1. RogueTryhard

    Thread Question No service after using MSM

    I've searched as hard as I could on google, reddit & Here and I can't find help for this. My phone was working fine this morning on Lineageos19.1 but I needed to downgrade to Android 11 for a specific piece of hardware to work. I used MSMtool from Here to get back to stock firmware on android...
  2. L

    Thread [CLOSED] NON-STOP SIM issue on moto G '21 , am i the only one??

    xt2093-7 from at&t , unlocked. ever since i got it as a used christmas present, and tried my 2 TMO sims in it, ive been dealing with "emergency calls only". ive tried every apn tweak i know, and a factory reset, the ONLY way of fixing it (temporarily) is putting the sim back in my prior phone ...
  3. alihamza4692

    Thread Network Lock

    Hey guys hope you are doing great actually I'm facing a major issue with my mobile please help me to unlock my OnePlus 8 tmobile network locked, will really appreciate it. Details are attached bellow. Thanks in Advance,
  4. L

    Thread Question How do I bypass Initial Screen on T-Mobile Locked S22 Ultra, without T-Mobile Sim

    Pls Help I just got a T-Mobile locked S22 Ultra, the initial screen requires me to insert a T-Mobile sim to proceed, I don't have a T-Mobile sim and not in USA, how do I bypass this screen
  5. bogdan_myronovich

    Thread OnePlus Nord N10 5G t-mobile + mdm

    Hi there, i just bought used oneplus nord n10 5g (tmobile version), and unfortunately faced with mdm profile already installed on my phone. I tried to reinstall android (only t-mobile roms supported) downgraded from 11 to 10 version, after that i tried to unlock bootloader, but there is no...
  6. bdubz32

    Thread Rooting Oneplus 8 on Oxygen OS 12

    Hi!, I have a OnePlus 8 running Oxygen OS 12 on T-Mobile and Model is IN2017 I need help rooting my phone but I just need the right files to do it so if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great, thanks!!
  7. S

    Thread How To Guide T-mobile US VoLTE 5G mobile data instability fix with root

    I was having problems with mobile data through T-mobile in the US that I was have to disallow 5G or else the carrier connection would drop. Sometimes it would reach 4G+, but it would drop the mobile data connection all the time, especially when moving off wifi. I had never seen the VoLTE icon...
  8. S

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 Pro 5g T-Mobile (USA) to Android 12 (Global)

    So I have a OnePlus 9 Pro 5g T-Mobile (USA) and I was able to successfully put in the official Global Android 11 build in it ( I had cell and data service when I using the global android 11 build, however when I upgrade the phone to android 12 I lose all service, both data...
  9. X

    Thread Question How do i convert a global LE2117 BACK to the Tmobile firmware?

    the only reason why I converted to global is for faster updates, then OnePlus released oxygenos 12 and all my reasoning was gone. How do i go back?
  10. D

    Thread Question Trying to Flash Unbranded firmware to my unlocked Tmobile S21 Ultra 5g but getting errors

    I have some experience in flashing via Odin having done it on previous Samsung devices but I am having all sorts of issues with trying to do this. I have a Tmobile S21 Ultra 5g and just switched to Verizon. I am trying to flash the firmware to unbranded (XAA if I have read correctly) but I am...
  11. luckychukiye

    Thread Question Having issues after Converting OnePlus 9 5G LE2117 to Global

    Hi everyome, I have a OnePlus 9 5G LL2117. I have used the MSM Global tool about 3 weeks ago to convert it to GLobal (LE2115) Oxygen OS & ran Oxygen OS 12 fine w/ no issues. I did a soft reset last night and when my phone restarted I saw it said it had No Sim/network detected and...
  12. J

    Thread How to switch

    Hi I am on Tmobile phone using Verizon. How do i switch to a verizon oriented rom? My phone is not rooted or bootloader unlocked. I was told that if i put verizon sim, it should boot in verizon ROM? no such thing happened. How do i switch it? If it is already answered before, please give...
  13. cproo12

    Thread Question Band 12 not working on Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (veux)

    I AM BASED IN UNITED STATES Hi there, I previously have been using Redmi Note phones since the note 8 with AT&T, but as of this February, AT&T blacklisted my Note 10 Pro's IMEI and I had to switch to a Samsung. It has been absolutely horrible so I have been trying to escape AT&T. I am...
  14. U

