1. frixy

    Thread [CLOSED] [FREE] [GAME] Random Instagram Relax Travel

    Relax game. Time to travel! It's your key to fly in time. Teleport in over around the world. You can see more... Download Random Instagram Relax Travel:
  2. D

    Thread [APP]Photo Map for Google Photos (via Google Drive)

    High Performance Photo Map for your Google Photos I use Google Drive sync because Google Photos doesn't provide the location data in their API. Play Store: Homepage:
  3. S

    Thread Traveling Tips for Malaysia - for a newbie European traveler

    Hay lads and gals, I am planning a small trip to malaysia in the first quarter of 2018. What i am looking for is advice on apps that help with communicating( traveling between cities and other destinations by bus or train), Like for instance a train and bus lines in Cities like Kuala Lumpur...
  4. D

    Thread [APP][FREE] Cheap Flights of Ryanair (Map)

  5. stefanux

    Thread [APP] Tourist Chat The new Chat App for al travellers

    Are you alone during your trip? Travelling for pleasure or for work? Start chatting right now with tons of other tourist! Find buddy who shares the same interest like you in trip and start chatting right here, right now! Falling in love with the best taste in the world? Travelling to find new...
  6. stefanux

    Thread [APP] Tourist Chat The new Chat App for al travellers

    Are you alone during your trip? Travelling for pleasure or for work? Start chatting right now with tons of other tourist! Find buddy who shares the same interest like you in trip and start chatting right here, right now! Falling in love with the best taste in the world? Travelling to find new...
  7. stefanux

    Thread [APP] Rollout New Tourist Platform: Travel Guide Finder

    Hi everybody, I'm happy to annunce the rollout of the first app which enables tourist to chat together and engage professional guides! Here is the Google Play Link: Amazon Link...
  8. S

    Thread VZW International Plan: Leaving Data Off While Away?

    I'm taking a short trip to Europe (Paris, London) using VZW meager international data plan (not going to contact everyone with new SIM phone # for a short trip). I want to make sure that I'm not incurring data charges while in Europe. So, in Settings > More > Cellular Networks > Data roaming...
  9. T

    Thread Smartwatch Recommedation

    Greetings, I frequently travel to Southeast Asia (SEA). I have future plans to buy the LG V10 (Model H960A; currently have Samsung Galaxy Note Edge [SM-N915T]). I currently have a Samsung Gear S2 (LTE) smartwatch, but realize that the features of this watch will be limited outside of the...
  10. C

    Thread [APP][DEV][>4.0.2] Ubik -Find the best restaurants/bars/coffee/entertainment location

    [APP][DEV][>4.0.2] Ubik -Find the best restaurants/bars/coffee/entertainment location Ubik - Find the best places around you (in English and Spanish) Are you looking for a nearby place to eat, drink or just relax? where to go with your friends or family being sure that is a good place at the...
  11. ChineseSkill

    Thread [APP][4.0+]PinYin Chart: a completely FREE and Must Have Tool for learning Chinese!

    Hi everyone! We are very excited to announce that PinYin Chart - a Must Have tool for Chinese Learning for Android is available now! Pinyin Chart will greatly improve your Chinese pronunciation. Pinyin Chart shows you the whole pinyin table and teaches you how to pronounce pinyin one by one...
  12. J

    Thread [APP][2.3+][FREE]Russian-English Phrasebook

    The Russian-English phrasebook - is the one of the best phrasebooks for Android is designed for users who have a basic knowledge of English, and for those who does not speak English, for use in any travel and to learn English via more than thousand nine hundred phrases and thematic words...
  13. dude8370

    Thread [Q] Add APN After 4.4.3 Update

    Hi everyone. M8 Verizon. I'm on stock rooted on 4.4.3 S-Off. I noticed with this update they removed the ability to add APNs in addition to the Verizon one :confused:. I travel to the middle east and usually swap SIM cards, selecting the corresponding APN, and it worked fine while on 4.4.2. On...
  14. B

    Thread [APP][3.0+][V4.0.0] LocationDetector(GPS)

