1. BotchedRPR

    Thread WearOS Developement for Galaxy Watch (SM-R810)

    Hi. I think it's about time to give new life to my old watch. Right now, I got the combination firmware: Download Kernel source - got it from some old website, I'll probably upload it later. Combination firmware is based on tizen, has some nice addons that are not really necessary for us...
  2. D

    Thread Samsung Gear S2 Classic (SM-R732) latest European/Belgian Firmware

    Hi, I have 2 gear S2 Classic SM-R732 watches. Both used to be on the latest version of Tizen, but I had run into some bugs with an iPhone 13 so I had decided to reflash some firmware I found online. Both were reflashed with the exact same firmware, but they ended up with different UI versions...
  3. usualNerd

    Thread Developer API access to BIA sensor on Samsung Watch 4?

    So I want to access the BIA sensor on Samsung Watch4 (Measure your body composition with the Galaxy Watch4 series), but can't really seem to find a way to do it. I wanted to know that: Is it necessary to apply to Partner App Program to get access to body composition data (Partner App Program)...
  4. M

    Thread Samsung DLNA

    Hi. At the beginning I have to admit that I am from Slovakia and I help myself with google translators. I have a problem with DLNA I have a Samsung UE43RU7472UXXH with OS Tizen, TP Link Archer C2 AC750 and HDD WD Blue 500GB. I share movies from the HDD via wifi and receive them on 2 TVs (not at...
  5. J

    Thread Smartwatches supported by 8 pro's reverse wireless charging

    Hey guys, I've upgraded from a S10e to the 8 pro and I'm loving it! An absolute beast of a smartphone, specially for the 330 euro price I paid for on Prime day. My only complain so far is that the reverse wireless charging doesn't work with my Galaxy Watch Active 1st gen, so I'd like to know...
  6. ItsN8

    Thread [CLOSED] Samsung Gear S2 SM-R720 Mods

    Mod edit: Thread closed as duplicate of https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/samsung-gear-s2-sm-r720-mods.4292915/ ************************************ Long story short, I deleted my Samsung account and was forced to remove my reactivation lock manually. This got me onto the idea of turning my...
  7. shahawi273

    Thread Uber tpk

    Hi, Does anyone have uber tpk, It is not available in my country. Any help appreciated.
  8. Zelenkov

    Thread Unable to update galaxy watch after downgrading tizen

    Hello guys, I changed the csc to XAR using sdb and Odin to flash my watch with the older tizen os. And now whenever I try to update my os it tells me that this is the last update found ... I have the galaxy watch 2018 42 mm model, SM-810 What can I do ? Thanks in advance, And best regards, Alex!
  9. clivier


    Hi! So basically, I have a Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 SM-V700, and I have been trying to update it to Tizen OS by using Odin. I have already flashed anroid on it, now I want Tizen OS. The problem here is that when I get my .md5 file onto the AP, and click start, it does everything normally until it...
  10. msabir52

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Watch R800 Firmware

    Hello tech-wizards of the XDA Community! I've royally messed up. I'm a pretty tech savvy person but I'm very stuck. I tried to flash some firmware to my Galaxy watch, which didn't go too well, and I need to find a way to revert everything back to normal. Long story short I had an international...
  11. D

    Thread Please help me change region on my Galaxy Watch3 LTE

    Hi everyone, I’m writing from Italy. In October I bought a galaxy watch3 LTE from Amazon.USA and imported it here in Italy, cause it was not available yet here, it was released in the lte version only recently. I didn’t know that the watch was not compatible here in Italy, but only for the US...
  12. mffmart

    Thread Change Region on Galaxy Watch (R800)

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a Galaxy Watch running Tizen out of the box, and I wanted to use Samsung Pay with it. So, I tried changing the region (CSC) using the sdb method mentioned previously on this forum. Unfortunately, I've then read and verified it doesn't work on
  13. Dante63

    Thread [RESTRICTIONS-REMOVED] Samsung Health Monitor - TIZEN - - Root, Age, Country & Device Restriction Removed - 7th Nov 2022

