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  1. mwilky

    Thread Development [MOD] RENOVATE ICE 2.0 - raven & oriole

    First off hi to everyone on the Pixel forums. I have been around quite some time. Firstly HTC, then Samsung, OnePlus and now Google :). Hopefully my work will be as popular and appreciated here as it was on previous devices. RENOVATE ICE is a magisk module consisting of modified system...
  2. KnaveBraveheart

    Thread Youtube++ on Iphone 11 pro max

    Hello people, I am in need, i want to install the Youtube++ on my Iphone. I want to know if this is legit, and does not contain any viruses or fry my phone at all. I found a method to install it, it is called the Cydia Impactor, i want to know if this method is OK too, my iphone is running on...
  3. D

    Thread Music tweaks,mods setup

    Hello everyone, im looking for the best mods,tweaks etc to improve sound quality for music listening. Hope there will be some good contributions. ONE LOVE!
  4. D

    Thread Oneplus 7T pro best rom,kernel and mods for optimal sound. Best setup for great music quality

    Hey! im wondering if there are any good mods/setups etc for the oneplus 7t pro.. Please help :)
  5. B

    Thread Tweaks for the A30 using floating_feature.xml

    Hello there! I have compiled a floating_feature.xml file that helps you get flagship level features, the additional features are listed below: Flagship One UI launcher animations High Performance Mode Edge Lighting from flagship phones Side Key Function AOD Clock Animation when turning screen...
  6. S

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk Module] A72 Hidden Mods

    A magisk module adding the mods from ShaDisNX255's Thread plus many extra mods systemlessly! Features we normally deserve to get Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A72 (SM-A725F). Trying on other devices is at your own risk. In case something doesn't work, remove the module. It will...
  7. infinitylooper

    Thread [CLOSED][MODULE]MaX_PerFormance-Advanced Kernel Tweaks

    MaX_Performance Features: Advanced Dalvik Tweaks Adreno Profiler Powerhint QuichCharge 3.0 Touch Tweaks Wakelock Tweaks Analytics Remover Signal Tweaks FPS Unlocker Adreno GPU Tweaks And more.......i think Sorry,for my previous modules but,I think this will be good optimizer...
  8. el0xren

    Thread Additional Features for Samsung Devices

    Here you can find how to enable additional features to Floating Feature, Build.prop, Csc Feature! I am not responsible if this bricks your phone or causes thermonuclear war and ends the world as we know it. You have been warned. Hit "Thanks" button instead of replying it to thread, it will...
  9. dlwlrma123

    Thread [magisk][kernel] lazy

    LAZY TWEAKS Another Optimzer. Transparent, No BS, carefully picked from Redhat,Github,Suse,Linux documentations and Android researches, Adjusted and tested to Android HAS 4 MODES GAMING-MULTITASKING-LAZY-POWERSAVER FEATURES ALL IN ONE KERNEL OPTIMIZATIONS what it modifies? proc/sys/kernel...
  10. dlwlrma123

    Thread [stable] [fix] vendor /build prop for redmi 7a gsi/treble/miui

    Stable Build Prop with init.rc tweaks for redmi 7a treble/gsi/miui created for a better gsi experience. features: -adjusted dalvik vm values to 2gb heap config (for force close app lags etc.) -updated graphics properties -used aosp flinger -opengles set to 3.2 -disable some dumps and logs...
  11. TrInI_?

    Thread [MODULE]✰Tool✰ℕ𝕦𝕜𝕖𝕕_𝐒𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭™~ Ⓑattery║Ⓟerformance║Ⓟrivacy

    [MODULE]✰Tool✰ℕ𝕦𝕜𝕖𝕕_𝐒𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭™~ Ⓑattery║Ⓟerformance║Ⓟrivacy ☢️ᑎᑌҜᗴᗪ☢️ ✦The M❂DULE that will change your phone|tablet!!✦ This module includes some scripts that...
  12. D

    Thread Changing the Long Press Duration of Hardware Keys

    Hi guys, I just flashed android 10 on my oneplus 3 via Havoc v3.4. I was wondering, whether somebody were able to help me with a kind of special problem. So I'm using my home button to put the phone to sleep by long pressing it. This can be set in the phone settings. so far so good. But now on...
  13. kevp75

    Thread [MOD] Kevs Tweaks v.2.8.1 AOSP & MIUI 11 ONLY - [UPDATED: 06-02-2020]

    DEVELOPMENT HAS STOPPED. I NO LONGER HAVE THIS DEVICE KevP75's set of tweaks and services to keep your device running buttery smooth and keep that battery pumpin. What's it work on. Should work fine on both AOSP and MIUI 11 based Roms. Issues Other than the above, I have found 0 issues...
  14. Mkami

    Thread Is there more ROMs?

