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    Thread [ROM] [5.1.1] [I9500] Cri5 Barebone V3 [Ale95N5P | VoLTaqe Kernel | ViPERAtmos]

    Cri5 Barebone (Ale95 N5P) "Less is More!" Based on Albe95 Note5 Port by alemtro95 Powered by VoLTaqe Kernel by VoLTaqe Ale95 N5P Features: - Base on Note5 N920CXXU1AOH2/I9500XXUHOL1 (European Base) - Rooted / Deodexed / Zipaligned / Busybox / Deknoxed - Multiple Languages Ale95 N5P...
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    Thread [KERNEL] [3.4.5] [F2FS] GearMod V11.2 [SaberMod 5.2] [OPTIMIZED]

    Trebor Kernel[/FONT] - I9500 That's My First Compilation For The I9500 :o And I Am Open To Suggestions And Tips. :D I Hope You Enjoy! :fingers-crossed: The Kernel Is Compiled With The Source Of GearCM And Using My Own Changes. Features: Better Performance Less RAM Consumption Better Battery...
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    Thread @treborbr and @anilkashyap.tech Bootlogos For Condor

    The idea of this project is to bring Bootlogos of all ROM for Condor I hope you all enjoy! :fingers-crossed: My Flasheables Bootlogos: SOKP: http://d-h.st/aUtk Tesla ROM: http://d-h.st/Uykx MinimalOS: http://d-h.st/eYrk Ressurection Remix: http://d-h.st/1DMu Ressurection Remix V2...