    Hello Everyone, I hope you all are fine... ~~~ TIZEN WATCHES ONLY ~~~ ~~~ FEATURES, BUGS & FUTURE WORKS~~~ FEATURES: Works on Active2 and Watch3 (as mentioned, Samsung Tizen Watches), Multilanguage, no root detection, no country restriction, no device restriction, age limit lowered from 22...
  14. Void_Dragon07

    Thread do you guys think the 2018 Galaxy watch will ever get tizen 5.5?

    pretty much what the title says do you guys think the galaxy watch from 2018 will ever get tizen os 5.5
  15. B

    Thread Help with Magic Info/Tizen app for TV Monitor Touch

    I have a very simple problem that i need to resolve. We have a magic info monitor installed at a point of sale, which is meant to display a website we developed solely for this monitor touch. However the website needs authentication to access it, and we need a way to keep the device logged in...
  16. B

    Thread Help with Magic Info/Tizen app for TV Monitor (Social)

    I have a very simple problem that i need to resolve. We have a magic info monitor installed at a point of sale, which is meant to display a website we developed solely for this monitor touch. However the website needs authentication to access it, and we need a way to keep the device logged in...
  17. B

    Thread Blueft - file transfer via Bluetooth (OBEX FTP)

    Hi Tizen developers, If you need an application to transfer files from any Bluetooth device to your watch you can use Blueft app. It is fully standalone application - you don't need to install extra app on a phone. You can transfer files from any device witch supports Bluetooth OBEX FTP...
  18. G

    Thread Firmware's / Rom's for R8XX and NetOdin (Galaxy Watch)

    Just sharing information (click :good: Thanks if it helps you) Firmware / Roms for Galaxy Watch R8xx (Let google translate the page) https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=978373&view=findpost&p=92121314This is like a XDA for Russians I guess. If you need firmware for other watch models...
  19. T

    Thread Changing the Region on the galaxy active 2 including R830XXU1BSI9 update

    Most old methods of changing the region on the samsung watches don't work anymore. Given their return policy I thought I bought expensive junk. starts the csc selection but doesn't actually change the region. TL;DR you need to install the combination firmware and edit two files INFO: Netodin...
  20. aidin594

    Thread Arabic, Persian text problem

    I have problem with Arabic , Persian text in my 46 mm Galaxy watch. The letters are showing in wrong way. Is there any mod to change encoding of the watch?
  21. C

    Thread [Release][APP][0.9.3 - 2019.07.12] GAssist.net - Google Assistant for Galaxy Watch

    App is already available on Samsung Store. Thank you for all DONATIONS and support !!!! Introduction Preview demonstration videos Screenshots Already implemented features Planned features: Requirements: Changelog Downloads Installation instructions FAQ How to get...
  22. linuxct

    Thread Tizen 4.0 for the Gear Sport has arrived!

    The title says it all. Changelog for our watch: Samsung Health - Support various indoor workouts and back-to-back workout. Samsung Health Widget - Samsung Health Widget now also supports and provides sleep stages information. Advanced - Two advanced modes (Theater, Sleep) are added to keep...
  23. Q

    Thread First Custom Kernel for a Tizen phone! [3.10.106] [Z2]

    I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR PHONE DIES DUE TO THIS I have successfully created a custom kernel for the Samsung Z2! This is built from source using the linaro 4.9 gcc toolchain here: https://github.com/ne0z/tizen_toolchain_kernel This will only work on the Samsung Z2, not any other tizen...
  24. V

    Thread Wearable Widgets Clocks

    i recently bought gear s2 and i'm really interrested in watchfaces sadly most of them are paid so i installed wearable widgets https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wearablewidgets&hl=en_US it enable android widgets to be added to the watch so i installed many clock widget for KWGT...
  25. Latrell567

    Thread [FIRMWARE] How to unbrick Gear S3 frontier (T-Mobile) Tizen (R765TUVU3CQL1)

    Yo, what's up guys. It's Latrell. THE STORY So both yesterday and today I took a risk. Yesterday I tried downgrading back to Tizen 2, because in my opinion... I don't know if it's just me... but it's smoother on Tizen 2. So I did that, just to find out when it finished flashing that it was too...
  26. HarvHouHacker

    Thread Tizen or Sailfish OS on the S7 Edge?