    Important: the application can work without Internet connection! LocationDetector is full suite for travelers, fishermen and mushroom pickers! It is direct GPS Navigator to saved places. Use navigation arrow to find the saved location you have forgot. Use compass to get directions of North...
  15. B

    Thread [APP][2.3+][V3.7.2] LocationDetector

    Important: the application can work without Internet connection! LocationDetector is full suite for travelers, fishermen and mushroom pickers! It is direct GPS Navigator to saved places. Use navigation arrow to find the saved location you have forgot. Use compass to get directions of North...
  16. N

    Thread [Q] Recommended ROM for Europe?

    Heading to Europe in near future, and thinking to purchase a SIM for use in my SGH-i727. Haven't used this phone in a while, though I do recall I'd rooted and applied a custom ROM (dang I can't remember which flavor; iirc it's a stock but rooted 4.1.2). Wondering if it's worth considering a...
  17. B

    Thread [APPS][2.1+] Android Singapore on Android now! The unofficial android app to - Best Transport Website in Singapore. AND its FREE! *** Top 20 new free android apps in Singapore in 2013 *** Every Singaporean's favourite routing, navigation, transport and traffic information app in Singapore on iPhone is...
  18. C

    Thread [APP] [2.3+] GO THERE NOW - Create Homescreen Navigation Shortcuts and Start Navigati

    Hey guys, just wanted to share an simple app that I made recently. Called GO THERE NOW, it's an app that starts Google Maps in Navigation Mode immediately. I was getting annoyed with the amount of steps it takes to start Navigation Mode in Google Maps, so I developed GO THERE NOW. Unlike the...
  19. R

    Thread [Q] How hot is too hot?

    I live in Norway, and I rarely let my phone get warmer than ~35 degrees, and since I rarely watch clips longer than 5 min on it, and rarely record videos longer than a min or two, this isn't a problem (Norway's cold weather also helps I suspect). This summer, however, I will be in Southeast...
  20. flyers2114

    Thread Awesome charger! RAVPower 14000 mAH Deluxe Power Bank

    Every year, I get more electronics and every year I need more power! Portable power is my biggest need. Ravpower has many great products I use. But the RAVPower 14000 mAh PB-13 is definitely fitting those needs best for me. This thing is a beast. If you are a busy person with a lot of gadgets...
  21. Crescendo Xenomorph

    Thread [REQ] S Travel Widget

    Is anyone here have S Travel Widget apk? Coz mine from Indonesia (SM-N900 exynos) and dont have that apk since first I unbox the phone till last update. Or is it region dependent? My Note8.0 have that apk by default. And if yes, could you please upload that (apk + odex) from latest firmware...
  22. I

    Thread [GAME][2.2+] Guess the Country

    Guess the Country Google Play An exciting game with countries! You are bored and you don't know how to diversify your leisure time? Then combine business with pleasure! Our game will not only help you pass the time pleasantly, but will entertain you by guessing your favorite countries...
  23. M

    Thread [Q] International travel questions

    Hey guys, I tried searching on the topic but I'm hoping for more information specific to this phone. I'm traveling to Germany in September. This will be my first time out of the country. I just called Sprint and requested for the phone to be unlocked for international travel. Since I've had...
  24. J

    Thread [Q] Buying a US smartphone that will work in Romania?

    I am considering the switch from VZW to TMo and i was wondering if any of our international travelers/friends had any information regarding this. I was hoping to buy a Nexus 4 to use in the US on Tmo, but also usable on Romania( for a 2 week visit ) by sim+ prepaid card. 1. is this possible...
  25. icechen1

    Thread [APP][2.1+]TakeABreak: Public toilet & drinking fountain finder

    Hey xda community! TakeABreak is a project I've been working on recently. It has often occurred to me to look for toilets and water fountains when I am outside, but unfortunately they are not marked on Google Maps, so I developed my own solution. This app lets you quickly find nearby public...
  26. A

    Thread [Q] Travelling to India, will my US S3 work?

