1. Jawomo

    Thread [TIP] Free community translation service!

    Hi developers, in search of a new and free localization service i recently found Localazy. Its a localization plattform with community and machine translations and its free to use up to 1000 phrases with unlimited languages and contributers! I tested many other services and the are all really...
  2. Mik-el

    Thread [Solved][Help Request] Are you Russian? I just need 1 minute

    Hello there! I'm an italian boy who is developing many custom roms thanks to Xda (I'm working on a Takee1, a galaxy ace and a Mediacom tablet) I need to download several files from the (Mod Edit: link removed) but unfortunately I can't register an account :crying: I even tryed translating the...
  3. K

    Thread stringX SDK - self translating app without root

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, so I'm glad my first post will about something really cool! App translations is a pain in the ass, especially when the app targets all countries and languages. Everybody who develops an app knows that pain. stringX is a free solution for developers available to...
  4. RavenFoxHound

    Thread I can translate anything in French !

    Hello, if anyone is seeking someone to translate anything to french, i'm willing to help ! :) French is my primary langage. EDIT : I acknowledged the rules, sorry ! Feel free to send me a PM !
  5. N

    Thread Need Persian/Farsi Translation for Your App? Come Here

    Hello there, If you need Persian/Farsi translation for your app, I can do that for you. In return, you should give me a redeem code for the Pro/Premium/Full/Complete version of your app. Please contact me if you agree. Here are some apps that I translated: Calendar Notify Agenda Status Walloid...
  6. vickybonick

    Thread [TRANSLATE] Apps2SD: All in One Tool to manage your device and link apps to sdcard

    Hi all, I'll be glad If you can help me translating Apps2SD to your own language. About Apps2SD: Apps2SD has evolved from being an app which moves app data to sd card to an all in one app with many cool features. You can read more about Apps2SD on the official thread: Apps2SD[2.3+]...
  7. t-ryder

    Thread [TRANSLATION WANTED] Open source Android app "personalHTTPproxy"

    Hi there. Some days ago I started working on a fun project as assistance to Ingo Zenz, the german dev of "personalHTTPproxy" aka "AdStop for Android". The app is a tiny minimalistic tool that filters ads on any app using the HTTP protocol. I made a crowdin project for the open source app and...
  8. Maxximo88

    Thread ENGLISH support by Teclast and how to overcome it?

    Hi guys, I'm Max and I'm writing from Italy. I discover Teclast x98 Air 3G some times ago, I really want to thanks mirek190 and tecknight for their help to the international community. Yeah, the point is: INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. We came from many countries but we all speak English, instead of...
  9. J

    Thread Callistics - looking for somebody who could help us with last update translation

    Hi, We have ready actual version of Callistics and now have problem with translation expressions to some languages. Our application: Translation web application: We would be very happy...
  10. velis74

    Thread [Q] App translation service

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but it's insanely hard to query for translation service as platform on which people translate and translation as in service where they do the translation for you. I have an Android project, which isn't open source, but it doesn't exactly rake in cash either...
  11. G

    Thread Platform for community localization

    Hi, we have developed a new platform which supports community localization of android apps. Users can vote on machine made pre-translations or add their own translations right on the phone while using the app. Approved translation then are available for all the other users. You only need to...
  12. G

    Thread Platform for community translation

    Hi, I am developing a new platform for community translation. If you have an app you want to be translated during beta, please provide details here (Google Play url and email): Thanks,
  13. G

    Thread The ultimate app user engagement

    User engagement is a key goal for app marketing. The strongest engagement type is user contribution. One master of that is Waze offering different level of contribution opportunities: Everybody contributes with automatic traffic information running the Waze app. But then users can report...
  14. G

    Thread What Google Play is for apps, that’s Nativer for app localization

    You upload your app to Google Play and the rest is done by GP: visibility and distribution to users in all the countries you want, collection of user feedback, statistics. You only have to watch the figures and focus on development. With Nativer you build our SDK into your app, and everything...
  15. G

    Thread [SDK] [Library] Integration plugin for On-Device Resource Localization SDK

    The automated integration plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA for Nativer SDK (multilingual runtime extension) is available on Github: The SDK itself is a new app localization technology for...
  16. G

    Thread [SDK] [Library] More languages in your app without app redeployment

    It’s just 20 minutes of your time to let users learn and practice languages while translating and using your app. Android multilingual runtime extension: the Nativer SDK … is a new app localization technology for Java Android apps that implements dynamic string resource management. It separates...
  17. G

    Thread Enabling users use their languages within the app

    It’s just 15 minutes of your time to let users learn and practice languages while translating and using your app. The Android multilingual runtime extension with an automated integration plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA is here.
  18. G

    Thread [SDK] [Library] Too long strings after translation?