    I recently purchased an tab S4 just an update from my previous Samsung tablet. I was wondering is there more ROMs for this tablet or ROMs currently in development? I noticed theres like 2 ROMs for this tablet. I have a note 8 and I'm currently running deluxerom on and it, and I really enjoy the...
  15. Laptapper

    Thread Build.prop tuning

    I'm on havoc 3.2.but these tweaks I've used already in derpfest, crdroid.... This is my actually build.prop with this excellent battery consumption : https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=81947965&postcount=102 End of origin build.prop of havoc ro.havoc.version=3.2 Added...
  16. A

    Thread Nokia 6.1 (2018) - battery, RAM & performance tweaks (root & non-root)

    ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● BEFORE WE START... ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● De-bloat your ROM using this method This will free +700mb of storage and there will be more RAM available for other apps to use, also I've noticed this helps a bit with the memory management ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● DEVELOPER SETTINGS...
  17. T

    Thread S10 Customization Guide v2 [No Root]

    This guide was designed for S10 series, but the majority of the Guide of course is applicable to all android Pie devices as if based on apks and adb debugging, you shall test at your own desire. For adb debugging to be enabled, go to: About Phone > built number > tap until you unlock "developers...
  18. ncandroid84

    Thread [Módule]build.prop-tweaks

    This module of magisk, brings system optimizations, to improve its performance and fluidity, through tweaks of the build.prop. It works on any cell phone, regardless of the android version. Only requirement to have magisk v17 + This is an initial version, with time I will update.
  19. Maxissc

    Thread [Tweaks][su.d][build.prop] Thermal Throttling solution and more

    Hi Snapdragon S7 users! As we know we have a locked bootloader, and rooting includes heavy thermal throttling and strange frequency managment done by the system automatically (try to change max/min freq and you will se how it resists). Also to suffer a slower system (apps take longer to...
  20. K

    Thread [WIP][AROMA] Stock Light ROM/Patch v6 | Debloated | XZ2 & PIXEL2 Port

    ** Your warranty is now void. ** ** We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, ** thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please ** do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this MOD ** before flashing it! You are choosing...
  21. K

    Thread [WIP][AROMA] Stock Light ROM/Patch v5.3 | Debloated | XZ2 & PIXEL2 Port

    ** Your warranty is now void. ** ** We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, ** thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please ** do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this MOD ** before flashing it! You are choosing...
  22. S

    Thread Speedup, Performance tuning [No Root]

    After few months my Honor 5x was very laggy, After did few tweaks, i found great improvement on performance. Here i shared few tricks. Please note i am on stock ROM without rooting. 1. [Important] Download & install "Google Go" app from playstore. (light version of "Google" app)...
  23. JonnyW710

    Thread LG Stylo 3 Plus build.prop tweaks

    I found a post on here with a bunch of build.prop tweaks and I'm just wondering if anyone has tried any tweaks and if so which ones you all have gotten to work. Thank you
  24. Eddicts

    Thread [Q] Kernel Tweaks & Battery Issue

    Hello again! :fingers-crossed: I hope there is someone might help me with this issue.I did a 'search' about this rom in this section but no luck since i have downloaded the rom from needrom and there were no active forum or any details from the developer.I really need help for this rom called...
  25. ZeroInfinity

    Thread [APP][7.0+][1st October 2019] Helix Engine 5.0.1b FINAL

    LATEST ANNOUNCEMENT HERE About: Requirements: Features: Download: Credits: Donations are completely optional and are always greatly appreciated: https://www.paypal.me/ZeroInfinityXDA
  26. P

    Thread Tweaks with init.d

    Hi, I am curious on what tweaks you guys have using init.d. post what scripts you got in the /system/etc/init.d here :cool: Is so easy come on! Just look in there and tell me what you guys got lol
  27. K

    Thread [MODULE] LKT - Insane Battery Life | Fast | Buttery Smooth ?

