ticwatch pro 3 ultra

  1. HarmlessHacker

    Thread TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS (Rubyfish) [Complete Stock TWRP Backup]

    I heard that many people need the stock backup files for the TWP3 Ultra GPS so here you go! Note, this is the "PMRB.220111.001" base version https://mega.nz/file/1AlCDJ7S#GoX8tWbfkZ7EALwA3gDvX7lOCKPms6oQVogEo5Th32E Enjoy my friends!!
  2. DJKMan

    Thread [Boot Animation] Wear OS ctOS Short

    Hello all, I made myself a quick boot animation (based off of this post) for a Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra and thought I'd share it here. == Preview == It'll loop the last few frames until your watch boots up. == Specs == Dimension: 400x400 (should fit most smart watches.) Frame rate: 30...