    Thread [Request] For Enabling dual sim functionality on T-Mobile op8

    So as we know we don't have dual sim functionality on T-Mobile op8 variant even after converting it to global . It detects second sim but with no signal. even I have changed second sim imei but same result no signal. I have tried to edit build.prop but no progress. So I'm requesting developers...
  15. K

    Thread Flash Global ROM to Tmobile/Metro w/ locked bootloader

    Thanks to @ieatgravity for the thread on N10. Similar to that, Metro/Tmobile N100 can be converted to global version as well. You do not need bootloader unlocked/OEM Unlock/fastboot or anything for this Step 1: Download Global and metro ROM this thread (thanks to @Some_Random_Username) Global...
  16. C

    Thread OnePlus 8 T-Mobile Conversion Problem

    Hi all, I am trying to convert my T-Mobile IN2017 OnePlus 8 to have a global rom. I am currently on 10.5.7.IN55CB and I am following this tutorial here. My bootloader is unlocked (by using the official binaries I got emailed from OnePlus). My PC has driver signature verification off and is in...
  17. C

    Thread [Help] LG G5 H830 T-mobile forgot pattern screenlock

    Anyone please help me.. i'm using lg g5 h830 t-mobile (usb debugging: off, non rooted device) A few weeks ago I changed the screenlock pattern on my LG G5 but forgot the pattern I used, every time I try to open it it always goes wrong, now I have tried again in 64000 seconds (1 day interval to...
  18. Liftkit

    Thread KB2007 (T-Mobile) unlocking

    I have done some searching on the forum about rooting the T-Mobile version of the OnePlus 8t and seeing road blocks when it comes to unlocking the device, that was this spring.... Has there since been methods found since then to unlock and root the kb2007? TIA!
  19. T

    Thread Question Ihave OP N200 TMobile iwant to unlock it

    Hi friends Ihave OnePlus Nord n200 5G TMobile Any solution to unlock Carrier Thank you
  20. C

    Thread Stock T-Mobile A71 5G Rom port for a non 5G model

    So i have a A715F/DS. I was wondering if anyone knows of a stock 5G model Rom port. Or knows of a way to have a t-mobile CSC on this phone. Because ever since android 11. My calls consistently drop when making phone calls, my service will go from LTE to 3G. I don't really want to go back to...
  21. FRNK8

    Thread Question TMobile OP9 bootloader unlock process stuck

    Hello, I am trying to convert Tmobile OP9 to Global version and I am stuck at a basic step of getting the oem unlock code when trying to unlock the bootloader. Details: 1. got my network unlocked from mobbdeep couple of weeks back. 2. Under Settings > "Network Unlock" status shows as unlocked...
  22. I

    Thread Flash international ROM to Tmobile/Metro w/ locked bootloader

    MAJOR UPDATE: Managed to flash Global stock rom to the MetroPCS variant Pros: Stock Oneplus and everything works Cons: OEM unlock is still greyed out Before you go any further: THERE IS NO ROOT FOR THIS DEVICE WITH A LOCKED BOOTLOADER (YET). THIS THREAD IS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING OF...
  23. Libra420T


    ----- With the release of OOS13, the modem issue no longer exist. Thank you all for the support & help with this unfortunate issue, we had to endure.... ----- EXPLICITLY FOR TMOBILE 9 PRO (I'm not responsible for your failure to read or bricked issues, but will help assist.) NO MORE...
  24. J

    Thread What is a USERDATA File???

    hi im planning to downgrade the firmware of my Galaxy Note8 using odin. from Pie to Oreo. i downloaded an Oreo firmware, the zip contains 6 files. AP, BL, CP, CSC, HOME CSC and a USERDATA. im not familiar with USERDATA file. i dont know if i can skip that file or if it's really important also...
  25. K

    Thread Does the ATT LG V60 variant work on T-Mobile network?