    High performance & power-saving tweaks for all devices (THAT ACTUALLY WORK) Introduction LKT aims to achieve a fair balance between power consumption and performance. Instead of tuning the parameters manually, LKT adopts Project WIPE open-source interactive parameters for the mainstream SOCs...
  28. persona78

    Thread [CLOSED] BETA - [ MOD DS EMUI4.0.3 Special by Persona78 ] - Update 06-05-2019

    BETA - MOD DS EMUI4.0.3 Special-Version Hi! Before we going to MOD, READ THIS!!! # Your warranty will be void!!! # Battery must be above 50% before flash it! # I m not responsible for any bricked devices, dead SD cards or what ever! # YOU ARE CHOOSING to make these modifications! # Before...
  29. Nixsuki

    Thread [Build.prop][Tweaks] Emperor Tweaks (God Mode) for 5.0+ - 8.0.x

    Emperor Tweaks (God Mode) for 5.0+ - 8.0.+ (r_1.3) Introduction: Build.prop is an Android Operating System’s File, Which Android use internally to work properly. In Build .Prop file we will provide you some values, Which required to Android for Turn on Properly. Without Build .Prop File...
  30. T

    Thread [MODS] Small Collection of Tweaks!

    Hello! This is a bunch of tweaks I created to make Samsung devices better by modding the interface to really polish it. Enjoy! Installation Installing is simple. Navigate to the play store and download the required packages. Substratum Substratum Required Addon For Samsung Samsung System Mods...
  31. T

    Thread [MODS] Small Collection of Tweaks!

    Hello! This is a bunch of tweaks I created to make Samsung devices better by modding the interface to really polish it. Enjoy! Installation Installing is simple. Navigate to the play store and download the required packages. Substratum Substratum Required Addon For Samsung Samsung System Mods...
  32. P

    Thread [All ROMs] Ultimate BuildProp Tweaks HUB MOD | Performance Booster

    Disclaimer I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing MODs. You do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself. Intro This is the Ultimate BuildProp Tweaks HUB MOD. The MOD contains scripts which will integrate the best build.prop...
  33. thedeadfish59

    Thread Suggestion for ram management

    Hello there! From your experience, which settings or tweaks or scripts can give the best performance to Lineage based roms? I dont need hugggeee battery backup, I'd like to use my phone one hour but it should be LAGFREE, I need suggestions, I tried Evaluation kernel but maybe I couldnt tweak...
  34. Divkix

    Thread Jio 4G in India, can we use?

    I got a Blu Vivo 5 can I use jio 4g sim on it, if not is there any tweak to make it via Root.
  35. P

    Thread *OPTIMIZED G2 - Kernel Tweaks (Ideal Governor & IO Scheduler)

    Hi there XDA! Lately, I have been toying around with a few app suites developed for tweaking an Android device to improve performance. Before I begin, I'd like to know which app suite you guys prefer out of JRummy's Rom Toolbox Pro, or 3C's Toolbox Pro? Or should I be using a standalone kernel...
  36. S

    Thread [HMP/EAS] 8-12hr SOT Artisan governor tweaks

    THIS GOVERNOR HAS STANDED THE TEST OF TIME AND IS RELIABLE WITH SPEED AND BATTERY LIFE SOT IS AROUND 8-12 HRS REGULARLY BUT RESULTS MAY VARY BASED ON USAGE AND USERSPACE Edit- In a short amount of time we accomplished a lot, 12hr to 14+ hr SOT runs without compromising performance thru being...
  37. K

    Thread [APP][ROOT] WA Tweaks V2.3.4, Unlock hidden settings on WhatsApp

    Hello Guys just want to share an app its not my work so the credits go to [WA Tweaks] developed by Alex193a WA Tweaks is developed by Alex193a which is one of the best developers who has developed this application to unlock the hidden settings which is available on WhatsApp. Nowadays many...
  38. kessaras

    Thread Build.prop tweaks

    Hi, custom aosp based roms, all have the same build.prop. They write the build informaion and below that , they all have the same tweaks. So you are bored every time you flash a rom or an update to write build.prop tweaks. This small script adds build.prop tweaks without effort. How to: From...
  39. ace2nutzer

    Thread [KERNEL] [4.1.2] A2N Kernel for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 [Official Thread] [2021.10.29]

    Supports all Ace 2 Variants GT-I8160 GT-I8160P GT-I8160L This Kernel Aims are to reduce the power consumption improve the performance make it more smooth reduce RAM usage improve RAM management increase the security extend device features and many more .... A2N Kernel Special Features...
  40. kessaras

    Thread Zram customisation

    hi, i'm creating this new thread in order to help bring back to life our p880. Android is like linux (of course it is) it caches the background processes that are not currently in use and uses the physical ram for only the active apps. But what happens if the app needs more physical ram ...
  41. N

    Thread [Guide] Advanced Interactive Governor Tweaks.

