1. sathishtony

    Thread Gamer Box *ROOT* - The App to Play the Games with Custom Configurations

    GamerBox Root - App for Changing Game Configurations Download Link : or Search "Gamer Box -Customize Your Game" in playstore or Download APK From here : V1.2.5 Fixed in-App Lag...
  2. Ashrockr

    Thread [THEME][G3TWB][26.10.2014]G3 Shadowed

    ScreenShots Installation Install theme. Open G3 TweakBox. Go To Theme Tweaks -> Themes Select G3 Shadowed Theme for SYSTEM UI and PHONE APP.. Reboot your phone. Thanks :good: P_Toti for great support and also for G3TWB.
  3. Narciso Neto

    Thread [XPOSED][NO Flash][ROOT] Transparent Status BAR

    To get transparent Status Bar, you willl need: -XPOSED Installer: -TweakBox: INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Install Xposed Installer, and tap Install/Update to get the Xposed Framework...
  4. A

    Thread [GUIDE] [MOD][ICS][XPOSED] Tweakbox(Volume Button Skip) w/ Working INSTAGRAM!!

    As some of you may know....... Many people are frustrated that you can't have the volume button Skip hack and have ability to use the Instagram App.......:crying: Well, I've found a quick work around without having to DL an add-on or additional script to get it to work.... If you don't have...