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    Thread Question Vivo X80 Pro [Origin OS, CN Version] - Bugs & Experiences - Let's share

    Dear Forum, after scanning the x60 and x70 threads about notification issues I'm still struggling with missing notifications and badges for certain apps [in this case Signal and Threema]. What I did so far: - uninstall via ADB App Control - set notification settings correctly for...
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    Thread Threema and Signal volume with Tasker

    Hello! How do I set Tasker to increase the ringtone volume when there is an incoming call via Treema and Signal? Ideally, it would recognize the contact and increase the volume accordingly. This works for a normal GSM call. Tahnks!
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    Thread Threema -> media deleted on device reboot

    Dear All, I'm using a Oneplus 7pro, latest Android 10 software, rooted with magisk 21.3. together with Threema Messenger latest version. I'm encountering the problem, that the contents of the folder "internal memory/Android/data/" is deleted on every phone reboot. This leads to...
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    Thread [Solved!] LOS 15.1: delayed Threema messages

    Hello, I just installed LOS 15.1 on a friend's Nexus 6, using the latest official build and the pico-OpenGAPPS to get the play store working. Now My friend is experiencing delays in receiving messages in Threema: some time messages arrive hours after they were written, some times they won't be...