    Have problems with too long strings which looked perfect in original language? We have a free SDK supporting translation while using the app so translation happens on the phone totally in context. Result can be seen in the app at once. Your preferred translators or your best/beta users also can...
  19. Android-Andi

    Thread SlimLauncher Translation

    FROM NOW, PLEASE JOIN CROWDIN TO HELP TRANSLATEING SLIMKAT TO YOUR MOTHERS LANGUAGE Translations can not be submitted on gerrit anymore! Why crowdin? Easy to translate from default (english) language to a different language - you only have to translate, you don't need to know anything about...
  20. G

    Thread [SDK] [Library] Experiment with UX in many languages at once!

    You may want to modify only 1-2 words in your app just to make experiments how to improve User Experience while curiously watching how your figures change in Google Analytics. Unfortunately localization process is not shorter just because only 1-2 words changing although it can be important -...
  21. N

    Thread [Q] Changing the setting menu language

    Hi, Does anybody know how to change the setting menu language into English? After I installed Zooper pro, the setting are translated into my local language (seems like they were using Google translator) and it is unusable. How can I change the language into English? Thanks guys!
  22. G

    Thread [SDK] [Library] Going global without localization?

    It’s a well-known fact that the most important requirement of successful international distribution of an app is to be available on local languages. But it does not mean that you should localize your app at all! We developed a plugin for android apps that makes possible to translate the app...
  23. WaPeR32

    Thread Xiaomi Mi Band (now Mi Fit) moded app

    Hi! I made a little modification to show the entire app in english. Download link (Updated 28/01/15) Enjoy!
  24. A

    Thread Tutorial - How to translate Android apps

    Are you an Android developer and don't know how to explain people how to translate your app? Are you an Android translator, and you don't know how translations on Android apps work? If so, I've made a document just for you (and for me :) ). I've made a document that should help you. I made it...
  25. K

    Thread [Offer] ready to translate your application into Russian

    I'm an application developer Fuel Manager (Android). The application is designed for the analysis of fuel consumption and spending on auto filling. My application - the most popular in my language on this topic. Many foreign people are asked to add a translation, but they can not help me...
  26. G

    Thread [SDK] Free translation tool supporting combined machine and crowd translation

    Hello developers, there is a new way of localizing your android app and it's free. Just build Nativer SDK into your app and it is ready to be translated by any android user - with the help of Nativer app on their phone. Translators’ work is supported by pre translated strings via Bing. Nativer...
  27. J

    Thread [GUIDE] Genymotion | Installing ARM Translation and GApps[Updated Nov.16]

    UPDATE May 28th, 2017: This guide is no longer supported and probably doesn't work. Please don't use it or ask for support anymore. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Genymotion is a Virtual Android Environment built on...
  28. T

    Thread Translations in different languages

    Hey, I like how this project is going and admire the incredible talent behind the project. Good Job guys! I've noticed that all of the extra features included in the rom haven't been translated in many different languages. Is there some way I (or others) could help in adding translations? I'm...
  29. wolsrm

    Thread [Q] Comment translation please

    I have a comment written in Russian, but I don't know Russian:confused: Could anyone please help me translate it to English, thank you very much! :D
  30. FrankieDedo

    Thread [GUIDE + ROM] Rom Translation Tutorial + Minimoto 1.7 & MavROM 4.5 Italian Version

  31. ballzak

    Thread Translation tool, open-source

    Hi everyone, I've created a translation tool. It's written in Java for Servlet Spec 3.0, and uses OpenID for authentication. Currently i've only implemented a PostgreSQL back-end but it can easily support MySQL or even AppEngine. If anyone is interested, i'll open-source it so you can host it...
  32. Mik-el

    Thread [Req. for Italians]Cook in languages different to ENG...

    ---ENGLISH I ask all you XDA cookers that cook in languages different to English... I want to create a ROM for my Windows Mobile device. I found the 21057 and 21056 Build (WinMo 6.1). But it has only english language (0409) how can I cook in other language? ---Where can I download Italian...
  33. slackydroid

    Thread Translation volunteers

    Aim Localization is an important part of today's apps. I felt it while developing my app. A lot of users requested the app to be translated into their language and I was well surprised to see so many willing to help me with the translation. I would never have done it without them. Therefore I...
  34. G

    Thread [MOD] Spanish translation for Hyperion 7.x [20.12.2012][UPDATED]

    Hello everybody. I konw that Hyperion development is stoped but I wanted to share my work with the Hispanic community. Hola a todo el mundo. Sé que el desarrollo de Hyperion está parado, pero me gustaría compartir con toda la comunidad hispanohablante mi trabajo. WHAT IS THIS MOD? - ¿EN QUÉ...
  35. Tsais

    Thread [Q] reading text onscreen, while doing translation with voice recognition possible?