    I've been reading so many things on both sides that the ATT unlocked phone will and will not work on the T-Mobile network. I know for some reason the V50 will not work due to modem issues, but also read that the V60 might. Yet there is no information on this for some reason. Why is nobody...
  26. M

    Thread [CLOSED][T-Mobile USA] Free SIM Unlocking Service - [OnePlus/Samsung/Google/LG/Moto]

    Hello XDA, I am back at it again with the free T-Mobile network unlocks. Yep, you heard that right... 100% FREE. This service will allow you to go into your Settings and perform a network unlock. I've been doing this for over 3 years now with plenty of vouches, so yes, it's legit! ATTN: IF YOU...
  27. TheLogicalGamer

    Thread [GUIDE]Android 11 how to root T-MOBILE OP8 5G

    THIS GUIDE IS FOR THE T-MOBILE ONEPLUS 8 5G ONLY!!!! This method has only been tested on the above mentioned device. It may be possible to use *parts* of this guide on other oneplus/android devices, but you do so at your own risk! Furthermore no warranty or liability of any kind is offered or...
  28. Raysofsunshine

    Thread Network Unlock TMobile OP8

    Is there anyone who can do this ? I saw someone offering the unlock for free...believe his name on here was mobbdeep?? Service is TMobile, phone came directly from TMobile as well, and have had acount for a few months now.
  29. LoganDark

    Thread Picking a second IMEI for a GM1915

    I have a GM1915, the T-Mobile variant of the OnePlus 7 Pro. This phone has Dual-SIM hardware inside, and international OOS supports it. However, it only has one IMEI, which both SIM slots use. I am considering changing the second IMEI. Based on moderator posts in the past, guides, tools...
  30. S

    Thread Should I return the ATT version?

    I am junior here at XDA and am aware of the protocols for posting (search, search, search before asking), My query doesn't match anything I looked for because it is a combo of different things. Hence, this new thread a) I've bought an ATT G020J on Ebay that will work with Cricket (that's what...
  31. candre23

    Thread Does wifi calling work on T-mobile?

    I know in the past, the only way to get wifi calling on T-mobile was to buy the phone directly from them with the feature pre-installed. Unfortunately, T-Mobile isn't selling the 4a, so that's not an option. Can anyone confirm or deny whether wifi calling works (or can be made to work) with a...
  32. N

    Thread Custom rom apocalypse. T-Mobile phones that have volte and can be flashed?

    Pulling my hair out. I'm on T-Mobile and my phone will go out at the end of the year. The only list of working phones I found was here: It's old and has no mention of custom rom support, all phones have built in battery and possibly no SD card...
  33. S

    Thread T-Mobile 7T Pro 5G McLaren bootloader unlock without SIM unlock/OnePlus unlock token!

    Here is a patched MSM download tool for TMobile OP7T Pro 5G McLaren. It will bypass the need to sim unlock before unlocking the bootloader, and will also bypass the need of an unlock token file from OnePlus (hence skip the wait period of 1 week to get the privilege to unlock). It will NOT sim...
  34. S

    Thread T-Mobile 7T Conversion to International WITHOUT unlocked bootloader/SIM unlock!

    Here is a patched MSM download tool for TMobile OP7T. It will bypass the need to sim unlock before unlocking the bootloader, and will also bypass the need of an unlock token file from OnePlus (hence skip the wait period of 1 week to get the privilege to unlock). It will NOT sim unlock the phone...
  35. M

    Thread [Quick Guide] Debloat with ADB shell.

    Fellows: Got the tmobile variant thought I would share uninstalling the t-mobile apps or any other if you'd choose. I will debloat more apps. Until we figure out bootloader unlock. This this should work with any phone. I have tried it with the v60. adb shell To view installed packages: just...
  36. Liftkit

    Thread Chinese bootloader?

    So I was dinking around with my 6t the other day and randomly hit some button configurations and it wound up in the bootloader with the Chinese menu and ended up wiping my phone is anybody else experienced this situation on their T-Mobile version 6t? I've never seen this before? not quite sure...
  37. Optimal Carnage

    Thread [Q] TMobile Note 9 Odin Problem

    As the title states. I have a US variant SM-960U variant. I've been trying to flash the official Android 10 update going around via Odin. The suggested detects my phone and pre-loads all the files fine, however once I start the flash it times out and says it cannot connect to the serial(com)...
  38. imstill@g

    Thread 7T Pro 5G McLaren Speed Test( Location/LTE vs 5G/): possible after conversion to INTL