    Hello again! It's been a while since I posted last; sorry for the long delay. Let me explain the scenario... I'm looking for Android alternatives for my S7 Edge. Not just ports of Android (LineageOS and CyanogenMod, for example), but OSes that are separate from Android altogether. The...
  27. J

    Thread Best Smartwatch software for Pixel

    Hi everyone, I know this question looks like a no-brainer one as Android Wear 2.0 = Stock Android. Currently I am using a 1st gen Huawei Watch which as you all probably already know, runs Android Wear 2.0 and thinking about upgarding to Samsung Gear S3 Frontier which runs Tizen. Anyone here can...
  28. H

    Thread [ROM] [FACTORY] [FTMA] [R732XXXU2AOI8] [ROOT] Samsung Gear S3 SM-R732

    WARNING!!! ONLY FOR SM-R732 (Gear S2 Classic) TL;DR: This ROM should give root access. It is the internal ROM used in Samsung factories to reset devices, and "su" is included in the rootfs.img in "/bin/su". I don't own this watch, but hopefully this will get you guys started on porting over...
  29. M

    Thread Auto HR (Heart Rate) of the Gear S3 isn't satisfying, I will return the product!

    The Auto HR (Heart Rate) of the Gear S3 isn't satisfying, it only takes (measures) 1 time every hour, the Gear S2 did that every 10 minutes! What a huge step back from Samsung, I just hate it! Will send back this item to Amazon, what a shame :rolleyes: :mad:
  30. M

    Thread Possible to connect external HR monitor to Gear S3?

    Is it possible to connect an external HR sensor like the Wahoo Tickr to the Gear S3 using either Bluetooth or ANT+?
  31. M

    Thread Gear S3's Auto HR is not the same as Gear S2?????

    Dear Gear S3 users, I noticed that the auto HR isn't the same as the Gear S2??? In the settings of my Gear S2 I could choose how frequently I want to auto track my heart rate with different timings but with the Gear S3 I can only check in or check out this option (HR on or off), see pictures...
  32. F

    Thread Tutorial - Custom rom(Null), recovery, Unlock, Usb debug, Removing Tizen, Touch Ok

    I received as gift a samsung watch, that come with Tizen, I will describe how to do all the steps to install the custom rom. I have a lot of problem and I write this to help all in special noobs like me. (no wondershare, no root, no phone needed) Things I used: Odin 3.12 - Will write into...
  33. R

    Thread New Tizen Rom 2.3.1

    I found the source code for 2.3.1 wearable devices . Can I get someone to adopt this for Gear 2 ? As far as I know 2.2.1 is the latest version for our device. I think Samsung will not update our device. My apologies for bad English. http://download.tizen.org/releases/2.3.1/
  34. D

    Thread Change Samsung Gear S Over To Android Wear OS?

    So, I see that there is an availability of having the Android OS on my Samsung Gear S, but I am reading mixed reviews of the benefits and drawbacks. I see that Android Wear is better than Tizen, however, on this device (Samsung Gear S) and having to root the device to force it on, some features...
  35. optical10

    Thread 2016 Alternatives to Watchon, universal remote control coming to Tizen

    Just got an email from the "Smartwatch Universal Remote" team saying that they will eventually be porting the Android wear version over to Tizen OS. As always is the case they can't give a definite time frame but here's hoping it's soon as "watchon" currently being the only restrictive available...
  36. chipis

    Thread Any Root Available For Tizen watch ?

    I was wondering i have a new tizen watch from tmobile but it seems that is not a root method yet Is there would be any?
  37. A

    Thread Tizen Smartphone coming to 11 European Countries

    The Samsung Z3 Smartphone is coming to 11 European countries: http://www.tizenexperts.com/2015/11/samsung-z3-tizen-smartphone-coming-to-11-european-countries-including-uk-france-germany-and-russia/
  38. A

    Thread First Firmware for Samsung Z3 available.

