1. R

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth dropping and/or not connecting?

    Hey all - From looking around the 'net, this is not news to anyone with a TB. The bluetooth on my phone either takes HOURS to connect, if it connects at all, or will connect and then drop connection within about five minutes and never connect again. This is with two different audio devices...
  2. frap129

    Thread KitKat for HTC Thunderbolt

    With Kitkat being ported to so many older devices because of the lowered system requirements, I figured its time we get one on the ThunderBolt. I by no means can do this on my own, so that is why I am starting this thread. I will try to reach out to as many devs as possible to get this going...
  3. R

    Thread [Q] Thunderbolt downgrade ICS to GB

    I searched but can not find information, so if is already posted I apologize beforehand. Enquiry: I have a HTC Thunderbolt info: *** Locked *** MECHA XD SHIP S-ON HBOOT-1.08.0000 MICROP-/ RADIO- eMMCC-boot With version 4.0.4 Model ADR6400L Operador Verizon (USA) Device 4G LTE...
  4. bobz1993

    Thread [Q] Root w/o USB

    I got a bolt recently for parts, and it turned out being in better condition than my current one. Only downside to the new one is that the USB port will only charge and not recognize being plugged into PC. I've seen an app that allows wireless adb w/o root, but it requires you to be plugged in...
  5. D

    Thread [Rom][ICS]Sense4a 2.00.xx|Updated to Latest Desire C RUU|Build 3 Uploaded|10/07/13|

    Changelogs Of Build 3 : Updated To Latest RUU 2.00.707.1 FROM DESIRE C (Thanks To Arslan Kirmani For Making It) All Sense4a Apps All Widgets Support Say Goodbye To Slim Sense 4a Rom ;) Based On Derefas Build More Fluid and Smoother NON -OC DEREFAS KERNEL ADVANCE AUDIO SOUND ENHANCER FILE...
  6. S

    Thread [tool] [app] diag mode switch by solcam

    This is a tool I made (with the help of this thread >> << thanks hydrosity) that will install GScript and scripts to your HTC THUNDERBOLT and allow you to use QPST, QXDM, DFS cdma tool, and cdma workshop on your phone. It is meant to put...
  7. G

    Thread [Q] Unable to re-enable a system app

    Soo i disabled a bunch of apps that i dont use because they take a lot of memory. Such as slacker, twitter, etc. So i disabled personalize in the ics ota update and now i cant re-enable it but the other apps i disabled can be re-enabled. I tried searching but I am not finding anything. I know it...
  8. ScardracS


    GUARANTEE Before all... you are only responsible for your phone. I don't assume any responsability for you and/or your phone and/or your family/partners/pets/Countries/Worlds KNOW BUGS Low Brightness Bug, Clock widget bug, tell me CREDITS ak0r - he port based rom kantry123 - JellyKing 2.0...
  9. J

    Thread [ROM] MaceksMod Mecha Rebirth - AOSP style ICS ROM

    use me as your wallpaper :) Based off of official OTA update New Update 3/21/13 (v3.0) Click the "click to download latest rom build" button to dl. Wipe cache+dalvik, then flash. Once booted, flash the latest superuser from rom manager. google now and duplicate messages bugs fixed, ) Special...
  10. M

    Thread [Q] Any chance of an official ICS MIUI Buiild for TB?

    This is something I've been really hopping to see once ICS came to the TB, and I doubt I'm the only one. Anybody agree they'd like to see an ICS MIUI port for TB? Also, once upgraded to official ICS, is it possible to downgrade back to Gingerbread? I don't use my TB anymore as my main...
  11. L

    Thread [Q] why is my phone making so many dhcp requests

    Hello I was checking something today and had noticed that my phone (running LiquidSmooth-ICS-v1.5-MR3) was making a large amount of dhcp requests in rapid succession ( screenshot of the activity). It is not necessarily creating any problems or anything of the sort...
  12. Klonopin

    Thread [Q] ICS isn't reading at hboot.... for ICS

    EDIT: I FOUND THE ISSUE: I needed to reformat my SD Card I have the new zips for the new radios - for some reason hboot isn't recognizing the zip file, and no its not named "" - I'm using a Linux Machine, I checked the md5s and all, they all matched up, I haven't had an issue like this...
  13. K