    This guide is meant for ALL smartphones that runs the Interactive governor, copy-pasted here for better visibility. Credits goes to soniCron for starting up the guide and Alcolawl for further implementing it. The Introduction So, I tried copy-pasting the entire thread and realised it looks...
  42. E

    Thread Revived List of working S6+Xposed Modules Spreadsheet - 11/9/2016

    I managed to find a copy of the original listing of Xposed Modules that work on the S6 and have re-posted it with some of the additions mentioned throughout the original thread. The link to the original spreadsheet from This thread is no longer functional. Also consolidated that spreadsheet...
  43. GoldGanja

    Thread [GUIDE] Advanced Interactive Governor Script - Battery Life

    Remember to have the screen turned ON while you apply the script!!! Hi guys! Today i want to share with you a script i specifically tailored for our 4C, to decrease high battery drain just by tuning parameters of the interactive governor. As many of you know, on the Nexus 5X forum there is a...
  44. sohamsen

    Thread [ORIGINAL][V13][UNIVERSAL][MOD]Ultimate Performance-Blazing Fast Speed On The Go!

    [MOD]Ultimate Performance-Blazing Fast Speed On The Go! Original Thread Of UPM! Introduction: Ultimate Performance is a Mod that combines many scripts and tweaks in one package which is aimed to improve Android system's performance,smoothness,reduce GUI lags and of course some useful battery...
  45. M

    Thread Stock setup doubt

    Hi! here's the thing a few weaks ago i went back to stock, because i couldn't find any room with the LTE/4G besides stock, every room i tryed has a lower state, where i usually get 4G i have 3G, and where i got 3G, 2G, etc. My question is, can someone share some stock setups, lets say kernels...
  46. Asiier

    Thread [AKT] Advanced Kernel Tweaks v1.6 FINAL | Insane Battery & Performance(SD820/1|OP3/T)

    [AKT] Advanced Kernel Tweaks v1.6 FINAL | Insane Battery & Performance(SD820/1|OP3/T) IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT #2REALLY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Please read it! We ( patalao and me) have decided to create a new thread since the op from the thread we were using seems to be inactive, so doing this...
  47. K

    Thread [R] Custom kernel for 6.0/.1

    Could someone make a custom kernel which has the features i will list below? Double tap to wake, (do not include swipe to wake) Headphone/speaker gain Xz compressed/ tweaked ramdisk (gzip) Removed any logs/loggers Undervolt options Disabled mpdecision Tunable vibration strength Back light...
  48. Dante Enoshima

    Thread [Q] Fast Charging Tweaks

    [Q] Is there any way to add fast charging support without modifying stock kernel, like tweaks or something :confused: i like CM 12.1's fast charging , but that ROM is quite battery draining and unstable, J5 ROM for XCU is still buggy, and Stock & Prime Chosen is stable, but really slow at...
  49. bravonova

    Thread [Tweak][Guide] Init.d Tweaks

    Init.d Tweaks (Needs ROM (Kernel) With init.d Access And Busybox, Open Empty File In Text Editor (Notepad ++ Or Similar), Insert Tweak You Want In Header,Save in /system/etc/init.d and name it Lomething Like 73tweaks) 1. Strict minfree handler tweak echo "2048,3072,6144,15360,17920,20480" >...
  50. BetaHydri

    Thread Which optimisation/tweaks are possible for actual LeTV X800 US ROMS ?

    The battery endurance with CUOCOS LeTV One Pro ROMs 11S / 13S are in my opinion not so great. I Installed L_SPEED from the APP Store as I read somewhere that this tool can optimized you smartphone. I wanted to open this thread to discuss and exchange the tips and tweaks, not only around battery...