    The first firmware for the Samsung Z3 is now available. Anyone had a play with it? It doesn't flash onto a TM1 dev device. I wonder why? http://www.tizenexperts.com/2015/10/first-samsung-z3-firmware-now-available-to-download-z300hddu0aoj4/
  39. A

    Thread Samsung Z3 Launched in India, the second Tizen Smartphone

    The Samsung Z3 has been launched in India today, and is the second Tizen based Smartphone. Here is the launch Information: http://www.tizenexperts.com/2015/10/samsung-z3-tizen-smartphone-launches-in-india-on-sale-next-week-21-october/ Available from next week.
  40. A

    Thread [Wallpapers] Tizen Themed Samsung Gear S2 Backgrounds – Vol 1

    Here is the first Installment of Tizen themed wallpapers / backgrounds for the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch: http://www.tizenexperts.com/2015/10/wallpapers-tizen-themed-samsung-gear-s2-backgrounds-vol-1/
  41. S

    Thread Samsung Z1 Tizen phone Short-Cut Keys and Secret Codes

    Samsung Z1 Tizen phone Short-Cut Keys and Secret Codes http://www.downloadtizenapps.com/2015/10/tizen-phone-tips-tricks-short-cut-keys-secret-codes.html
  42. A

    Thread Samsung Gear S2 Hands-on Video - Tizen Experts

    Hi, Here is a Hands-On video going through the User Interface (UI) of the upcoming Gear S2, which should be released next month. The smooth UI is a definite killer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbNEkhX8eu0 Who is Interested in getting one?
  43. A

    Thread Samsung Z1 Software update for Sri Lanka, Z130HDDU0BOF5 SLK available

    Hi, Samsung Z1 Software update for Sri Lanka, Z130HDDU0BOF5 SLK is now available. Might be worth downloading and having a look around? http://www.tizenexperts.com/2015/06/firmware-samsung-z1-software-update-for-sri-lanka-z130hddu0bof5-slk/
  44. A

    Thread Tizen Store expands its Service Coverage to 182 countries

    Samsung has expanded the reach of its Tizen store to 182 countries. http://www.tizenexperts.com/2015/04/expansion-of-tizen-store-service-coverage-to-182-countries/
  45. N

    Thread [Q] WiFi issue on Tizen 2.3 on RD-PQ (M0)

    I've found my RD-PQ on the shelf and decided to upgrade it to 2.3 That was a pretty easy procedure, although with 2.3 it's totally empty. The most discouraging thing is that WiFi fails to connect. There are several mentions of that problem at...
  46. G

    Thread [Q] Gear Tizen OS connect BLE accessories

    Hi all, I have posted the same question in the Gear S thread but nothing came up, so i am reposting since dev community seems to be stronger here. Is there a way to connect BLE accessoies (HR straps and so on) directly to our Gear smartwatches? I have thoroughly searched and have found...
  47. R

    Thread Hack- How to Access Tizen Store Outside of India

    Hey Guys I found a very useful solution for those who are having problems accessing Tizen Store outside of India or Bangladesh Using Mac: http://www.tizenexperts.com/2015/02/hack-accessing-tizen-store-samsung-z1-sm-z130hds Using Windows...
  48. S

    Thread Tizen Store can only be accessed in India

    Tizen Store can only be accessed in India, anyone outside of India with Samsung Z1 can you access the Tizen Store?
  49. A

    Thread Win a Brand New Samsung Gear S - Tizen Experts

    Hi Guys, If you're Interested in winning a Brand New Samsung Gear S, then please head on over to the Tizen Experts Website. This is a legit competition, and there has already been a Gear 2 giveaway that was done previously. Tweet something amusing or GOOD USE CASE for having it and it could...
  50. A

    Thread SAmsung Gear Different cloured Wrist Watch Straps including new Bangle watch design

    Hi, The Samsung Gear S also has watch straps that are available in 5 different colours and also have a bangle wrist watch version: http://www.tizenexperts.com/2014/11/tizen-gear-s-wrist-watch-bangle-strap-samsung-uk-et-sr750a-sr750b/