    I have the T-mobile branded (T-999) Galaxy S3. It is rooted and I am running a custom rom (Frosty Jellybean). I got the unlock code from T-mobile because I told them I will be travelling abroad (to India). So my question is: Can I just get a prepaid sim card from a mobile carrier in India and...
  27. J

    Thread [Q] Which Modem/RIL/ROM combination is most stable for travelling?

    I will be traveling soon. I have the JellyBean leak by izap on my phone right now... The battery life is somewhat ok, but I have network issues with it sometimes. People can't get to me even when my phone shows full signal strength. Therefore, I would like to know if there is a Modem/Ril/Rom...
  28. A

    Thread 3G while oversea?

    I am planning to visit Hong Kong in Jan 2013 From my research, Hong Kong uses UMTS 2100 for their 3G (Band 1?) Can TMo's GS3 get 3G speed in Hong Kong using UMTS 2100? Thanks!
  29. N

    Thread Visiting Montreal for a weekend with an unlocked T Mobile S3. Compatible plans?

    Hi, all. I'll be visiting Montreal in a few weekends and I wanted to know what the options to get data for my S3. I'd prefer some kind of prepaid 2GB plan or 200 MB plan if this is available. Anyone know if i can get that and on which provider?
  30. P

    Thread [APP][1.6+] Demo PhraseBox PRO 1.3

    Multilingual phrasebook PhraseBox PRO for Android. PhraseBox PRO is a professionally made and quality dubbed multilingual phrasebook. It contains carefully selected phrases which can make your journey or your business trip the most comfortable, useful and interesting. PhraseBox PRO is...
  31. U

    Thread [APP] iSeeYou

    You wanna travel but don't have enough money or free time? No problem! iSeeYou will help you. This application is for viewing images from a web cam which located around the world. More options will be added in future. This is my first android app, please don't be angry :) And sorry for my...
  32. N

    Thread T-Mobile GS3 and International Usage

    Hello all! I have a T-Mobile GS3 and was wondering how I might be able to find out which (if any) carriers in Portugal would work with the 3G/4G bands that my GS3 uses. Having google maps available to me while i'm traveling around would be a huge help. Does anyone know?
  33. H

    Thread [Q] Is there anyway to rent an Android phone for data usage in Europe?

    I'll be taking a trip to Western Europe shortly and am looking for options to continue to use data in a few countries. Not concerned with phone calls. My phone is CDMA so that is out. Also have access to a T-Mobile Galaxy S II, but it is not unlocked. Also I don't think the T-mobile version...
  34. B

    Thread [Q] Rogers/Fido GNex Travel From Canada to US

    I am traveling to Florida for vacation for a week with my GNex. I have managed to SIM Unlock the phone so I should be able to use another carrier. I think for 7 days around $20 - $30 is more then reasonable price range. I would like to be able to use data while I am down there for various tasks...
  35. sweetrobot

    Thread [Q] Traveling to Japan for week - help & suggestions

    i will be spending a week in japan (narita/ tokyo) next month and would like to stay connected (voice, texting, data) while there. however, i'd like to do this in the most cost-effective (ie cheap as possible) way. i am currently with an AT&T plan. my SGH-i777 is rooted, running CM7, and is...
  36. Z

    Thread [APP][2.1+] 7leagues

    Hi! I have just released my application: 7leagues to Android App Strore and would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions. Android app store url: 7leagues is about virtual objects traveling in the real world. These objects are...
  37. apollo15rover

    Thread EXPENSIFY For Business Travelers

    Hey I just got some awesome news - Expensify is finally coming to the Windows Phone. I don't know why now - could be they were waiting on WP7.5. I had used this program on Android and found it to be the cleanest, easiest and best organized program for uploading travel expenses and receipts...
  38. B

    Thread Atlas Quest feedback thread

    I am looking for feedback on my app, Atlas Quest. It is currently in Beta and in three cities (St. Pete FL, Tampa FL, and San Diego, CA).(US ONLY for now) I would provide a link, but as I am a brand new user, alas, I cannot. I am currently in the process of making a tutorial for new users, so...
  39. G