    Thread [HOWTO] Manually flash ICS

    This is for unrooted stock 2.11.605.19 Gingerbread users that cannot get the OTA to pull automatically and don't care if they have the new locked 1.08.0000 bootloader. You will need to go through the HTCDev bootloader unlock process which does wipe data. This guide also assumes you already have...
  14. K

    Thread [HOWTO] GB to ICS OTA for Rooted Stock - Keep your data (Revolutionary hboot only)

    Provided you meet the prerequisites, this is an easy way to safely update from 2.11.695.19 Gingerbread to 7.02.605.06 to 7.02.605.10 Ice Cream Sandwich via the new OTA and keep root. I have also modified the stock kernel to allow adb remount so you can push/pull files directly from the command...
  15. R

    Thread [Q] What is my wife doing wrong with her phones??

    Ok so i have an unusual problem...well my wife more the last year or so my wife has had 3 different phones, all on verizon. The HTC Incredible, HTC Thunderbolt, and currently the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Each phone has begun giving her freezing and random reboot problems after...
  16. H

    Thread So far I love my new phone

    okay well today I decided I wanted an upgrade, Im not eligible until Feb 1st (or a few days after) so I called tech support and was crying about how my upgrade is 2 weeks away and how i really want a new phone. so long story short, they directed me to my local verizon store after changing the...
  17. zomgalama

    Thread [Q] Coming from a TB, is the DNA a worthy upgrade?

    So my upgrade has come along and I'm debating on which phone I can get. I'm currently leaning on the HTC DNA, obviously. I am slightly dissapointed from lack of expandable storage, but I can live with 16GB, I don't watch movies much or listen to music. I mostly stream movies or YT videos...
  18. M

    Thread [Q] Now It's December...any word from HTC on ICS?

    Is HTC still planning on updating this thing to ICS or have they just decided to scrap it? Has there been any official word from them regarding the Tbolt's fate? Some guy at Radioshack told me HTC has officially cancelled the ICS update, but I haven't seen or heard any other source so far that...
  19. T

    Thread [Q] Clone ENV Touch to Thunderbolt

    First note: I OWN both phones, so it's not illegal. Just getting that out of the way. Working with an ENV Touch running on a Revol Wireless network, and a Thunderbolt I want to clone the services to, as I hate using that Env and can live without having Data if need be. The store manager was...
  20. nickL0V3

    Thread [Q] Lost GPS?! Flashed to Ntelos/Rooted Stock

    One of my customers has two T-Bolts, both have been flashed to Ntelos. He had me root both phones, and both are still on the latest stock software, with root added, and both devices lost GPS at the same time. Ive tried every fix I can think of and Im not getting anywhere. As I dont actually...
  21. Klonopin

    Thread Its still a WIP

    It's still a WIP for now, but it is coming - here's some screenshots.
  22. rcade2005

    Thread [ROM][PORT][AROMA][AOKP/CM10][4.2.2][07-06-2013] ThunderBolt Rom JB V8

    October/30th/2012 ThunderBolt ROM released for Samsung Galaxy SIIG (GT-I9100G) devices. November/1st/2012 ThunderBolt ROM released for Samsung Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300) devices. December/1st/2012 ThunderBolt ROM released for Samsung Galaxy SL (GT-I9003) devices. THUNDER BOLT ROM A ROM for people...
  23. F

    Thread [Q] Verizon Unlimited Data Note 2

    I have a HTC Thunderbolt with unlimited Data and most months I go over 2 Gigs. I'm going to get the note 2 when it comes out and I want to keep my data plan so I need to know some things. 1.) Has anyone went through this ordeal yet ? 2.) Do I need to buy an international version, and why...
  24. JakaraRuus

    Thread JB AKOP

    Hey there Xda, I wanted to find some details on the recent version of JB AOKP that has been floating around the net. I have seen several sites that give a halfa**ed tutorial on how to update, but no credit as to who was responsible for the build. Out of curiosity I tried it. The rom is...
  25. A

    Thread HTC Thunderbolt Battery Test On Liquid ICS v1.5 MR2

    Alright, here we go, I'm going to begin my battery test - apparently my battery is saying it's fully charged at 96% so, my battery might be a bit old and losing charge. Battery Age: ~1 1/2 - 2 years old Battery Charge Level: 96% Time Started: 1:51AM PST Screenshot: Screen Brightness: Auto...
  26. Kiyuubi

