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    Thread HTC JADE (Unlocked, but original orange rom)

    Like the majority of the uk Jade owners, I'm stuck with an orange rom that is more of a hinderance, than a pleasure to use. I have found an idiotic way to get around the ridiculous wifi or 'unique' service that orange has restricted all it's users, to. I shall explain briefly how I perform such...
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    Thread TouchFlo facebook integration on Tytn II

    Hello, I have a Tytn II with a Kaiser_HTC_ASIA_HK_WWE_3.34.721.2 custom ROM on it. I've seen TouchFlo 3D 6.1 on a Touch HD and I am interested in getting the Facebook integration it features on my Tytn II - specifically associating contacts with Facebook friends. What's the simplest way to...
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    Thread TG01 powerhouse needs saving from winmo 6.1

    Hay all, first time so... be gentle. So I've just got my grubby mits on the huge and amazing Toshiba TG01, this is the 4.1 inch, snapdragon running competitor to the iphone... I've got it on Orange in the UK (so it's all UK GSM, 3G and HSDPA radios here if it matters for support reasons) Now...
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    Thread how to control the touchflo process?

    for me, the touchflo (M2D) GUI is very useful. It's possible to reach any important command just by a fingerclick. However, it looks like memory overrun if I start a navigation software additionally while touchflo is running. For that, I would like to kill the touchflo process before I start...
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    Thread Please Help!!!

    i have a sprint mogul and i want to have this interface the only differences i want are a black color scheme, and a clock that looks like this one i am an extreme...
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    Thread [M2D qvga CABS] Can someone point me to the latest TouchFLO 2D cab file ?

    (April 2009) I am using a clean ROM that doesn't have m2d installed already. I searched for cab file for M2d and results were not that helpful. I'd seen the iolite thread before with various m2d tests, but I have not found a recent QVGA CAB that is reliably good. The last several ROMs I used...
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    Thread [Photo Gallery View] Microlab's WM 6.1 Manila TouchFLO 2D ROM: Interface Slideshow

    This is a new feature I am working on... and this is my first effort. To show the essential interface elements of any new ROM I post or flash to. This link here is to Part 1 of 2 Photo Slideshows ... ... that show Microlab's new Iolite-based WM 6.1 Manila TouchFlo 2D ROM in action...
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    Thread In TouchFLO 2d 6.1 ROMS: probs with AUDIO MANAGER and TOTAL COMMANDER

    I've been flashing several Windows 6.1 Touchflo 2D ROMS for Herald/Wing, comparing a few. Is anyone using AUDIO MANAGER successfully --- or is anyone getting a time-out problem where after 30-40 seconds the song (any song) stops playing? In other threads, on Kaiser device for example, someone...
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    Thread [2/16/09] Microlab's WM6.1 IOLITE BLUE v.16 Manila TF2D (See its interface slideshow)

    ===================================== UPDATE Feb 16, 2009: ADDED: Photo Gallery View, a slideshow of this ROM's interface, 50-slides showing this interface in action. (Part 2 will be added with 38 more interface slides) Go to:
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    Thread TouchFLO 2D HELP PLEASE

    Hi. I have searched for countless hours but I have not found an answer. I was wondering if anybody knew how to change the default web browser on the internet tab of TouchFLO 2D? I can't stand the opera browser and I want it to open up PIE instead. Thank You in Advance TORMA
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    Thread TouchFLO 2d for VGA Devices

    Portover try of the TouchFLO 2d QVGA build to VGA devices with a wholly redrawn image set and some usefull aditions. Credits All credits go to the TouchFlo2d developers, this is only a port of it so please express your gratitude to them. ------------------------- TouchFlo2D VGA [2008-10-06] -...
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    Thread [MOD]TouchFlo 2D On Athena...

    Actually this is a modifying thread for TF2D (TouchFlo 2D)! So maybe some experts can help and make this into VGA compatible then all the Athena users can use this. BTW i have this installed on my device and it works like a charm! But the problem is that it takes only 1/4 of the screen cause its...