    Thread [APP][1.6+] Worldscope Webcams v3.33

    Peek into more than 16,000 updated images of places, streets, landscapes, and more from webcams in places you may only dream of visiting. Choose a place you'd like to visit. Plan a trip there by finding nearby hotels, checking the weather, and searching all major travel sites. Or merely dream...
  40. MrWall

    Thread Q:traveling outside the US with a Droid X

    I plan on going up to Canada and to the Philippines soon. What I'm wondering about is the possibility of not using the phone side of my Droid X by flipping it to flight mode and simply use WiFi and GPS while I'm traveling. Are there any foreseeable issues? Or will this simple plan work for...
  41. Major_Sarcasm

    Thread [Q] Travelling to the USA for a week. Best SIM deal with data access for Google Maps?

    Hi Guys At the end of September, I'll be travelling from the UK to the USA (New York City) for a week's holiday. My question is: what's the best pre-paid SIM to grab locally for a few quick phone calls and some inexpensive data access for google maps navigation, etc round the city? Or would I...
  42. sisterchick

    Thread [DIY] Nook Color "Stand in a Can" - Curiously Strong!

    Here's a Nook Color stand that is perfect for Altoid lovers who need to travel! I wanted a stand for my NC for watching movies on a plane and for use on the road - but didn't want to spend money on it. So, here's my DIY "Stand in a Can". Materials are an empty Altoid can, 1/4" piece of wood...
  43. wrapper

    Thread [REQ] CouchSurfing App

    Some of you may be familiar with the community website 'CouchSurfing' There is no doubt a demand for an Android app to facilitate for users of the website. My research indicates that there are others who are keen to do this, however the Couchsurfing website doesn't...
  44. L

    Thread InterRupt - App dev freedom :-)

    I'm not here to only promote my app. I'd prefer to open a much broader discourse re the freedom app development can bring, about the Android platform and development framework and other such things. I'm new to the XDA forums... you'll understand why if you keep reading. I crafted my first...
  45. G

    Thread UK AC Charger i9000

    Hi does anyone know where I can buy a genuine original AC charger for an i9000? Mine broke (loose connection on the microusb). The model is ETA0U10UBE Samsung Travel Adapter I've not found a seller yet of these types - maybe some of you know where I can source one? Many thanks
  46. zyexx

    Thread [Q] Travel app for 1.6

    Whats the best travel app for the current software version of the X10? I Heard worldmate was one of the best but only seems to support 2.x at this time.
  47. A

    Thread Will my Touch Pro 2 survive overseas??

    I'm traveling from the US to London and then to Scotland in about a week. I bought my Touch Pro 2 with this trip in mind because it's a world phone and can operate on both CDMA and GSM frequencies. What concerns me now is the voltage difference between the US and UK/Scotland (Here in the US we...
  48. N

    Thread T-Mobile N1 Going to Europe...options?

    Hi guys, I'll be going to the UK in August, and spain/france/netherlands/czech republic for a little bit too. T-Mobile offers a discounted international plan, but that's AFAIK only for voice minutes. What I really need is text and data plan, but I don't know if T-Mobile can do that at a...
  49. brandi

    Thread [App][0.72][17.09.10][W|Q|VGA] mobileConnections - "Deutsche Bahn" Application

    [App][0.72][17.09.10][W|Q|VGA] mobileConnections - "Deutsche Bahn" Application Hey there, I have been on XDA-Devs quite a while now, and allways loved all the goods stuff on here! So i thought it was time to give a little bit back, and I started to develope an application to look up Train...
  50. Piercer

    Thread Hi. I mooved to Borneo. U r welcome here! See u

    Hi all. Thanx to a chance I've relocated to Borneo (Malaysia), dealing with tourism, diving etc. SO if anyone is interested in spending his holidays here in Paradise - u r mostly welcomed. Can help with accomodations (cheap from 20$ and very LUX from 250$ on Borneo Islands Resorts), tours...