    Thread Bleach Bootanimation

    I was wondering if anyone could possibly make a Bleach bootanimation for me? Either the final getsugatensho when he fights Aizen or when he goes hollow against Ulquiorra. I've found ones for the evo 3d but they dont work on my thunderbolt, would I just need to change something in the .zip to...
  27. P

    Thread Battery...100 to 3 in minutes?

    been on bamf final for several months. battery fully charges and then goes from 100 to sudden reboot after 5 minutes or so. After reboot, battery is usually at 3-10 or so. No sudden reboots while plugged in. Awaiting a new battery from ebay. Any other ideas what this might be?
  28. M

    Thread Revolutionary Made Easy (One Click)

    Not my work but PROPS!
  29. jamere

    Thread Tbolt Mobile Hotspot with Nexus 7

    Hi folks, complete WiFi newb here. I am trying to use my HTC Tbolt phone with Mobile Hotspot with my new N7. On Verizon with Hotspot feature enabled. From all indications the connection is made between the devices, but can't get past the Google "Sign in" line where it asks for the password for...
  30. D

    Thread [BOOT ANIMATION] Jelly Bean Flying X's

    I finally found where someone made available the really cool Jelly Bean boot animation from the Nexus 7, so of course I wanted to port it over here for us Thunderbolters Full credit for the boot animation itself goes to JaeKar99 over at Rootzwiki. I just changed and cropped the image sizes...
  31. PulseDroid


    Hey guys Team Adreno has managed to port you this awesome rom!:D - Special battery saving option with DX Battery booster - Beautiful UI with DX Home - Backup app for almost everything - Wake up at the right time with DX Clock - Manage apps, the easy way with DX App Manager - Dial with a...
  32. jawa5636

    Thread [NOTREALLY]ICS Thunderbolt Link I ran across this and it say's ICS and "most things are working". Is this real or is the site wrong on it being ICS?
  33. D

    Thread [BOOT ANIMATION] Custom Boot Animations - Updated 6/30

    480x800 Boot Animations by Snayk I have been doing lock rings for a little while now and I look forward to expanding those once Virtuous Ten Studio can give us access to Sense 3.5, 3.6, and 4.0 m10 files, but until then I thought I might try my hand at some other mods... like Boot Animations...
  34. crackedvenom2

    Thread Black screen. Cant see anything but phone still works

    So today my phone fell into some garbage. I dont think there was any water, but after doing some googling, it seems that is one of the causes. After i pulled the battery out, the little circle is pure white but i do see a very little spot of red. Can anyone give me any tips? If its ruined, can i...
  35. T

    Thread [ALL IN ONE] The HTC Thunderbolt Tool!

    This tool is your all-in-one toolbox for the HTC Thunderbolt. With it, you can: S-OFF and Root Unroot Install 4ext recovery app to flash it Boot menu: Reboot, Hot reboot, Reboot recovery, Reboot to fastboot, Reboot to hboot, Power off Disable HTC OTA Updates Run an ADB/Fastboot Command Prompt...
  36. Robertjm

    Thread [Q] Setting up Tbolt to send faxes from W7 laptop?

    Hi all, I'd like to use my HTC Thunderbolt as a wireless fax/modem for my Fujitsu laptop, which is running Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit). I can connect via Blue Tooth and as a wireless hot spot. However, when I run the laptop's fax program, it does not see the phone in the list of connected...
  37. kylebenton

    Thread [Q] Verizon Apps

    Has anyone figured out the Verizon Apps (i.e. My Verizon, NFL Mobile, etc.) dilemma yet? I'd like to pay my phone bill with #PMT, but it doesn't dial anymore; it just attempts to load the My Verizon app... And when football starts up again, I liked the red zone on my phone. Kyle
  38. D

    Thread [MOD] Sense 3.0 Lock Rings 7/6 - Zeus/Gingeritis/ShiftS3NS3/BAMF Forever

    Sense 3.0 Lock Rings See Post #2 for Instructions, Thanks/Credit, Troubleshooting, etc. TECHNOLOGY LOCKRINGS AndroidChrome01 - Zeus/Gingeritis3D/ShiftS3ns3 -- BAMF Forever 1.10 AndroidChrome02 - Zeus/Gingeritis3D/ShiftS3ns3 -- BAMF Forever 1.10 AndroidPeek01 - Zeus/Gingeritis3D/ShiftS3ns3 --...
  39. C

