1. FriedTM

    Thread Ts-10 ahd 720 30fps no color in signal

    I just got my TS-10 Android head unit up and running but my reversing camera remains black and white. I can't figure out why this is and there doesn't seem to be any setting I can find that will fix it.
  2. MikeSmith1970

    Thread TS10 Android Sound during phone call.

    Hello, I hope someone can help me. During a phone call the sound of the radio is going down a bit but not going out. So I hear music during phone call. I search the forum but couldn’t nog find solution. Anyone had a idea?
  3. 55volkan55


    SELAM, My device won't turn on. It stays on the logo as in the attached video. I have no idea what to do. When I press the reset button it stays on the same screen. The seller does not answer. How can I make it work? Please help...
  4. mariodantas

    Thread [App request] - Witmotion sensors to Android

    Hi fellows I need your help I bought some WITMOTION sensors (USB and BLE) wich includes accelerometer, gyro and other cool things) They have sample code APK to pair / read data from their hardware, that's ok but.... ... what I really need is to broadcast that data (if possible) to android...
  5. mariodantas

    Thread [OBSOLETE - HELP] TS10 uis7862 enter fastboot / bootloader

    Hi fellows I transform my Ownice K7 in a super brick because I did bad commands in partitions ! Does anyone know how in the earth can I boot this machine in bootloader ?, I'm sure that if I can gain fastboot access I can restablish the partitions (yes I made a backup before bad commands) I...
  6. mariodantas

    Thread [TOOL] - Topway TS10 firmware workbench

    Hi fellows I'm a kind of newbie in the Android world, but I created a set of shell scripts to work with Topway TS10 Firmware: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TS10-Firmware-Workbench Scripts intended to mount the...
  7. mariodantas

    Thread OWNICE K7 (C970) (TS10) uis7862

    Hi fellows, maybe I'm in the wrong section of the forum to post a question: I have a OWNICE K7 TS10 HeadUnit and I see that the unit is taking too much time to get GPS signals, I tried with another unit (and the same antenna) and it works very well, but not with the OWNIKE K7 Does anyone have...