mms template & image. Ricardo Cerqueira for CM theme template. Download...
  39. G

    Thread [Q]Tutorial on how to make CM10 theme?

    I know to to make a theme, but was wondering how to make use of the theme chooser in CM10. It looks like I need to build an apk but I haven't found any guides on how to go about that. Any pointers?
  40. the1dynasty

    Thread Delete Please!

    Delete... new, more organized, thread >>>>
  41. stetsonaw

    Thread [Template] Inverted Contacts in CM10 Theme Chooser

    This is a template to invert Contacts.apk in the Theme Chooser for CM10. Themers, feel free to use this in your themes. All I ask is for proper credit, this took me quite a bit to figure out! thanks to the following for helping me test: ~jatx2wne ~dustinb15 ~djdarkknight Download...
  42. Annex1

    Thread [CM10][AOKP] Pink JellyBean Theme

    Will work on ICS CM9 as well. Here's screenshots from it. Whats Themed? Framework-res SysUI Phone Contacts MMS Gmail Keyboard Launcher Browser Pink CM10 JellyBean Theme DOWNLOAD The theme looks better if you install the inverted apps... plus adds more pink to the contacts which the...
  43. NoorGnex

    Thread Codename Android 3.1.0 [JB][08/09/2012] [CLOSED]

    It has come to my attention that I have been posting this ROM without the permission of the developer. I would like to say sorry for any damages I have caused by posting the ROM. Again I'm truly sorry for what I've done and I hope the developer and the members of this site can forgive me. From...
  44. jairomeo

    Thread [Theme Chooser] Grunged Metal Theme

    Welcome to my Grunged Metal theme. Grunged Metal was a series of wallpapers I created. I decided to turn it into a theme.It is a dark theme that adds in some metal aspects and grunge brushes to give you a different look than what you are use to . The theme was originally built for ICS but I...
  45. krazie1

    Thread Official MEGA CM10/CM10.1/CM10.2 Theme Chooser Thread [1082 THEMES][UPDATED 12/20/13]

    The JellyBean Theme Chooser is now in: CM10/CM10.1/CM10.2, AOKP, BAMF Pardadigm, XenonHD, VanirAOSP, FNV, CNA, LiquidSmooth, Baked Blackbean, Eclipse, ParanoidAndroid, SlimRom Snapblack, JBSourcery, AffinitySerires, PAC-Man, Xylon, Rootbox, CarbonRom. All Themes in One App By jrummy16...
  46. yosterwp

    Thread Theme Chooser Themes That Work With The XOOM List (Updated 12/5)

    FINALLY! A List of Theme Chooser Themes That Are Guaranteed To Work With The XOOM Yeah I know, this is probably the 1,000,004th list you guys have seen on Theme Chooser themes. But what makes this one stand out? This is a list for themes that actually work (at least somewhat) on our Xooms...
  47. jasonevil

    Thread [Theme] Xperiance CM10 Theme Chooser *XHDPI/HDPI* 2/14/2013

    Now Supports Mdpi Tablets Theme based off the sony Xperia S/t/Z What is themed: Framework-res.apk SystemUI.apk Icons Contacts.apk Phone.apk GenieWidget.apk Google Play Music.apk MMS.apk Settings.apk apex launcher nova launcher If you would like a more thorough Xperia S/T/Z experience...
  48. danigladson

    Thread [help] theme chooser error

    im having dis error to overcome dis???
  49. xlory

    Thread [THEME AOKP-CM9 - SLIM ROM - for theme chooser] X-Planet Design by xlory

    The themes are lean and simple.... no extreme mod. Themes For HDPI AND XHDPI PHONES ONLY. ROOT needed and a custom ROM like CM9 (CyanogenMOD), AOKP from build 35 and now for SLIM ROM 3.8.... needed that supports the Theme Engine. please post me for any information. screenshot...
  50. xlory

    Thread [THEME CHOOSER][AOKP-CM9 - SLIM 3.8] X-Planet Design

    The themes are lean and simple.... no extreme mod. Themes For HDPI AND XHDPI PHONES ONLY. ROOT needed and a custom ROM like CM9 (CyanogenMOD), AOKP from build 35 and now for SLIM ROM 3.8.... needed that supports the Theme Engine. please post me for any information. screenshot...