    Thread How to make a GSM Radio for Thunderbolt

    Hello It sucks being an european and to have a 4g/cdma phone because in my country (Romania) you dont have a cdma network So as we all know the Thunderbolt has the same chipset as the Rezound so in theory it should be able to transform into a Global Phone. My question is why didn't anyone do...
  40. santod040

    Thread [MOD]Camera Shutter/Volume Rocker|Updated 3/2/12 (Mecha only)

    Mecha Camera Shutter/Volume Rocker Mod (and Search softkey) This is a low-level mod for now that effects the assignment globally! Ok guys, this is something I have been wanting to get around to for a while. Making the volume rocker act as camera shutter button. (or search softkey) For me...
  41. X

    Thread [Q] Get a Clean version of thunderbolt ? [no verizon crap]

    Hey, I'm not an owner of a Thunderbolt, but my wife is. She's annoyed with all the verizon crap on it. What would you guys recommend to do to have a perfectly clean rom ? She still wants all the HTC Sense stuff and not get used to anything else. My first though was to root it, and then with...
  42. imagelost

    Thread [Q] S-off and no ROM will boot

    605.5 HTC Thundebolt 1.04.0000 hboot radio Revolutionary s-off Rev CWM v4.0.1.4 Stock ROM I have tried to flash a Rom (i.e. Eternity, XDABolt, iKReaM,) and nothing seems to work.It just keeps going from the HTC White Screen to the ROM Boot screens and Back to the HTC White...
  43. I

    Thread [Q] windows 7 on my htc thunder bolt

    i would like to be able dual boot both windows 7 and android on my tbolt, Is this possible? if so how do I make this possible? any answers appreciated
  44. x40sw0n

    Thread SE Android - ROM for Thunderbolt

    So it seems the NSA has released their source code for SE Android (previously they built SELinux as well). This is a more sandboxed and secured version of Android based on the work they did in Linux. This is the basis for Government grade secure Android devices that they are intending to...
  45. djb77

    Thread [ROM] DJBROM v2.01 (XWJW1 2.3.6) 2012-01-11

    DJBROM for Samsung Galaxy S I9000 (Based on Gingerbread XWJW1 2.3.6) Compiled on 11th January 2012 Current Version: 2.01 - FEATURES - INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS - DOWNLOADS - SCREENSHOTS - CHANGELOG - OLDER VERSIONS RELEASE INFO After spending a couple of months playing around with the JVT 2.3.5...
  46. missl843

    Thread [Q] Keeps trying to do an OTA update

    I've tried different ROMS and wiping it... but every night at 3 am for the past 4 nights I wake up to the black screen with exclamation mark. ANy ideas on what I can do to fix?
  47. H

    Thread [Q] Liquid 3.2 data and wifi problem

    Hey I am having a problem with the data connectivity on my thunderbolt running liquid gingerbread 3.2, whenever my wifi is connected the 3g/4g stays connected and doesn't allow internet from either source to come threw unless i manually turn off the data. so I made tasker toggle them back and...
  48. xRogerxC

    Thread Buy your Thunderbolt in last 30 days from Best Buy? Price drop!

    Just wanted to let anyone who has purchased an HTC Thunderbolt in the last 30 days that Best Buy has reduced the price from $99.99 to $49.99. If this applies to you, make sure you take your receipt in and get your $50.00 buy price matching. My wife just bought a new Thunderbolt a couple weeks...
  49. ThunderStick

    Thread [ROM][12-21-11] ThunderStick BareBack 3.0.3 [2.11.605.9]

    Disclaimer: The downloader of the attatched file takes full respsonsibility and ownership for the results of using, distributing, obtaining and storing the files contained with in the attatched download. Thanks to: Google for Android HTC for the RUU release this is based off of GoDev Team for...
  50. D

    Thread [Q] Does Rooting and Installing/Setting up a ROM require service?

    Do I need to have service on the Tbolt to root it, install a new ROM, and get it setup? I have a friend that wants to send me his tbolt so that I can root, but he cannot go that long without a phone so he was going to reactivate his crackberry while I rooted. Thanks in advance for any advice.