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  1. Avoxon0103

    Thread p20 is unlocked and cant be trusted, how to make it trusted again

    Hey community, before starting im a completly noob in things like this and i have no clue about that at all. But somehow 3 years ago i wanted to root my p20 lite and since then i always have the booting screen not trusted etc etc. So my question can i get back to the normal state just like i...
  2. J

    Thread Smart Lock not working?

    Hi, Mi 9T Pro, Global model, MIUI Global 10.3.4 - smart lock not working. So I added my smart watch and after adding I received the notification "unlock less with your smart watch" - and once I click on it I get to "Add Trusted Device", I add my watch and all seems good, except: - the watch...
  3. P

    Thread [Q] Problems with installing AmericanDroid & Mskip AL

    So I tried to install Mskip AL v6 and AmericanDroid for a dual boot system. The installation seemed to go fine (my radio was fine, and was going from the stock tmob ROM), I launched the HATRED and CLRAD within WM, I selected the options I wanted for the loader, it performed the restart and the...
  4. E

    Thread [DEV] "Not trusted server certificate" driving me nuts!

    Please help me with the following problem: I'm trying to http POST to https://www.hi.nl/amserver/UI/Login, but whatever I do I keep getting an "Not trusted server certificate" error. This is the code I'm using: HttpParams parameters = new BasicHttpParams(); SchemeRegistry schemeRegistry...
  5. V

    Thread [Q] safety of using community builds of roms

    im relatively new to using community based roms please no bashing serious answers only my question is if it is safe to use the builds of android on your phone as your primary OS as in can these community builds of android be trusted not to be stealing information would you use it for banking...