    I translate texts, and would like to be able to do that in more places than just while sitting with a laptop somewhere. Even on the Note II, the screen isn't quite big enough to display the original text, the translated text and a keyboard on top of it. So, I'm thinking of a way to read the...
  36. BurgerZ

    Thread [TOOL][CROSSPLATFORM] jBART - BurgerZ Android ROM Tools

    Current version: 0.4.5 Crossplatform (java) - recommended to use Current version: 1.7.3 Windows - not supported Current version: 2.0.0 Linux x86_64 - not supported jBART is a project to automate translation process of Android based ROMs (GingerBread, ICS, MIUI GingerBread, MIUI ICS, and...
  37. MSiccDev

    Thread Translation volunteers needed (App for kids)

    Hi everybody, I created a little app that should help kids to learn how they can tie their shoes. I want to localize the app as far as possible. Please find attached the App Localizator with the document. In addition, I need some more translations, which I added in an Excel file. I am looking...
  38. J

    Thread [Q] Can some Dev translate MIUI ROM 2.3.7 Chinese ROM

    I found this MIUI ROM for the Aria while looking for a GB MIUI build. I installed it and it's surprisingly smooth (despite of my Aria has a cracked screen). It's in Chinese so I went to language and keyboard settings using my Evo 4g with MIUI as a guide. I set the language to English. The...
  39. C

    Thread Localization translation - how do you get it done?

    I'm currently working on the next update for the 1800PocketPC app, which will introduce articles being automatically translated into whatever language you choose. Because of this, I thought it was about time I made the app itself available in a number of languages. What I need help with is...
  40. H

    Thread [MIUI]APK Translations for MIUI GB - Please Help![02/20/12]

    - APK Translations for MIUI GB - >>> PLEASE HELP!!! <<< I'm regulary compiling a multilanguage miui ROM. I use the APK Translation Wizard for this step. It uses dictionary files (on csv / comma seperated values basis). The translation can only be as good as the dictionary files. Therefore...
  41. A

    Thread need help to translate MIUI V4 (ICS)

    Hi, i tried to translate a MIUI for Galaxy Nexus rom into french (can also be an other language) i wrote an unix script to automate the process. What i do is quite simple: i get a specific MIUI V4 version for my device and the same translated version for the nexus S (because the nexus S has a...
  42. B

    Thread Looking for peeps to help internationalize my 2nd app

    [edit] Please visit to help out! thanks!
  43. alon2

    Thread [Q] framewrok-res.apk translation

    it I want to translate framework-res.apk to a language that doesn't exist in its res folder,can I do the same procedure as to any other apk(i.e decompile,add the new language folder to the res folder,compile and push tho framework folder) or because its in the framework folder I need to do...
  44. B

    Thread Looking for peeps to help internationalize my app

    Hey guys, A friend of mind told me that he had good luck posting about his need to get string translations for his app on XDA, so here I am. I'm the developer of Social Camera, the app that was first to let you upload your own videos to Youtube. In version 2.0 I am adding a slew of new...
  45. G

    Thread [Q] I have e problem with translating MIUI.

    Hi Guys, ive started to translate MIUI to my own language norwegian, i am using apktool to decode and compile the apk's creating a new dic called values-no and place my own strings in there. everything seems fine, i use root explorer to place my apk's in the system/app/ dic reboots my phone...
  46. CedricAnne97

    Thread Change MIUI themes' language from Chinese to English

    I'm not really an expert in this kind of stuff, but because someone asked me to do anotherone, I thought I'd just do a simple tutorial. I know that it's not that well explained, but I was searching for this a long time ago and didn't really find anything, this is just from experience, so don't...
  47. eagleeyetom

    Thread Let's improve translations in GingerDX!

    Hello. My idea right now is to improve translations of GingerDX's CMParts, which contains names for several unique functions, written by doixanh. Many people complained about idea of translation, and wanted to go back to english text. But my main idea is to update our translations! We could do...
  48. O

    Thread [Q] Market: automatic translation of description (or name)

    Hi I have tablet with android 3.1. When I have the table all in english everything is fine. But when I switch it into my language (czech), some of the description or names of the app in market got translated into my language (and the translation is very very bad) I would like to switch this...
  49. D

    Thread Offering free Tamil Translation for Android Apps

    Early days no Tamil support found in Android mobiles but now Samsung, LG and SE phones started to support Tamil Language (with 80 Million speakers world wide). I'd like to do free translation for any android app. Reply here or PM me. I will dedicate the coming week end to translate couple of...
  50. C

    Thread [Locale] MIUI project

    Good day everyone. Gotta put in my 2 cents. I've created localization project for MIUI ROM, look at Started with 2 languages: English and Russian. Project is open - take a look and join :)