    As we get our new devices, we will have many conversations and opinions about 5G vs LTE, battery life on both protocols, previous speeds, etc. It's my hope to gather data about these topics. I propose we keep the following data sets available: Location: ( Ex: Vcitoria,Tx 77901) 4GLTE Speeds on...
  39. C

    Thread Unlocked N9750 Dual Sim Mobile Network Connection issues with TMobile SIM installed

    Hello, I just purchased an unlocked Note10+ N9750 Dual Sim in Taiwan, and I am currently located in Taiwan. The phone is on the latest SOFTWARE update from September 1st. ...ASI3. When I put 2 Taiwanese SIM cards in the phone, the mobile internet works flawlessly and is extremely fast (About...
  40. DesperateScorpion

    Thread Unlocked vs. TMobile for pre-order

    In a dilemma and hoping to get the answer from like minded and knowledgeable folks. So I am trading in my S10+ for the Note 10+. Samsung is offering $600 off when trading the S10+ for an unlocked Note 10+ or $450 for a T-Mobile locked Note 10+. This is on top off the $200 they are giving for...
  41. M

    Thread (PSA) - T-Mobile VOLTE Disabled in FW Update!

    Hello, I just want to give a heads up to the USA T-Mobile customers who imported this phone. With the update VOLTE is no longer enabled on the phone and calls drop to 4g. I noticed this immediately after receiving the update because i got complaints of phone calls going straight to...
  42. jasonmerc

    Thread Tmobile Revvl (& Plus) 2 Development

    Look, I know I tried and failed miserably to get something going for the previous first generation Revvl, and I probably let a whole lot of people down... but after my recent successes with the Orbic Wonder and Vortex Synq, I couldn't help but try and take this on because it's too tempting Like...
  43. B

    Thread Need Boot.img or TWRP for GM1915 / T-mobile Oneplus 7 Pro

    Hello I have A T-Mobile 7 Pro GM1915 Unlocked the bootloader but i coudnt find any fastboot firmware or recovery : ( i need to root my phone 9.5.6 GM31CB
  44. jdhedden

    Thread Disable Wi-Fi Calling

    I purchased a Global version 1+7P (GM1917) directly from OnePlus. Then I signed up for T-Mobile service. I am having problems with calls coming in over Wi-Fi. However, in Settings under Wi-Fi & internet, there is no Wi-Fi calling entry, so I cannot find how to turn off Wi-Fi calling. Is...
  45. generalnod

    Thread Converting Unlocked H10 to latest TMobile Nougat

    HI, I have an Unlocked H10 (soff'd bootloader unlocked w. sunshine), that I want to put the latest TMobile Stock Nougat on, before I attempt to activate and become a new customer. Purpose is to make sure no hitches during activation, afterwards I will use LOS 14.x which I have on the device...
  46. drago10029

    Thread visual voicemail supported?

    Does Oneplus 7 have built support for visual voicemail in the dialer app? kinda like what google offers, a tab to switch over and look at voicemails there. I don't really like using carriers app, it's FUGLY
  47. C

    Thread Quick Guidance - TMobile USA Note 9 / ODIN

    Can someone please point me in the right direction for the ideal TMobile set up for USA on a note 9? I'd like to get rid of the TMobile boot animation, but keep wifi calling and volte and the other TMobile extras if possible. I've read that this can be done, but understand I lose video calling...
  48. RealSkier

    Thread Best stable ROM for T-Mobile?

    I'm on the October 2017 update for TMO with my Nexus 6. Having issues with camera slowness and some all-round sluggishness. Did the full factory reset thing about 3 months ago but it didn't really help much. So I'm wondering if flashing a DEV ROM will help. And which ROM? I need VOLTE / USA TMO...
  49. I

    Thread Root to LG G710TM?

    Any way to get root on my LG G7 ThinQ Tmobile Software version G710TM10K
  50. AesopRock127

    Thread [ROM][8.0.0][STOCK] Stock Android 8.0.0 ROM for Moto E5 Play (James) XT1921-3

    I know I'm not the only one who has been having trouble finding the stock firmware for the Moto e5 play xt1921-3 MetroPCS/TMobile variant, code named James, that wasn't posted by MotoJunkie01 and therefore blocked and undownloadable. So thanks to HPLazerJetPrinter1012 who was kind enough to...